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Topic Subject:Adventures On the Isle of Celtia! (#1)
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Titanic Guy 1986
posted 09-16-99 20:06 ET (US)         
Hey Peoples! I have been wanting...for an EXTREMELY Long time to start my own storyline. I know because I am so...*loved* (So Humble, and Modest, am i not?) here, that this thing may not make it off the ground...butcha know what? thats okay because atleast I tried....ehhhh right? Trying and losing IS better then not trying at all...right? I dont know...but here, I'll give it a go...

Titanicus walked down a lonely road leading away from his home. He was heading to another City on the same Island, to preform for a panel of Judges. If he did good, he could get accepted into an enormous and very popular Theatre...the most popular Theatre in all of the Isles of Celtia. If he were to be moving to that Island, (the small Island off the Isle of Celtia, but still under its Rule) which was called Caitríona, he would get a large villa with his own Servants and everything. He was very nerevous, and he wanted to do his very best, as he really wanted this job. He stopped by the side of the road, and pulled his book out of nowhere, he then began walking again. He wanted to do the perfect Magic Trick to do... and he hadn't found it yet.

Does this sounds familiar? Eh? Hey I've used it in another story but its a good starter...right?

When it was his turn to present his best for the Panel, he stepped up onto the stage, and looked over the crowd in front of him. Suddenly, he saw a familiar face...this face he knew...from one of his previous adventures in Rome....he quickly told the judges to let the next person go, as he had to finish something else, first, and he tehn ran off the stage, he ran straight into the waiting arms of his friend:

David §tewart
Capitain of
Titanic Fanatics.
Go here:

For more info on the Titanic Fanatics!
Or, E-mail me, to ask about it.

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posted 10-21-99 19:22 ET (US)     101 / 148       
Tusky waded through the river with the entire group on his back.

Incon, who sat on his neck, leaned back and smiled as the freezing rain pattered her face. "Ah - just feel that lovely spring shower!" she sighed.

"*Lovely?!?*" Civis shivered. "It's flaming freezing!"

"I'm wet through!" Apolita said through chattering teeth.

"My arthritis isn't half giving me gip!" Cian moaned.

"My feathers are all wet," Jayhawk complained.

"Exactly!" Incon smiled at them. "Typical Brittanian weather. Smashing, isn't it?"

"Only if you're planning to smash icicles off your clothes," Titanicus muttered.

Incon turned to them. "What's up with you lot??"

"WE'RE RUDDY COLD!!!" the group shouted at her in unison.

"What? From a little rain?" Incon grinned disbelievingly. "Oh - c'mon, folks! It's just a little inclement weather!"

"Incon, did you really spend all your life in this climate?" Jayhawk, wrapping his wings around him to keep warm.

"Oh, no," she replied, "when I was a child, it was *really* cold." She turned back to keep her eye on the opposite bank.

"I'd hate to see what her idea of winter is," Civis muttered.

Tusky reached the opposite bank. "There!" Sven pointed. "There is vhere ve are goink!"

Civis Romanus
posted 10-21-99 21:26 ET (US)     102 / 148       
"By the gods, Incon. We aren't going to be worth a rip if we don't get warm quickly," said Civis. "I don't know what you use for insulation, besides Tusky's trunk, but I can't imagine spending much of MY life here. Governor of Londinium, indeed. Give me the sunny Mediterranean coast any day...Ahh..Ahh...AhhhhCHOOOOO!"

"The gods blessing, Civis," sniffled Apolita, who was sitting behind Civis, arms wrapped around him to gain what little warmth she could, which was very little under the circumstances. Incon ignored them both.

"There," said Sven. "In the caef"

"Caef?" said Titanicus. Cian leaned nearer his student's ear. "I think he means that cave over there." Both looked in the direction Cian was pointing. "Incon, he wants us to go to that cave over there," said Titanicus. Incon nudged Tusky towards the cave. Inside, they all dismounted.

Dripping the cold remnants of rain from his well soaked wings, Jayhawk said, "We really need to do something to warm up a bit." He then considered various solutions to their plight...

-Civis Romanus

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Eminence Grise
posted 10-22-99 09:20 ET (US)     103 / 148       
Titanicus, skalds are the singer, historians of ancient Scandinavia, much like the bards were in Celtic history.
A skald deaf in one ear doesn't really makes sense, now does it.

"I know just the thing" Incontinentia said as her eyes took on a familar sparkle.
" you really?" Jayhawk sounded so apprehensive the others began to worry.
"Now don't be a cry-angel, give me your hands."

She took Jayhawk's hands held on to one of them and placed the other on her hip, low. Then the governor started humming as Tusky provided the beat by stamping on the ground.
"Come on, " she called out to the others, "let's do some lambada. We do it all the time to get warm..."

Some fifteen minutes later they were back at a comfortable temperature. Civis reluctantly let go of Apolita and smiled.
"I might get used to this country after all."

