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Topic Subject:Adventures On the Isle of Celtia! (#1)
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Titanic Guy 1986
posted 09-16-99 20:06 ET (US)         
Hey Peoples! I have been wanting...for an EXTREMELY Long time to start my own storyline. I know because I am so...*loved* (So Humble, and Modest, am i not?) here, that this thing may not make it off the ground...butcha know what? thats okay because atleast I tried....ehhhh right? Trying and losing IS better then not trying at all...right? I dont know...but here, I'll give it a go...

Titanicus walked down a lonely road leading away from his home. He was heading to another City on the same Island, to preform for a panel of Judges. If he did good, he could get accepted into an enormous and very popular Theatre...the most popular Theatre in all of the Isles of Celtia. If he were to be moving to that Island, (the small Island off the Isle of Celtia, but still under its Rule) which was called Caitríona, he would get a large villa with his own Servants and everything. He was very nerevous, and he wanted to do his very best, as he really wanted this job. He stopped by the side of the road, and pulled his book out of nowhere, he then began walking again. He wanted to do the perfect Magic Trick to do... and he hadn't found it yet.

Does this sounds familiar? Eh? Hey I've used it in another story but its a good starter...right?

When it was his turn to present his best for the Panel, he stepped up onto the stage, and looked over the crowd in front of him. Suddenly, he saw a familiar face...this face he knew...from one of his previous adventures in Rome....he quickly told the judges to let the next person go, as he had to finish something else, first, and he tehn ran off the stage, he ran straight into the waiting arms of his friend:

David §tewart
Capitain of
Titanic Fanatics.
Go here:

For more info on the Titanic Fanatics!
Or, E-mail me, to ask about it.

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Civis Romanus
posted 10-12-99 22:13 ET (US)     76 / 148       
Naiads! That's the name for these sprites that is most familiar to me. Thanks, Incon.


Civis Romanus had been sitting near Tusky trying to listen to the conversation about the salamander. Then Tusky burped.

"You know, Incon, it wouldn't hurt to give your very large friend here an occasional dose of bicarbonate of soda. Might ease the gastric system once in awhile. I mean, Tusky is a very good almost-a-person to have around, but his eating habits are, well, just not sociable on occasion."

With that Civis rose to his feet to move to a different spot away from the elephant. He casually passed in front of Tusky. Big mistake he realized too late. A smack by a large, warm object on his seat sent the Roman airborne only to land on the same part of his anatomy about 10 feet away.

Leaning over on his left hip to get at and rub the sore zone, Civis looked behind him to where he once was walking and noticed Incon standing nearby with Tusky. If one could describe an elephant with a smirk it would be the look on Tusky's large face, with a much smaller imitation beginning to appear on Incon's face.

"You or the elephant?" asked Civis.

"Tusky's trunk-and believe it or not, Civis, he likes you. Now if it were me..."

"Okay, enough. I get the point." Civis walked over to Apolita and sat down...gingerly.

"Using your head again, I see," Apolita whispered to Civis.

The attention of all gradually returned to finding the sylph and the salamander.


Civis Romanus

Caesar Ishaius
posted 10-13-99 14:58 ET (US)     77 / 148       
So naiads are fire elements? i'll try to find the name in Hebrew.

Ish pointed to a long path of burning shrubes and trees

He sheepshly suggested "Maybe they went that way?"

Tusky burped again.

"Incon have you let your elephant drink wine again?"
"What do you mean Jayhawk?"
"You let him drink a lot of wine. Remember, at the Nile river? before you invented the roller wheels?"

Incon nodded strongly and the glanced an angry look on Tusky that made him lower his head and say "Hampf" with no reason.

"If it's okay by everyone, then lets follow the path" Titanicus said. He tried to hint the group to come with him now, because he really wanted his book back...

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If you teach the man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."
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posted 10-13-99 19:22 ET (US)     78 / 148       
(Ish, in Celtic/British folklore naiads are *water* spirits...then we also have *draiads*, who are tree spirits...)

Tusky burped. Again.

"Will somebody PLEASE do something about that elephant's wind problem?!?" Civis Romanus cried out.

