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Topic Subject:The search for the scarab ring - story thread
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Civis Romanus
posted 03-05-00 15:10 ET (US)         
All interested story writers are welcome to join in! This is a new story thread intended to be a sequel to "In The Court of Tut-Ankh-Amun." You may want to read this story in The Senet House to understand the direction of this sequel.


STYLE: Adventure with humorous passages.

TONE: Dramatic, interspersed with humor.

CONSTRUCTION: Short or long entries.

SETTING: Initially, Ancient Rome. Primarily, Egypt, 1920's (circa May 1922)

CHARACTERS: (Added and updated as the story progresses)
Civis Romanus: Military Commander of the Legions of Ancient Rome. Adventurer, Swordsman. Alias: Roberto, Count di Civis, a noble with estates in Lomardia, near Bergamo.
Jayhawk: Seraph (angel) with god-like powers. Alias: Jason Hawke, a scholar living in Rome, across from Castello di Angeli.
Howard Carter: Archaeologist
Lord Carnarvon: Earl of Carnarvon, philanthropist.
Imhotep: Royal Physician who supplied poison that killed Tut-Ankh-Amun. Undead through the power of the scarab ring. Seeks revenge on Akhensenamen.
Gustavia: Friend of Civis and Jayhawk. Works with her 'Uncle' Howard Carter in this era.
Ramesses: Descendant of a famous ancient Egyptian.
MRed: Friend of Gustavia, Civis and Jayhawk; Aviatrix w/Fokker biplane in this era.
Seti: Friend of Ramesses.
Ankhensenamen: Former Queen/Sister of Tut-Ankh-Amun. Rescued from Ancient Egypt into the time of Pax Romana by Titanicus and others. Factoid: Unlike many other queens of Egypt, her mummy and burial site has never been found.
Nephisis: Consort of Ramesses



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posted 03-18-00 23:37 ET (US)     101 / 150       
What will happen to our fearless travelers? They have braved a storm, a plane crash, and countless other mishaps.....Keep your eyes on this channel for the next installment......


Civis Romanus
posted 03-19-00 18:14 ET (US)     102 / 150       
Multiple footsteps interrupted conversation and reverie as Civis led Ramesses, Nephisis and Seti into the area of the camp occupied by Jayhawk and the others. MRed put out her herbal and came over to see what all of the commotion was about.

Jayhawk took in stride the appearance of Ramesses and the others. He had been expecting it for quite some time. "You are not surprised to see me?", inquired Ramesses.

"No, not any of you. Angels talk, Ramesses. Your presence was known even as you fled the Valley earlier this week. I have been expecting you."

"Then you already know where Imhotep's tomb is located and you don't need us to show you, do you."

"I only know where it could be and that you would help us find it. So in a sense I know...through you."

"Angels..." muttered Civis under his breath. His thought continued silently. Minds like onions. Peel back one layer and there's another one waiting for you to deal with.
"We follow Ramesses in the morning, right?" Everyone agreed. "Good, now I'll get some sleep and see you then." With that Civis strode off into the night and to his tent.

Eminence Grise
posted 03-20-00 10:16 ET (US)     103 / 150       
Midnight in the Valley of Kings.

Jayhawk walks out of his tent into the chill of the night. A small shiver runs up his spine as he hears a pack of dogs howl at the full moon. His eyes cloud as he wraps his arms around him for a second then he looks into the Valley.

"What is it?" a soft voice sounds behind him.
"I don't know...something is about to happen."
Gustavia puts her hand on her friend's shoulder.
"Are you worried?"
"No...I don't think so..."

The distant dogs cry out once more as an eerie coloured light seems to seep out of the far reaches of the Valley. Like a green coloured fog it floats up towards the sky and briefly hides the moon.
Then it is gone.

The sound of the howling dogs changes to ferocious yapping and comes rapidly closer. The angel takes a step forward to towards the sound as a dark shape comes rushing towards them, closely followed by a pack of dogs.
A move from Gustavia's hands causes the dogs to freeze in their track and slink back into the darkness.
His wings sweep out as he opens his arms and catches the girl that comes running out of the valley. Small fists hit his chest until the girl looks up. Dark hair tangles over her face, splotches of kohl, mark her eyes.
She gasps.
"Lord Jayhawk!" she stammers.
Then she wraps her arms around him and starts crying.