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Civis Romanus
posted 10-22-99 11:24 ET (US)     104 / 148       
Cian and Titanicus ended their lambada, looked at each other and shrugged. "You gotta do what you gotta do," said Cian to Titanicus. "You know, the next time you have one of your adventures, you might think about balancing things out. Like, bring the wife or something. Now in my case, there's a pretty young thing of 51 down the road in the village I'd like to meet. She could have come along, well maybe..." Titanicus listened patiently to his suddenly talkative mentor.

Apolita gently broke up the one way dialog by reminding her father that he needed his rest. Cian obliged by taking a brief nap. The others rested too. Titanicus remained mostly awake, pondering the possibilities of what lay ahead.


-Civis Romanus

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-22-99 12:13 ET (US)     105 / 148       

48 Posts 'til 500!

If he didn't find his book...he wouldn't be worth much of anything. It was a 'one of a kind type thing. First and Only edition...'autographed' by his father before he left for the other Realm. The rain had now completely dried up, and the sun was shining through the clouds. Titanicus looked up...

"The" He smiled and held his face up into it, he never really saw the Sun in the Isle of Celtia, as it was always covered with clouds. As he stared into the sun, the group around him began to stir. Now warm and refreshed, Titanicus stood up, and walked over to Sven.

"How close are we now to...where my book is?" He asked hopefully...



The Isle of Celtia

Proud Co-Director of the RSPCE!

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Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-24-99 15:12 ET (US)     106 / 148       
75 'til 600! what happened here? Why have we stopped posting? i am just posting this 'cos it disapeared...and I wanted to bring it up to the top... so where are we all? In the party forum?

Civis Romanus
posted 10-25-99 21:47 ET (US)     107 / 148       
Sven looked up at Titanicus. "Here," said Sven. "In dis caef. In der vall." Titanicus looked to where Sven pointed.

Titanicus saw an indentation in the wall across from where they sat. It looked carved out, worked by man and not by natural forces. Here's where we could have used a trowel.

"Wake up everyone. Sven says the book is in the wall over there. Got anything to dig with?"

"Just this silver hair comb" said Apolita. "Use it if it will help."

"The poem said 'a trowel' but the comb will do," commented Titanicus. "Thank you."

The sorceror set to work digging out the spot. Very soon he found the edge of a small latched chest. He opened it readily and found inside a small book. He knew right away it couldn't be his book of magic. Turning the pages, here is what he read:

Found ye a trowel and uncovered this book?
Have ye the rest? Take time and look:
A Ruby, a Diamond, a Sapphire, an Emerald,
The Nut-shell of Orphonschow,an elephant so gray;
Coin of the realm - 30 Dinarri you'll pay.
The Great Book lies hence in an unnamed alley,
Now seek ye the Isle of Central Valley.

A rumbling began deep in the hill above their cave. The earth shook and dirt and stone pebbles rained down on them. They rushed to the exit, Tusky already outside and the Romans quickly joining him. The cave ceiling collapsed in a cloud of dust.

They looked around to see that all were safe. The Romans were...Sven was not. An unmoving, lifeless hand stretched out to them at the cave's entrance from beneath tons of debris. It was Sven.

Having no other choice, the saddened Romans added more dirt and rocks to the debris covering the Norseman, finishing the job begun by the collapsing cave. Unsmiling, Jayhawk observed, "Sven need not suffer any longer. He should feel the cold no more."

Civis led Apolita away. There was nothing more for anyone to say. Titanicus looked over his shoulder as he walked away. No one should have to suffer an end like that, he thought. But even magic cannot prevent the Fates from calling you whenever they decide your thread is ended.

They walked on, silently, until they came to a clearing near the edge of the nearby forest. It was Titanicus who broke the silence by reminding everyone of the poem.

"I suppose we should see what we have, do you agree?" asked the sorceror. No one protested, so Titanicus began to inventory the group's treasures...

-Civis Romanus

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-26-99 18:01 ET (US)     108 / 148       
Good Job Civis! Thank you SO MUCH For posting on here!

The poem was passed around, then Civis read it out-loud again:

"Found ye a trowel and uncovered this book?
Have ye the rest? Take time and look:
A Ruby, a Diamond, a Sapphire, an Emerald,
The Nut-shell of Orphonschow,an elephant so gray;
Coin of the realm - 30 Dinarri you'll pay.
The Great Book lies hence in an unnamed alley,
Now seek ye the Isle of Central Valley."

"So," Titanicus asked the group, "Where and what is a Orphonschow?" He looked on the paper listfully, "Anybody got anything else on this list?"

Incon stepped forward, "Beore that overgrown...dwarf mawled Civis i managed to snatch a few of the items from the Treasure." She then from her robes pulled a Diamond, an Emerald, and a Saphire.

"Well, I didn't have time to find a Ruby...they woulda caught me if I went digging around in the blimey chest...if only we had more time..." She moaned...looking over her contents...

