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Topic Subject:The search for the scarab ring - story thread
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Civis Romanus
posted 03-05-00 15:10 ET (US)         
All interested story writers are welcome to join in! This is a new story thread intended to be a sequel to "In The Court of Tut-Ankh-Amun." You may want to read this story in The Senet House to understand the direction of this sequel.


STYLE: Adventure with humorous passages.

TONE: Dramatic, interspersed with humor.

CONSTRUCTION: Short or long entries.

SETTING: Initially, Ancient Rome. Primarily, Egypt, 1920's (circa May 1922)

CHARACTERS: (Added and updated as the story progresses)
Civis Romanus: Military Commander of the Legions of Ancient Rome. Adventurer, Swordsman. Alias: Roberto, Count di Civis, a noble with estates in Lomardia, near Bergamo.
Jayhawk: Seraph (angel) with god-like powers. Alias: Jason Hawke, a scholar living in Rome, across from Castello di Angeli.
Howard Carter: Archaeologist
Lord Carnarvon: Earl of Carnarvon, philanthropist.
Imhotep: Royal Physician who supplied poison that killed Tut-Ankh-Amun. Undead through the power of the scarab ring. Seeks revenge on Akhensenamen.
Gustavia: Friend of Civis and Jayhawk. Works with her 'Uncle' Howard Carter in this era.
Ramesses: Descendant of a famous ancient Egyptian.
MRed: Friend of Gustavia, Civis and Jayhawk; Aviatrix w/Fokker biplane in this era.
Seti: Friend of Ramesses.
Ankhensenamen: Former Queen/Sister of Tut-Ankh-Amun. Rescued from Ancient Egypt into the time of Pax Romana by Titanicus and others. Factoid: Unlike many other queens of Egypt, her mummy and burial site has never been found.
Nephisis: Consort of Ramesses



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Civis Romanus
posted 03-05-00 15:49 ET (US)     1 / 150       
"Really, Jayhawk, I'm quite contented to stay my own world and time. Here I have my villa and Apolita. Why would I want to take this long journey into another world and time I don't know or understand," protested Civis Romanus.

Civis toyed with his goblet of poppy-steeped wine. He looked up only briefly, for the Roman did not want to make much eye contact with the immortal seraph seated at the table near him. Civis knew Jayhawk very well and knew eye contact with the angel would lead to an unnerving glance into his own soul.

"Because a young lady of our mutual acquaintence is in danger of losing her happiness and her freedom and at some point, even possibly her life," replied Jayhawk.

"By the gods, Jayhawk." Don't you ever fight fair?! You know my weakness for the fair sex, especially when one is in danger. I have Apolita to care for. I can't go running off, leaving her behind, every time some woman is in trouble...who is it anyway?"


"Akhensenamen?! How...from what or whom?!"


"Jayhawk, he's dead! How can she be in danger from a mummy?"

"Because, Civis, he is not dead. The scarab ring he wore to his grave kept his spirit safe within his mummified body. The ring is very powerful in the wrong hands and Imhotep is the wrong person to possess the ring."

"How could that affect any of us today. You say the problem is in the distant future. We'll be long gone before that's a problem. My duties are to Caesar in the here and now!" argued the Roman.

"The ring has the power to bend and traverse time. If we don't stop Imhotep, Akhensenamen will not be his only victim. Caesar will be struck down as well. In the age we will visit, Imhotep has not yet discovered how to use the ring for time travel, although he knows it has the power. We must obtain the ring before he learns the secret."

Civis fell silent considering Jayhawk's arguments. He knew his first duty was to Caesar and the empire. This time, Civis had no counter. It was his duty to protect both. "Alright Jayhawk, you win. What do I do next?"

"Some simple preparations. Consider your legions..."

"Not an issue. Caius Menginus will take care of that." answered Civis immediately.

"Good. You need clothes, weapons, supplies..."

"I have my sword!"

"Civis, you have a lot to learn about the age we are visiting. Apolita has everything you need laid out in your quarters. She's waiting for you."

"She knew all of the time why you were here?" said a surprised Civis.

"Of course," replied the angel. "Your agreeing to come saved you from getting a piece of her mind."

