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Topic Subject:Rome: The Capital of the World. A Roman Story.
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posted 12-20-99 13:17 ET (US)         
Hey, I'm back.

I finally got some spare time on my hand due to Christmas vaction. I know how popular my previous story,Summer Campaign Story Place, because it made itself to Part 3. Now, I'm back to helps develops another story that I hope will be as popular as the other one.

Here the beginning of it:

"Hmm," said the Emperor of Rome, "I wonder if I can."

The emperor stopped his remark and sat down on his throne happy as a clown. The emperor's advisor, Marcus Publicus, enters in the throne room after the emperor sat himself down for a few second.

"Hello, Marcus!" said the Emperor, "What you do have for me today?"

"Great news from the Imperial provinces around our glorious empire," said Marcus.

"No more evil magic from the Huns, I hope," said the Emperor.

"The Imperial scouts will make sure those Huns won't set their feet to our empire ever again," said Marcus.

"Now," said the Emperor, "what the wonderful news you have fro me today."

"Greeting! Caesar Thanh, Emperor of Rome," started Marcus, "We, your beloved and loyal governors of the Roman Empire, would like you to participates a reception in your honors."

"Go on," said the Emperor.

"This reception will be held in the province of Carthago," stopped Marcus.

"Thank you, Marcus Publicus," said the Emperor, "It will be wonderful to meet those comcade of mine after all these time."

"It had been a while too," said Marcus.

"Exactly how long ago was it, Marcus," asked the Emperor.

"Hmm..." said the Marucs, "5 whole years, sir."

Please continue the story from this starting point.


Caesar Ishaius
posted 12-20-99 15:29 ET (US)     1 / 46       
Thanh does this mean we are going back to evil Ish and his evil virtual bros?
posted 12-20-99 16:20 ET (US)     2 / 46       

We're going to try something different this time.


posted 12-21-99 13:34 ET (US)     3 / 46       
Since no one had contriubed to this new story, I guess I should continue on until someone joins in.

Marcus Publicus then left the throne room, but returns five mintues later with two more messsages for Caesar Thanh.

"More good news, Sir," said Marcus as he walked in the throne room.

"What is it," asked the Emperor.

"The Senators want you to proclaims if you are going to accepts your old friends' invitation to the reception in Hispania," said Marcus.

"Done that," said the Emperor, "Go on."

"You needs to announces it to the public, not to yourself," said Marcus.

"Fine," said the Emperor, "What other new you have for me?"

"The governor of Capua wants your premission to go to the Romans Senate and announces some importance news to the entire empire, if he may," said Marcus.

"Good or bad," asked the Emperor.

"He doesn't said," said Marcus.

"Why can't he just send me a message," asked the Emperor.

"He could, but he doesn't want to," said Marcus.

"Hmmm...," sighed the Emperor, "I wonder what could be wrong."

"Nothing bad for sure," said Marcus, "because the messenger that give me this letters said that Capua is not a threat to the empire, but maybe a reward to the empire."

Caesar Thanh smiles and said....


posted 12-21-99 20:47 ET (US)     4 / 46       
...Caesar Thanh's reply was cut off by a sharp, loud, elephant's trumpet from the Imperial Courtyard.

"What the devil's going on out there?" he demanded (a bit peeved at his witty reply being cut off).

Just then, Incontinentia of Londinium shyly poked her head in the doorway. "Erm...did someone order a dozen riding elephants?" she asked.

"What's this?!" Marcus demanded.

"Sorry," Incon shrugged, holding up a scroll, "it's just that, the RSPCE received a request for 12 grand riding elephants to take His Most Wonderful Caesar-ness Thanh to a Reception in Hispania. So, here we are. Last one up on a pachaderm's back is a rotten egg!" She giggled at her little joke...then sobered up when she saw Caesar's council glaring at her.

"Elephants?" Thanh pondered, then remembered dictating a memorandum to that effect to his secretariat. "Oh...yes! Of course! Come in!"

"Erm...all of us, O Great Caesar?" Incon asked, gesturing to the 12 elephants standing in the courtyard. One of them burped.

"Oh, very well, then," Thanh rose from his Imperial Throne and adjusted his robes. "Might as well get this Hispanian shindig over with. Which one may I ride?"

"The African Grey standing right next to Big Tusky!" Incon beamed, gesturing to the magnificent creature beside her own personal pet.