Titanicus smiled, "Thats a start!" He looked to Cian, "Where do you think the Isle of Central Valley Is?" He asked, looking to Cian, who merely shrugged. Turning to the Group:


Civis Romanus
posted 10-26-99 21:01 ET (US)     109 / 148       
You are welcome, Titanic Guy 1986

"Oh, yeah, I nearly forgot," said Civis. "I have 25 dinarii in a pouch. It's not 30, but we're closer. One question, though, Titanicus. It's something that's been bothering me for awhile. When you sent us to the island, did you time vault us too? You know, Norsemen were something unheard of in Roma. Barbarians, yes; but not Norsemen. Could we be in Brittania in the future, not in our time at all? It's really important, I think, to solving this puzzle."

"Civis, I'm not sure. It's possible and it would explain a lot of things. Let me consult with Cian and see if we can figure it out. Cian, what do you think? Could we have time vaulted too?" Titanicus looked to his teacher for his answer. The others waited patiently to hear it as well.


-Civis Romanus

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-27-99 17:43 ET (US)     110 / 148       
Cian Closed his eyes, and was silent for a moment, the group watched him, then Fianally the silence was broken by whom had caused it, "Yes...I--Yes I think that we may Have..." he closed his eyes again, and Apoltia spoke up, saying:

"But when?" she looked around the group, "When are we daddy?" She held close to Civis, "What...if we don't find the book...and we never get back?" Cian was silent,

"What--what time are we in Cian? Can you tell us...please? How many years in the future?"

posted 10-28-99 20:49 ET (US)     111 / 148       
"I think *that* may be able to answer your query," Jayhawk said, pointing to a stone structure in the distance.

The group approached the silhouette which turned out to be a large statue. It depicted a woman, her arm outstretched toward the horizon. Behind her stood an elephant, its trunk uplifted.

"What the--??" Incon started brushing the overgrown foliage away from the base of the statue, then stood back and put a hand over her mouth.

"Hey, Incon...she kind of looks like you!" Titanticus laughed.

The group fell silent. Civis leaned forward and read the inscription on the base of the monument.

"INCONTINENTIA OF ROME," he read to the others, "Governor of Londinium, Founder and Chair of the Roman Society for the Protection of Carthaginian Elephants, here these 300 years gone, remembered always by the citizens of her Province as a rather good ruler and one hell of a great Lambada'er." He leaned closer and squinted at the small print. "This statue paid for and erected by The Friends of The RSPCE."

"Oh, my..." Incon muttered, turning several shades of pale, "...I...I'm *dead*!!"

"Only in this time, my dear!" Cian tried to comfort her.

"And, look on the bright side, Incon!" Titanicus piped up. "Your charitable works will last long after you've popped your clogs!!"

"At least it gives us a good idea of where in time we are," Jayhawk reminded them all.

"Too right!" Civis tried to cheer everyone up. "We're approximately 300-odd years after the date upon which Incon kicks the bucket!"

A small squeak was heard from Incon's direction.

"It shouldn't be too hard to figure out where are now, should it?" Apolita asked innocently. "A mere 300 years after our friend Incontinentia bites the bullet!"

A slightly louder squeak was heard from the general direction of the former (in this time) Governor of Londinium.

"Okay, it's a good start," Titanicus agreed. "We just have to find the rest of the clues in the poem(s)...and bear in mind we're at a place in time some 300 years AFTER Incon buys the farm!"

A sudden thud was heard in the spot where Incon had been standing. She'd fainted.

Tusky immediately tried to rouse her by gently slapping her face with the end of his trunk. Everyone gathered round.

"Hm...d'you think perhaps we shouldn't have kept pointing out the fact that, in this period, she's long gone??" Civis enquired.

"Gee..." Jayhawk cocked an eyebrow at him, "...d'you really think so?!?"

Suddenly, Titanicus had a brilliant idea...

Civis Romanus
posted 10-28-99 21:21 ET (US)     112 / 148       
"Listen up, everyone. We have two of the three elements we need to solve this problem. First, we know we were transported geographically away from the Isle of Celtia. Second, we know we were vaulted into the future. Guess what, it doesn't matter how many years we vaulted forward."

"Why is that?" asked Jayhawk. Incon was starting to come too as Jayhawk continued fanning her with his wings.

"Because," continued Titanicus, "to return to our time and location we only need to reverse the spell I cast that got us here. There are geographic reversal spells and there are time vaulting reversal spells, some for a vault to the future and some for a vault to the past. A combination of these reversal spells should do the trick. I know they exist because I've seen them."

"Where?" asked Civis, glancing down noting the color returning to Incon's face.


Civis looked up at Titanicus. "Where, Titanicus, did you see these reversing spells?"

Titanicus scraped the ground with the toe of his right sandal. "In the Book...That's why we've got to find it. The Book is the only way we have of getting back to our time and place."

Incon was sitting up now, nearly recovered. "Okay Titanicus, where do we go from here to find your Book?"

The same question was on everyone's mind.

