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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » Emperor: Scenario Design Palace » Bronzeware and Lacquerware: Designer's transition triggering
Topic Subject:Bronzeware and Lacquerware: Designer's transition triggering
posted 10-13-17 12:10 ET (US)         
If a campaign has both of the commodities available for trade; leave the lacquerware trading cities "inactive" until you desire the transition. Even a trade quantity of {blank not trading} triggers the transition.
Bronzeware will not be producable after the transition, as long as Lacquerware is actively traded or produced. The building disappears from the players list, regardless of the designers enabled settings.

I have a set file folder(campaign folder zipped) available to play with if anyone has doubts.

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Good that you are starting to play around with the Campaign Creator. Make some campaigns for us!

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lol, did you read 'between the line' of my fiction piece? I have a firm belief that all government and leadership is corruptible, most succumb to the corruption. The squeaky clean 'good guys' are just better at hiding their corruption.

Also, the game system is heavily influenced by capitalist ideal-ology(publishers most likely took contributions to teach those ideals); trying to teach teens that todays money systems has more merit/value then important things(relationships/community). More recently, the money flows to teamwork shooter games to get teens desensitized to war environments. Capital dried up for this game series as a result.

Not the best mental attitude for a designer; what say you?

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