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Topic Subject:Tips for Sawu
posted 03-20-00 18:18 ET (US)         
As Sawu seems to be subject of the day, here are some tips for this glorious city. Part of it I already posted some time ago, but don't remember where...

I decided to describe the very beginning thoroughly - later, when all is running, it isn't so important what you do when.

Pause and switch to 10% immediately. Find the 2 groups of hyenas and drag gardens over them - it won't cost anything (misfeature of game, if you drag gardens over breeding grounds), and they will sit still if closed completely into garden. Make sure the gardens are large enough to close all gaps - include surrounding dunes into them.

Be careful with planning, there are not many suitable sites for ferries!
Start near entry point - build a housing block; then cross river to North, set up a small block behind the river and add shipwright there; in the area near entry point, gradually add 5 fishing wharves (not all at once - they would tie up labor long before they'll have a ship built). Be sure these are as close to one another as possible and there is room for a nearby granary.
Near entry point, in leftmost possible position, build a dock, 2 SY, start reeds imports from Men-Nefer. Build 5-6 papyrus makers, export papyrus to Dunqul.

When you have some money again, build another ferry to the Eastern part behind mountain range. Set up a small settlement near ore-bearing rocks in SE. Build palace there and gradually add gold mines, as money and workforce allows. Be patient. I had max. 9 gold mines, but it took several years to start operation of all of them. On the nearer side of mountain range, in South, build 2 copper mines and 3 weapon workshops, later recruiter and military academy nearby.

Make sure all ferry terminals are manned, but not connected to the city by road. Put short piece of road+1-2 houses+architect+firehouse to terminals that are not connected to the city roads; or draw the workforce from the backyard of your housing block, if you have houses on the outside. The big distances would cause only troubles, if available for every cartpusher - this will limit the usage of ferries to getting cartpushers and caravans (although caravans shouldn't travel too far from entry point).
Be prepared for requests - 2 weapons in second year, 2200 pottery in third year. Don't waste this chance, a new profitable trade route will become available to Buhen (export copper, import barley) if you comply.

After that, set up copper mines in North, behind the river, and move the docks there with the whole papyrus industry (well, you don't have to, but that's how I did it)...just switch docks with shipwright, and as the papyrus makers use up their raw material supplies, delete them and build new near new docks. From this moment, you should have lots of money. In the area where original papyrus production was, build weavers. If you can't export linen at once, you'll be able to do so later...I'm not sure how it was.

Food :
Just fishing for the start, later fill the fertile island with irrigated chickpea farms. You can produce enough food for 10000 people with just farming the island and fishing in West and Southeast. (My final number - 18 farms, 13 wharves, overproducing a lot of both)

Battles :
If I counted correctly, there were 4 military events before June 1781BC, when I ended the mission.
2 requests for military help
1st - land troops (1 company of Acad.trained archers won)
2nd - waterborne troops - 2 warships should be enough
2 invasions
beduins - near the gold mining area in Southeast
Canaanite ships - from Northeast - try to destroy all transports!

During the time of first distant battle you should have 1 company at home, to cope with beduins. Some police stations will help. Beduin attack will come from SE, just at the gold mines, and will be directed primarily against palace. Defend it with 1 company - infantry or archer - supported by policemen (build lot of police stations near invasion point).

If you choose to build the Mausoleum in the Eastern part, don't try to accept sandstone there - this would slow down the imports too much. Accept it near entry point and let the pullers do the job.
Otherwise, use your imagination and knowledge of the game to get through!

You can also download progressive saves from my Sawu from the Downloads section. Here is a description which is also included in the ZIP file (contains 3 saves + description):

Phase 1
Right at start both packs of hyenas were put into zoological gardens. All industry than can bring income was set up as quickly as possible, first of all papyrus production from imported reeds. Gradually I'm adding gold mines, but except a few huts, palace, mines and service buildings there is nothing in the Eastern part. I have already sent weapons on first request and pottery is waiting to be dispatched. When more trading routes will open, I will move the docks and papyrus production into the northern part.

Phase 2
Main export commodity is now copper - after Buhen, another city has appeared right now that wants to buy it - Iken. Papyrus workshops were moved to north and replaced by weavers. Expanding in the Eastern part - future luxury block currently at cottage level, new block is under construction, granary center prepared. Fertile meadows on the island being farmed. Importing sandstone and limestone for monuments, both is stored near the entry point of map. Pullers will take it to the monuments in no time, and traders are selling me lots of it, as they can pass quickly through the city.

Phase 3
All is finished, as soon as workers finish the mausoleum, promotion screen appears. Luxury block is stable, contains only Palatial estates, most of them full.