-Civis Romanus

Eminence Grise
posted 10-29-99 09:15 ET (US)     113 / 148       
Jayhawk offered Incon a mug of spiced wine.
"Why, thank you"
She took a gulp and some colour returned to her cheeks.
"Are you okay?" the angel asked.
The governor returned the mug and squeezed his hand.
"I'm okay, don't worry. It was just...well, I feel strange looking at that statue..."
She shuddered slightly and the angel folded one of his wings around her.

"So now what?" Civis asked the company in general.

"If denarii are the coin of the realm, we need to find a Roman out post of some kind. The when does seem to be important. With these Norsemen here I get the feeling we're somewhere in 800 AD or so. That means we probably have to get ourselves all the way to Constantinople. That's crossing most of medieval Europe." Jayhawk mused
"Medi-what?" asked Titanicus
"Constanti-where?" Civis asked at the same time.
"Byzantium, my friends. Now the capital of the East Roman Empire."
"Where's the rest of it" Incon asked her head popping up from under the wing's shelter.
"It fell apart, but the glory is still in the East, although it's getting hard pressed."
"We should find a way to get there, and soon..."

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-29-99 12:16 ET (US)     114 / 148       
"Well I--" He was interupted by a sudden noise in the distance. It came closer and closer, and it was coming rather fast. They could here music playing, and marchign feet. Just then, from out of the foliage, on a small yet worn footpath, burst a small parade...commencing onward to the statue. The parade cosisted of a man, in sitting a chair, being carried by 6 servants. In front of the litter, there were 6 girls, they had upswept light colored hair, carrying from light brown , to white, and they were all dressed in blue, silk robes, carrying flowers. Behind them, was another carriage being pulled by 4 strong men. On the cart were the band. They played solem music. After the band was a lone elephant, rather old in age, and stature, he was followed by 2 more elephants, all three dressed nicely. After the elephants, was a small crowd, mostly aged people, but some were young, there were about 30 or so of them. The procesion stopped whence they reached the steps of the monument. The 6 girls walked up, each with a candle, and lit the insence all around it. Then they set down their flowers and stepped back, to a tiled flat ground, and bowed.
The man in the litter was set down, and he walked back to the elephants, and patted them each on the trunk. Just then, he noticed our friends, the travlers.

"Ahhh, so nice to see young people other than us paying tribute to our beloved Governer." He smiled, he was an aged man, and his face had many wrinkles...

"Who are you?" Asked Jayhawk, stepping forward,"What is going on?"

"Me? I am an old friend of our Dear Incon, on this day 301 years ago she left this world for the next, we are merely paying tribute to our favorite Governer." He smiled again.

"Oh?" Asked Incon cockily, "Really? How good was she?"

The man looked at her strangely...into her eyes, "Well...she was one of the best. We loved her and her efforts to save the Elephants." He smiled, and pointed towards the old elephant, "He was one of her favorites. His name is Tusky, he has lived all these years...he and I, along with Incon and some other good people had many adventures..." He sighed, thinking back.

"Who...are you? How did you know her? Its been 300 years...shouldn't you be...dead?" Asked Incon,

"Me?" Choked the man, "Dead?" He chuckled, "That wouldn't be very fun..." he smiled, "For some reason, the Gods have seen it fit for me to stay alive all these years...and take over the RSPCE after my counterpart died...I am good with animals, some say it is my age, some say it is my powers." He smiled,

"But...Who are you?" Whined Incon, now getting ancious to see who of her friends had lived this long.

"I, am Titanicus of the Isle of Celtia." Said the old man.

There was a yelp from the back of a group, then a thump. The group turned to see Titanicus on the ground...



The Isle of Celtia

Proud Co-Director of the RSPCE!

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Civis Romanus
posted 10-29-99 22:30 ET (US)     115 / 148       
"Strange," the old man mused. "I remember fainting once a long time ago. Or was it simply a vivid dream? Let's see, I was in a group. It was one of our adventures. I remember, I know I wasn't always perfect with my spells. I had so much to learn. Yes, that's right, I had cast a spell wrongly: Incon was there, Tusky too, Civis, Jayhawk, Cian, Apolita..." He stopped and stared at the group. Said the now aged Titanicus, "It cannot be, is it really you, all of you?! I didn't know the day had finally come! It's so good to see and be with you once more. Tusky, it's Incon! Come here, come here!"

The aged Tusky slowly raised his very wrinkled, mottled gray head, spied Incon and began to make his way, painfully, directly to where she stood. The wetness of new tears could be seen forming below the ancient elephant's intelligent eyes. Slowly he walked to Incon and for the first time in hundreds of years, he raised his trunk to sniff then caress his mistress and greatest friend of all. A deep elephantine sigh escaped the now contented pachyderm.

Incon buried her head in Old Tusky's shoulder, mostly to hide the tears flowing down her cheeks. He is so old and looks so tired and in so much pain she thought. And the tears flowed freshly and anew.