Civis contemplated the possibility and inwardly agreed he made the right decision on his own, albeit reluctantly.

posted 03-05-00 15:56 ET (US)     2 / 150       
Eminence Grise
posted 03-05-00 17:00 ET (US)     3 / 150       
Somewhat later...

Jayhawk was standing in the middle of the room looking at Civis. The Roman was looking rather uncomfortable. Apolita handed him his (new) favourite sword.
"Don't worry Civis, you look great"

Civis grunted.
Wearing no clothing was not what he was used to. This was okay for visiting the thermea, but for travel? Jayhawk looked as comfortable as always, partially wrapped in sable feathers, his skin a bronze tan.
"Ready, Civis?" the angel asked.
"Oh, well...whatever...."

Softly the angel started chanting. Syllables rolled liquidly of his tongue and the air started to get a glassy feeling. Civis' hair started to crawl back up the nape of his neck. A green taste enveloped him while the sounds took on a acrid glow. The walls faded out and then back into view.

Civis decided he felt ill.

"Where are we?"
"In the same old catacomb beneath the thermea. Here, put on these clothes."
Jayhawk threw him a bundle of strange looking clothes.
"What are these barbarian leggings?"
"Trousers, every one wears them." the angel replied as he slipped his dinner jacket.
"Here, let me help you with the tie"
"Now remember, you are Count di Civis, your friends will call you Roberto. With this bracelet you will be able to speak the language. It's a bit like Latin, but not enough for comfort. Your estates are up in Lomardia, near Bergamo."
Jayhawk straightened Civis tie.
"I am known as Jason Hawke, so refrain from calling me angel, please. The locals know me as a scholar, living just across the Castello di Angeli.
"As ready as I'll ever be..." Civis muttered.

Together the man and the angel climbed the dusty staircase and walked into the lights of the Eternal City.

Reckless Rodent
HG Halo Alumnus
(id: Angel Reckless Rodent)
posted 03-05-00 17:33 ET (US)     4 / 150       

Both Civis and the angel started slightly at the noise, their eyes still adjusting to the sunlight that shone down upon Rome on this sunny May morning. As their vision became clearer, they saw a man standing in a doorway, holding a newspaper.

"Yes, what do you want?" asked Civis, surprised at how this strange language tripped off his tongue.

"You look like a fine gentleman with a taste for adventure, correct?" said the stranger. "If so, then I have something that you might be interested in. Take a look at this." He held the newspaper out for inspection.

Jayhawk read the headline. As he did so, he noticed something strange about the date on the newspaper. It seemed to be 10 months in advance of the date he was expecting. For a moment, he panicked quietly, worried that his spell had gone wrong, but soon regained his composure. He carried on reading, as if nothing had happened.

"Interesting news, eh?" said the stranger. "And they thought the Valley of the Kings was bare of archaeology after so many years of searching."

"Yes, very interesting," replied Jayhawk. "Why did you bring this to our attention?"

"Oh, I thought you might be interested," said the man. "And it looks like I was right."

With that, he stepped out of the doorway which had been keeping his face in the dark throughout the conversation. There was something familiar about his features, but neither Civis nor Jayhawk could quite make out what it was.

"Come on, let me take you to somewhere more private," said the stranger.

"Will you at least tell us who you are?" asked Civis.

"You'll find out soon enough your lordship," answered the stranger.

With Civis wondering how the man knew he was a member of the nobility, he and Jayhawk followed the man through the streets of Rome to an unknown destination...

posted 03-05-00 17:49 ET (US)     5 / 150       
With Civis and Jayhawk wondering were they were going the stranger came to a stop."This is were you need to be someone has summond you." Civis and Jayhawk didn't know where they were. They examined there surrondings. Jayhawk wisphered to Civis, "I grew up in this place it is a bad part of Rome." Jayhawk knew who had summond them it was a mysterious man. No one had really seen him but they knew he was a magician. They entered the door and there stood the magician. He introduced himself,"I am the wise wizard Seti.""Ihave summond you here because I understand you need help." "Civis said,"why do you think we need help?" "Well i have been searching with my magic and realized that you need help with my worst enemy Imhotep."Civis and Jayhawk thought we need to see if this guy is really what he says he is.
posted 03-05-00 17:50 ET (US)     6 / 150       
Civis followed behind "Jason Hawkes" and the stranger thru the dark alleys. It felt familiar, as he knew Rome and its surrounding areas so well, but it felt different. There was much too much light, for one thing, for night-time. He glanced at the glittering globes on the sides of the buildings. Odd, he thought, there are drinking goblets covering up the lampwicks...