"Is he friendly?" Thanh asked, looking uncertain.

"All RSPCE-trained elephants are incredibly friendly," Incon pouted. "Just hop on, my lord..."

Caesar Thanh approached the majestic beast with some trepidation, then gathered himself and said...

posted 12-22-99 08:42 ET (US)     5 / 46       
"Take me to the Senate, immediately," said Caesar Thanh.

"Why," asked Icon.

"To announces his departure to Hispania, of course," answered Marcus.

"And not to mention, he "the Caesar"," said Icon.

All three of them laugh for about a minute, then Marcus Publius returned to his old self and asks Caesar Thanh a question in the upmost respect.

"Any major duty that I needs to performs before your departure, Sir," asked Marcus.

"Oh yes," said Caesar Thanh, "Since most of my colleague including me will be in Hispania for awhile, I wants you to send the governor of Capua to Hispania so that he can
discusses his plan or plans."

"I will take care of that right now," said Marcus as he marchs back to the throne room.

"What it is, Thanh," said Icon to her old and dearest friend.

"I don't know, but...." Caesar Thanh couldn't finish his statement because one of the elephant broke off and runs out of the line.

Caesar Ishaius
posted 12-22-99 10:35 ET (US)     6 / 46       
Hello Incon! how are you doing?

One elephant burped, while the other was listening to marcus and thanh's dialog.

Thanh glanced at Incon, and then at the huge beast (I hope this won't make Tusky or Incon mad at me ) he was going to climb.

"Are you sure they are safe?" he softly pet the elephant

"For the last time 'o' great caesar..." she was cut by Marcus angry look. she shurgged.

"Yes my lord" she replied

He smiled and started to climb the elephant.
He reached the top, and settled down. He saw infront of him a large metal stick. He turned around and saw a small box. He pulled the stick. Suddenly the box opened. A small wooden floor slide under Thanh and tied itself to the elephant's sides. Then four tall sticks poped out of the floor and from them came a big cieling. The cieling, the floor and the sticks were covered with marble. Then four marble walls, each one had its own window covered Thanh. Rugs and furnish finished the job. Thanh looked surprisely at his new room.

"What just happened?" he shacked from the speed the whole set came out.
"It's the elephant-home-maker 1345 B.C" she gigled
"Imported from Atalantis"

The elephant started moving...

"Another victim of Real Life"...

posted 12-22-99 14:57 ET (US)     7 / 46       
Caesar Thanh, Icon, Tusky, and 11 other elephants were making their ways to the province of Hispania. As they leave the gate of Rome, the million citizens of the captial cheer for their emperor and wished the very best luck and safe journey to Hispania and back.

Marcus Publicus also arranged 10,000 Imperial soilders to march adjacent to the band of elephants all the way to Hispania and back.

Icon, on the other hand, was kinda jealous that Caesar Thanh was getting all the attention from the Imperial status, but she knows that her old friend is now an importance character in all of Rome.

The most difficult part in this little trip was the crossing of the Alps. Nearly all of the Imperial soilders risk their lives so that Caesar Thanh and his friends can get accross it without any harm.

After the crossing of the Alps, the rest of the trip was a breeze. However, 1,500 soilders died in the Alps due to fallen rocks from the high mountains.

"I guess my elephants cause those rocks to fall on your Imperial Soilders," said Icon after leaving the Alps.

"It wasn't your fault," said Caesar Thanh, "those rocks fall because nature commmanded it to do so."

Icon felt better after Thanh's remark, but the soilders quietly refuse to accept that theory.

The group think there won't be any more misfortune, but they were wrong. Just 30 miles before the gate of Hispania, a group of Gauls sprung out of nowhere and attack the Romans. Both Caesar Thanh and Icon was shock when they see the Gauls moving toward them.

"Where are those missionaries when we need them," screamed Thanh

One by one, the Imperial soilders line up to fight the Gaul but Icon have another plan.

"Okay, my faithful elephants," said Icon, "Charge!"

All 10 non-sitted elephants obey their commander, Icon. The Imperial Soilders was stunned to see that 10 elephants can actually scare those barbarians away without any frighting involve.

"I thought those elephants were peaceful and non-combative," said Caesar Thanh.

Icon similes and said....