Old Tusky continued to caress Incon with his trunk then he slowly lowered his head, gently moved away from Incon and towards the statue of the Governor of Londinium. At the base of the statue the elephant gave a pained, deep sigh, bent his front legs then his rear legs and lowered himself to the ground. Old Tusky raised his head one more time looking deeply into the face and eyes of Incon. A thought formed in her head. Old Tusky placed it there. "I will love you for all time." Then Old Tusky lowered his head to the earth and the great elephant moved no more.

Understanding what had just happened and grief stricken, Incon barely heard Old Titanicus say to her, "Do not weep for him. Rejoice, Incon, because the gods have seen to it that in his final moments the joy of being with you once more has filled his heart."

The others, severly stricken, didn't know what to do or say, except Apolita. She understood the depths of womanly grief and walked over to Incon to help where she could. Apolita, guided Incon to the back of the group where the young Tusky stood. The elephant not entirely understanding the situation nor recognizing his older self at the base of the statue, did sense that his mistress was very upset. Once more Incon was caressed by an elephant's trunk to soothe a pain the elephant sensed but did not understand.

Incon calmed, looked up and remembered at last. "You really aren't gone are you, fella? You really are here with me, still." Tusky shook his head in his old familiar way and with that Incon's tears slowed then finally stopped.


-Civis Romanus

posted 10-30-99 09:03 ET (US)     116 / 148       
"Here," Jayhawk handed the distraught governor a handkerchief.

"Thanks," Incon nodded and dabbed at her eyes. Then made everyone jump slightly as she blew her nose with a loud, long *HONK*. Still recovering from seeing her best friend in the world old and arthritic, she went back to hugging young Tusky's trunk.

" head..." young Titanicus started to come around. The travellers went to him. He sat up and looked at them. "What happened?"

"How you feeling there, me?" Old Titanicus leaned down at him and smiled.

Titanicus' eyes widened, he uttered a tiny little "*meep*", then fainted away once more.

"This is no good!" Civis announced. "We're never going to find that blasted spellbook at this rate. We'd better find some shelter for the night."

"Why not come and stay with us in Londinium?" Old Titanicus asked. "It's only down the road."

"My HOME!!" Incon brightened suddenly.

"Oh, yes," the old man chuckled, "but it's changed quite a bit since your day. I hope you like what we've done with it."

"I hope you at least kept the regular rota of parties, festivals and Lambada Nights I instigated?" Incon asked.

The entire group of Londinians nodded vigorously. "We wouldn't know where we were without our monthly Tango Fests and Mambo-a-thons!" one of the young women piped up.

Jayhawk, Civis and Cian secure the unconscious Young Titanicus on Tusky's back. Incon and Old Titanicus took his back blanket off and used it to cover the still form of faithful Old Tusky. Two young girls scattered flowers over him, then walked away sniffling.

"We're all set," Apolita told them. "Let's get going!"

"The city's not far," Old Titanicus smiled, "Just follow me down Incontinentia Way."

"They named a *street* after me?!" Incon choked.

"Only because it leads to the Incontinentia Memorial Hall and Dance School," Old Titanicus informed her. "You can't miss it - it used to be your Governor's Palace. Just turn left at the Incontinentia Memorial Colliseum."

The travellers followed the party onward to Londinium...

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-30-99 16:02 ET (US)     117 / 148       
"Over There," Motioned the old Titanicus, "Is the city building, and ooh, you will remember the old well, and over there you see your Museum, and..." he paused, hearing a noise, "Hm--This Way." He turned a corner abruptly, they went down a dark alley, that had water dripping down the walls. "Excuse this," He said, stepping out of the alley-way onto an ajacent street, much nicer then the last, "In case you didn't know, they have begun to shorten our name, the foriegners, with the odd accents, cant pronounce "Londinium" so they have begun to call it a short-but-sweet: London." He motioned to a sign that hung over an Inn's entrance, with the words "London's Finest" burnt into the board. "Over there would be my home, where you will be staying tonight," he motioned across the cobblestone road, to a rather large Villa, which was being repared in the East wing. "The Cold weather didn't do anything good to my outdoor garden, and common area, in the center," He said, when they bgan to look oddly upon the mishapen house, "So I added another story over the open area," he motioned upwards, once they were under the enterance, "This way," he opened the door. The enterance hall was large and spacious, candlabras were in every corner, so the room was bright, "Just up those stairs," he pointed, "Chose any room you like." He smiled, and went on his way, then he stopped mid-stride, "Tusky can stay in the stables, They are extra large, and I will send for some sugar cane for him." He turned around. "And Send Me in, when I wake up." He said in regaurds of his former self...
Eminence Grise
posted 10-30-99 17:09 ET (US)     118 / 148       
When they were comfortably seated, Jayhawk asked Old Titanicus:
"Do you have your spellbook, old friend?"
"Err, yes, it's"
He pulled an old looking vellum wrapped volume from underneath a pile of cups and saucers. Then he blew at it and dust whirled in the air.
Old Titanicus smiled apologeticaly.
"I haven't used it much recently..."