Ahead of him, Jayhawk and the stranger were deep in conversation as they made their way thru the city. Civis glanced at the scroll Jayhawk had handed him. The magic bracelet must only work on the spoken language, as Civis couldnt figure out what all the strange text actually said. But how in the world did they get pictures to show up on the scroll? Deciding this must be a very valuable artifact, Civis folded it carefully and placed it in a pocket of his new leggings.. uh.. trousers and hurried to catch up with Jayhawk and the mysterious stranger.

Cherub Gustavia
Gustavia's Garden ~ Pharaoh Heaven

posted 03-05-00 18:56 ET (US)     7 / 150       
Whose story are we going to follow?
I say we just consider Gustavia's to be before Seti's

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posted 03-05-00 20:50 ET (US)     8 / 150       
Shackman, I started all this crap in C3 Heaven in the old story thread. While the caravan had one route, King Ramesses, Nephisis, (and Seti, who was brought into the plots of most stories by me!) were on another, kind of like a meanwhile...
In Egypt, Ramesside II, stood before Seti just hours ago. He hadnt come back, so he asked Seti's son, Si-En-Nefer, who also had magical powers, to lead him to Seti. When hearing about Imhotep, hate came to mind. His father, who actually died, partly of a curse made by Imhotep, at his last hours, killed Ramesside I. Ramesside, heard of the Romans, who his father had saved. He thought, REVENGE WILL BE MINE, FATHER!

-I came up here to build a bridge, not fight a war!

posted 03-05-00 22:08 ET (US)     9 / 150       
Shackman, since Seti and I were only a minute apart, I think that's a good idea. Mine was just filler stuff, it didnt advance the plot..

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Eminence Grise
posted 03-06-00 08:08 ET (US)     10 / 150       
Just a reminder.
We are in Rome, 1920-ish. Not in the age of the Pax Romana as the previous stories. There are no kings in Egypt. Magic is basically something for people like Houdini No-one is aware, as yet, of Imhotep's undead state.
Oh, this angel did not grow up in Rome...and most definitely not in the Twentieth century.
Thank you

Jayhawk looked at the small magician.
"I think we had better leave. The smell in this place offends my sensibilities."
"Wait!" "Seti" shouted.
"I've poured over many an ancient manuscript. I've read the entrails of birds. Something is about to happen and I want that power! I want it ALL!"
Vile smoke billowed from the brazier and Civis was starting to feel decidedly sick.

At the sound of Jayhawk's voice the windows flew open and a small storm blew the smoke apart. A cage filled with birds fell over, broke and it's live contents fled through those same windows.
"Know well, magician, that to interfere here is beyond your power. Beyond your imagination.
Be careful not to loose what little humanity you have left."
He took Civis by the arm and turned away.

The air outside was fresh, compared to the musty air in the room they'd just left. However, it was filled with strange noises of engines and horns, people passed on bicycles, which had Civis wondering how they'd stay upright.
His eyes filled with wonder he followed his friend.

Jayhawk hailed a taxi.
"The Aerodrome, per favore."

A while later a stunned Civis followed the angel aboard a luxurious carriage, slung underneath a large white, shuttle shaped, balloon.
"Don't worry, Civis, you'll be flying, but a lot more comfortable than the last time."

They found a small table at the window and while the angel ordered Champagne. Civis watched as the earth slowly and softly moved away.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Civis Romanus
posted 03-06-00 11:28 ET (US)     11 / 150       
Conversations abounded among the passengers on what did Jayhawk call it? Oh, yes, dirigible. The latest fashion rage in America (where or what is that?) silent images on the wall called 'movies' and, oh yes, an argument between two men over the good and bad of someone named Mussolini. Civis gathered he was some young official with great ambitions or influence. Where there's people and government, thought Civis, some things never change.

