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Topic Subject:Little Editor Things I Found Out Today
posted 10-05-16 17:18 ET (US)         
#1: Bypassing 4 Food Type Limit and Why You Actually Shouldn't:

You can bypass the 4 Foodtype limit and make it possible for your City to have all 8 in your Granary!

First four foodtypes you can produce in your City or trade them from your allies, like normal.
The remaining four can only come via Tributes from your Vassals - Zeus Editor checks every place *except* the Tribute window when it comes to the food limit.

For example, City A can sell you Fish, Meat, Cheese and Urchins, while Cities B, C, D and E can tribute you Carrots, Onions, Wheat and Oranges! All 8 will show up in Granary with fully adjustable get/empty options.

Unfortunately, there is terrible bug associated with this bypass: Your Food Vendors won't pick up the extra 4 foodtypes because the basket lady will walk up to Granary, disappear as if Granary was empty, then the agora will send another lady, and so on, till your people start to starve.

You can, however, have 4 Foodtypes in Granary + Wheat in Warehouses for your Horse Ranches; food vendors will pick up the 4 foodstuffs while warehouse cartpushers will deliver Wheat for your Horses without problems (you gotta micromanage the wheat away from your granaries, though).

#2: Different Triggers in Godly Requests and Monster Attack:


They all work like the top one (as in: you fulfill the request, next event triggers within specified time frame).

I guess the makers of Zeus editor wanted to expand on the possibilities but forgot/didn't bother to properly program these options (and that's sad).

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posted 10-06-16 12:50 ET (US)     1 / 3       
About your #2, I've found the same type of "uncompleted programming stub" in the Emperor Campaign Creator. Too bad the designers didn't have time to finish their lofty ideas.

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posted 01-04-17 05:54 ET (US)     2 / 3       
#3: Four and More Landslides

Some might've noticed that in 'The Fairy Land' adventure there are 4 landslides total, but the editor permits only 3 Landslide trigger markers.

How did I find a way to circumvent that, you ask? By accident!

Consider this theoretical scenario:

1. You make your parent city map and have 5 purple 'landslide' areas (it's crucial to have more purple areas than 3!).
2. You assign 3 Landslide trigger markers to 3 out of 5 landslide areas.
3. Now, in Episode 1, you make an Event that triggers 1 Landslide while assigning it the range of markers as '1 to 3'.
4. Now, in Episode 2, you make an Event that triggers 3 Landslides while assigning them the range of markers as '1 to 3'.
5. When you play your Adventure, you will get 1 Landslide at 1 of the 3 markers in Episode 1, and three Landslides in Episode 2 - two of these Landslides will trigger at designated Landslide markers, while the 4th will happen at one of the unmarked purple areas.

This happens because the game wants to trigger a Landslide after all 3 marked areas have been already 'landslided'. Apparently, the need to 'trigger' an event is greater than Editor's limitations, causing the game to make a Landslide disaster at one of the unmarked areas.

Remember, this won't work if you do not have any spare purple Landslide areas left; the 4th landslide will simply not happen.

I have a theory that this might work with normal disasters (lava flow, flood, earthquake) as well but I can't imagine anyone needing more than 8 Disasters on a single map :P
posted 01-04-17 22:55 ET (US)     3 / 3       
^ Woah, woah, woah!!

That's a really awesome thing you discovered, haha!!

I think I might want to experiment on the lava/tidal wave/earthquake stuff. :P Believe it or not, I actually think I need more than 8 disaster points.

It would also be fantastic if there was a way to by-pass the 22 cities limit. But d'em editor limitations tho'.
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