[This message has been edited by Thanh2002 (edited 12-22-99).]

posted 12-22-99 16:11 ET (US)     8 / 46       
"Well, they *are* all Carthaginian elephants, my lord. All rescued from the battlefields and their cruel captors, who forced them to relentlessly charge on an enemy they didn't even dislike--"

"Yes, yes," Thanh (who been to a few of Incon's fundraisers in Rome) interrupted her before she could kick into another "Save The Elephants" speech.

"And," she shrugged, "a few years back we had a smidgeon of trouble with the Gauls in Brittania, so we..."

"You what?" Thanh leaned forward, all ears.

"Heh, heh," she blushed, "we needed some back-up for our Legions, so we...kinda told all the elephants that Gauls actually steal sugar cane from baby pachaderms. Then steal the baby pachaderms."

"You don't say! I'm impressed," Thanh nodded.

"Mighty Caesar is most kind," she smiled at him.

Tusky grinned knowingly. (Being the only elephant in on the joke.)

"But look!" Thanh pointed. "Yonder lies Hispania!"

As they crested the hill they saw a great city sprawled across the valley below...

posted 12-22-99 21:16 ET (US)     9 / 46       
As they reached the gate of Hispania, there was something magical in the air.

"Fireworks from the East," shouted Icon as they move toward the entrance of Hispania.

"No," said Casear Thanh, "It Titanicus and his magical welcome."

Icon laughs becaue she already knows what was to happen next.

When the 12 elephants reached the gate with 8,500 Imperial Soilders, the Hispanian Legion welcome them will open-hearted.

"Who are we working for," shouted the Hispanian Legion.

"Caesar Thanh, Emperor of All Rome," shouted back the Imperial Soilders.

Then, all of the soilders joined together to sing the national theme song for Hispania, Italia, and certainly the Roman Empire in Latin.

After that, the Imperial Supreme Commander Civis greeted Casear Thanh and rolls out the red carpet for him.

"I, your Supreme Commander of the Imperial Army, welcome you to this wonderful events in your honors right here in the province of Hispania," said Supremem Commander Civis.

"And I, your Supreme Assitance Commander of the Imperial Army, hoped that you will enjoys this lavish reunion with us here in Hispania," said Assitance Supremem Commander Caius Menginus.

Caesar Thanh was greatly honored to have such a wonderful sulation from his old and dearest friends. He step down from his elephant traveling chamber and said....

Eminence Grise
posted 12-23-99 07:29 ET (US)     10 / 46       
Thanh, it's not polite to put adverts to your story thread in somebody else's story.
It disrupts the story line...
posted 12-23-99 17:43 ET (US)     11 / 46       
Doesn't anyone likes to contributes to this story?


Titanic Guy 1986
posted 12-23-99 17:47 ET (US)     12 / 46       
"You will probably remember our friend, the Magician Titanicus." He smiled, and just then, in a poof of glory and light Titanicus apeared before them.
"Hello!" He smiled, hugging his friends, and giving Thanh the roman salute of grabbing his (Thanh's) wrist and patting his back,
"How are you my friends?" He smiled warmly shoving a bushel-full of Sugar Cane at Tusky...

The Isle of Celtia

NO QUOTE I am to lazy to think of a politically correct one that you would all agree take it, shove it up your pipe, and smoke it!

Caesar Ishaius
posted 12-24-99 06:57 ET (US)     13 / 46       
"Titanicus! I am ok and better than ever" Thanh smiled and returned a salute

"Hey ol' buddy" Incon said and gave Titanicus a friendly huge

Tusky burped and finished the suger Titanicus gave him.

posted 12-24-99 07:22 ET (US)     14 / 46       
After their little gathering outside the gate of Hispania, it was time to move into the heart of Hispania for the reception in Caesar Thanh's honors.

As they passed the street of Hispania, people of all ages cheered them on. Titanicus keeps doing his magic tricks as they keep moving to the Hippodrome of Hispania, located in central Hispania.

While on his elephants chamber, Caesar Thanh asked, "Why Hispania?"

All of the Roman officials were stunned to see their emperor asked such a question.

"Well...," started Civis, "It will be a surprise for you, O Great Caesar,"

Thanh laughs a little to see his friend calling him "O Great Caesar."

Thanh then looked around from the top of an elephants for a single person that he is interested in meeting.

"Anyone see the Governor of Capua here," asked Caesar Thanh.

"Not yet," said Titanicus, "but most of the governors will be here anyway."

"The Senate will be here also," asked Caesar Thanh.