He sipped his champagne cautiously. Odd beverage. Very much like wine but bubbles endlessly. A very nervous brew. Don't they have poppy-steeped wine in this age?

Most unnerving of all were those noisy chariots without draft animals. They spewed more exhaust than would a horse on bad oats. His heart was in his throat the entire trip to the aerodrome and he felt nearly deaf from the racket coming from the beast under the metal at the front of the...the...yes, automobile Jayhawk called it.

The one thing that gave him some comfort as he drained the last of the champagne from his glass, was the knowledge that deep within his small bundle of clothes in the, what is that word, uh...suitcase, yes, suitcase; his favorite sword lay wrapped for protection in a few items of extra clothing.

Then, without much further thought and only very little conversation with Jayhawk, Civis lay back in his seat and let sleep take the place of consciousness. His confused mind was immensely grateful.

Reckless Rodent
HG Halo Alumnus
(id: Angel Reckless Rodent)
posted 03-06-00 13:50 ET (US)     12 / 150       
The airship captain sat back in his chair, pleased at another well-executed take-off. The only trouble with these things, he thought, is that they're too darn boring to fly. All you do is point them in the right direction, and there they go...

The following day dawned beautifully bright, with hardly a cloud in the sky. As the captain entered the cockpit to relieve the night crew from their duties, he noticed a very strange and noisome smell in the air. He tapped the night captain on the shoulder to alert him to his presence, and noticed that the skin on his shoulder was less firm than one might have expected.

"Ok, you're relieved, off you go. Well done." said the captain. His nighttime compatriot turned to face the captain, and the latter immediately noticed the scarf covering most of his face. He could just make out what he assumed were his eyes, hidden in the gap between scarf and hat. These were no ordinary eyeballs though, they seemed to pierce right into the captain's soul with tales of horror compiled through the centuries. The night captain nodded and walked out of the cockpit. As he watched him go, the first officer, standing behind the captain throughout the episode, could have sworn that the departing gntleman had a slight limp, though was doing his best to conceal the fact.

"Geez," said the captain. "It smells like something's died in here. Put on the fans, will you?"

Interesting choice of words, thought the departing relief captain. Very interesting choice of words indeed...

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the airship, Civis and Jayhawk were conversing over a light breakfast...

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Time had taken its tole on Ramesside II (a.k.a. Ramesses II)He had just met Seti, after a arguement of the past, but Seti kept saying that wasnt him!But Ramesses knew it was different, but he felt, like there was something strange going on, and traveled to Egypt, where Civis and Jayhawk, had just landed. He talked to the men, hoping that they rembered, and a faint memory remained in Jayhawk's mind, but none of this boy, a Ramesses, remained in his memory. Ramesses last words were " When somebody finds Imhotep, awaken me, and i shall bring him to his place" not knowing what that ment they spent days thinking, but alas no answer.
"Seti, come over here!" yelled Ramesses II.
"What do you want now?" answered Seti...

-I came up here to build a bridge, not fight a war!

Civis Romanus
posted 03-06-00 16:18 ET (US)     14 / 150       
Civis carefully put down his fork. This miniature hay tosser is a remarkable invention, he thought. Saves me from having to use my knife for everything. Romans would benefit from its use. They'll need training and practice. Good thing I had Jayhawk to show me or I would have appeared very strange to these people. Not that I don't feel very strange anyway...

"Jay," began Civis remembering the angel's alias. "There is something I must ask you regarding Roma, I mean Rome."

"What is that, Roberto?" said Jayhawk looking up at his companion.

"All of the structures of my time as I remember them are gone or in ruins in Rome. What happened to the Empire?"

"I'm not sure its best for you to know. Sometimes the future can be very painful and dismaying," replied Jayhawk.

"Tell me, please. You know I won't rest until you do."

"Very well," sighed the angel. "Many hundreds of years after your time barbarians will overwhelm the Empire in the West. The buildings will fall into disrepair and much of the knowledge will be lost for awhile. Eventually, the knowledge will be regained and new knowledge added and the Empire of Rome will once again be well known in the world, although it will not become an empire as in the past. Its republic will become a model in part for many governments to follow."

"But what of Caesar?" asked Civis.