"Jayhawk?" Gustavia asks her friend as he folds his arms around the crying figure.
"Hush, Ankhensenamen, hush child." she hears him whisper.

Civis Romanus
posted 03-20-00 16:21 ET (US)     104 / 150       
Now calmed by soothing words from Jayhawk and spirits from a bottle the angel pulled from one of his bags, Ankhensenamen told Gustavia and Jayhawk her story.

She and Meri-isis, one of her servants in the time of Tut-Ankh-Amun, were drawing water from the villa's well when they detected a foul odor in the air and a presence behind them. A man with a scarf around his face and a limp in his walk along with six decrepit ancient Egyptian warriors were standing there. "Seize her," the scarfed man said. The warriors grabbed Ankhensenamen. She struggled and struggled but there were too many. Meri-isis tried to free her, but one of the warriors hit her so hard she toppled backwards and fell into the well. Ankhensenamen doubted she could survive the fall. Jayhawk said nothing. He knew she did not.

"And Jayhawk, the man with the scarf... It was Imhotep! The next thing I knew we were standing in this Valley. His scarf was gone... It was Imhotep who had found me and brought me here. He told his warriors to let me go. He walked towards me... His face, it looked like Imhotep, but it was horrible. I screamed and hit him, and hit him again. His face, parts of it came off in my hands. I screamed again and then I ran. And well... You were the next person I saw. I'm sorry I hit you."

"No harm to me, Ankhensenamen. You are safe now." Jayhawk wished he could believe his own words, but he knew more dangers lay ahead for Ankhensenamen and the others.

Civis Romanus
posted 03-21-00 15:53 ET (US)     105 / 150       
In the morning, Civis joined them. "Ankhensenamen! How did you get here?" She retold the story as she told it to Jayhawk. Ramesses, Nephisis and Seti then appeared in their camp. "Ankhensenamen, has your Ka been enjoined like ours?"

She answered honestly. No, she was transferred to safety through time, remember? Just like they were before Ramesses became Governor of Aegyptus. Oh, yes he remembered now. So much time had passed, some memories were dimmer than others.

MRed, Gustavia, Jayhawk, Civis, Ramesses, Nephisis, Seti and Ankhensenamen made their way to the area thought to be the location of Imhotep's tomb. Most reluctant of all was Ankhensenamen. The former Queen of Egypt wanted nothing to do with Imhotep.

"Don't you see, Milady," said Jayhawk (who still viewed her as a child and a queen) "If you stay with us for protection, Imhotep will not attempt time travel. You are his one and only target right now."

Civis wondered out loud. "Jayhawk, when did Imhotep discover time travel?" The tomb hasn't been opened yet.

"Sometime in the future it will be and that is when Imhotep will discover the symbol. He apparently attempted from the future to find her in the past and almost succeeded. It means she will not be under his control in the future, at least for awhile. This is a good sign for Ankhensenamen."

The implications of time travel whirled about in Civis' head until they became more headache than thought. He ceased to think about it further at that point. "What's that...

A stationary dust whirl formed in front of them and engulfed them almost immediately. They found themselves in a carved out chamber either in a mountain or below ground, more likely below ground. Doorways led in all directions. The scent of "old" and "decay" was in the air. "I think we found Imhotep's realm," said Gustavia.

posted 03-22-00 02:34 ET (US)     106 / 150       
Cough, cough......Aaaaaah........chooooooo! The entire group started to cough and sneeze from the dust cloud that had followed them..

Looking around, they noticed an eerie glow coming from just down a corridor to the left. After looking at each other for a few long moments, MRed stated the obvious..

"I really DON'T think that we should take a chance on splitting up.....You men to the outside, and the women will stay to the middle."

The small group huddled together, and slowly started in the direction of the glow. Small puffs of dust rose around them, and slight strange fluttering noises began to be heard.....