"Sorry, sorry..." Incon blushed and put a hand up to her pet's mouth. "It gets really bad with him, sometimes..."

"What do you normally do to stop him belching, Incon?" Jayhawk asked.

"Well," Incon shrugged, "normally, whenever an elephant at the RSPCE compound gets a case of the burpies, we usually just do this..." She climbed onto her pachaderm's back and started slapping him between the shoulderblades.

Tusky looked confused at first, then an expression of immense relief passed across his face. He lifted his trunk, opened his mouth and let out one long "BUUUUUUUUURRRRRPPPPP!!!!!!"

Everyone else cursed at the odour and leaned away. The backdraft from the elephant's oral flatulence parted the palm fronds and fern leaves in their path. It revealed a small clearing with a small, dark, square object in its centre.

Titanicus looked up after the malodorous breeze had passed by. His face lit up.

"MY SPELLBOOK!!!" he exclaimed...

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-13-99 20:39 ET (US)     79 / 148       
Hey! I worked really hard on the poem in this, what do you all think? Am I future Poe?

Titanics ran to his book. He opened it,and let out a disheartening cry.

"Awwwe! It's just a decoy!" He threw the book down. Apoltia walked over and picked it up. She then read it outloud, in her sweet, and soft voice:

To find the Book, you soon will see,
That these clues are as easy, easy as can be.
Just follow this path, you'll be on your way,
Just hop on a boat, and sail 6 miles to the Bay.
This bay on the Island, the Isle of Central Valley,
Your book will be safe here, it will be in an Alley.
An Alley of Buildings, or Mountains, or Sea,
We cannot tell you, nope, no sir-ee.
If you follow those clues, and handle with care,
You may find your book, with only minimal scare.
You will find more clues, to lead from the Isle,
Bring with you, a trowel, an Elephant so gray,
An Emerald, A Saphire, A Ruby a Diamond,
30 Dinarrai, and a Nut-Shell of Orphonschow,
But Please do not wait, hurry up, go now!
Head to the North, Northwest, or North east,
Matter, it does not. For we will not judge.
If you want your book back go now, Do not wait.
We will now leave you, to debate,
whether or not you love your book, how much?

Apoltia set the book down, and turned to the group, and shrugged, as she walked over to Civis' waiting arms. Titanicus, who had been listening intently, stood up then ran over and tore the page from the book. He then turned to face the group, and yelled, trying to rouse them from their obvious fatige:

"I'm Going for my book, with or without you guys. I really would enjoy your company and help, but If you don't care to follow me, I will gladly go out on my own. So what do you all say? Are you with me?!" He let the last few words out with accusation, as if he doubted they would follow...



The Isle of Celtia

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Oh! And Here is a Groovy Site! I just thought I pass along the Riches:

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Eminence Grise
posted 10-14-99 06:49 ET (US)     80 / 148       
Mythology 101
Naiads are water spirits, like Dyrads tree spirit, Oreads mountain spirits. They derive from Greek mythology and all of these use a female form.

Salamanders, Sylphs, Kobolds and, I think, Nereids are elemental spirits (Fire, Air, Earth and Water) as used by Medieval alchemist(magicians) in their incatations. Much of this derives from the lore of Hermes Trismegistus who is also associated with Ptah, Egypts god of 'Technology'.

So, none of these derive from fantasy novels

Traces of fire should point to the trail left by...the fire elemental

Titanicus, not quite Poe (yet...)
Incon, all is forgiven, please come back

"Gang?" Civis said as he scrambled back to his feet.
"There's burn marks on this shrub here...and some more on teh one over there."
He stretched to tipitoes
"It seems to leed to that bay there..."
"That must be it!" Titanicus shouted.
"The riddle suggests a bay."
"So the nereid was right, " Incon said to Jayhawk.
"Guess so. Is Tusky ready?"
"Does anyone know what the Nut of Orphonschow might be, " Apolita asked.
"Or where we migth get those jewels?"

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-14-99 17:59 ET (US)     81 / 148       
When they reached the bay, Titanicus pulled out the Poem.