"Yes," said Caius Menginus, "That why we need a huge place for this reception."

"How about the empire," asked Caesar Thanh, "Who will watch over the empire when all of our officials are here in Hispania?"

"Don't worry too much, Thanh," said Icon, "We have figured everything out already. It will be Okay. The empire isn't going anyplace and the people will be watched under the careful eyes of the perfects in their city."

Finally, they reached the gate to the Hippodrome of Hispania....

Caesar Ishaius
posted 12-24-99 15:57 ET (US)     15 / 46       
The entrance to the hippodrome was blocked by the thousends of people waiting to see caesar Thanh. fourty of the remaining soldiers made way for the elephants. They stopped when they finally reached caesar's box. Incon hit a button near the elephant's leg (who was carring Thanh), and the chamber droped down and opened. Thanh walked and sat on his royal throne. Chariots were preapring for the big race. Suddenly the crowd stopped talking and cheering.

"What happened?" Thanh asked and looked around for someone who can answer his question.
"I believe they are waiting for your speach" replied Titanicus.
Thanh nodded and rised from his throne. He reached the balcony of the box, rose his hands and announced "Dear citizens!...

"Another victim of Real Life"...

posted 12-24-99 17:53 ET (US)     16 / 46       
"I'm, Caesar Thanh, your Emperor of Rome would likes to thanks all of the governors for this wonderful reception. I have traveled many miles on an elephant to sees my old and loyal friends. However, we must continue to form an unify empire and treat each other the same respect they deserved for their official title. We are here today for 2 main resons and nothing more. This reception is a reunion of the wonderful governors/officials that had helped me destroyed the evil spirits of those confounded Huns. The last and final reason is for the releasing of a new plan for the empire that will be representing by the Governor of Capua, wherever he may be right now."

Caesar Thanh paused for a monent and held both of his hands up high in the air and said, "Let the funs began."

The people and officials cheered as Caesar Thanh got off his elephants and walked into the Hippodrome with the protection of the Hispania legions. Icon, on Tusky, solemnly guided the elephants into the Hippodrome. Civis and Caius Menginus were the lasted to entered the Hippodrome due to Imperial duty. Titanicus puts up a magic show in the air as everyone come in.

Caesar Ishaius
posted 12-24-99 18:00 ET (US)     17 / 46       
Thanh who is the governor of capua?
posted 12-24-99 21:02 ET (US)     18 / 46       
I was hoping a new character would come to this story and be the Governor of Capua.


[This message has been edited by Thanh2002 (edited 12-24-99).]

The Great Maximus
posted 12-24-99 21:50 ET (US)     19 / 46       
Could I be the Governor of Capua. Tnis story is a lot shorter than the other one. I just spent the last 15-20 minutes reading this story and would likes to be part of it.

Icon was the very special person that sat next to Caesar Thanh during the reception.

"Whose the Governor of Capua," asked Icon.

"I thinks his name was Maximus," said Caesar Thanh, "I'm not so sure."

"Huh...," started Icon, "You're Caesar and you don't knows whose the Governor of Capua is."

"Was that an insult," cajoled Caesar Thanh.

Icon shuts herself up and ingores Caesar Thanh before she gets herself into deeper trouble, however, she knows deep inside that Thanh is only joking with her.

The parade with Icon band of elephants; Tusky was the leader of the pack.

"How entertaining," said Caesar Thanh.

"Was that an insult to my beloved pets," asked Icon.

Caesar Thanh acted as if he didn't heard that silly remark made by Icon.

Sorry Icon if I've upsets you with this contributation. Just wants to spices something up this story and introducting my character at the same time.

[This message has been edited by The Great Maximus (edited 12-24-99).]

Caesar Ishaius
posted 12-25-99 04:10 ET (US)     20 / 46       
Good to see you here Max

Meanwhile in caesar Thanh's chamber...

