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Topic Subject:Changing the 4 Sanctuary Limit
posted 09-01-17 04:42 ET (US)         
We all know that the 4 sancutary limit is hard-coded by the game in the .exe file.
By a little reverse engineering I found the right value in order to change the building limit. You have to use Hex Editor for modyfing the exe file. Go to the offsetvalue E5F97. Change the bytevalue 04 to 06 and save the exe file.
Building more than 6 sanctuaries is not possible even you change the value to 07 or more. I couldn't find the entry that we can have more than 6 proponent gods. Maybe somebody can help?

In every adventure map where you are allowed to build a maximum of four sancutaries you can build now up to 6.

posted 09-22-17 21:27 ET (US)     1 / 1       
Hi, I'm trying to investigate a little bit of this, but in my .exe file the value in the offset E5F97 is 8B, not 04.

I'm really interested in deleting this limit, could you please help?

Thanks in advance!
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