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Topic Subject:Swan's song
posted 01-21-16 00:49 ET (US)         
After years of downloading , it is time for me to make a sort in my own maps and adventures and share some of them .

About maps
I tried to have maps as accurate whith the real landscape at the real time the Editor allowed .
I fear that lead to more or less similar maps , as ancient greeks were neither silly nor masochists ...
Their usual criteria for a settlement were :
* A large ( and if possible coastal ) plain .
* At least a stream , not too big to avoid big floods , and coastal if possible ( setting a trireme a week in fresh water kills sea weeds and parasit shells on the skull , they were as lazy as we are now for scraping wood ... ).
* At least a spring , not to depend upon stream water for drinking .
*Some fertile soils , and they were scarce , most of the now cultivated soils are the result of thousand years of humain care and use of iron plows ! The only soils easy to cultivate whith primitiv wooden plows were alluvial light soils near the streams .
* Wood , game and stone available .

The only settlements I found whithout all this criteria had special purposes , ore mining , trade whith natives , or strategical and/or logistical reasons , like a midway rest/shelter on long sea trade roads .

The tricks ( spoilers follow !!! )

Cliff feeding :
A market seller feeds any house in a range of two tiles , even if the first tile near the road is a cliff or a water/rock tile .
So you can feed houses on a plateau whith markets a floor under or above as long as a tile of the house is at two tiles of the market seller path .

Switched walkers :

Walkers in Zeus can be forced to a very long ( >500 tiles ) path by including their home building ( f.e. market ) in a loop , using a roadblock to send them in the proper direction and cut the direct road to home behind them before the homing path is computed . They now do the entire loop for homing ...
Seems boring , in fact not too much , if :
1 ) the loop is long enough , you care a market seller nearly twice a game year ...
2 )The several forced walkers you need are nearly synchronized , you deal whith them and then forget them for several monthes .

Two steps immigration :

In some maps ( f.e. Laurion ) the proper housing spot is too far from entry point and the computer don't find a path for immigrants .
You need to set a provisory compound halfway and delete it when peopled , if you care a little about the building table ( setting vacant spots out of reach but near the entry for the incoming migrants ) most of the hobboes now aim to the proper housing spots . Beware that setting anything on their new computed path leads to their vanishing in thin air ...

Marble teleport :
When you set a temple , marble is picked in the nearest SY containing marble . If you undo , marble is set in the nearest SY accepting marble , overall if the previous storage is now set to refuse marble ...

More difficult when only one temple can be build , as you need to stockpile marble but not in a SY . Just build some SY , set one of them to accept marble , teleport as usual , set another SY disconnected to get marble and when oxcarts are homing , set the SY to refuse . 8 marble in beeing ... Use as many SY as needed , all whithout any road connection between them .


I am not too good for long stories and apologize for my poor english , as I am french and learned english 50 years ago ...
Some grammar and spelling mistakes can remain , please be less harsh as my english teacher was ( a mistake on a sheet led to rewrite the entire sheet ... ) .

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posted 01-21-16 07:08 ET (US)     1 / 8       
Merci for this wonderful post! Would you be willing to post something like this for Emperor too?
posted 01-21-16 11:57 ET (US)     2 / 8       
I can try , but most of my Emperor work is freezed in old HDs in ( or out .... ) extern HDs ...
posted 01-21-16 16:15 ET (US)     3 / 8       
Oh man that's SOME bundle of campaigns...
(...and I'm reaching the game window's limit of campaigns. Time to do some recycling if I want to play Senseisan's maps.)
posted 01-21-16 21:02 ET (US)     4 / 8       
Wow, that's a lot of adventures!!
I especially like the Laurion map. It has a nice and pretty terrain. Would really love to try out your stuff when I have the time.
posted 03-03-16 19:11 ET (US)     5 / 8       
A walkthrough for Titanopolis :!153&authkey=!AG2f0JW44nXIDZs&ithint=file,zip

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posted 03-26-16 10:26 ET (US)     6 / 8       
@ Senseisan - Please pardon my own stupidity, but I can't see any link to click for the adventures and there is nothing in the downloads section

Did you edit it out?
posted 03-27-16 16:05 ET (US)     7 / 8       
posted 04-26-16 09:56 ET (US)     8 / 8       
Many thanks.
Sorry for late reply.
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