"You Guys," he said, "Sorry to Burst your bubble, But it says:

Just hop on a boat, and sail 6 miles to the Bay.
This bay on the Island, the Isle of Central Valley

He looked around, they didn't get it,

"We hafta go six miles...before we get to this bay...but which direction?" He looked around the group in question, then Incon popped in, saying:

"Gimme that," She took the poem from Titanicus, and read:

"Head to the North, Northwest, or North east,
Matter, it does not. For we will not judge.

Civis looked up, from what he had been drawing in the dirt beneath them, "North. It says to go North." Then he went back to drawing in the dirt. Apoltia looked down to Civis, "What are you drawing deary?" She craned her head to look at the picture that Civis was drawing in the sand...


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Civis Romanus
posted 10-14-99 21:59 ET (US)     82 / 148       
Civis grunted and then swiped at the picture with his hand, scrambling his work and making it indecipherable.

"Makes no real sense, Apolita," he said. "Direction doesn't matter so long as it's North it seems. Must be a strip of land, an island or something, that is so wide it doesn't matter whether we go North, Northwest or Northeast from here. We'll find it regardless. Our biggest problem is we need a boat, and I don't see a solution to that right now at all. Do you?" Frustration and annoyance tinged his voice.

Apolita put a calming hand on his shoulder. Then walked over to the others.


-Civis Romanus

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-15-99 18:43 ET (US)     83 / 148       
"He has a Point You Know." Apoltia said to the group, "How Are we gon-"

"No Problem." Interupted Cian, "This way." He motioned and led the way to the beach. He whispered some incantations and threw some regular sand in the air, and into the surf. Suddenly a rock was seen on the beach where some of the sand had landed. He went and threw it into a rather deep part of the beach. Suddenly it began to grow again (after he had whispered some more words) it grew and began to take form...a boat. It was a large, plain wooden boat, of a darker color, maybe, Mahogany? It grew and grew, it was now easy to sea that the Boat was rather....nice. It had 2 decks, and then another deck below--the berths most likely--and they each had portholes. It had two sails, one in the front, and a larger one near amidships. When it had finished growing, they watched it bob in the waves for a moment...utterly amazed. Finally Titanicus broke the silence,

"Well. Shall we...Board?" He smiled, and shoved Civis back, "Race Ya to the boat!" He shouted, and dashedoff. Splashing into the waves and wading, then swimming when the water had reached the right depth, to the boat...Apoltia watched Civis, Titanicus and Jayhawk splash each other in the waves, as if they were children again--and the lovestruck girl she was...



The Isle of Celtia

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Civis Romanus
posted 10-15-99 23:32 ET (US)     84 / 148       
All were aboard the elaborate boat: Incontinentia, Tusky, Cian, Apolita, Jayhawk, Titanicus and Civis.

"Okay, how do we get this thing to move and be steered?" Jayhawk asked.

"Not to worry, Jayhawk," said Cian. "It's enchanted. It will go north no matter what happens. Only important thing is that we quickly leave the boat after it strikes land, because the enchantment will end shortly after land is reached. Now, would anyone like something to eat or drink. There is good stuff below deck. I made that part of the enchantment too."

There was an orderly but immediate effort on everyone's part to go below deck and partake of whatever feast awaited them.


