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Topic Subject:The Official Housing Block Thread
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Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 10-02-02 22:56 ET (US)         
Welcome to the Official Housing Block Thread.

A Tale in the Desert
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posted 06-14-15 01:16 ET (US)     201 / 204       
Ohhhh thanks coolphoton !! Checking web archives didn't even crossed my mind (I'm not sure I even use it before). Pretty cool !! Quite a bit of info here.
I tried to use it to get the pictures of this thread that are offline but web archives didn't backup them. Too bad.
posted 08-22-15 09:30 ET (US)     202 / 204       
It can be fun to break out of efficient housing block systems and build towns, that are for example aesthetically more pleasing ...
I like how the road textures can change with double roads in this game.
[JPEG, (259.22 KB)]
posted 09-02-15 18:51 ET (US)     203 / 204       
I rather like MarvL's blocks because there ascetically pleasing...and efficient.

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posted 03-04-20 01:47 ET (US)     204 / 204       
Does the grand way and the 1 line of flowering trees have enough desirability to overcome the mill, or are those trees really a res. wall? 9apps apk cartoon hd

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