Cherub Baltic

BTW, quite accidentally I spotted that my previous post has number 999, so this must be No. 1000!

posted 03-20-00 19:51 ET (US)     1 / 11       
Yep, I confirmed - 1,000 posts exactly. Congrats Baltic! That is a major milestone that is a long way off for me, as I am just trying to close in on 500.

BTW - some good tips on Sawu. I built up my linen industry before a papyrus industry myself. I could import flax by land to get the industry going early and by the time I was ready to export, I had my docks ready. I had my flax warehouse and my weavers near the river of the entrance point. I then had a ferry to the north side of the river and another ferry next to it to the south side again on the other side of the rocks. I built up all my industry and docks all near the two ferries, which made a "V" shape in the city layout. I found that the prime delivery area was right on the other side of the rocks from the entrance on the South side. It was close enough to distribute all the production goodies easily. You can then build other housing whereever.

In my city I took a long time, but built a huge city with housing just about everywhere possible. I think it is over in the downloads if anyone is interested. I felt it important to keep all the industry and trade together in this city as there is some complex and multiple trading between land and sea.

Bradius Offline

posted 03-20-00 21:46 ET (US)     2 / 11       
Congrats on the 1000 posts. I'm inching up there. Went past 700 sometime yesterday. I shudder to think how many posts we'll all have before we bid adieu which will hopefully be never as wide as the Nile...
Drop me a Line
posted 03-20-00 21:51 ET (US)     3 / 11       
Congradulations Baltic on your 1000 posts. I personnally feel you have added a lot to the forum in terms of quality and quantity. Keep up the good work over the next 1000 posts.

I just finished SAWU and took a somewhat different more Spartan approach. I started out on the Northern shore across from the entry point with a small copper and weapons industry. There I also added a recruiter and acadamy. I had originally started on the mainland but got decimated by the hyenas. So after I got established in the North with my military I built an archer fort in the Southern mainland. This turned out to be a good move because all the hyenas congregated on the Southern Bank of the Nile where they were easily picked off by the archers.

Once the hyenas were under control I established gold mines on the Southeast quadrent. I think I eventually had about 8 - 10 gold mines which brought in quite a lot of funds.

From that point on it was all down hill. Fishing was my main food source supplemented with chickpeas. On the island I did place some farms and also some tower guards to fend off the sea invasion.

Main production area was on the Southern bank of the mainland just South of the island. Everything was manufactured here and supplied to other parts of the city. Only goods manufactured/produced in other locations were copper, weapons, and gold. Had ferries going to the Northern shore and also to the island. The island also had ferries going to the north.

Used surplus linen, pottery, weapons, copper as export items, but it was really unnecesary as my goldmines were my main source of income.

Like Bradius I built all over the map. Built about nine palacial estates to get prosperty at 100, and satisfied all requests to get KR at 100, think I finished with a culture rating of 70.

Did not do too good at monument building and looking back I did not have enough stone masons and should have started my imports of sandstone earlier. Limestone was not an issue as I always had plenty on hand. Likewise bricks was not a problem to produce.

Ended up with 4 forts, three in the Southern mainland besides the gold mines and one on the northern bank. Also had two warships for naval defense.

Really liked SAWU, because you can experiment with the city trying different options. Also SAWU gives you the opportunity to accumulate a lot of funds so you can try some of the more costly alternatives (wall the whole city?).

Enjoy your posts Baltic. Look forward to the next 1000


posted 03-21-00 02:20 ET (US)     4 / 11       

I'm glad you offered different approaches to Sawu, because this city has many options and I had to choose only some of them - maybe not the best, and surely there are strategies that would suit better to players with different style.

If some more players can add their experience of what works good in Sawu, this thread can be made to a complete guide for those who didn't have luck with their own strategy. Keep it coming!

Cherub Baltic

Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 03-21-00 05:44 ET (US)     5 / 11       
Keep it coming? You've said it all!
I've got small variations from your general strategy and for what they are worth here they are:
- Two housing blocks in the east and north parts with some of the first houses laid down in the north to man a dock there, all the papyrus industry and three copper mines. That way you won't have to move anything over and copper will be at hand for future sea exports (any additional copper production can be done next to the gold mines)
- For what I remember, main income comes from water exports of payrus and land exports of linen plus gold mining. Later only export copper, stick to gold mining and taxe your people, therefore get some highly evolve houses quite soon on the eastern island.
- Because of low volume of water exports, it doesn't matter if the ferries are connected to the rest of your city but it can save you to lay down unnecessary sturdy huts and their services. On the other hand, unconnect any southern copper mines.
- To maximise the import, the land traders should stay on the western island, therefore plan all your import there (including stones and third type of food).
- There is plenty of room for chickpeas farms without having to go to the island.
- Keep your linen and papyrus for the eastern settlements otherwise the market ladies in the west and north will build on hudge stocks of those items at the expense of some others! Actually, don't bother exporting them as soon as the money is not needed any more.
- Weapons production, recruiter and academy are best placed in the north.
- Try to start (and finish!) the pyramid as soon as possible as it got disregarded as soon as the mausoleum get started (I think, for me, it was on 60% when I started the mausoleum and got finished only just before the mausoleum was! Mind you that was before the enhancement pack, maybe it's not as bad anymore)
- My last tip is to try to dispatch the burial goods as soon as possible and if possible before evolving houses to scribal levels. Seeing a Palace Estate devolving into... nothing is a real heartbraker!