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Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-16-99 18:25 ET (US)     85 / 148       
The boat was layed out, so that when you went down the stairs, to the bottom level, you would walk right into the Dining Room at the end of the stairs. The rooms was purdy. Whitewashed walls, and Gold-Plated portholes. The long table had settings for 5, with a white tablcloth and dark blue overstuffed chairs for each of them to sit in. Tusky stayed up on deck, under his own canopy, which dropped a bushel of his favorite flavor of sugar cane every 2 minutes. The food was already layed out, and they dug in. Titanicus looked around, "Travelin' in style." He said happily.
When they got done, they went back up top. The boat had cast off on its own, and the island they had been on was almost invisable, because of the mists rising from the sea. They went back below, and stayed in the dining room, that had a fireplace at the end. "Say," remarked Jayhawk to Cian, "Where will we sleep tonight?" He asked, looking around the room."Never-fear boy. Just go down that hallway," He pointed to the wall at the end of the room, and immediatly a opening apeared, it was a long corridor, with torches strategically placed, so's it was bright, and not dark. Jayhawk walked down the way, and looked, "Which one is mine?"Cian merely nodded and pointed his finger, little plaques apeared on the doors, with each of their names on them. Titanicus jumped up, and ran after Jayhwak. "Oooh! I wanna see mine too!" He pushed through the his door (Two doors down to the Right) and gasped when he walked in. "Whoooh! Looky there..." He mutteered looking around his room. The room was furninshed in green. A dark green rug layed on the floor, next to the fireplace--large fire already built inside. The mantle above the fireplace had green trinkets on it. His bed was large, with brass head and foot boards. The wall was mahogany up to about Titanicus' waist (height) and then a dark green color fromthere up to the ceiling. Next to his bed was a small table, with a dark emerald colored candle in place, already lit and burning brightly. At the end of his bed was a small chaise-lounge with two emerald pillows. Titanicus went back into the bright hallway, and walked back down the corridor. He saw Civis at the end of the table, away from the group, scribbling something onto a piece of paper. Titanicus walked past him, to thank Cian, who was talking with Apoltia and Incon."Cian, Thanks Sir. I love the room. Couldn't ask for more!" He then nodded, and walked over to Civis, "What are you drawing?" Cian asked, looking down upon the Roman...


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Civis Romanus
posted 10-16-99 19:08 ET (US)     86 / 148       
Civis put down the scrap of cold charcoal he had been using to scribble something onto a piece of parchment.

"It's done."

"What's done, Civis?"

"That's just it, Titanicus. I don't know what it is. I've had this compelling thing in my head and it's demanding I put it down on something so it can be seen. I know it's done because nothing is nagging at me now and the image is drawn. But I just don't know what it is. and the others look at it. Maybe you or someone else has an idea about what it is or what it means."

Titanicus took the parchment and looked it over very thoroughly...

-Civis Romanus

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-16-99 20:25 ET (US)     87 / 148       
Titanicus turned to Civis,

"Do you know the Celtic Launguage?"

Civis shook his head, as Titanicus called Apoltia and Cian over, "Looky Here." He said, in their native tounge. "It's Celtic. He's just written in tounges!" He said in the launguage they all could understand. "Look, also...this seems to be...a map? Of what though?" He looked it over... "I think...I think this is a map of Central-Valley Island." He remarked after looking closer.

"See, you can's an island. Also, can you see, how it looks rather...indented? Notice the shadows? It looks to be a the Central part of the Island...I don't Know, But this looks pretty interesting to me. I think...he what's that?" He pointed to a dark smudge in the northernmost part of the Island, "What is that Civis?"



The Isle of Celtia

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posted 10-18-99 01:35 ET (US)     88 / 148       
"You've got to be ruddy kidding me," Incon gasped.

Everyone looked up toward the deck railing Incontinentia was standing by. "What's up, Incon?" Civis asked.

She turned to them. "You know that 'Northernmost Island' bit of the riddle? Well, it wasn't jolly well joking!" She pointed to the dot of land they could just see appearing on the horizon. "I'd know that landscape anywhere, no matter how far out to sea. It's my home.

"Lads?...We're about to land on the island of Brittania!!"

Apolita sighed. "I'm going to miss our Tropical Paradise..."

Civis Romanus
posted 10-18-99 16:01 ET (US)     89 / 148       
And so it happened that the conjured vessel travelled directly to an accessible beach and there it safely ran aground. All of the travellers left the vessel by the side dropping into the knee high sea and wading ashore. Tusky stepped off as well, for the vessel seemed magically to adjust to the greater heighth, weight and structure of the elephant.

The first thing they noticed was the coldness of the water here compared to where they had been. "There's the first confirmation that this is Brittania," said Incon. Apolita said nothing as her teeth chattered uncontrollably from the shock of the cold water.

The next thing they noticed upon reaching shore was that the vessel had quietly disappeared. Not a trace of its existence could be seen anywhere. No flotsom, no jetsom, no anything.

Lastly, as they backed their way up the beach staring at where the vessel had been, Civis realized too late he was tripping and fell flat on his posterior.

"No land legs yet, huh Civis," laughed the typically unsympathetic Titanicus.