"Somewhere in the world there will always rise a "caesar" some being initially benevolent and kind, but often and inevitably becomming cruel and oppressive. The Caesar of Rome will pass with the passing of the Empire."

Civis said nothing more for awhile as he contemplated Jayhawk's words. He's right, thought Civis, sometimes it's best if one doesn't know the future too well. The Roman resolved then and there to stop his inquiries for the rest of their mission.

His decision was timely for a moving figure wearing a scarf now entered the dining area of the gondula catching his attention. "One of the ship's officers I presume. Strange he would be wearing a scarf," observed Civis with a nod of his head.

Jayhawk turned around in time to see the man with a scarf halt in midstride and stare right at them. His eyes were unworldly sharp and penetrating. Jayhawk knew right away, this was no ship's officer.

Eminence Grise
posted 03-06-00 16:33 ET (US)     15 / 150       
The angel blinked and the figure with the scarf was gone. Jayhawk looked at Civis.
"Where did he go?"
"I don't know..."
"we'd better be careful."

A few hours later.

"Look, Civis."
Jayhawk pointed down towards the shore of Egypt that just floated into view. The Delta was an emerald triangle, filled witha thousand shades of green and blue. The water of the Mediterranean a darker blue broken by the pale, silty discharge of the mighty Nile.
The desert formed a sienna and ochre backgroud that faded into the distance.
"Alexandria. A few more hours and we'll be in Cairo."
"What's Cairo?" Civis asked.
"Cairo, or Al Quhira, is the capital of Egypt."
"That sounds Arabic."
"It is, the Arabs rule most of the Levant and North Africa."
"How strange, " Civis replied.

Reckless Rodent
HG Halo Alumnus
(id: Angel Reckless Rodent)
posted 03-06-00 16:40 ET (US)     16 / 150       
The captain clicked on his radio. "Calling New Jersey, calling New Jersey, come in New Jersey."

The answer came back in a strange language he'd never heard before. One of the ship's crew, an Egyptian chap by the name of Hasan al-Sharawi, spoke up and said, "That's Egyptian, sir. We're not in New Jersey."

The captain was momentarily flustered, but quickly realised that something had gone horribly wrong with the ship's course. There had only been 2 people flying the ship, him and the night captain...

2 hours later, the airship made something of a bumpy landing in the desert outside Cairo. Civis and Jayhawk (whose italian perhaps wasn't as good as he had thought, since he'd inadvertantly taken the wrong airship) left the carriage and made their way by taxi to the centre of town, hoping to find a good restaurant somewhere.

Meanwhile, the captain was in his cabin, pacing back and forth. There was a knock on the door.


The night captain entered the room, closing the door behind him. "You called for me, sir," he said, in a rasping vioce that somehow raised the hairs on the back of the captain's neck.

"Yes, I did, and I am not impressed. Why on earth are we here in Egypt, many miles from New Jersey? There are businessmen here who need to be in New York right now, and where are they? In perishing Egypt. What do you have to say for yourself...and would you please have a wash?"

The other man didn't answer immediately, but stared directly into the captain's eyes. The captain began to sweat slightly, and the hairs on the back of his neck were raised even further. He shuddered slightly.

Finally, the other man spoke. When he spoke, it was a voice quite unlike anything he had ever heard before. It sounded like the sands blowing across the desert, and was as harsh as one could possible imagine.

"I have...a date...with destiny. New...Jersey...was not...home. I must...leave now..."

"No, you're not going anywhere," said the captain, in spite of feeling that it would be better to keep stumm.

Hasan Al-Sharawi was conversing with an airport official when he heard the bloodcurdling scream. Immediately, he and the offical raced to the captain's cabin, where the scream had originated. As they got there, a pungent smell became increasingly evident in the air. As the rounded the corner, they just caught sight of a man with a limp racing out of the cabin, around the corner and out of sight.

Upon entering the cabin, they found the dead body of the captain, the face contorted by utter terror. There was a small trickle of blood running from the captain's right temple onto the carpet...

