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Topic Subject:Spring on the appian way - story thread
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Civis Romanus
posted 03-03-00 11:12 ET (US)         
All interested story writers are welcome. This is a new story thread set in the Age of the Roman Empire.


THEME: Fantasy, Mythological, Non-confrontational.

TONE: Light-hearted

CONSTRUCTION: Short posts.

CHARACTERS: (Added or updated as the story progresses)
The Ancient Gods of Rome. A brief list and descriptions can be found here.
Jayhawk: Seraph (angel) powerful subgod. Ally of mortals.
Ramesses: Gladiator
Moquel: Cousin of Ramesses


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Civis Romanus
posted 03-09-00 15:13 ET (US)     26 / 37       
And the invisible chorus sings:

"Rae...a golden drop of light."
"Me...a name I call myself"
"Fa...a long, long way to run."
"So...a needle pulling thread,"
"La...a note to follow So,"
"Tee...a drink with jam and bread."
"And that will bring us back to doe..."

Doe, Rae, Me with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein.

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posted 03-09-00 18:42 ET (US)     27 / 37       
Ramessus, gripped his dagger, and waited for the oncoming killers. He had remembered the one thing his parents had told him, "Rage can be powerful, if used in the right ways". He never thought he would ever need to learn what that meant. But seconds became hours. And hours becoming days. He finnaly found out, they meant, conserving it inside, and using it to fuel your mind, could defeat the toughest foe!
He awaited the lions, then swallowed, "this better work". He ran towards the first lion, slashing the lion down in seconds. And went on for hours, until the toughest lion came. It lunged towards him. Then finnaly, it leaped, and clawed his left leg. A scream ehoed, as Ramessus fell, he dropped the dagger right into the lion's heart.
Taking Ramessus for dead, the guards came out, preparing to cremate him. But he showed a sign of life. He yelled, crawled, and yelled in truimph! Even Caeser took intrest in this boy, "Maybe he could be the next Commander of the Prima Legion!" said Caeser. Moquel was cheering, right when he thought all was lost, his cousin showed signs of life. "The human spirit can endure, through times of death, and struggle" he said queitly to himself. "He can sure go the bloody distance... VERY BLOODY!"

The official snack food of Ramesses and Seti819: Tobasco Sauce Cheeze-its!

Eminence Grise
posted 03-10-00 06:12 ET (US)     28 / 37       
Ramesses, weren't you in there facing a scared doe and a wounded bear, togther with another 'scruffy' prisoner?
Didn't the arena just get a visit from a very upset god of wine and pleasure, a bunch of fauns, two leopards and an angel bent on recueing the doe?
Must have been a different arena

The god took a deep breath and lifted his cornucopia then wine spilled forth from the wide month.
It hissed, it bubbled as it splashed down.
Bowled over the two scrawny prisoners.
Bowled over the wounded bear, as the leopard neatly stepped out of the way.
Slowly a lake of wine began to grow in the arena as the hooting fauns gave chase to the doe.

A company of soldiers rushed in to quell the disturbance, only to be swept awy by the ruby stream of wine.
"Such a waste of wine" the angel though as the doe came running towards him, her eyes big with panic, whites showing.

He snatched up the small creature in his arms as Bachhus turned.
"Wonderfully done, my friend!"
Then with a soundless puff Jayhawks arms were empty.
"Venus" the angel mouthed.
"Venus" the god shouted.

posted 03-10-00 06:44 ET (US)     29 / 37       
Explenation, Jayhawk, another prosoner was eaten by the bear minutes before Ramessus got out there, and since the Bear then was full, and had no reason fighting Ramessus, the Flavian crew sent in a coule of lions insted. The doe were on it's way out inte the ring when the people pushing it out smelled the wine, and therefor let it go by itself. It therefore sneaked around the outside of the ring and wasn't discovered by Ramessus. The leopards went into a state of shock when the gates opened, so the lions were the only ones out there puh...

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posted 03-10-00 06:54 ET (US)     30 / 37       
Moquel was still sitting down on the benches, although everyone around him was standing up, screaming over the deer that dissapeared and the two gods standing in the middle of the arena.