"No, something tripped me," replied Civis looking at the area near his feet. "It's this ground...odd shape for's rectangular. He pawed at the suspicious area of sandy beach. "There's something here...yes, there's the edge...definitely, there's something here."

He dug around the "something" he could feel and uncovered ...a small locked chest. "Now what do you suppose is in there? Incon, do you think Tusky can open this thing. We have no tools for this lock."

"Let's give it a try," said Incon agreeably. Tusky was coaxed over by Incon. The elephant picked up the chest with his trunk and dashed the chest against a nearby boulder. The chest was now out of square, but remained locked. "Once more, Tusky," said Incon. The elephant obliged his mistress.

The chest impacted on the boulder and erupted into a fountain of colored objects. Emeralds, rubies, diamonds, amythest and jade spilled all over the dull grey of the sand. "Well," said Titanicus. "So much for our worries over where to find the gems called for in the poem."

"Yer worries have only just begun, lasses and laddies," came a deep, gruff voice from atop a low sand dune overlooking the travellers and their new found treasure. They looked up and found themselves staring at...



Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-18-99 17:56 ET (US)     90 / 148       
Emmm, you guys, you sorta mis-interpreted the Riddle. But... oh well. Central-Valley Island will be next stop or something...wait. Central-Valley island will be the last stop, where they present their found treasures, that is where the book is being held hostage, right? Oooh! Nevermind!

...a short man. In a skinned beaver hat...wearing nothing else but a heavy fur cloak, which covered him nicely until it hit his knees--from there down he was bare. It wasn't the man that worried the Romans. It was the army behind him. The army was enormous...100 or more soldiers, all ligned up. They all looked exactly alike. Copper Helmets, seemingly folded over their heads. Dark blue capes, with white tunics underneath. They all held long branches, with spears, spikes, or sharp/hard rocks at the end. The Romans looked at each other in confusemant,

"Give Us Your Women." demanded the small man in front,

"What do you want? Demanded Incon " overgrown...dork...despritly in need of a haircut!"

"You..." Replied the man,

"What will you do to us?" Asked Apoltia, clinging to Civis' arm,

"You are to become wives and members of our Headman's Harem..." Was the reply...



The Isle of Celtia

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Civis Romanus
posted 10-18-99 21:51 ET (US)     91 / 148       
"Easy Apolita. They're not going to do anything to you so long as I'm around. Jayhawk, any idea who these people are?" asked Civis.

"I'm not exactly sure, Civis, because I'm not sure if we are even in the same time period. You know how sloppy Titanicus can be with time and travel spells. (Titanicus frowned a bit but couldn't think of anything to say in his own defense) These look like a people I heard of once in my travels. They call themselves "Norse." It means "north" in their language. They are a future people, nothing like any tribes Romans have met. Although they are similar to the barbarians on the Northeast border. Yes, I'd say they are Norse."

"Well, Norse or not, we have a real problem here," replied Civis.

Cian had moved closer to the Roman. "Talk to them Civis. I've conjured a spell to make them understand your words and you their words." Civis nodded his understanding.

"We are simple travellers trying to return home. We mean you no harm and wish to go our way in peace."

"Then why do you steal our treasure?" the gruff little man retorted.

Civis responded amiably, "We found the chest by accident and did not know its owner. We thought it abandoned. We did not know its content and so opened it to see what was inside. If you are its owner you may have your treasure, we will go on in peace just as I said.

"Civis, are you crazy?" hissed Titanicus. "We need the jewels!"

"Quiet, they won't do any of us any good wearing them for ornaments in our graves. Think of the women," said Civis.

The little barbarian leader snickered. "We will have the jewels, your skins and the women. That's what we'll have."

Civis changed his tone instantly. *Laughing* "You miserable excuse for a leader. You coward among midgets. How dare you threaten us. Does the rodent attack the cat? Who among you is great enough to take me. Or will it take your whole vermin army to defeat one warrior!"

"Civis, NO!!" screamed Apolita. The barbarian leader's face turned crimson.

Civis ignored her. "Here's my proposition. I meet your best warrior in single combat. I live, you get your treasure, except for 10 jewels we will keep; and you let us go in peace. I die, and you do what you will."