Meanwhile, Civis and Jayhawk had found a comfortable restaurant, and were sitting discussing their next move...

posted 03-06-00 16:54 ET (US)     17 / 150       
Seti and Ramesside II, were walking when they heard the scream. Thye rushed in after a couple minutes, just enough to witness the horror before them. Ramesside had remember what his father had told him, "If the one known as Imhotep,should ever arise, it is your duty to slay the beast! But he is invulnerable to mortal weapons, you must find the immortal weapon, one that is sealed with me!" These, wern't actually spoken to him, but read aloud, just hours after his fathers death. He had known that his father would have to be awakened, if Imhotep was to become the undead.
"Seti, what do you know about the Valley of Pharaohs?" asked Ramesses.
" Legend says, that a man named Ramesside I, the god who saved Romans, and Egyptians alike, dwells there, for all eternity!" said Seti.
"Yes, i know, but isnt it near Waset?" asked Ramesses.
"Waset, I am Egyptian, but that word isnt familiar." said Seti.
"Waset, is now called Thebes!" said Ramesses.
The boy ran, and the magician came too, but the creature wasnt found, he walked alone,another day he walked, the more he had supremecy over Ramesses, if the angel survived, Ramesses could win, but it was too easy to get to Ramesses' fathers tomb, it was done, and too easy, but Ramesses was never told about just how big his fathers tomb was!

-I came up here to build a bridge, not fight a war!

posted 03-06-00 18:21 ET (US)     18 / 150       
It was most pleasant on the terrace of the Hotel Shepheard. The sounds of Egypt were all about them.. the clattering of rolling carts, braying of donkeys and bellowing of camels filled the air. The scents of jasmine and roses were carried as well on the soft breeze.

"Jay.. umm. Jason, where do...." Civis began.

He was interuppted by a loud commotion on the steps of the hotel. A large cart had pulled up, men were unloading boxes and cartons and setting them on the ground. The hotel doorman was directing traffic around the obstacles, but not having much success. In the midst of all this turmoil was a small woman, dressed in kakhi clothing and wearing a huge hat swathed in a filmy fabric. She turned toward the terrace and held her hand up to sheild her eyes from the blinding sun... and let out a stupendous squeal.

Angel Jayhawk!

"Jason Hawke" quickly vaulted the railing of the terrace, muttering "... oh, no, there goes my cover..." and hurried quickly to her side. Civis sat dumbfounded at the table.

"Gustavia, my dear, Jason Hawkes, at your service," Jay said with emphasis. "And whatever are you doing in Cairo?"

Gustavia recovered her poise. She had played these games before; obviously there was more going on than she was going to know about right now. All in good time, she thought.

"Why, Jason.. so good to see you again. You must introduce me to your.. er, friend." she said as she glanced at Civis and winked.

"I am here for summer vacation to help my Uncle Howard Carter. Have you heard of him? He is just world famous, the most famous archelogist ever, and he is trying to get an expedition together to look for King Tut's Tomb."

Cherub Gustavia
Gustavia's Garden ~ Pharaoh Heaven

posted 03-06-00 20:25 ET (US)     19 / 150       
When they entered, Seti yelled a Anchient Egyptian spell "Ra-In-sooth-incartua-en ra-koo-ek" suddenly a low groan came from a room. Seti, had found out when entering, that indeed he was bestowed the power of his ancestor, who was actually him, but with his memory restored, he could navigate the sacred temple. "Amun-Ra Amun-Day, Amun Ra lights the day" said a familiar voice.There stared a man, with eyes that looked like pits of fire, his voice sounded like that of Seth himself.Black clothing covered this being, but Seti and Ramesses weren't fooled.Seti chanted a spell, " Ramesses, lend me your spirit, awake the soldiers of Osiris, and fight this evil being, IMHOTEP!" yelled Seti.
At this the tomb shuddered, chants came to life, and soldiers marched forward. "Na-Kooshka-Imhotep" yelled the commander, and soon Imhotep ran, the soldiers, thosuands of years old, were as nimble as hawk. Then, Seti looked over his friends coffin, and his wife, and it looked like a tear forming in Ramesses eyes, but nothing happened.
Back in town, roumers spread of an evil monster...

The official snack food of Ramesses and Seti819: Tobasco Sauce Cheeze-its!