"May I, " the angel asked.
He accepted the spellbook and riffled through it's parchment pages, ignoring jam and tea stains.
"What are you looking for?" Apolita asked.
"This!" he said, a note of triumph in his voice.
They all gathered round, except for Young Titanicus, who was still out cold.
Apolita read:
"Locating spellbooks..."
"Locating spellbooks!" they shouted.

Old Titanicus looked up from his cup of hot water and milk and said:
"Oh, I made that one after I lost....oh..."
"Exactly, " Jayhawk said.
"Does that mean...?" Incontinentia wondered.
"I certainly hope so, " Cian grumbled, "I want to go back to my library and my herb garden."

Old Titanicus looked at his recently refound friends and said:
"I showed you that, years ago, didn't I? And you were the one that asked me to write it down too?
Sorry, but my poor old mind is not what it used to be."

Civis looked at Jayhawk,
"You told him to write down this spell, years ago? I'm getting confused here"
He shook his head, found a chair by the window and started sharpening his sword.
"Don't worry, Civis, We should be out of here in no-time" the angel told him.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Civis Romanus
posted 11-01-99 16:05 ET (US)     119 / 148       
The odd little dream featuring stars and birds being pursued by Young Titanicus suddenly went "pop" and consciousness began to return to the magician. He sat up in the cot nearly overturning the bowl of cool water Apolita had been using to mop his brow. The first thing the magician became aware of was the crowd of familiar faces in the room. The next thing he became aware of was the throbbing pain at the back of his head. Involuntarily he reached to rub the sore spot but had his hand unceremoniously captured and returned to his side by Apolita.

"Leave it alone, Titanicus," she said. "The lump won't go down any faster if you rub it with your hand."

"How'd I get the lump?"

"When you feinted you fell backwards, hit a small, nearly buried rock. Haven't heard a sound from you since, except snoring."

Civis watched the exchange quietly, continuing to sharpen his sword with a flat piece of oilstone. Jayhawk left the side of Old Titanicus and walked over to the cot.

"Ready to do some magic, Titanicus?" he asked. The magician looked at the angel with an expression empty of all comprehension. "Guess not." The angel started to walk away.

"Wait a minute, Jayhawk. I didn't say 'no' did I? Just give me a moment and then tell me what exactly it is you want me to do."

Jayhawk began his explanation carefully so as not to confuse the still somewhat groggy Titanicus...

-Civis Romanus

posted 11-01-99 17:54 ET (US)     120 / 148       
While Jayhawk mapped out to the young magician what exactly it was he was required to do (brief translation: GET US ALL THE RUDDY LOT HOME), Incon wandered to the front door of Old Titanicus' house and looked out on her once-familiar city. Inspiration struck, and she asked a servant for a pad and stylus.

Two market ladies passed her in the street. "D'you see the fuss going on in Governor Titanicus' place?!" one huffed to the other. "You'd think Incontinentia herself had returned to pay a visit!!" The other nodded in agreement.

Incon blushed, smiled at them, and declined to comment.

After seeing Young Titanicus was okay (and somewhat coherent), Jayhawk joined her at the doorstep. "What are you doing?" he asked, handing her a goblet of local mead.

"Taking notes and sketches on the area," she replied, showing him the pad. "Just look at what they've done with this street! In my day, it was farming land. Now the city's expanded!"

"Oh, it's expanded quite a bit," Old Titanicus chuckled, joining them. "Why, you wouldn't recognise the old RSPCE HQ. Would you like to see the new compounds, just on the other side of the river?"

Incon nodded vigorously. Jayhawk thought it would be prudent if he and the others went with her (she was getting rather active with that stylus and pad). Cian and Apolita volunteered to stay behind and look after Young Titanicus, and help him with his reversing spells.

Twenty minutes' elephant-ride away through rush-hour traffic, Old Titanicus ordered Tusky to a halt. "Behold!" he cried, "The Peter The Great Memorial Elephant Compound!!"

Incon gasped, and lowered herself off her faithful pachaderm's neck. Spreading out for acres were herd upon herd of rescued elephants and their young. A clandestine tear crept into her eye. "I've never been so proud..." she muttered.

"Just come look at this!" Old Titanicus smiled. Then he whistled a signal-call. On cue several dozens of elephants came to his command.

"Who's a boozhy-woozhy babee, then?" Incon crooned, going from trunk to trunk, stroking each elephant's face or ears in turn.

"They're Tusky's!" Old Titanicus laughed. "It seems, after your travels and you returned home, that we discovered Big Tusky was something of a "ladies' man" among elephants! All these pachaderms are, in one way or another, the direct descendants of your best friend, Incon!"

Incon stared at the now-familiar elephantine features on each elephant. Many had generous tusk-growth. She sighed happily, and turned to her friend.