MRed looked behind her at Angel Gustavia, who was the last of the women in the line, and to her left at Angel Jayhawk. She saw that both angels had unfurled their wings, and were holding them outstretched, as if to enfold the group within the circle......

Angel Gustavia looked at MRed, and said, "Don't worry, those who aren't supposed to know about us cannot see the wings, thanks to the special potion that you made for us. I am so glad that it works this well. Our wings are fully functional, just invisible to those who don't see."

MRed breathed a sigh of relief, as the secret of the angels continued to be safe. She wasn't worried about the safety of the group, as she knew that all of them were fierce fighters, and none of them would hesitate to jump into the fray, given the slightest provocation...... She also noted that all of the men with weapons had them at the ready, and Civis's sword gleamed faintly in the glow before them.

They came to a slight bend in the corridor, and were about the take the first step around the corner, when suddenly.................


posted 03-23-00 08:33 ET (US)     107 / 150       
"IMHOTEP" yelled Ramesses.
" Sooooo, young one, you have found my tomb, congratulations, now... I kill you!" said Imhotep.
" Not if I'm around!" said Jayhawk.
" So, you have friends, the wimp comes with helpers!" chuckled Imhotep.
At this, Ramesses wiped out his golden sword and charged. He plunged the sword into Imhotep. Alas, ntohing happened when Ramesses pulled out the sword. No coughing, no pain at all. Then he remembered something, and he called over Seti.
" Seti, you know how to send a 3,000 year old curse back to the underworld... right?" said Ramesses.
" Ummmm, it will take awhile, i did that back in Waset, 3,000 years ago, but that curse wasn't as powerful, and it will take a lot of time!" said Seti.
" Oh, you two, always thinking amongst yourselves, you must combind your powers with everybody's powers!" said Nephisis.
" When you speak Nephisis, you always know what to do!" said Ramesses
" and that is why you married me!" said Nephisis, looking at Ramesses romantic look.
" Alright, break it up you two lovebirds, we do have problems you know!" said Seti.
Soon Ramesses stepped over to Nephisis, gave her a peck on the cheek, and spoke. The wisdom of the ages rolled on, in a speech that could easily make him president of the United States.
" We have come to a brick wall, we don't know what to do! The only thing for us to do... is combind all of our powers, mine the power of a fierce anchient Egyptian sage/warrior, Seti's the power of Egypt's magic, Jayhawk's, the power of protection, Civis's, the power of Roma, Reckless Rodent's, the power of wisdom, Mred's, the power of mechanic things and strange herbs, and Nephisis's, the power of love! Last but not least, the underwater powers, Gustavia!" said Ramesses.
" Let's get this show on the road" muttered Jayhawk.

Ramesses, Caesar and Pharaoh of justice, prosperity, culture, and WOMEN!!!! Plus stories. Ramessu rules the twin kingdoms!

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posted 03-23-00 09:39 ET (US)     108 / 150       
At the sudden and most unexpected appearance of Imhotep, the little band of travelers moved back in the tunnel with apprehension and .. to escape that horrid smell that surrounded him.

"Dang, you would have thought we would have smelled a trap" Gustavia whispered to Mred.

Seti and Ramesses were working hard to conjure up some chants and magic. Nephisis moved slightly away from them to stand by Mred in the sheltering space of Gustavia's wings. Ankhensenamen began to tremble with fright. Jayhawk and Civis stood alert and looking for any opportunity.

Imhotep drew himself up full height in the cramped space. The glow got brighter as he moved closer to the interlopers.

"You come here seeking me? You think your puny charms and minor magic can kill me? Look what happened when you tried to slay me with that fancy sword... I am imortal, I am invincable and you will not get the best of me..."

His voice filled the air, the walls began to vibrate and hum. The very ground started to shake.

"This is my tomb. I have protected it for 3000 years and YOU WILL NOT DEFILE IT" he thundered.

With each word the ground beneath them shook. Cracks appeared, fissures and breaks, the remaining sections of the floor started to move. Angel Jayhawk was torn between watching Imhoptep and seeing plate techtonics in action.