Civis Romanus
posted 03-06-00 21:07 ET (US)     20 / 150       
"Gustavia, why don't you check into the hotel and join us for a little supper," invited Jason (Jayhawk). "I'll speak to Count di Civis who I'm sure won't object (Jayhawk drilled a look into Gustavia's eyes which registered immediately) and arrange for a setting for you at our table."

Gustavia looked highly pleased with the invitation, "Oh Jason, how nice of you. Always the perfect gentleman; just like an angel to a woman newly arrived in a strange city."

Jayhawk winced involuntarily. "Till later then," he said and walked back to the terrace.

"You didn't arrange this rendevous with Gustavia did you?" asked Civis.

"No, I certainly did not. But it's not such a bad thing. She's made it a little easier to make contact with an important person I planned to meet all along, Howard Carter.

"Who's Howard Carter?" asked Civis. Jayhawk described the man and his background and the archaeologist's purpose in being in Egypt - to find Tut's Tomb. It was important they become part of his expedition as cover for their plan to find Imhotep's grave in the Valley of the Kings, explained Jayhawk. Civis nodded in understanding.

Supper was an entertaining affair in the hotel's crowded restaurant. Gustavia appeared elegant and refreshed, ready for an evening meal. Pleasantries were exchanged as she made the acquaintence of the Count di Civis. A few barely suppressed giggles at Civis' expense ensued, then supper was served. Dancers entertained the diners. Well satiated with drinks, dinner and camaraderie, the trio retired to a quiet corner of the lounge to speak without being heard.

"...and that's the situation, Gustavia," concluded Jayhawk. Gustavia sat quietly considering what she heard. " you think we can succeed at this?"

"We have to, Gustavia. The alternative is unacceptable."

"All right, both of you bide your time for the next few days while I meet with Howard and arrange things. I'll leave you a message about time and place for your meeting with him. Now stay out of trouble until then, okay." She purposely glanced at Civis when she said this.

"Whaaat! I'm not going to do anything foolish. Don't look at me like that," protested Civis. Gustavia smiled, as did Jayhawk.

The morning of the next day found Jason and the Count at the Cairo bazaar, sightseeing, shopping and totally unaware they were being spied upon and stalked...

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posted 03-06-00 23:40 ET (US)     21 / 150       
As they wandered through the bazaar, they walked by a large brown bricked building. Looking in the window, they spied a familiar figure sitting at a table. Stopping for a moment, they looked closer, and realized that a friend of theirs, MRed, was sitting behind an enormous stack of books, glaring steadily at them while frantically searching through the many pockets on the pants she wore.......

They heard a screech come from the window, and looking closer at MRed, they saw a triumphant look come over her face, and from her pocket she drew a small metal box.....

"Heh, heh," she laughed....."This darn math will be a sight easier on the brain once I have had an herbal or two....."

She looked around the room, and spotted her friends on the other side of the glass..............


Eminence Grise
posted 03-07-00 04:01 ET (US)     22 / 150       
Meanwhile in a teahouse somewhere in the Khan al-Khalili
Jayhawk put down his cup of mint tea and looked at the burly Arab in front of him.
"It is will be hard, my friend. I can arrange transport for you on the train to Luxor, but that is the best I can do. However, you will have the assitent of my cousin Mohamet."
"I appreciate the effort Ekhmet, your help has always been valuable."
The angel adjusted the tie on his white silk suit and put on his hat. He shook hands with Ekhmet and 'Jason Hawke' left the tea house.

Three turns later of the narrow winding roads later he saw his friends talking to a familiar figure.
"MRed" he looked upwards and flashed a quick smile to the Faiths.
The lady in question was wearing an oilstained flight jacket, boots and a pair of aviator goggles was perched on her forhead. When she spotted the angel she blew out a great cloud of herbal scented smoke.
"Jay, Gustavia told me you were here. How's life been treating you?"
"Fine, just fine, but tell me you wouldn't have a way to transport us and our equipment to Luxor would you?"
"Oh, I've got this old banged up Fokker ready at the aerodrome. I need to tweak the engines a bit, but she should do."
She paused...
"Luxor, wonderful, that would give me a chance to restock.
When are we leaving?"
"We've a meeting tonight, at the Raffles. You're welcome to come,'d have to change into something more...lady-like. We're meeting nobility."
"Nobility?" Gustavia asked.
"Lord Carnarvon will be at the dinner too."