"Tusky - look! You're a DADDY!!!" she beamed.

Tusky's eyes popped wide open. He gulped audibly.

"I think you've just managed to overwhelm him, Incon," Jayhawk said patiently from the elephant's back.

"Oh - I'm so proud of you, big fella!!" the governor ran to her friend and hugged his trunk. "I've counted 127 with your features so far!"

"'s closer to 294," Old Titanicus informed her.

Tusky looked as though he were going to faint.

"I think our tour of the new city should continue," Jayhawk spoke up quickly. "Before our ride passes out..."

Incon climbed back up on the woozy elephant's neck. "Where to next?" she asked.

"Well - would you like to see the old Lion Pit Training Grounds??" Old Titanicus was really enjoying being Tour Guide. "It's been turned into a Lambada Dance Hall!"

"Why am I not surprised..." Jayhawk sighed under his breath.

"LEAD THE WAY!!" Incon's eyes lit up excitedly.

Tusky made his way shakily away from his many descendants, after curling his trunk (the universal sign of elephant-love) at them all. This was one adventure he wasn't going to forget in a hurry...

Meanwhile, back at Old Titanicus' house...

Civis Romanus
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Apolita was sitting quietly in her chair humming to herself. Cian was napping on a cot at the other side of the room. Titanicus was looking through the ancient book of magic uncovered and given to him by his older self. Civis was nervously sharpening his sword with the oilstone.

"Civis, that constant noise is really beginning to disturb me," said Apolita. "Sorry," replied Civis, but he kept on using the stone on his sword.

"You've got it badly, don't you," observed the young woman.

"Got what?" asked Civis.

"The itch."

"What itch? I don't want to scratch anything."

"You know what itch I'm talking about. You're not about to fool me...especially me."

Without looking up Civis answered, "Apolita, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Have you sharpened the sword enough, Civis?"

The warrior looked up this time, then down to the sword, and up again. "I suppose so."

"Then stop using the stone on it and find something else to do."

"What! There's nothing to do here. It's too peaceful." Civis face was reddening with irritation.

"So you do have the itch don't you."

"All right, all right. I...have...the...itch!" The warrior jumped to his feet, anger taking over. "So what! There's nothing to be done about it! I'm supposed to be in the Emperor's service as one of his highest ranking officers and here I am, stuck in this STUPID town, in some future STUPID century, in a great STUPID adventure! And I have no idea what is happening in my world; nor can I do anything about it if anything bad is happening! Caesar must be absolutely furious at me!" Out of the corner of his eye, Civis could see Titanicus looking at him and not at his book of magic. Guilt was written all over the magician's face.

"I'm truly sorry, Civis. If I could have prevented this I would have," the magician said to the Roman.

Apolita knew Civis was frustrated and meant little of what he said. She responded first to Titanicus. "He knows that Titanicus. I don't think he is angry at you, just at the situation."

Civis struggled to calm himself. Apolita was right. The warrior in him was screaming for action and Civis was unconsciously trying to control the beast within. Calmer now, Civis said, "I mean you no criticism, Titanicus. I know you will do what is required and get us home. I just hope you will do it soon. Forgive the outburst, my friend. Now if you would, please share with us what you have found, if anything." Titanicus began to describe the spells he hoped to use.

Meanwhile, on the Isle of Celtia:

The black-robed conspirators' reign of terror took five more victims, all prefects or soldiers of Rome, who had carelessly ventured into the night without considering their vulnerability to the two-legged predators lurking there.

The hooded rider praised his men for their night's work. Secretly he knew it was an easy task to take down these simple minded pawns of Rome. He was after bigger game. I don't know where you've gone, Magician of Celtia, but you and your friends will have to deal with me when you return, he thought. And the longer you stay away, the more likely will be your defeat. Soon I will be visiting your family, Titanicus, very soon. The hooded rider smiled to himself, quite satisfied with the day's events and the plan he had made for a few days hence.

Eminence Grise
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Oh, I remember him I might even get time rework some of my passages of the previous thread (evil grin)

After what seemed like hours, Jayhawk managed to convince Incontinentia that she had seen enough of the city and that they should return to Old Titanicus palace.

As they returned the guest room was lit by an eerie shade of green and Young Titanicus was muttering arcane phrases under his breath, while Cian and Apolita were helping him with keeping the small brazier lit and adding incence to it.
Civis still sat in the same corner, but was now oiling his lether belt and scabard.

Cian motioned the others to take a seat and remain quiet. The light intensified casting an unhealthy glow on Titanicus face. Then with a small thunderclap the brazier went out and the room was cast into darkness.

It took a moment for Old Titanicus to locate a flint and a clay lantern. The flickering light revealed Young Titanicus lying on the floor, with another bump risin gon his head. Next to him, however, was his beloved spellbook.

