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Topic Subject:Inactive city opinion changes
posted 12-21-16 23:28 ET (US)         
Hi guys,

I'm presently constructing an adventure right now, and I have a question regarding inactive cities and cities not present in the world map.

Based on info I had from some of my notes:
- Scripting city favor to be 0, allies become annoyed and would end up resentful towards you in 2 months. Trade will be suspended in 3
- Scripting city favor to 15, allies become annoyed and would end up resentful towards you in 3 months. Trade suspended in 5 months. Rivals become hostile in 4 months.
- Scriptig city favor to 25-30, allies are apathetic towards you. Rivals are displeased and become hostile in 6 months (though I haven't seen any invasions there).

Now, assuming I've placed a city favor of 0 in an inactive city (let's say this guy is a rival), would they keep this city favor value until they become active, or would they still change their value? Coz if they could still change value, I would have to re-do some of that scripting.

Tl;dr -> Is it possible to "lock" city favor and prevent it from changing, by making these cities inactive? Or would these value still change even in their inactive state? What about for cities not in the world map?

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posted 12-22-16 09:51 ET (US)     1 / 2       
City favor increases/decreases(toward 50 points) 1 point every 6 months from the beginning of the adventure regardless of being inactive.

PS the timeframes of responses due to low favor vary by difficulty level. Easier levels have more time and higher probability to reset to 50 favor without a negative impact.

In your tests, did you note the favor after a trade/alliance reset?

"lock" = no
recurring scripted event to simulate ~ yes-ish, while inactive the player is unable to influence favor, but the city cant act negatively either until made active(and long enough, preferable years if you desire a random invasion[<-conjecture as I hadn't experienced it any other way]). You might be able to trigger a scripted invasion, while active, that is fruitful after being made inactive but I never experienced that either.

"What about for cities not in the world map?"=undiscovered?
cities placed on the design map but not discovered until later in the adventure are the same.

Perhaps Gweilo can relate his Emperor experiments to Zeus as much of the 'favor system' & 'empire map' was passed from Zeus/Posd. coding. He has some interesting methods with a few Campaigns that might translate to Zeus.

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posted 12-22-16 13:25 ET (US)     2 / 2       
I am reluctant to say much because Emperor and Zeus are obviously different games, although I do agree a lot of the diplomatic model of Zeus was put into Emperor. However, I have a hunch that an inactive city is not really locked in as far as favor goes, and it does migrate towards 50 even if the city is inactive. This is just a hunch!

Bottom line is: if you want to be sure an inactive city has a specific favor at a certain time...script it!

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