I hope it helps...

Grumpus The Elder
Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 03-21-00 09:47 ET (US)     6 / 11       
A few small differences:

When I first looked at the map, I realized that distribution was going to be a bear, so I decided to trade by land as much as possible, and only place the dock when I had some idea of what I was doing.

Started in the NW corner, developed linen first, then pottery.

Crossed the river and got the three gold mines going. As soon as income from linen and pottery came in, I changed these to copper mines, placed defence structures, established river crossing to the east side and placed forts in the immediate vicinity of the two main hyena breeding grounds. Also started stockpiling sandstone for the mausoleum at this time.

When Buhen TR became available, I put dock in NW corner and started selling excess copper.

While forts were being manned, I expanded to the big island, and started the pyramid there. I intentionally over-developed the brick industry and sold the excess.

Then started main part of city in SE just above ore bearing area. By this time the hyenas were extinct. Developed a luxury housing block, and three worker housing blocks using imported beer, meat, and game meat. Imported papyrus from Iken (by land) for schools and libraries. All worker housing ate only fish and was developed in large part to the Common Residence level.

This city went very smoothly, and I finished in the 23rd year. (which for me is breathtaking speed) I think the main reason for that was my avoidance of water trade whenever possible. It's true that I missed out on papyrus exports, but my city was making a nice profit every year long before I even got the gold mines in the SE going.

posted 03-22-00 01:53 ET (US)     7 / 11       
Baltic, why haven't you ever become an Angel? I think you deserve to.

Vizier Johnleemk

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Eminence Grise
posted 03-22-00 05:25 ET (US)     8 / 11       
I've copied this from the description I put up with my Sawu in the download section, maybe it will offere some alternatives...

347 months
C100, P100, K100 11862 pop
351796 Deben
Score 37617

I started this one by creating two hyena parks, so they'd stop bothering me. The first buildup area is the one near the long strip of goldmines together with the palace that created a wealthy source of money.

Next was the first block near the entry point, where I added the military structures, and the one on the opposite shore to start my trade. Another block was added on the other side to man the docks.

By the time the first call to arms came, I had two academty trained regiments (one of each). I started on my third and got ready for the bedu invasion.
BIG MISTAKE. They came in from behind my palace, which they leveled and I only just managed to get enough police in there to beat of the attack.

I rebuilt and expanded my housing, while at the same time I started on the small pyramid and importing sandstone. While this was going on I started on my palace block, southside first.
As I got enough sandstone I put the mausoleum down and expanded the food colony northwards, colonised the island and it's opposite shore. Including some fortifications and naval yards. The towers helped in sinking the enemy ships and I started reducing my storage yards and upping my linnen production. I also switched to importing papyrus, instaed of exporting as I needed a lot of libraries.

When I reached "perfect scores" I tossed in the last rol of linen.

The only god I fested was Bast.

Biggest mistake? Waiting for the end to add the linen to the gravegoods. I should ahve taken papyrus, as I could import that. The linen was used so fast that I had to switch to stockpile for a while. The cart pushers from the weaver brought the stuff directly to the mortuaries.

The save file is 100 linen short in the grave goods. You may need to switch back to stockpile if you wait too long to give it.

Have you consulted the Pharaoh FAQs today?

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posted 07-05-18 18:18 ET (US)     9 / 11       
I know this is a super old thread but it might come in useful to someone like me who's playing years after every one!

When there is a request for waterborne troops, make sure you send enough. I stupidly sent just one infantry and they failed. So I was attacked afterwards by super fast ships from the East with no defence where they landed...
HG Alumnus
posted 07-06-18 08:02 ET (US)     10 / 11       
When waterborne troops are requested, I always send warships. A warship appears to be at least as strong as a fort of troops and can be repaired (or replaced) quicker. (Note that Baltic sent warships.)
posted 07-07-18 07:45 ET (US)     11 / 11       
I restarted the mission as I wasn't happy with my city anyway. The troops I sent were victorious but I'm still getting attacked so I'm quickly building warships now, oops!

Thanks for the tip, Brugle, I didn't know you could send warships instead of troops on a transport ship. That will make my life much easier!
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