Jayhawk looked at Old Titanicus.
"I think you need to look at the range parametrers for that spell sometime."
The old man, mumbled something under his breath and helped his younger self up from the floor.
"My book... " Young Titanicus muttered, he scrambled to his feet and picked up the heavy leather bound volume,
"My book!" he shouted exultantly. He turned to his friends and with a tear in his eye said, I can take us home...

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Titanic Guy 1986
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Titanicus was so overjoyed with delight, that he ran over to Apoltia and lifted her up and twireler her around...not noticing Civis' uncomfort, he gleefully cried:

"We're going home tonight!" Suddenly...Titanicus felt an immence sense of was like a blow to the face...and he was knocked back against the wall... in his head...he heard voices...screaming out in pain...and achilds cry...he heard a whinnying of a horse...and a crash of something being knocked over...his wifes pain flashed in his mind...then he snapped back to reality...

"We Need to get home... now" He persisted, without another word...he flung his book open, and began rapidly searching for the spell to send them back...back in time, to the Isle of Celtia...

Unknown to our Roman Friends...time was running short...the Isle of Celtia was under seige, and half the country had been slaughtered already, by the dark forces that were searching for them...

Civis Romanus
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Jayhawk and Civis both sensed the distress in Young Titanicus' voice.

"What's wrong, Titanicus?" asked Jayhawk. Civis looked at Titanicus with curiosity and deep interest.

"There's trouble, Jayhawk. It involves Celtia and my family. I don't know if I've received a vision of reality or only a flash of premonition. We have to get back. Now."

Old Titanicus looked at his younger self and each member of the group with deep sadness. In particular, his eyes paused on Cian, radiating great appreciation and fondness, and even greater sadness.

Civis noticed this plainly. "You know something don't you old friend. Tell us."

"I cannot, Civis. Long ago I promised Jayhawk I would reveal nothing to any of you if this time should come."

Jayhawk promptly intervened. "And I must hold you to that promise, my friend."

"I understand that, Jayhawk. But it doesn't make it any easier for me or the others."

"What must be, must be," said the angel. The aged magician nodded in agreement.

Old Titanicus said to his younger self, "Rest assured, the spell you carefully select will work with absolute certainty. You will return home (glancing at Jayhawk)this I can tell you, but no more. I am your future self. What I am today, you will become. Stay true to your heart and to your soul."

The old magician continued. "Civis, Incon, Jayhawk, Apolita and my old master and teacher, Cian. I am most happy to have finally seen and been with you once more. I know I shall not see you again. Jayhawk does not need to tell me this. I know it is true, as Old Tusky earlier knew it was true. I just want you to know that I will cherish forever our friendship and remember forever the great adventures we shared, both the comical and amusing and those that frightened us nearly to death. But you must go now. I would be selfish and truly wrong to keep you here any longer. Go now, you have much to do."

No eyes were dry. Even stalwart Civis was hard pressed to keep his poise. Apolita and Incon walked directly to where the old man stood and kissed him, each to a cheek, bringing a bright blush to the magician's face and a craggy smile, too. "Go now," he whispered softly to them, "and don't forget young Tusky."

With a nod to his older self, Titanicus called out, "I have the spell selected. Is everyone ready?" No one said no. "Okay, we must do this outside, near Tusky, to bring him along with us. Follow me."

They walked to the door and by the chair where Old Titanicus now sat. Apolita was the last to pass by the old man. "Aren't you coming?" she asked. "I think not," he answered. "It will be easier if I don't." She kissed him once more and slipped through the doorway gently closing the door behind her. Minutes later a bright flash of light illuminated the window over the chair where Old Titanicus sat.

The old magician said in a tired, nearly soundless voice to his empty home, "There it is begun and here it is ended. I can rest. At last I can rest." A deep sigh grew within his chest and propelled his soul out of his ancient body. His hands ended their light grip on the arms of the wooden chair and his head slowly dipped to his chest. Then the spirit of Titanicus, ancient Magician of Celtia, at long last joined the spirits of his family and his friends in a realm where they would be young and adventuring together...forever.

Eminence Grise
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...time seemed to have taken on strange syrupy quality
a heady silver smell surrounded them while the sound of umber pounded their eyes...

...a whirlpool of sound and colour picked them up and spit them out on a hilltop...

The sky was the colour of bruises, with lightning flashing all around. Dark bellied clouds raced past as rain streaked in with a vengence. It took only a moment for the travellers to be soaked to the skin.

"Where are we...?" Incontinentia spoke softly as thunder ripped through the skies.
With a smooth hiss Civis drew his sword and held it in front of him like a talisman.
"I don't know, " Titanicus muttered. Something must have gone wrong. We should have arrived on the hill behind muy cottage and it should be noon!"
He frantically tried to find a dry spot and riffle through his spell.

Jayhawk put a hand on the young mage's shoulder.
"What!" Titianicus growled.
The angel pointed at the lake below them. Lightning lit up the sky again and Titanicus saw the burned out remains of his cottage stark against the skelleton trees.

"No!" he cried.
"Nooooooh!" and started running towards the ruins of his home.

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