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Topic Subject:Rome: The Capital of the World. A Roman Story.
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posted 12-20-99 13:17 ET (US)         
Hey, I'm back.

I finally got some spare time on my hand due to Christmas vaction. I know how popular my previous story,Summer Campaign Story Place, because it made itself to Part 3. Now, I'm back to helps develops another story that I hope will be as popular as the other one.

Here the beginning of it:

"Hmm," said the Emperor of Rome, "I wonder if I can."

The emperor stopped his remark and sat down on his throne happy as a clown. The emperor's advisor, Marcus Publicus, enters in the throne room after the emperor sat himself down for a few second.

"Hello, Marcus!" said the Emperor, "What you do have for me today?"

"Great news from the Imperial provinces around our glorious empire," said Marcus.

"No more evil magic from the Huns, I hope," said the Emperor.

"The Imperial scouts will make sure those Huns won't set their feet to our empire ever again," said Marcus.

"Now," said the Emperor, "what the wonderful news you have fro me today."

"Greeting! Caesar Thanh, Emperor of Rome," started Marcus, "We, your beloved and loyal governors of the Roman Empire, would like you to participates a reception in your honors."

"Go on," said the Emperor.

"This reception will be held in the province of Carthago," stopped Marcus.

"Thank you, Marcus Publicus," said the Emperor, "It will be wonderful to meet those comcade of mine after all these time."

"It had been a while too," said Marcus.

"Exactly how long ago was it, Marcus," asked the Emperor.

"Hmm..." said the Marucs, "5 whole years, sir."

Please continue the story from this starting point.


posted 12-27-99 13:11 ET (US)     26 / 46       
"If I hadn't know any better, I would said it was an unexpected earthquake caused by the Mars," said Caesar Thanh, "But we all know it was Ish."

"That right," said the voice of Ish as he image appeared in the sky, "Will somebody tells me what going on.

Each and eveyone try to tell Ish what was going on, but Ish didn't believed them.

"So," said Ish, "It the Senate verus the Governor."

"Seem liked it," said Icon.

"What are we going to do now," asked Civis.

"Go back to Rome, of course," said Caesar Thanh.

"Are you sure," asked Marcus.

Before Thanh could answers his question, the Hispania Legion were behind them.

"Look behind you," said Ish.

"Blows them away, Ish," commanded Caesar Thanh.

Ish did better than that, he created a sandstorm and left them behind.

"Guess I'm second rate now," said Titanicus.

Ish just laughs at Titanicus's remark.

"You are still importance to us," said Icon.

"I'm also second rate in the Imperial Army," said Caius Menginus.

Everyone joins in and laughs for a moment as they made their way to Rome.

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posted 12-27-99 15:11 ET (US)     27 / 46       
Meanwhile in Capua....

"Did you heard what had happened in Hispania," asked Maximus.

"What happened," asked Pepius.

"The Senate and all of the Governors are revolting against each other in the Hippodrome," said Maximus.

"How do you knows that information so fast," asked Pepius.

"I will reveal my secret later," said Maximus.

"What are you going to do now," asked Pepius.

"I'm going to send all of my legions to Rome and captures it," said Maximus, "Thanh won't have a place to go back to. HA HA HA.

"I thought there wouldn't be a war between you and Thanh," said Pepius.

"You thought wrong, my friend," said Maximus.

"Couldn't you stops the revolt," asked Pepius.

"Why should I? I wanted to be Caesar. This is my one and only chance. Plus I have all of the Governors in the empire supporting me," said Maximus.

"Don't you thinks this is too much," asked Pepius, "Five years ago the Huns nearly destoryed our empire. Now you wanted to do the same thing their did."

"Thanh is a weak leader," said Maximus, "Those Huns don't know how to beat Thanh correctly. I'm not going to have foolish magic in this war."

"Can't we do anything to stop it," asked Pepius.

"Shut up and helps me rounds up my legions," said Maximus.

Pepius did as he was told, however, he's on Thanh side.

"I will warns Rome before those legions arrive," Pepius said to himself after Maximus leave.

The Great Maximus
posted 12-27-99 17:40 ET (US)     28 / 46       
The Legions of Hispania try and try to break through Ish's magical sand spell, but they failed. As the news spread, every Governor's legions were marching to the capital and bring the Senate down to their knees.