Moquel stood up and started walking through the crowd, bent on a quest to find his cousin somewhere down in the catacombs under the Flavian Theater.

It took him ten minutes to get 100 metres away from his seat. Although it was only 5 meters more to go, he stopped right there, in his step...

Civis Romanus
posted 03-10-00 15:47 ET (US)     31 / 37       
Meanwhile, delirious Romans in the stands who saw the flow of ruby red wine puddle, pool and then become a lake rushed over each other to become the first to sample the vintage.

Caesar would have none of this chaos, so he ordered three nearby slaves to join the crowd and fetch wine for him. It must be Spring, thought Caesar, and the gods are at it again. But if this is Bacchus who brought wine to his Colosseum, nobody better get between him and each goblet the slaves bring to him. Nobody!

Prefects outside the Colosseum heard the commotion and got the good/bad news. It would be a difficult day and night in Roma and along the Via Appia.

The Angel and Bacchus conveyed themselves out of the Colosseum while everyone was distracted by the red ocean. All about them they heard a god-like giggle with a feminine timber.

"Venus...One of these days, of these days!" exclaimed an infuriated Bacchus.

posted 03-10-00 23:58 ET (US)     32 / 37       
"Oh, and what do you expect to do with me, Tiny? Ha. Don't make me laugh," exclaimed Venus.

"Man, she's got me there," thought the 5 foot 7 Bacchus.

"Venus, we will get that woman back from you!" yelled an angered Jayhawk.

"You can say that again," said Bacchus.

"Venus, we will get that woman back from you!" yelled an angered (and sarcastic) Jayhawk.

Eminence Grise
posted 03-13-00 08:31 ET (US)     33 / 37       
Jayhawk drew him self up to his full 6'4" and said to Bacchus:
"Meet me in the Grove of Olives, at midnight. I'll see if I can find her."
"Bea careful, " the god replied, Venus, for one so lovely, can be so nasty..."

The angel spread his sabel wings and took off.
"Now where would that jealous goddess have taken the doe?"

Civis Romanus
posted 03-13-00 15:36 ET (US)     34 / 37       
The doe opened her big brown eyes and looked around at her new surroundings. One minute she was in the arms of an angel and the next, here...wherever here is.

"You're in The Garden," hissed the voice coming from the tree branch above her head. "Ahhhh, you're wondering who's garden, aren't you? Stay a moment and watch for me. I'll be there in just a moment...See, here I am...

The doe's eyes were instantly transfixed and her body frozen in place by the sharp stare of the 10 foot snake working its way off the branch and down towards the doe.

The snake failed to notice the young woman dressed in a golden gown drawing back the string of her bow, and the golden arrow that was aimed right at its head.

Civis Romanus
posted 03-15-00 15:49 ET (US)     35 / 37       
Finally, the glint of the sun off Diana's golden arrow caught the snake's attention. "You don't mean that arrowhead for me, do you, Goddess?" asked the snake.

"I certainly do if you do not crawl back up into that tree and leave that doe alone," she replied.

"Curssssesssss!" hissed the snake; and he began the long climb back to his branch. The snake's eye contact with the doe now broken, the deer regained her self-assurance and turned to the golden garbed goddess who saved her life. The doe lightly walked over to Diana. "Thank you, Goddess," said the doe.

Diana didn't reply immediately. Instead, she leaned her body over to look at the right rear haunch of the doe. "So you're the one they are seeking. Stay by me little doe. You have become a toy of the gods and goddesses and all is not well in the world for you. Time for you to return to the Via Appia. An angel-friend of mine is looking for you. He'll be in the olive grove. Follow me..."

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posted 03-19-00 12:57 ET (US)     36 / 37       
"Your angel friend isn't the only one looking for you! I, too, shall ssssssee the olive grove!," hissed the vindictive snake. "Ssso many treesssss in which to conceal onesssself.....I'm sssspoilt for choice! "
Civis Romanus
posted 04-10-00 15:57 ET (US)     37 / 37       
Refresh entry - If anyone's interested go ahead and add on. If not, it's okay. No one will be offended, least of all me.
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