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Topic Subject:Modding for Campaign Designer Standardization
posted 10-28-17 00:33 ET (US)         
1. Jade and Spices need to be removed from the Resources Allowed. They are just useless artifacts since they cannot be produced.

2. Expanding the list of CityNames without deleting entries on the existing List. How many would be too many?

3. Same as above but with City Leader Names List.

All this assuming the Mod Tool doesnt have another error problem.

Your input as designers are needed.
posted 10-28-17 06:27 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Jade & Spice - If you guys are tackling a project as big as modding, why remove anything? Unless jade and spice cause a problem with the software, leave them as an allowable commodity option for the designer to choose (or not).

Expanding City names and City leader names - Would it be too hard to allow dynamic names that could be assigned like parameters in the campaign design? Example: a pop up window for city name in which the designer can type in whatever name they want, not pick from a hard-coded list. Same pop-up data entry window for city leader name. If a hard-coded list must be used, I could probably come up with at least a hundred names I've wanted to use over the years...

Just my .02

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posted 10-28-17 08:39 ET (US)     2 / 2       
leave them as an allowable commodity option for the designer to choose (or not)
What is the difference between enabling/disabling Jade & Spices on the Resources Allowed List?
From my perspective, nothing. Maybe you got the Programmers dash version of EmperorEdit from your beta testing; Is there a difference between mine?
I just leave them disabled and get them on the Players Commodity list by assigning Jade and/or Spices as trade items.

Appending the name lists sound good. You going to create the program to add to the Modding Toolkit, yes?

Or maybe just delete the City Names and Leader Names entirely. The Lists could be custom for each Campaign; just the names the designer wishes to use. I think I will do this manually for the 'Ewok Overlords take China' campaign.

check out this for a more readable city name and city leader view in EmperorEdit. And there are no errors when played, yet.

group id="21" is the city name group
group id="139" is the leader name group
group id="331" is some sorta short name abbr of city names
I shorted the string id list to the first 10 for each group, then did my city renaming for the first 3 cities for groups 21 & 331.

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