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Zeus: Adventure Design
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Topic Subject:Thoughts on my New Adventures in Progress
posted 07-01-18 00:15 ET (US)         
Greetings Zeus/Poseidon fans,

I am in the process of creating 5 different adventures, having laid out how the adventures would look like & progress, as well as filling out the world map, but still need to complete the different cities to be played in & all the events to occur. Comment below on what everyone's thoughts are on the different adventures I am creating:

King Cyrus' War: This is a Zeus adventure with all the Zeus mechanics (the remaining 4 are Poseidon adventures, with 2 Greek & 2 Atlantean adventures). In this mortal difficulty adventure (on a scale of Beginner, Mortal, Hero, Titan, & Olympian difficulty levels) that is 6 episodes long, you will build a city at Plataia (from Athens Through the Ages) that will be the leader of the resistance against King Cyrus' Persian army at Sardis & Hattusas. In this adventure, you will start off by building temples to the 3 powerful rulers of the earth, build colonies at Stymphalus (from The Voyages of Jason & the Open Play Military adventures) to liberate nearby Greek cities from King Cyrus & at Odessos (from Athens Through the Ages & The Peloponnesian War) where you will break the Trojan alliance with the Persians, as well as also battling with the Centaurs & Amazons. You will also see familiar cities (which includes Sardis & Hattusas ruled by Cyrus) from the Poseidon Custom Adventure The Founding of Troy. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Apollo, Hephaestus & Hermes will help you along the way, while Demeter, Artemis, Ares & Dionysus, as well as Medusa, the Maenads, & Cyclops, will make life difficult. In your parent city, you will have access to fish, grow carrots, harvest wood, mine silver to make drachmas, & raise sheep.

The New World: If you were ever wondering where the Greeks go after the end of Two Worlds Collide, this adventure will provide that answer. In this long, 10 episode, mortal difficulty adventure, you will build a city at Pholoe in northern Greece that will lead the way to the new Golden Age of Greece. By the end of the adventure, you will build a city with a population of 5,000, a treasury of 50,000, & annual profit of 10,000. Along the way, you will build colonies on the islands of Cyprus & Sardinia in the Mediterranean, rebuild Argos on the site of where Argos was first built in Perseus & Medusa (albeit a smaller area cutting out some of the northern & eastern parts), & push back former Atlantean patron gods once & for all. This adventure is the only one of mine not military themed, focusing largely on city building where you start with very little access to buildings & cities to interact with to start out, but slowly unlocking buildings & cities as the adventure progresses, where you will see many of the same cities from Two Worlds Collide, as well as some new cities seen in other (mostly Zeus) adventures, & only the last episode has any sort of military goals & events. Despite that relief, you will be subject to numerous requests for goods throughout the adventure as your trading partners struggle to maintain enough goods for their cities. Zeus, Hades, Hera, Athena, Artemis, & Hermes will help you along the way, while Poseidon, Apollo, Atlas, & Ares, as well as the Kraken, Scylla, & the Harpy, will make life difficult. Additionally, while Hephaestus & Dionysus do not show up directly, they will be mentioned in the text as helping a Greek city develop, as well as festival requests from that Greek city for those two gods. In your parent city, you will have access to fish, hunt, hew marble, raise sheep, & later on raise cattle.