When Caesar Thanh and his fellow Romans reached the Alps, a bands of Roman legions from Guals were waiting for them.


Meanwhile, Pepius try to delay Maximus's legions from reaching Rome.

"Hurry up," said Maximus, "We're losing times."

Pepius have no more ways of delaying Maximus, he finally gives up and let Maximus be on his way.


Rome was also awares that it is in great danger. The remaining officials in Rome told the tower guards to be ready when other Roman legions are attacking.

posted 12-28-99 08:11 ET (US)     29 / 46       
Maximus's legions got to the gate of Rome first. The tower guards was ready and begin to fire at Maximus's legions.

Maximus was able to touch the wall in one peace, but his army was in terrible pains. Maximus rise up a white flag so that the tower guards will not harm him. The tower guards are good Romans and they Maximus go.

As Maximus was out of reach, he called back to the tower guards.

"I have touch your wall once, I'll do it again."

With that remark, Rome was safe for now.

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posted 12-30-99 04:51 ET (US)     30 / 46       
Maximus watched from his war camp atop a hill outside Rome as Caesar Thanh's elephant-mounted party returned to the Capital. He lowered his spyglass. "He may have returned to his city," Maximus muttered, "but it won't be his for long."

Meanwhile, Thanh welcomed his friends into the Imperial Palace and ordered food and drink. "I just don't know what I'm going to do," Thanh sighed. "Surely holding an election is the right thing to do?"

"Not if Maximus is bent on war, my lord," Titanicus shrugged. "And our forces in Rome may not be enough to repel him, even if we were to recall all our remote legions."

Incon sat deep in thought. Then she drained her wine goblet and said "I'll be right back."

"Where are you going?" Thanh asked.

"I've got to go find a rodent," she replied, leaving the room.

"Oh, alri--huh?!?" Thanh's eyebrows shot skyward.

"Britannians," Civis shook his head. "There's just no figuring them out..."

Shortly after that Incon returned, picked up a fresh goblet of wine and took her seat by the window. Moments later an elephant's trunk snaked in through the curtains; Incon absently gave it a piece of fruit while she listened to the others talk.

"As I was saying, Caesar," Civis continued, "our forces are severely depleted after--"

"Oh, you won't have to worry about defences," Incon interrupted. "At least not for Rome. Your reserves should be arriving tomorrow."

"Reserves? What reserves??" Thanh asked.

"You'll see," Incon smiled, excused herself and went to bed.


The Next Morning...


Maximus was woken shortly after dawn by a rumbling and shaking in the ground. Earthquake! he thought as he threw some robes on. He bumped into Pepius as he was running out of his tent.

"Gather the men!" he ordered. "Build some doorways and stand in them! It's an earthquake!!"

"No, Great Maximus!" Pepius cried, his eyes like saucers. "It's - it's an ELEPHANTquake!!!"

"Huh?!?" Maximus looked down at the main road leading into Rome. There he saw herd after herd of elephants, thousands of grey tusked heads, all trotting happily into the city. Some of them trumpeted at the rising sun.

"Ye gods!" Maximus gasped. "How in Hades are we going to get into the city now??"

Meanwhile, Caesar Thanh was being woken by a similar groundswell. When it died down, he came out from where he'd been hiding under his bed and tiptoed down to the courtyard.

"INCONTINENTIA!!" he boomed when he saw what was there.

Incon emerged from the kitchens with a huge bag of fruit and sugar cane. She was followed by several servants carrying bowls of grain and muffins.

"Yes, O Mighty Caesar?" she asked sweetly.

"Would you mind telling me why every single elephant in the Roman Empire is standing in my courtyard?!?!?!!"

One of the elephants burped.

Caesar Ishaius
posted 12-30-99 06:16 ET (US)     31 / 46       
Lol Incon... Was that Tusky who was burping? Anyway I have a question: How did you come up with your name Incon?? I've been dieing to know!

"So everyone - Ishaius is not leaving - this is a hoax post and he will be back with is own inimitable style and humour tomorrow". but he is "Another victim of Real Life"...

posted 12-30-99 08:47 ET (US)     32 / 46       
What a funny contributation to the story.

