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Topic Subject:I'm a newbie and need some advices...
posted 09-07-00 13:47 ET (US)         
Hello everybody.
I just bought this game and i think i will have a lot of fun. But i got a little problem. It's on the first mission of the second period (archaic, i think...). You have to get some beer for your housing to evolve to modest appartment i think... I use the Grumpus new housing but it doesn't work. I have 7 grain farms, they're working but my overseer tell me that i produce food only for 408 citizens (my pop is 800 something). Only 50% of my houses receive food. I tried to put three bazaars and there is no improvements... What is my problem, and how can i solve it. Thanks...
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posted 09-07-00 13:58 ET (US)     1 / 3       
Hi Caligula_75, welcome to the forum.

You may not have a problem. Some overseers aren't always accurate. Unless their fertility is very low, 7 working grain farms should produce food for considerably over 408 people. Perhaps the overseer is reacting to the previous year's production. After the next year's harvest, the food situation will probably improve.

However, each house will try to stock a 2-year supply of grain, so it takes a while to supply food to houses. Producing extra food should speed things up. Building a few more grain farms might be a good idea, and perhaps an extra work camp too (if there are unemployed workers).

Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 09-07-00 14:10 ET (US)     2 / 3       
Food overseer will always report lower food level when:

1.During flood season.while all farms are underwater.

2.Bad flood caused low fertility.

3.Not enough storage space to hold harvested food.("no one can accpet these...that's OK,I can use them myself")

How exactly food overseer evaluates food level is still a mystery to almost all of us,but I think it is related with how much food stocked(or will be stocked) during a certain period of time(so the value is always changing).

Remember a 99% fertile farm with 100% completion will yeild 800 units of food:approximately can feed 266 people.

If there are enough food available in granary,one bazaar can supply more than 1500 people(depends on the distance from bazaar to granary) quite well,so there is no need for more than two bazaars for your 800 people settlement.More bazaars will help feeding the populace quicker though.

Your problem seems to be a kind of insane behavier of the bazaar ladies,which happens from time to time(I can't remember how Grumpus's block looks like,but I guess the bazaars are designed at one end of the block): probably they kept going down one direction and skip the other,you can check on it by turning on the "administration/bazaar access" overlay.

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posted 09-07-00 22:10 ET (US)     3 / 3       
Caligula 75,
Welcome to the forum! As mentioned, food distribution does take a while to become established. One way that I use to overcome shortages is to completely fill my granary before placing markets and distributing food. Either that, or turn off buying until my granary is full. I also set one market at a time to buying, til I see that most of my housing serviced by that market has sufficient food stocks. This strategy has always worked extremely well for me.
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