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Topic Subject:Custom Tumulus Projects
posted 08-26-19 00:39 ET (US)         
OK, this and the Shortest GW project is leading up to a Fun Mission or Campaign event. No sense speading out the modified content over many Campaigns. Few are going to play them cause they dont want to mess up their install.

The idea is to use existing Sub-building text to
:> stop at the second level (no pyrimid like things)
:> add 4 Stairs from the base platforms
:> add a small structure at the top to provide education of why the deceased was important enough for this Monument(storyline/backdrop stuff, with the old tumulus after a few generations nobody would have the whole truth, except what the leaders want them to know. In the northern climates, the children simply use the 'hills' to slide down the snow banks, "That dead guy makes a great snow hill, whoever you say he was.")
:> We could circle the top structure with roads using GWRoad text file calls too if there is enough room up there.

Thats what Ill be doing for a few weeks, anyway. I'll try to keep the updates short and infrequent.

Copied 'driveletter:\EmperorRotMK\Model\Mon_Tumulus_Subs.txt' to my Desktop.
Renamed 'driveletter:\EmperorRotMK\Model\Mon_Tumulus_Subs.txt' to 'original_Mon_Tumulus_Subs.txt'
Edited the Desktop copy, removing Phase entries 13 thru 30.
Copied the Desktop edited version to 'driveletter:\EmperorRotMK\Model\'.
Setup a Mission testing platform(map and goal) in the Campaign Editor.
Tested the Tumulus for completion to the second level. Used 18 wood, 7 Lacquerware, 6 Ceramic, 4 Silk. A nice 6x6 surface awaits further editing steps.

I choose the 4x4 Great Temple top structure. Not that I have but two others that would make any sense. Initial unresolved problem is a graphic glitch until the steps start construct. Maybe I can move things around to fix it. Next snag is I wasn't given Ceramists Guild so I'm going to have to cut that phase out or find a solution(doubtful).

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posted 08-27-19 05:22 ET (US)     1 / 4       
Well, I got the altered tumulus to completion. That wasn't as good a thing as you think. The system overlays the old tumulus graphic after completion, shucks. So, I need to make the monument un-completable again(single mission campaign, just to highlight this work, shrug). To top it off, the system "created" a mid-game elevation change under the monument(twice on two test runs).

Still working on correcting the early graph glitch, too. Maybe after breakfast and my pills(prevagen plus others) I'll have a eureka moment.

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posted 08-27-19 21:03 ET (US)     2 / 4       
The eureka moment came after dinner. A little map editing and text file editing I was able to place the new tumulus without graphic glitches. I will add a splendid temple(for Ceramist Guild) and use the Palace Step to keep the monument from completing.

Click thumbnail for larger image

Testing tomorrow but I am confident I have a success. If all goes well, I will try adding GWroad to the top of AND/OR maybe add another step level(3rd to make it more unique looking).

Partial success as it didn't build the way I expected and stopped at this point. Perhaps fiddling with the phase numbers will get a better result.

Silly me, I forgot to renumber the sub-bld beg/end numbers after previous edits changed them.

I watched the test run during breakfast; no irregularities. I'll be making a breakpoint save of the text file, to preserve this work, then proceed to adding GWroad tiles. Time for my exercise walk around the property.

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posted 08-28-19 19:34 ET (US)     3 / 4       
I went onto the Grand Tumulus version. There are several dozens if not hundreds of variations using the two other buildings and orientation changes.

Onto the mission idea.
working title:
Lithium Battery Park: A Never Ending Story
I'll be linking it to the Xionnot campaign by using their capital City as a Distant City. And, linking it in the timeline with Voices of the Pinfei campaign, post Emperor Yongle who was more interested in building Islamic Mosques then paying attention to Xionnot's religious appeal within the Military Front. Yep, these people are Chinese military veterans that have accepted Astro-Zora as a monotheists deity. After the deaths of 2 high ranking brothers(Generals) the people decide to use the brothers' Yongle land-grant, for services rendered, to establish a Xionnot-like society. The land-grant was an abandoned military post with an incomplete Earthen Great Wall, no longer needed with the collapse of the Mongols. Xionnot Empire was the true defeater of the Mongols, before they had a chance of becoming an Empire. Alternate reality, Khans got killed off before becoming a threat to the region.
blah, blah, blah...

The Veterans preserve the history, transcribing the oral accountings, of the brothers military careers and their own actions in the additional building of the Tumulus's.

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posted 08-29-19 12:00 ET (US)     4 / 4       
Here is the Empire Map and City Map(rough draft)

Click thumbnail for larger image
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