The barbarian said nothing but motioned behind him to someone. His men separated to make a path for...a 6 foot 3 inch giant of a man with a pockmarked face, long blond hair and a disposition well to the south of friendly. The giant carried a spear and a stone club. The barbarian leader generated a strained smile. "Agreed" was all he said.

Civis looked up at the human tower standing above him on the sand dune. "Jupiter!" he exclaimed under his breath as he pulled his sword from its sheath. "Good work, Civis. You're in for it now," he berated himself.

"Father! Do something!" Apolita tearfully pleaded, running to her father. Cian motioned to Apolita to be quiet and for the others to close around him and for all to move back on the beach towards the water. Cian whispered something to Jayhawk and Titanicus. They looked at him blankly at first, and then with quiet understanding.

The giant strode down the sand dune and without hesitation advanced on Civis. While big, he wasn't necessarily agile, and the much smaller Roman evaded the giant's first thrusts with his spear. Finally, another clumsy thrust with his spear gave Civis an opening. The Roman leapt sideways and brought his sword down on the spear's shaft severing the spear in two. Civis' elation at this small victory was short lived as the giant swung the wooden shaft in his hand to the right and struck Civis directly across the chest. The blow knocked Civis off his feet and sent his sword tumbling from his hand. Dazed, the Roman looked up to see the giant advancing on him, club raised. He pushed backwards in the sand reaching for the sword he sensed, more than knew, was behind him. He found it! Civis, rolled to his left, just in time to hear the club hit the sand where he had been with a resounding whump! Civis quickly scrambled to put distance between himself and the giant.

"Had enough yet!" Civis yelled at the giant. The irony of the words generated what little humor he had left and the hint of a laugh formed in his mind, then quickly vanished. The giant was on him again. Civis ducked as the club viciously passed over his head. Then Civis swung his sword at the giant's exposed shin. Civis swung his sword with all of his might and struck the giant with the FLAT side of his sword. The reaction was instantaneous. The giant's eyes bulged outwards, promptly teared and he bellowed in pain. A welt formed on the shin as the giant instinctively reached for the spot to ease the pain. Civis spun to the opposite side and swung his sword against the giant's other shin. The reaction was the same, but this time the giant dropped his club and sat hard on the ground.

The last thing the giant saw was the flat side of Civis's sword coming at him before it crashed into his forehead. Alive, but senseless, the giant toppled backwards from his sitting position and lay there, eyes closed, face to the sky.

The Norse on the dune stared in stunned silence at their fallen champion. Their leader looked from the giant to Civis and back again. "Is he dead?"

"No," said Civis. "He will live."

"Why didn't you finish him?" the leader asked.

"He is not my enemy, but an unfortunate. I only kill my enemies. I remind you of our agreement."

The little barbarian considered his options...

Eminence Grise
posted 10-19-99 11:25 ET (US)     92 / 148       
Chuckle...a 6'3" giant...and your travelling with a 6'4" angel

"Err, jâh, " the norseman said hesitantly, as the giant started to groan. "You can keep ten gems and your skins..."
"And..." Civis asked in a menacing tone.
"...and your vomen."
Some of the other norsemen started to complain, the leader shushed them.
Civis strained his ears and just got the last bit.
"...look vat dat little vone did to Sturggi, do you vant to get de rest mad at us, jâh?"
Civis smiled wickedly and so did the angel.

"Come on, Titanicus, grab your gems and make ready to leave these gentlemen."
Titanicus rushed forward and grabbed the gems he needed, then looked at Civis.
"Are you sure I can't take more?"
Civis threw him a withering look.
"Okay, okay, I was only asking..."

"Where now?" Apolita asked Cian.
"Lets leave these people first and then try to work out the rest of the clues." Her father answered.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-19-99 17:32 ET (US)     93 / 148       
Okay you guys-enough is enough. Quit making Titanicus the greedy, bratty person. he's not. K? Quit making fun of his spells too-there was one mistake, that took Incon the Hawaii place...remember. Cian was the one who made the boat...not Titanicus!

