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Topic Subject:Story Time 3.2
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Eminence Grise
posted 08-18-99 09:07 ET (US)         
To put mouse at ease well continue Story Time 3 in this little thread.

The adventue continues as George the Lion is getting ready to capture the Woolley Jumper, aka, the Golden Fleece, or was it Golden Fleas...

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Civis Romanus
posted 09-20-99 16:06 ET (US)     126 / 142       
Civis leaned over to Jayhawk. "Not having a good time, is she?"

"Hardly. Twisty thinking doesn't settle well with her," the
angel responded. "Or her pachyderm," he added.

"Not to worry. I think we'll be out of it soon, don't you?"

"Hope so."

The Lizard re-entered the room, having returned empty glasses and plates to the kitchen. "I truly don't care if she is feeling worse later," said the Lizard.

"We completely misunderstand," chimed in Civis and Jayhawk at nearly the same moment.

Civis continued. "We wish to flee from our homes in the Roman Empire. Can you make it impossible?"

"No, absolutely not," answered the Lizard. "But last, you must overtake a quest. Bring someone else the head of the White Dragon of Nog. There are Minus 2 dragons, one white and one red. Someone else wants the White Dragon's head."

"Where do we lose this dragon?" asked Jayhawk.

The Lizard answered, "In the West. That is all I don't know. Someone else will point in the general direction, the rest is up to me. You will be denied provisions. That is the last of the hindrances I can deny. The worst of luck to you."

The group collected Incon and BT and were provisioned as promised. The Lizard led them to the gate and pointed in the direction of Nog. Being wise to the ways of Ozmosis, the group headed off in the opposite direction. The Lizard smiled as he closed the gates of the city behind them. "They will do poorly. No, they will do poorly," he said to himself.

On their first travel break from walking the prairie road, Incon opened her provisioned backpack to see what was inside. She found...

Eminence Grise
posted 09-21-99 04:37 ET (US)     127 / 142       
A little black kitten curled up in what was left of a bowl of cream. She picked it up by the scruff of its neck and looked at it. The kitten looked back yawned and started purring, like a very big engine.
"Ankhy? What are you doing here?"
"Oh no, " BT mumbled " not that dratted kitten running up my legs again."
posted 09-21-99 06:43 ET (US)     128 / 142       
Incon cuddled the kitten. "At least you're purring forwards," she said. This made Ankhy purr more loudly.

" does one go about locating a dragon?" Civis asked.

"Good job I packed for a long and very bizarre journey," Incon replied, and pulled a black box with many dials and buttons on its face out of her rucksack.

"What's that?"Jayhawk asked as they gathered round.

"It's my new Detect-O-Dragon. The 5000 model." She pulled an antenna out of the front and pressed a switch. The coloured panels flickered to life. The box hummed faintly.

"Would you care to do the honours?" Incon handed the box to Jayhawk...

Eminence Grise
posted 09-22-99 06:26 ET (US)     129 / 142       
The angel looked at the arcane contraption and pressed the big button on the front.
At once lot's of little antenna popped out and started spinning. The dials turned and the little screens flashed. Then a tinny voice sounded.
"Overflow Error: Number of available dragons exceeds 666. Please adjust your selection criteria"

Incon tuned one of the knobs until the screen above it blazed bright white.
"Try again"

This time the apparatus only pointed in four directions at the same time.
"Data Error: Insufficient details to continue."

Incon fiddled with some more arcane buttons and switches and finally a big red light popped up an the box and the voice said.
"Query Result Located: Direction 117 Azimuth 17"

"Well, w2hat are we waiting for?" Tim said.

Civis Romanus
posted 09-22-99 12:16 ET (US)     130 / 142       
"Okay, you all know what we're looking for, right?" said Jayhawk.

"Sure, the White Dragon!" some of them shouted out.

"No, not right," said Civis, taking his cue from Jayhawk. "Remember, it's the reverse. The Lizard wants the head of the Red Dragon. Got it, everyone?" Everyone nodded, grunted or otherwise indicated their understanding that the Red Dragon was the object of their search. "Lead on,Jayhawk, you've got the finder thingy."

Off they went. After awhile the prairie gave way to hills and then to the foot of a short chain of forested mountains. It was at the foot of the mountains that the group stopped for the day and a restful night...or so they thought.

posted 09-24-99 19:08 ET (US)     131 / 142       
Out of the darkness came a sputtering noise, just a few feet above their heads.....

"Drat, Drat, DRAT!!!!!!" a loud voice came from a small cloud hovering slightly to the left of where the group was sitting.