"Where is he?" Thanh mumbled as he walked around his table.
"Who my lord?" asked Marcus.
"Govenor of Capua..." Thanh replied and finally sat on his throne. He slided in his big chair and then continued "We have four hours to find him, that's the time I told everyone he will announce our important plan, and I don't even know who he is!"
"Well you can always look his name up in this book" Marcus took out from his bag a big old book. Thanh looked at the title of it
"The book of all the governors of the Roman Empire?" Thanh smiled and snaped the book from Marcus' hands
He starte flipping pages.
"Germania- Olirius de martus, that's not it..."he mumbled and he flipped randomly
"Judea- Ish... that's not- Ish?? maybe I will invite him to come later" he finally reached "C"
"Caanota... Caborabora... Capu... Capua here it is!" he shouted
"The governor of capua is Oliver??" he looked at marcus
"Well, we haven't updated it since then..."
"I don't care just tell me who is THE GOVERNOR OF CAPUA!!!!" Thanh shouted so hard people could here him clearly

Everyone stopped. People started whispering things. How is it possible that Caesar doesn't know who is the governor of Capua?

"Send a serach party to Capua and get me the governor!!" he shouted at Marcus and pointed to the exit.

Meanwhile at Capua...

"Another victim of Real Life"...

posted 12-26-99 14:58 ET (US)     21 / 46       
"Maximus! Maximus!," called a guard, "Marcus Publicus, the Emperor's advisor, commanded you to meets Casear Thanh at the Hippodrome in Central Hispania immediately.

"Huh," scouted Maximus, Governor of Capua, "I'll not acceepted his invitation to Hispania."

"He commanded it," said Pepius, Maximus's Advisor.

"He is a foe if he thinks I'm traveling to Hispania," said Maximus.

"But," said Pepius.

"No but!" shouted Maximus, "I have enought of his non-sense."

"What you going to do," asked Pepius.

"Pepius," said Maximus, "Listen closely. Thanh is Caesar, while I'm his pro-consul here in Capua. I deserved to be given the titile of Caesar, but I knows that Thanh won't gives it up easily."

"You are going to war against him," asked Pepius.

"War," shouted Maximus, "Nonsense. I'm going to make history in all of Rome. My idea was that we competed for the title of Caesar in an upcoming election."

All of the people around him was amazed at his silly remark.

"Okay, Pepius," said Maximus, "I needs you to send this messenger to Caesar Thanh immedately."

"What will the message said," asked Pepius.

Maximus began to thinks and said his message to Caesar Thanh aloud for Pepius to writes it down.

Max, try not to be upset with the position I'm putting you in. It will be funs, just go along with the story. You will be the antagonist, if that is Okay.

[This message has been edited by Thanh2002 (edited 12-26-99).]

The Great Maximus
posted 12-26-99 16:38 ET (US)     22 / 46       
This story is hilarious. Sure, why not. I would be honored to be the antagonist in this story.

"I, Pronconsul Maximus of Capua, would liked to reminds you that I've finished my duty here in Capua. The next oblivous place for me would be the Imperial Palace in Rome. You have fogotten to crowns me Caesar, Emperor of All Rome. I knows you are Caesar right now, but my plans is that we complete for the title in an election. I humbly asks your premission to do this. If you refuses this plan, then I've another. My other plan is that I would works beside you as your Assitance Emperor of All Rome. I'm sorry that I can't make it to Hispania, but won't you go to Capua to discuss this plan with me."

Caesar Ishaius
posted 12-27-99 10:06 ET (US)     23 / 46       
Am I sensing a war coming soon?

Scribes were running across Rome to transfer masseges...

"And that's what he wrote" Marcus finished reading the scroll Maximus sent to Thanh.

"What should I do? They are expecting the governor of Capua?" Thanh said and Marcus could sense the nervous in his voice.

"Might I suggest that my lord will try and go against Maximus in the next elections? It's only a month untill it will start and anyway, I think the Royal Senate will disagree that a man in Maximus' rank (no offending), will be promoted it a few days to be your assitance, not to say Rome never heard of it..." Marcus paused to catch his breathe and then continued "You will surely win the election if you use some... cheating..."
"What do you mean Marcus?" Thanh almost knew what Marcus was meaning. Marcus had a big grin on his face...

"So everyone - Ishaius is not leaving - this is a hoax post and he will be back with is own inimitable style and humour tomorrow". but he is "Another victim of Real Life"...

posted 12-27-99 11:52 ET (US)     24 / 46       
"Hmm...," paused Marcus, "Let him makes a fool out of himself in next month election."

"What was that you say about cheating," asked Caesar Thanh.

"Well," said Marcus, "We'll threat the people to vote for you."

"I will not have that in my court," said Caesar Thanh.

"It the only sure way that you can beats him," said Marcus.

"I wants to wins this election fair and square," said Caesar Thanh.