The small group a quick pace into the woods. passing up the barbarians. When they were far enough that they were sure that the bad guys couldn't hear them, Cian turned to the group.

"Are any of you Telepathic?" The group looked a bit confused, "Can you read peoples thoughts?"

posted 10-19-99 18:46 ET (US)     94 / 148       
The entire group shook their heads.

"Because I'm getting a definite signal of distress from someone's thoughts nearby, and I thought it might have been one of you lot," Cian told them.

In the silence that ensued, they all heard faint cries of help. They turned to see Tusky coming up the forest path behind them...with something curled in his trunk.

"Oh - Incon," Jayhawk (who'd spotted the elephant first) said patiently, "...would you mind coming over here a minute?"

Incon joined the Angel at the edge of the path. "Yeah?"

"Would you mind coaxing your pet into dropping his new toy?" Jayhawk pointed at the happy pachaderm, who presently had a Norse invader secured between his trunk and his tusks. The blond invader slapped and prodded at his captor's jowls, to no effect.

"Oh, blimey..." Incon sighed, and shrugged at the others, "sorry, folks. He'll pick up *anything*. I've tried to break him of the habit, but--"

"Just get the Northerner out of harm's way, will you?" Jayhawk asked.

Incon nodded, and approached her faithful friend. "Tusky? Tusky! Bad elephant! Good elephant does not pick up strange men! Put him down, now. Right now!"

Tusky humphed and shook his massive head. Which made the Norseman in his grasp sway alarmingly from side to side, and cry out more.


Tusky shook his head harder.


Half an hour, 5 sticks of sugar cane and a keg of ale later, Tusky was finally conned into releasing his prisoner. Incon was busy stroking his trunk and consoling him over the loss of his new toy while the others set about questioning their captive.

"Seen any magical books around lately?" Titanicus asked hopefully. "About so big, so wide, holds a lot of spells..."

The Norseman shook his head and looked at him in fear.

"Let's try another approach," Civis suggested. Leaning in close to the Norseman, he screamed "TELL US WHERE THE RUDDY SPELLBOOK IS!!!"

The invader shrank back in terror.

"What's your name?" Apolita asked in a sweet voice.

"Sven," the Norseman replied, fear receding.

"Well, that seemed to work," Jayhawk commented. "Perhaps he can help us around this strange, new land."

"Oy!" Incon huffed. "Strange? I grew up here, you know! And, for your information Mister Winged Wonder, I can take us to Londinium from where we are now!"

"Any chance of finding Titanicus' spellbook there?" Jayhawk cocked an eyebrow at her.

Flummoxed, Incon started to reply, then muttered under her breath, then went back to doling affection on Tusky. Tusky grinned and winked at the angel.

"Excuse me," Sven spoke up just then. "I am a newcomer to this land. But, I do know how to decipher the riddle that you are using to find your friend's book."

Everyone stopped short, and gasped. (Even Tusky raised his trunk slightly in surprise.)

"You can?!?" Titanicus' face lit up. "How? And start doing so, now! Pretty please?"

"See if he can send us back to Hawaii!!" Incon and Apolita chorused. Tusky nodded eagerly.

Sven replied...

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-19-99 18:55 ET (US)     95 / 148       
"Where is this, Ha-way-ee, of which you speak?" He asked, cocking his head in a vexed sort of way.
"It's a wonderful place down south--" replied Civis, "But we need ta find Titanicus' Spellbook--we hafta get it back, back from these eveil bad g--"
"My SpellBook," Titanicus cut in, becore Civis could say anything to suspicious, "Is very important to me, it isn't worth much..." He looked to his friends, with a look taht said, "Deny it and your toast" as he didn't want the Northern Plumager to steal it away once he found it... "And it contains spells in it that wouldn't be of use to anyone" He smiled, and looked to the man. Cian then spoke,
"We are sorry to have side-tracked you," he glared at the group, "can you please tell us how we should go about finding this book?" He asked...

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Civis Romanus
posted 10-20-99 21:36 ET (US)     96 / 148       
See Titanic Guy, no one is exempt from a tease from an author's sharp pointed pen (albeit, a keyboard these days)including mild mannered, seldom beligerant, kind to his enemies and friends alike, Civis Romanus. He being the one portrayed as using terror tactics on poor, hapless Norsemen.