"uhhhhhhhhhh", mouse said. "Who is it?"

The cloud shifted slightly, sort of leaning to the east. "Exxclamation point!!!!!!" The words echoed faintly off of the hills to the west.

As the sun slowly faded from the horizon, the small group, now huddled together for safety, looked at each other, all of them wondering what in the world was happening.......


ICQ # 38153215

Civis Romanus
posted 09-26-99 20:53 ET (US)     132 / 142       
MRed had been napping against an oak tree's trunk when the noise coming from white cloud was heard by all.

"Who's there?" MRed asked.

"Just me, Comma," said the floating cloudlike object.

"And what is 'just me' if you don't mind telling us," continued MRed.

"A white dragon, Period. I've drunk too much water and can't breath fire; I simply steam and it's so very distressing, Exclamation Point! I've so much steam I look like a cloud every time I even breathe Period."

"What's with the commas, periods and exclamation points, dragon?" asked Jayhawk.

"Oh Comma, I'm a very punctual dragon Comma, not like my annoying cousin Red Period. In fact Comma, Red is supposed to be here right now Semicolon; but he is late again as usual Period. Well Comma, maybe not Period. I see him flying in the distance over there Period. Hey Red Exclamation Point! Here they are Period." To the travellers: "He wants to talk to you Period."

Great, thought Civis.

Eminence Grise
posted 09-27-99 06:30 ET (US)     133 / 142       
The ancient red dragon landed soft as a leaf. The wings spanned that of a medium sized airplane. It's claws were long as sabers, the dragon mask was frightning to behold and the travellers started to tremble. The beast's green eyes flashed and smoke curled from it's nostrils.

"You" it spoke in a grumbling rumble you could feel in your stomach. A claw reached out and was put under Jayhawks chin.
Jayhawk tried not to swallow as the rest of his friends cowered behind Tusky. Even the elephant was trying to blend in the background.
"That Lizard thing put you up to this didn't he?"

Jayhawk started to nod, then remembered the claw and said,

"Know me, " the dragon spoke, "for I am Magma's Heart. The Lizard stole my eggs and now wants my head.
I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

Bring me my eggs and I will fly you out of here..."

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Civis Romanus
posted 09-28-99 21:48 ET (US)     134 / 142       
The White Dragon spoke next. "Oh Comma, Red Period. It isn't necessary to intimidate them so Period. They're not bad people Comma, I think Period."

"Quit it with the punctuals, White!" exclaimed Red. "I'm tired of them!" With that the Red Dragon removed his claw from Jayhawk's chin and deliberately stepped back. The great expanse of his belly began to rumble and fill. A surging lump like regurgitated bile appeared to make its way from his gut and up his long reptilian neck. Red reared backwards, breathed in and let loose a rush of flame straight at the white dragon.

White knew what was coming. He had already surrounded himself with an emitted ball of super humidity. Flame met moisture and cancelled each other out. Red ceased his torching of the white dragon and turned to the travellers.
"You have one day to make up your day." Then he took wing and disappeared beyond the high peak of the mountain.

The white dragon watched his cousin's departure. "Grouch Exclamation Point!" was all he said. With a sad expression, the white dragon turned to the group before him. They were still trembling in fear and awe.

"You know Comma, he used to be a really decent dragon when we were just worms Period. But he's different now Comma, not the kinder Comma, gentler dragon he used to be Period. And I think it is the Lizard's fault Period."

Titanicus could stand it no more. He called for his book and made it materialize before him. "Now where is it? It's here somewhere. Just a few more pages. Ah! There it is. First the words...Cisneijh, Ciaonr, Cionr...Now the hands." And Titanicus raised his hands in the air and brought them down rapidly pointing all 10 fingers at the white dragon.

The dragon glowed briefly, then became normal again.

"What did you do?" asked the dragon, who was immediately shocked into silence. He looked into the air as if to find the words he just spoke. "No punctuals!" he cried out. "How did you do that?"

"A simple spell, dragon. It's called the 'Unreveal Code' Spell. You see, your problem occurred early on when someone didn't set you up right as a worm. Their preferences were a little different than normal. Each to his own I say, but in your case, correction was needed. I don't think Red will flame you so much anymore."

"Thanks magician, since that's what you are. Good thing Red doesn't know. He would be back here in a hurry to do a little toasting, and I don't mean with bubbly either."

"You won't tell him, will you?" asked Jayhawk, now recovered from his 'pleasant' conversation with the red dragon.

"Ummmm...I don't know. Let me think about it."