"What happens if he try to cheats you," asked Marcus.

"Stop with all of these ridiculous nonsense," commaned Caesar Thanh.

"I'm only stating the facts, Sir," said Marcus.'

"May I cuts in," interruped Icon.

"Sure, go ahead," said Caesar Thanh.

"Why don't you just make him your Assitance Emperor," asked Icon.

"And lets him steps up a step of being Caesar," shouted Caesar Thanh, "I don't thinks so. He will try to beats me if he my assitance."

"What else could you do," asked Icon.

Caesar Thanh was pure mad at this point, he did something a Caesar wouldn't do in a million years. He got up from his luxuriest seat in the hippodrome and marchs to the center of the hippodrome.

Everyone was in total shock while he incited the crowds. The Hispania Legions didn't try to stops him, but the Imperial Supreme Commander did.

"What are you doing Caesar," asked Civis.

"Shut up," shouted Caesar Thanh, "I'm going to makes an announce that the entire empire will bows to be once and for all."

The chariot race stopped as they see Caesar Thanh approached.

When Caesar Thanh reached the center of the Hippodrome, he said something in his most disrepsectful voice.

"The Governor of Capua is not going to be here," said Caesar Thanh.

The entire crowds of officials was not at all suprise with Caesar Thanh's remark.

"He had been denying every requests that we have made," called out one Senator.

"We should have his head for this," called out another Senator.

Caesar Thanh was similing to sees that the Senators take his side.

"He had challenge me in the upcoming election for the title of Caesar," said Caesar Thanh.

Marcus Publicus was amazed that this Caesar have some guts.

"I refuse to gives up the title of Caesar in that election," continued Thanh, "So, I will terminates that events right now."

Every Senators eyes were on their emperor.

"How about the Senator election," asked a Senator.

"I will be terminates that as well," said Caesar Thanh.

Every Governors in the Hippodrome just shook their heads.

"This is unjusticed," called out a Governor.

"You can't breaks the tradition," called out another Governor.

"I can do whatever I wanted to do. I'm Caesar," called out Caesar Thanh.

Marcus Publicus and Icon was in total amazement, while the Senators were jotting down notes with a grin on their faces.

"Caesar Thanh is right," called out Pronconsul Jackson, head of the Senator, "Caesar Thanh is a good emperor, he can't loose his position now."

"He nothing but a foe to the empire," called out a governor.

"Enough," called out Caesar Thanh.

The Governors did something that change history, they grab their fruit they were eating and throw it at Caesar Thanh.

The Imperial Army of Civis and Caius Menginus run to the Center of the Hippodrome and carry Caesar Thanh out of the Hippodrome. All of the Senators follow them as they make a runs to the capital of Rome without saiding good-bye. Icon and her elephants along with Marcus Publicus and Titanicus follow them as well.

All of the Governor agreed that Thanh should go down while the Governor of Capua be Caesar. They started a riot and burn down the Hippodrome in Hispania.

The Hispania Legion refuse to join with the Imperial Army, instead they chased them.

[This message has been edited by Thanh2002 (edited 12-27-99).]

Caesar Ishaius
posted 12-27-99 12:50 ET (US)     25 / 46       
Great now I can squeeze my character in

"Hey look at those funny-burping elephants!" one soldier told his friend and pointed at Tusky and his gang.
"I don't like elephants" the soldier replied and glanced at his friend. The look on his face told his friend "lets play with the elephants". The soldier nodded and pull out his sword. The elephants noticed it and quickly ran over the soldiers. They started heading to the citie's gates, which were closing to stop Thanh from escaping their warth.

"We need backup!" shouted Marcus

"Well who can help us now?!" Thanh gasped and tried to catch up with Marcus.

"Governor of Judea, Ish"
"Well call him to help us!"

Meanwhile the gates were closing down. The citizens of Hispania gatered around the gates. They were holding everything they could find.

"Down with the Emperor!"

Thanh, Marcus and the Royal legion stopped.
"What will we do now?" Marcus said hoplessly.
Suddenly the ground was trumbling. The elephants arrived. Tusky and Incon were leading them. Incon whistled something and jumped off Tusky. They all ran towards the gates, ready for some ramming. "These Elephants are gonna stop right Pla'arius?" one citizen asked.
"No... JUMP!"

The elephants hit the gates and took them down. The legion cheered and ran out...

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