War on Atlantis: You saw it at the end of Enlightment in the West, played it through The Youngest Twins, & now will once again go into the war between the young twins Azaes & Diaprepes in this 8 episode, hero difficulty adventure, where you will build a new city named Bureaneus on the Atlantean continent to take on these twins. Along the way, you will build outposts in Africa & in an archipelago just off the coast of Atlantis to prevent the twins from spreading their conflict off the Atlantean continent. Along with the other 8 Atlantean kingdoms, Leucippium, Evanestus, & the 3 major Oceanid cities, you will also encounter Ianira (located on Crimson Isle from Enlightment in the West), Iwaeh (the Oceanid city from Life in the Mediterranean), & Dharkuum (the colony built from The Youngest Twins). This adventure will also have you building the Altar of Olympus pyramid that has not been seen in any of the Poseidon campaigns or custom adventures. Zeus, Hades, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Ares, & Dionysus will help you along the way (one of whom will only show up to issue a quest), while Poseidon, Hera, Artemis, & Hermes, along with the Kraken, Calydonian Boar, & the Maenads, will make life difficult. In the parent city, you will have access to fish, grow onions & oranges, plant olive trees & grapevines, hew marble, harvest wood, & raise sheep, although you are given an extremely small amount of meadow.

The Macedonian Empire: Taking place in 400 BC (the latest time of any adventure), you will be playing in the early days when the Macedonians began their domination of Greece in this 8 episode, titan difficulty adventure. You will build your main city at Phylace in Thessaly (seen in the Open Play Military Adventure), & will start out with two colonies at Corinth & Thasus. Along the way, you will build a military stronghold on the island of Rhodes, an economic powerhouse in Ionia appeasing to several Olympians, battling the Amazons & Centaurs, & taking on the Greek power cities of Athens, Thebes, & Sparta. This adventure contains a hostile political environment early on with only 5 trading partners (2 of which, an ally & a colony, are crucial to building your city), limited exporting opportunities, armories not available while in your parent city, & certain goods you need to import that are more expensive & scarce. This adventure also contains very large invasions that can max out at certain points at 112 invading soldiers & frequent requests from allies for defensive aid. Zeus, Poseidon, Artemis, Apollo, Atlas, Ares, Hermes, & Dionysus will help you along the way (2 of them only issue quests & mentions in the introductions), while Hades, Athena, Hephaestus, & Aphrodite, along with Cerberus, Talos, & Echidna, will make life difficult. In the parent city, you will have access to harvest urchins, raise goats to make cheese, plant olive trees & grapevines, harvest wood, & mine silver to make drachmas.

Reestablishing the Mediterranean (which is likely to be changed because of the length of the title): This 6 episode, titan difficulty adventure takes place in the Mediterranean in between the end of Life in the Mediterranean & the beginning of Atlantis Reborn, where you will build a new Atlantean city in the Mediterranean called Mirana, located very close to where modern day Venice, Italy is. In this adventure, you will encounter the rebuilding of the Egyptians & Phoenecians, as well as Atlantean ally Syracuse in the first episode, rebuild Knossos, conquer & destroy 4 Greek cities throughout the Mediterranean, establish a colony in barren Libya, construct large monuments including the Citadel of Poseidon, the Altar of Olympus, & the Majestic Pyramid, and retaliate against the Centaurs & Amazons at the end. Because you are built so deep into the Mediterranean, you can only trade with Atlantis & Lixus as distant cities (so no requests can be made to get goods from them, only trading), which makes this difficult because Atlantis is the only city that offers black marble & orichalc for sale (not available in your parent city or any of the colonies, and is also slightly more expensive in this adventure). In addition, you have no tax offices (but lots of silver) or chariot factories while in your parent city as well (limiting your military to spearmen). In addition, one of the heroes that helps you turns out to have some deceptive & sinister intentions. Poseidon, Demeter, Apollo, Atlas, Ares, & Aphrodite will help you along the way, while Zeus, Hades, Athena, Hephaestus, Hermes, & Dionysus (one of which will only show up by harassing one of your trading partners, while the other causes disasters in your city), along with the Hydra, Talos, & the Calydonian Boar, will make your life difficult. In the parent city, you will have access to hunt, harvest urchins, plant grapevines, raise sheep, mine copper to make bronze, & mine silver to make drachmas.

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posted 07-01-18 05:46 ET (US)     1 / 6       
Good luck on this ambitious project!