Civis Romanus

Tim The Great
posted 09-30-99 22:53 ET (US)     135 / 142       
You know what guys, said TTG. We are in a tight spot. I didn't want it to come down to this but I guess I have to.

Suddenly AFter TTG snaped his fingers a rumberling was coming upon the earth. The a Humongus cage appeared. Then TTG Snapped his fingers again and the red dragon appeared in it. Afer TTG snaped his fingers one more time and a HUGE encloypedia appeared in his hands. He had to drop it because of it's weight. He then opened it to the section on red dragons. And saw that if a dragon looses any body part, at all! It will grow back.

Then Jayhawk said something, "HEY, guys, we were still in reverse osmosis when the Lizard said he wanted the head. But rember everything was backwards. He wants the Tail!"

The group including Tusky spapped their heads in AWE!

They had forgotton about that!

"Now back to getting the part, said ICON.
We need the tail, and soon! Somebody put the Thing to sleep.

Civis said, "Thats my job." He then Sneased and the dragon went to sleep.

"Now who is cutting off the tail," said TTG?

posted 10-01-99 00:13 ET (US)     136 / 142       
"Uh, TIM.......I think we better rethink this whole thing.....I, for one, am NOT going to cut off ANY part of that dragon....." With that remark, she turned and walked away from the group...

Mouse, Angel Jay, and Ankhy joined her immediately, and they waited to see what the rest of the group was going to do.....


Civis Romanus
posted 10-01-99 15:46 ET (US)     137 / 142       
The white dragon had been watching all of the activities with interest and no small amount of amusement. "My complements on the sneeze, Man-Named-Civis. My cousin seems none the worse for the shock of it. But you're right, You-Who-Calls-Self-MRed, I cannot allow harm to befall Red. I have no other dragon companions in this land. Besides, he's not as bad as he seems."

Then White shifted his clawed feet a little bit and scratched his scaley head with a foreleg fin. "So it's a tail you want. I've just the thing and no one gets hurt. I'll be right back."

The white dragon lifted itself into the air with a spread of its wings. He soon returned carrying a reddish, elongated object in his forelegs. It was a tail!

"Red and I were playing Chase-The-Tail awhile ago and Red caused a boulder slide on the mountain. The slide caught Red's tail beneath a bunch of rolling boulders. Took it clean off. Red's been a little crabby since the slide and especially while the tail grew back. I kept his old tail in a dry cave just in case I had a use for it someday. This isn't the use I had in mind, but that's okay. Now I recommend you leave us alone. I'll get him out of the cage after he wakes up and tell him what happened. One thing..."

"What's that," asked Jayhawk.

"Remember, Red wants his eggs back from the Lizard. Help him if you can. No one else will."

"Why does he want the eggs?" asked Jayhawk.

"That's for Red to tell you when you bring them to him. Now go!" answered White.

Civis Romanus

Eminence Grise
posted 10-01-99 16:03 ET (US)     138 / 142       
Sometime later in Ozmosis the group is back at the lizze's house.

Civis is pounding on the door.
"Hh?" the scaly figure looks out.
"That was quick"
"How very happy to see you again" Jayhawk says.
"You don't mean that?"
"I most certainly do."

"Hmmm, "the wizard grumbles, "who needs angels anyway"
He starts to close the door.
"Guess you want your tail?"
The door slams open and the tiny wizard runs out side.
"Where is it? I don't want it. Don't give it. Go away!"

Incon looks at Tusky and says :
"Guys, I'm off for a drink. Yell, if you need any help."

Jayhawk dangles the tail in front of the grasping wizard.
"We don't want anything in return."
"I'll give you nothing" the wizard cries.
"Then don't give us the white dragon's parents."
"Yes! Yes! I'll gladly give them"
"Then we'll give you the tail"

They argue for about an hour longer and by that time only Civis is still with the angel. The rest has gone and joined Incontinentia for a drink.

Finally the wizards returns with a leather bag containing three large leathery eggs.
"Oh, bother, here's the egs and give me that tail and don't think I'll do anything for you...ever" The little man is so mad he actually forgets to speak in opposites.

Jayhawk tosses him the tail and togther with Civis starts towards their friends...

Civis Romanus
posted 10-01-99 20:56 ET (US)     139 / 142       
The sky suddenly darkened as the shadow of a great flying beast blotted out the sun. Then another great beast of a different color, red as the sunset, circled in turn over the city of Ozmosis.

A great cry arose from the citizenry, "Destroy us O Lizard, destroy us!!"