"Well," said Incon, "my bandit of elephants will be our defense."

"Are you out of your mind," asked Civis, "This is the job for the Imperial Army."

"Huh," shouted Incon, "Those elephants saved our lives when the Gauls attacked us on our way to Hispania."

"How about defeating them with magic," asked Titanicus.

"Please," said Caesar Thanh, "no more magic this time."

"Thanh is correct," said Civis, "magic is pure evil in a war."

"Anyway," said Incon, "let see what these elephants can do first."

Then one of the commander from the Roma Legion walked in Caesar Thanh palace and bow to him and said.

"The Gauls are attacking us."

Caesar Thanh stand up and throw his glass of wine to the wall. He then said....

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The Great Maximus
posted 12-30-99 12:28 ET (US)     33 / 46       
"This is gone out of hand," said Caesar Thanh, "Who are they? Roman Guals or Barbarian Guals?"

"Is there a different," asked Civis, "They are attacking us! We must line up our defense."

"My elephants will do that, thank you," said Incon.

Caesar Thanh looked out of the windows and hoped that the Guals once again were afriad of elephants. However, his hope soon fade away. The Gauls had brough bows and arrows this time.

"Oh No," shouted Incon, "Bows and arrows. How dare them,"

"Those elephants are scare of some bows and arrows," said Civis, "What kind of defense is that."

"At least she got a plan," said Caesar, "I hoped all of this end before I'm retired."

"Lining up the Imperial Army isn't a plan to you," said Civis.

"Yes and no," said Caesar Thanh, "We will need to use Incon's elephants to win this war against that Maximus and to stop the rebel between the Senate and the Governor of the Roman Empire."

"I don't think I've enough elephants for that," said Incon.

"Great," said Civis.

"No magic either," said Titanicus.

"The Imperial Army will protects the city if they entered," said Caesar Thanh, "Other than that, Icon will be our main defense system."

"A governor doing a commander job," asked Caius Menginus, "What kind of plan is that?"

"I'm more than a governor," said Icon, "I'm...."

"Stop this right now," said Caesar Thanh, "We've to work together."

While they were talking the elephants did scare off the Guals. However, off the 50 elephants, one elephant was wounded. Incon was furious at those Guals for hurting her elephants, but the danger hadn't pass yet.

Just outside the gate of Rome, Maximus of Capua is ready for another attack on Rome.

"This is a beautiful day to win the capital of Rome," called out Maximus, "No elephant is going to stop me."

Maximus's army was huge with 6 legions, all academy trained soldiers.

The wall of Rome was thin and about to break down when Maximus singal his army to move toward the capital.

When the tower guards see Maximus coming, they....

Civis Romanus
posted 12-30-99 21:06 ET (US)     34 / 46       
"Hmm," said Civis Romanus, Imperial Commander of the Legions of Rome. "And I thought this would be a kinder, gentler, more laid back and humorous time for the Empire. Silly, foolish me. Oh well, enough of this nonsense, Roman fighting Roman. It ends today! We will force negotiations by proving to Maximus he cannot sack the Eternal City and succeed."

Civis turned to his generals. "Ready the catapults in the courtyards and then launch them. You, Commander of the ballistas, aim the ballistas at the center of the attack and fire as soon as the legions are in range. Sweep the center and don't stop firing for any reason. If you need more missles, call for them. Rome is well supplied. Remember, if you can break the center of the attack before it reaches the walls the flanks will break with them. Incon, hold your elephants in reserve. I don't want them used or harmed unless we are in desperate straits and there is the threat of or an actual breakthrough. Then rush a detachment of elephants and legionnaires to close the breakthrough." To his remaining commander Civis said, "Make sure every vat of boiling oil is ready. Use it on any legions at the walls."

Civis thought to himself. That leaves only the mounted auxiliaries left without orders. I'll command them myself, to be used to mop up the attack should we successfully break it. May the gods be with us. "For the glory of Rome" he shouted to his generals and commanders departing on foot and horseback to their assignments and the defense of their city.
-Civis Romanus

posted 12-31-99 08:19 ET (US)     35 / 46       
(Ish: I got my handle from the film Life of Brian. The name of Biggus Dickus' buxom wife was...Incontinentia Buttocks! Right, then...time for a bit of general silliness...)

