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Topic Subject:Campaign editor not show entire map
posted 09-04-18 17:49 ET (US)         

Hi, I have a map made by me few years ago, now i decide to repair some bugs (market, zones, cities, ..), but I can not access to India in editor, I have tried to change the resolution to 1024 and 800, try it with a virtualbox system, but I can not see that area, some time ago I put two cities, but I can not modify them. Some idea?
posted 09-04-18 18:03 ET (US)     1 / 2       
I think you are talking about the empire map in your campaign, right? Unfortunately, the Campaign Creator software will not let us access areas on the edges of our empire maps. Sorry.

Now, if I understand you correctly, you said that you originally placed two cities on your empire map but now you cannot click on them to modify them. I think I may know the reason for that. My guess is that you originally used a different empire map than the one you are using now. (Remember, you can toggle through several different empire maps before selecting one to use.) The two cities you placed were accessible on the original empire map you used, but now they are not because you changed the empire map and it did not automatically shift the two cities, it left them on parts of the new empire map that are not accessible anymore. If I am right about this, you can toggle through the empire map selections until you find the one that you originally used, and then those two cities should be accessible to you again. Good luck!

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posted 09-05-18 11:30 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Thanks for quick response,
I tried to change all the maps and it did not work.
I tried to create a new map of 0, but you cant see India either

When i change res to 1024x768 or more, only add water/blue zone, but it does not expand the map area

The only images I've seen on the web, where you see india, they use windows xp / 98? O.o Somebody can confirm?

Really is not a big problem as not to start the map again, the hardest thing is the city, not the map.

Found solution!
The problem is that I play with an exe version for 1680x1050, when it was installed, the program modified images (like DATA\China_MapOfChina01.jpg in my case).

Installed game again in different folder, without screen improvements, basic 1024x768, I opened the editor and PUM, PERFECT. Now I can see India!

You can also backup the file in high resolution and overwrite the original 1024, make the changes, and restore the jpg file.

Thanks for help

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