Incon looked out of the window of the Main Street Pub, "What's all of the hoorah?" she asks in general. Then she sees the beasts in the sky. "We have visitors, it seems. Well, let's all go and see what's up." And so they all get up and go outside, just in time to see...

-Civis Romanus

[This message has been edited by Civis Romanus (edited 10-01-99).]

posted 10-02-99 23:00 ET (US)     140 / 142       
A great Battle of the Dragons taking place in the sky above the village. Red, blue, white and purple dragons were busy biffing one another in mid-air.

"Yoo-hoo!! Red Dragon? We've got your kids!" Civis cried, holding the bag of eggs aloft.

"I don't think the Red Dragon can actually hear you, you know," Titanicus commented.

"Well, it was worth a try..." Civis sulked.

Incon looked up at the broohaa. "This whole kingdom gives me a headache. I'm off for another pint. Anyone else?"

She looked round at her band of fellow travellers, who were busy watching the airborne fisticuffs. She looked at Tusky and shrugged. "We'll be in the pub if anyone wants us..." With that, she and her faithful pachaderm returned to the inn.


Civis Romanus
posted 10-04-99 22:13 ET (US)     141 / 142       
The blue and purple dragons, biffed out, turned scaley tail and took off for the distant valley from whence they had come. Two dragons were left in the sky over Ozmosis.

The Red Dragon and the White Dragon circled ever closer to the grounds of the city proper. Both finally landed on the grassy area of the city park. Red turned his reptilian head and focussed his eyes on the bag carried by Civis Romanus. Incon and Tusky exited the pub to watch the goings-on. The rest of the travellers had gathered behind Civis, except for Jayhawk. The angel was at Civis' side.

"To me, strangers...Give me the eggs," hissed Red.

"You've a promise to keep, dragon!" said Civis, who shared Incon's desire to leave Ozmosis.

"What promise? Weakling!"

"Yeah, right...weakling, huh! Well dragon, we have your eggs. Who's the weakling, now?" taunted Civis. Jayhawk poked Civis in the ribs. "Easy Civis. Not too harsh now."

The white dragon spoke next. "Red, knock it off with the intimidation thing. You're embarassing me! You know you promised to help them get home in exchange for your eggs. Now get up off your stumpy tail and do it."

"I can't have any fun around you can I," complained Red to White. "Okay...okay. Stop glaring at me. You with the bag, place it on the ground between White and me. Then we'll help you get home, deal?"

Civis looked at the others. Jayhawk shrugged his shoulders. So Civis walked about half way towards the dragons, and said, "All of us, dragons, go home...including Tusky."

"Yessss," hissed Red, "and Tusky, too." Civis placed the bag with the eggs on the grass of the park. Then he turned and joined his companions.

Red said, "You've been true to your word and so shall I be true to my promise. The dragon started to repeat these words in a soothingly, rumbling voice: Think pink...think pink...think pink..."

To the eyes of the travellers, the red and white dragons seemed to move sideways of their own accord without moving their feet. They smoothly merged, red on white and white on red, until pink replaced these two contrasting colors. Then the spinning began: round and round and round and round...all eyes closed to stop the nausea and other discomforts before they grew too strong to control.

Then the spinning stopped.

The grassy park was now a grassy hill overlooking the Eternal City of Roma. Their opening eyes beheld the Appian Way leading to the city streets lined with insulae. In the distance the walls of the Coliseum rose majestically. The Senate building glittered in the bright sun of the day.

Civis, Jayhawk, Incon and the others stared at the City then at each other. The same thought occurred to each one of them at the same time. All stood up and deliberately walked over to the barrel of poppy-steeped wine standing on the hilltop, upright and tapped, from which had come many a glass to be drunk. Four pairs of hands shoved the barrel on its side. More hands gave the barrel a hard push. Down the hill rolled the barrel spewing wine all along its tumbling path. It found a boulder at the bottom of the hill and crashed into it shattering itself unrecoverably. The wine drained away into the ground.

Civis looked at Jayhawk, "Bad vintage," he said.

Jayhawk said in response, "Undeniably. Think pink, indeed."

With that, they all walked back to their respective homes in Roma...and led by Incon, Tusky did too.

Civis Romanus


Tim The Great
posted 10-05-99 08:30 ET (US)     142 / 142       
Clapping, yelling, screaming, going wild.

I do believe this was beter than Story Time 1. I did actully read the whole 201 post story. But this was the best by far! Hummm, When ever Havvened to Story Time 2?

Well anyway, THIS IS THE BEST!



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