Maximus' Great Army stood to attention in lines outside the walls of Rome. Caesar had ordered all the heavy outer gates to the city shut. His legions stood ready to charge at each entrance. Tower guards walked the walls, ballistas and cauldrons of boiling oil at the ready. Behind the legions, Incon's elephants stood patiently, waiting to defend at their mistress's command. Occasionally, one of them would burp.

Caesar viewed the brewing trouble from the vantage point of a secured tower. "This is madness," he muttered.

"I agree," Titanicus nodded. "If this gets started, there's no telling where it will end."

"It will end in victory!" Civis insisted, then added "...for us, of course..."

Incon was deep in thought. Without another word she started down the steps of the tower.

"Off to check on your elephants?" Thanh asked.

"Nope," she shook her head, "off to find another rodent. Be right back."

"What *is* it with that girl and rodents??!" Civis huffed.

"Don't you know?" Titanicus asked him. "Incontinentia's good friends with Governor Mouse of Rome. The mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils and voles of this province are the best messengers you can find."

Incon soon returned, but instead of her governor's robes she was wearing her best Lambada'ing toga. (It was rather fetching.) "We'll be ready in a few minutes," she informed the gatekeeper, who worked the petard controls from the tower. "Wait for my signal."

"What the devil's going on??" Civis demanded. "This is no time for doing the Lambada!!"

A frosty silence filled the room as Incon turned blazing eyes on Civis. Everyone took two cautious steps away from him.

"There's *always* time for a Lambada," she informed him soberly. Then she turned to the gatekeeper. "We're ready," she announced. "OPEN THE GATES!!"

Caesar Thanh heard a clanking of pikes and shields as his legions parted to allow a huge army of....bathgirls past and through the open gates. They were closely followed by a group of musicians from the Hippodrome.

Upon the hill, a messenger approached Maximus. "My Lord," he panted, "something is happening! They're opening the gates!"

"Excellent!" Maximus beamed. "If Thanh wants a battle, that's what he'll get. Tell the men to be ready for my signal."

"But - Lord Maximus!" the messenger cried, "those aren't Roman legions coming out the front gate!"

"What is it, then?" Maximus demanded. "Elephants? Catapults?? Machines of War???"

Before the messenger could reply, strains of music could be heard coming from the makeshift battlefield. Maximus recognised the theme for The Lambada.

Everyone's jaw dropped as legion upon legion of saucy, buxom, scantily-clad bathgirls pranced down the field, all Lambada'ing beautifully. They twirled, dipped, and generally shook their moneymakers at Maximus' army, who stood still, open-mouthed and stunned. One particularly cheeky blonde bathgirl skipped up to the army's field commander, wrapped her arms around his neck and started shimmying, smiling all the while. The poor man dropped his weapons in shock.

"This is ridiculous!" Maximus fumed.

"You've got to admit, though, My Lord," Pepius said beside him, "they've certainly got rhythm. And that tune is rather entrancing..." He began to bounce lightly on his toes in time to the music.

Maximus looked on in dismay as a few of his men dropped their weapons and began to dance with the girls. Soon the whole battlefield was starting to turn into one great big Lambada-thon.

"GET THOSE BATHGIRLS!!" Maximus ordered.

"No, My Lord!" Pepius bounced at him. "You can't order the men to shoot on innocent women!"

"Call that *innocence*?!?!?" Maximus pointed down into the crowd. "Pepius...have you ever BEEN to a Roman bathhouse???"

"You've got a point," Pepius agreed, before the rhythm got to him entirely and he skipped down the hill to the field, where he found an eager and willing dance partner.

Meanwhile, up on the tower, Incon was smiling at her girls, swinging her hips slightly and snapping her fingers in time to the music. "Neat, eh?" she beamed at the men.

Titanicus was swaying in time beside her, enjoying the music. "Where did you find them all?" he asked.

"They're all my dance students!" Incon replied over the din. "See that group of brunettes over there? That's the Londinium All-Categories Lambada Dance Championship Team!!"