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posted 07-01-18 12:48 ET (US)     2 / 6       
Thanks. This has actually been in the works for me for several years. What I did was use the spoilers excel & the notepad templates to lay everything out over the last several years, blanking out those documents to create a fresh one to use for each of the 5 adventures. Within the last year, I was finally able to get a computer to install Zeus/Poseidon on. I have already outlined the world map & settings on all 5 adventures; the only things left for me are to design the parent city & colony maps (laid out on my spoiler excel sheets) & add in all the events of the adventure (also included in the spoiler excel worksheets for each of the 5 adventures), which I find to be the longest part of creating an adventure. I was wanting to get input on the storylines, since it is so heavily based upon the stories of other Zeus/Poseidon adventures. Even in King Cyrus' War & The Macedonian Empire adventures, where it involves stories not explored in Zeus or Poseidon, a lot of the cities seen (including their trade properties) are based upon cities seen in Zeus & Poseidon.

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posted 07-01-18 23:02 ET (US)     3 / 6       
Hoping for lots of friendly deities without sanctuaries and the more important pyramids so as to plan out the deity changing appearance locations to my advantage.
posted 07-03-18 00:48 ET (US)     4 / 6       
I will say that a common theme in my adventures is that Zeus is critical in the later parent city episodes, because when the angry gods attack, they are brutal & relentless, as well as also looking to harass trading partners. This is one of my methods of making adventures challenging, while also allowing for the player to overcome those challenges. You may be able to have a more powerful god (such as Hades or Athena) around to chase off a weaker god, but that requires having to frequently manipulate them every time an angry god invades. This rule does also apply in the last adventure mentioned with Aphrodite, but you only have 2 instead of 4 pissed off gods paying you frequent visits. With the pyramids, I wanted to go into ones that were not seen very much in the campaigns & custom adventures, which is why in both of my Atlantean adventures, the player builds the Alter of Olympus, as well as the Majestic Pyramid in one of them. In one of the Atlantean adventures, I also decided that I wanted the player to build the 4 shrines to the gods that were not given that opportunity in the campaigns or in the custom adventures (which in that case, are Zeus, Demeter, Apollo, & Dionysus), & basing convenient storylines around why the player needs to build those shrines.

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posted 07-05-18 18:07 ET (US)     5 / 6       
Those adventures are very interesting. It's really great to see that some people are still designing for this game.

Good luck with this project, and don't forget. Make sure you give a good effort to your map designs! This will make people want to play your adventures even more.

Looking forward to it!
posted 07-05-18 23:08 ET (US)     6 / 6       
Thanks. I will say that generally speaking, my map designs (particularly for my parent city) tend to be simple. When I place marshes, forests, mountains, rocks, & ore deposits, I tend to put them along the edges of the map, & generally leave the center of the map more open & clear so that the player has a decent amount of space to build that is not fragmented (as the player will have to build a city in all 5 of my campaigns with a population of 3,000-5,000 people, elite housing, & at least 3 sanctuaries, one of which to one of the 3 powerful rulers of the earth), while still having those items placed on the map that I want. The only things I really tend to put in the middle of the map are some trees, meadow land, & a sometimes a river that cuts through the city for coastline. The colonies are where I will tend to make more of a specially designed map, where out of 11 colony maps I have designed, I have one colony that is an archipelago on an enormous map, one where I intend on largely mimicking the Argos map from Perseus & Medusa because that colony you rebuild Argos (from when it was destroyed in Atlantis Reborn), one checkered with meadow on the entire landmass, & 2 on a large map with mountainous terrain. The remaining tend to abide by the above rules of simplicity I explained above, mainly because they are small or medium sized maps requiring elite housing, a sanctuary, & a hero's hall, along with the common housing & industry needed. Let me know what your thoughts are on that, and if interested, I have excel copies of the maps I designed of my parent cities & colonies mimicking the spoiler excel maps that you can download regarding the campaigns & custom adventures because I have not actually started designing my cities yet.
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