Reckless Rodent
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(id: Angel Reckless Rodent)
posted 03-07-00 04:50 ET (US)     23 / 150       
Just outside Cairo, in a small village, a figure entered entered his hut, slammed the door, and leaned against it to catch his breath.

Damn, thought the figure, why did that have to happen? You've managed to go for a few millenia without killing anyone, and you decide to start now. Typical...

His eyes fell across a newspaper that had been placed on the table beside the collection of straw and rags that passed for a bed. He immediately noticed the headline - "Rumours of new finds in the Valley of the Kings prompts Carter and Carnarvon to keep digging". He grabbed the paper and read the article, cursing quietly under his breath. As he was about to cast the paper down onto the floor, he noticed another, much smaller article, detailing a banquet taking place in Cairo with Lord Carnarvon in attendance that night.

Imhotep pondered for a brief moment, and then looked down at the ring on one of his fingers. He closed his eyes, and was surrounded by a small tornado of sand and dust. When it cleared, the garb of the airship captain was gone, replaced by that of a waiter...

Back in Cairo, Jayhawk, Civis and the crew were taking the opportunity to take a look around before the banquet...

posted 03-07-00 11:06 ET (US)     24 / 150       
"Ladylike???!!!" exclaimed MRed......

"How on earth can I carry all the things I need in one of those things that the women around here seem to be wearing?" she demanded of the angel.

"There isn't a pocket to be had on those things." She continued to fume about the style of clothing that she would have to wear that night.

Gustavia looked at her with a big grin on her face.."MRed, dear, look at the women around us. All of them are shopping, and not ONE of them is wearing pants......"

MRed looked around her, and with her careful perusal of the women in the bazaar, a wonderful smile came over her face..."Where do I get something like that?" she asked.

Gustavia smiled and nodded. "Come with me, my dear, and we will find you all the pockets you can possibly want, along with an appropriate outfit for the banquet."

MRed and Gustavia said goodbye to their companions and hurried off, intent on the building with the words "Emporium" written on the lintel above the store......


Civis Romanus
posted 03-07-00 11:44 ET (US)     25 / 150       
"Well, Jay, there they go. I think no stall seller's price is safe once those two get into it," said Civis. Jayhawk chuckled. He knew just how persistent Gustavia and MRed could be. The bazaar collectively will never know what hit it once those two dived in.

"Now a new question, Mr. Hawke," continued Civis. "Why has that man back there been following us all morning?" Jayhawk's eyes opened a little wider, but the angel had the presence of mind not to turn and look.

"I hadn't noticed him. Been busy talking with Gustavia and now MRed," replied the angel.

"Okay Jay, just follow me." Civis led the angel down one of the narrow streets of the bazaar area and into a shaded alley between two nearby buildings. The man followed and cautiously approached the alley into which the pair had turned...but not cautiously enough.

A well-muscled arm connected to the frame of a strongly built man of medium heighth grabbed the man by his coat and hauled him around the corner and into the alley. Then two arms slammed him against the wall as two fiercely blue eyes drilled into his. "Who are you and why are you following us?" said Civis through clenched teeth.

"I...I...I mean you no harm," stammered the frightened young man. " name is Seti. I have no weapon. Please...please, let me talk to you." Civis quickly frisked the man and then let loose of his coat. The man rubbed the back of his head where it had struck the wall.

"Talk, then," said Civis.

"You are here to meet with Carter, the archaeologist? Yes?"

Civis declined to acknowledge that fact. "Go on," was all he said.

"I have information about the Valley which may be of interest to you. There is danger there."

"What danger?" asked Jayhawk.

"Evil ancient soldiers controlled by something of even greater evil."

"How do you know this?" asked Civis.

"Because I brought the soldiers back to life and then He took control. Now they are all lost to me and serve Him."

"What danger is there to us?"

Seti hesitated before answering. "They guard something in the Valley. Those who try to disturb it will die. Carter must be told."

Civis looked at Jayhawk. They understood, but the larger question was...what to do with Seti?

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