Caesar Thanh was stunned to silence. He looked down and saw a few of his men looking at the dance party longingly, wanting to join in. Behind them some of the elephants were swinging their trunks in time to the music. Up on the walls, a few tower guards were exchanging dips and twirls with each other, smiling. They immediately stopped and resumed battle positions when they saw Caesar glaring at them.

Civis lowered his head into one hand. "I'm going to go down in history for this one," he sighed resignedly.

Thanh turned to the others and said...

posted 12-31-99 09:06 ET (US)     36 / 46       
"I gave up," said Caesar Thanh, "Do what you must. And get those confounded Romans out of my provincial district."

"This is the weirdest battle I have ever been in," said Civis.

"I guess there are more things more powerful than an army," said Incon as she continued to plays her music.

"Is that music soporific," asked Caesar Thanh.

"Could be," said Titanicus, "I think that music have some magical touches in them. And you said we wouldn't win this war without magic."

"I guess I was wrong again," said Caesar Thanh.

"Let see if this music is soporific," said Incon as she changed the tune in her musical band.

"Put those men to sleep, so we can have their neck," said Civis.

"I agreed," said Caius Menginus, "Hand me a sword as soon as they are sleeping."

"This war couldn't be more fun," said Titanicus.

"I hoped this war couldn't be more dangerous than it is already," said Caesar Thanh.

While they were chatting, Icon and her bathgirls have defeated Maximus once again. His army was all tired out by Incon and her music that they pack up and leave the provincial district of Rome.

Maximus looked back and called out so that the Romans can hear him,

"Next time, it would be different."

Caesar Ishaius
posted 01-02-00 10:24 ET (US)     37 / 46       
Now that I know the name of the film I'll go and rent it at the local video store

Maximus' army fell asleep. Soon after that Thanh signled Civis and he made the sign to charge. Before the army could open their eyes, Thanh's army moved quickly from one man to another. Pepius and Maximus woke up and ran for their lives.
Incon glanced at a flag a soldier was carrying. She snapped it from his hands and ran to the top of the hill.

"Bath Girls!" she called all the girls to come and gather around Incon.

"I can remember the day each one of you came to me and asked 'Incon can you train us to dance Lambada as good as you do?', and I replied 'sure!'..." She said softly and pointed to one girl

"I remember when you Linda" She smiled

"My name is Amanda" The girl grumbled

"Never mind... I'll Make it short" She continued when she saw a few remaining soldiers coming toward Incon and the bath girls.

"We finally won the world chaimpionship contest in Lambada... and now..." She rose the flag and sticked it in the ground

"We won a war!! with our talanted dancing skills our name will go down in history!" She screamed and all the girls cheered and screamed....


"We can't loose like this!" Maximus groaned
"Well we can always use our special and secret weapon!" Pepius smiled and they stopped running.
"What secret and special weapon Pepius?!"...

"So everyone - Ishaius is not leaving - this is a hoax post and he will be back with is own inimitable style and humour tomorrow". but he is "Another victim of Real Life"...

posted 01-03-00 15:46 ET (US)     38 / 46       
"Our secret weapon is to surrender to Thanh," said Pepius.

"Are you out of your mind," said Maximus.

"Do you wants to hears my plan or not," asked Pepius.

"Whatever it is, it better be good," said Maximus.

"Trusts me, it will be good," said Pepius, "I can smells the taste of victory already."

"Tells me then," shouted Maximus.

"We will pretend to contribute our soldiers to the Imperial Army. That way the soldiers can get into the city unharmed and they can roit the place at that time." said Pepius.

"Perfect," said Maximus, "Why hadn't I thought this before."

Maximus and Pepius start to work on their plan immediately after that.

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Civis Romanus
posted 01-04-00 11:46 ET (US)     39 / 46       
Civis Romanus was sitting on his big, in thought contemplating the recent events before the walls of Rome. You know, Civis old boy, maybe Incon has the right idea. Maybe we should include lambada lessons in the legionnaires training regimen. Or better yet, maybe we should form a special auxiliary unit recruited from unattached young women of Rome and train them in hand-to-hand lambadaing. But what whould their banner be? Let's see, we have the Legion of the Rabbit and the Snake. What should their banner be? Civis pondered some more.
-Civis Romanus
posted 01-09-00 12:45 ET (US)     40 / 46       
While Maximus and Pepius were organizing their plan for the suprise attack inside of Rome, the Romans were celebrating their victory.