Titanicus is really a cool dude. We've done a lot of character development with him. If you recall his introduction many posts ago he's quite a complex character today. By the way, check out Pharaoh Heaven and the story thread there. You'll see I saw to it that Titanicus mastered the time vaulting spell.

Anyway, no one is exempt from a little tease, even Jayhawk's character. Just watch Incontinentia's character in action around Jayhawk sometimes. She gives as good as she gets. Not to say that angels have egos, certainly not a 6ft 4inch one(as humbly pointed out to Civis). But let's just say that every once in awhile even an angel should have a feather plucked, so long as it's done with a wink, a smile and a lot of goodwill on the author's part.

And that's how we (I) treat Titanicus when now and then the story line begs for a little teasing. Hope you will understand and enjoy the fun too.

-Civis Romanus

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Civis Romanus
posted 10-20-99 21:54 ET (US)     97 / 148       
The Norseman looked around at the group encircling him. "Yah, I vill shew yu. Vut I ask ae vafor vor my serfices."

"What is that favor you want, Sven?" asked Cian.

"Take me vith yew und avay vrom this land."

"Why, Sven?"

"I'm allergic to vurs und hate cold veather. I get seasick, too. Your land is warm, you say, this Ha-vay-ee. Take me there, that is all I vant."

Titanicus said, "We can do that, provided you take us to the book."

"I vill, come vith me." And Sven rose from where he was sitting, motioned to the group to follow him and they set off across the beach following in the Norseman's steps.

Eminence Grise
posted 10-21-99 05:56 ET (US)     98 / 148       
Hear, hear, Civis.
Besides, Titanicus, when I read through the story, you do display that character behaviour, even in your own posts...

Sven looked at the group and shivered again. He slapped his sides to get rid of the cold and the wet.

True to Britannia's climate a drizle had started and the small group was looking distinctly miserable. Incon and Apolita were hiding in Tusky's leeside while the elephant himself was looking wistfully.

"Vollow me, " he said.
Jayhawk caught up with im and asked:
"How come you know so much about this book?"
"I vas trainink vor skald, " the young Scandianvia answered.
"Oh, that must have been hard?"
"It vasn't too bad, just rememberink all dose songs vasn't easy."
"Could you tell us the Edda, while we walk?" Jayhawk asked.
"The what?" Civis softly asked Cian, who shrugged.
"I vill, vith gladliness"
A smile lit up the skalds face as he started telling the story of how the first cow was locked in the ice and the how the Giant freed her and the Aesir were created.

Jayhawk's glance drifted over the landscape as the skald told on an his companions were entranced in th eyoung man's story.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-21-99 18:36 ET (US)     99 / 148       
In the distance, Jayhawk could see mountains..small compared to some he had seen in other places, but large for this area. Titanicus watched Jayhakw, go into his own world, and become silent as they walked. Sven continued his story, and then finish it. He then began to tell them of his life as a child, and how he had fallen into the river and caught a cold, which took away the hearing of his left ear. Sven led them to a river bank, and began to wade into the cold river. When he was half way in, he realized they had stopped following him, they stood on the riverbank watching him. Titanicus felt sorry for the guy, and turned to Incon,

"I Don't really want to go into the water...but, would Tusky absolutely refuse to let us ride him through it...i mean....would he mind, to much getting a tad wet?" He motioned the air around him, the sound of dripping water could be heard, as the drizzle had stopped, and now the forest had begun to release the water from its trees, and let it fall to the (forest)floor...

Titanic Guy 1986
posted 10-21-99 18:45 ET (US)     100 / 148       
Well, We've done it Guys/Gals! We've Made 100! Thanks for putting up with me, and for playing along with this game! It really is fun, isn't it?

Also, I am sorry for complaining back there... I just sorta like Titanicus, and got a little over-protective on his account. Sorry Again!

I just thought i should be the one to do 100...'cos i am the person who came up with this game. Thanks though-For all of you who are playing it! You are kewl people



The Isle of Celtia

Proud Co-Director of the RSPCE!

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