"I know this will work very well," said Pepius.

"It better or I'm wasting my time trying to take over Rome," said Maximus.

"It will work, I promised," said Pepius.


posted 03-28-00 22:14 ET (US)     41 / 46       
How about bringing this story back?

Just 5 hours after the victory, Caesar Thanh claimed that Rome was safe again.

"There is nothing better than the smell of victory," said Caesar Thanh.

"Yeah," cried out the soldiers.

Just then, Maximus appears in front of the Gate of Rome.

"What do you want?" asked Commander Civis.

"I wish to speak to the emperor peacefully," said Maximus.

"You are our enemy. Why should we negotiate with you?" asked Commander Civis.

Maximus then said, "..."

New characters are always welcome.

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posted 03-29-00 15:54 ET (US)     42 / 46       
We need some writers in here.

"I want to apologize for my behavior during the past week," said Maximus.

"Please let us in," said Pepius, "We will not do any harm to the city."

"Hold on a second," called out Civis.

"Do you think it's wise to make peace with him?" asked Caius Menginus.

"He may be playing a trick on us," said Caesar Thanh.

"I don't know," said Incon.

"What other choice do we have," said Titanicus, "let make peace and be done with it."

"I wish I could see the future, but I can't," said Ish.

"Me either," said Titanicus.

"I think we should give him a try and be prepare if he does turn against us," called out Civis.

"Fair enough," said Caesar Thanh, "However, tell his legions to return to Capua and I will have a one on one chat with him."

The Great Maximus
posted 03-29-00 16:09 ET (US)     43 / 46       
I have to re-read the story a little bit before going on. I forgot what the plot of this story is. It had been so long.

The Great Maximus

The Great Maximus
posted 03-29-00 16:32 ET (US)     44 / 46       
"Maximus," called out Caesar Thanh.

"Yes, your lordship," answered Maximus.

"Please return you legions to Capua and then you can have my permission to enter the palace so that we can chat," said Caesar Thanh.

"Oh no!" Maximus said to himself, "This will ruin my plan."

"Yes," said Pepius to himself, "This is the chance to end Maximus's evil scheme once and for all."

"Head out troops," called Pepius, "Follow me."

The Troops made a turn and then stop by Maximus's anger.

"How dare you command my legion," said Maximus.

"No," said Pepius, "Caesar Thanh commanded it, not you or me."

"What seem to be the matter?" asked Civis.

"Nothing," answered Maximus.

"You better not be joking with me, Maximus," shouted Caesar Thanh.

"What made you say that?" asked Maximus.

"I am not going to negotiate with you if you are going to turn against me during this peace treaty," answered Caesar Thanh.

"The best thing to do is lock him up," said Caius Menginus to his Civis.

"I know you aren't going to give up," said Caesar Thanh, "So I will have to ask my legion to escort you in if necessary."

Civis and Caius Menginus didn't have to wait for Caesar Thanh's command to send the Imperial Army out to Maximus.

"What are you doing?" asked Maximus, "I'm here on a peace mission and you send troop out to keep an eye on me. What kind of peace mission are we on here?

"Shut up, Maximus!" called out Caesar Thanh, "I'm not on a peace mission. I have other plans for you."

"I think our emperor have just betray Maximus," said Incon herself.

As the Imperial Army takes Maximus into Rome, Pepius leads Maximus's legions back to Capua under Caesar Thanh's order.

How strange? I just arrest my own character.

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posted 03-29-00 20:36 ET (US)     45 / 46       
Hmmmm, how did you think of the name, Caesar tanh for the story?
posted 03-29-00 22:03 ET (US)     46 / 46       
This is actually a continuing story that took place last summer, which have two parts to it.

Here are the link to this long epic:

Summer Campaign Story Place


Summer Campaign Story Place Part 2

This is a really good story from the beginning. I would read the entire thing again if I had the time to do it. I suggest the same for you and all of the players who is unfamilar with the root of this story. Just click on the two links above and you will have a deeper undestanding of this story.


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