Seti and Ramesses jumped nimbly toward Gustavia and the other women as their section started to tilt. Ramesses put his arm protectively around Nephisis, and held his golden sword pointed at Imhotep. Seti began to scream at Imhoptep.

"We have powers, too. I invoke the spirit of Egypt, the Land of Two Rivers..."

"ENOUGH OF YOUR USELESS WORDS," Imhotep proclamed and pointed at the group as if to mark them with his own brand of magic.

As the stone floor of the corridor continued to tilt and break up, Seti reached for Imhotep outstreached hand.... the decaying flesh and bandages fell away at his touch and on one bony finger was .... the prize that they were searching for.. the Sacred Ring of The Scarab...

Seti's grasp stopped inches from the ring, as the floor of the corridor fell down.... down.... down ... taking our travelers with it... but where? where were they going to land?

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posted 03-23-00 17:09 ET (US)     109 / 150       
As the small group fell, each one concentrating on holding onto another, MRed was thinking furiously.....

"Oh, yes!!!" she cried. Then she started digging into her canvas carrier, and pulled something out of it.

"Bonzai!!!!!" she yelled, and throwing what was in her hand down before them, she gazed past her feet with satisfaction....

"Don't be afraid, just let yourselves relax, ok?" She attempted to reassure the rest of the group falling with her.

The other women looked at her in puzzlement, and tried to follow her directions.

They all landed with a thump, and after they realized that they were unhurt, looked around them in wonder.

"How in the world?????......" Angel Gustavia looked at MRed, once again amazed at her friend.

The group had landed on a not so soft cushion, but a cushion nonetheless.

"Well," MRed said, "I saw this thing in the bazaar a few days before we came, and thought it might come in handy with the plane. Good thing it was small enough to fit into the pocket in my carrier."

She further explained that with the plug out that was dangling from her fingers, the cushion sort of inflated itself, and with the falling, it hadn't inflated quite as far as it should have. But it was some protection for them.

"She constantly amazes me with the things she finds, and the things that she thinks to bring with her." Angel Gustavia shook her head, and with that statement, stood up and brushed herself off. The rest of the group was quick to follow suit, and they stood watching as MRed took another small device out of her pocket and proceeded to deflate the cushion. Packing it up, she reinserted the plug, and reset the lever on it. Then she put it back in her pocket.

The women found themselves standing in a small room, barely lit from above with a faint light. MRed took out her flint and stone, and lit a small bundle of rags laying at her feet.

The sound of a gasp came from Ankhensenamen, and the other women turned to her.....A series of gasps came from the rest of the women, as they looked at....................


Civis Romanus
posted 03-23-00 21:57 ET (US)     110 / 150 infinitely long passageway that began in the room and seemed to extend forever. They gasped, for even as they had turned around in the dim light seeing the passageway for the first time, they also realized...the men were nowhere to be found.

Nephisis, Ankhensenamen, MRed and Gustavia looked at each other in shock. "They were right there just a moment ago as we were sliding down the ramp. Where could they have gone?" said Nephisis. None of them knew, for none of them saw where the men went or when they disappeared.

"Well this is one fine mess we've gotten ourselves into," observed MRed. She looked at Gustavia to see if the angel had any thoughts.


In another dark chamber Seti reached back into his memory for an ancient spell. He finally remembered the intonation, clapped his hands together and a dim flame appeared in mid air continuing to burn on its own. "So close, so close... I nearly had the ring! How could I have missed it. Fool, fool, fool..." He chided himself repeatedly until Jayhawk eased his embarrassment.

"You did well, Seti. A valiant effort. It just wasn't to be quite so soon. We will have another chance. Regardless, we have bigger problems."

"What's that?" asked Civis.

"No women," replied Jayhawk. In the dim light he could see only Civis, Ramesses and Seti. Nobody else. Civis swiveled his head looking around the chamber as well.

"Just great, now how'd they get lost?!" Civis said.

"That's assuming they're the one's who are lost and not us," observed Jayhawk. Civis shrugged his shoulders. The angel had a point as usual.

"I found an exit!" cried Ramesses. "This way!"

Jayhawk was about to cry out caution to the newly enjoined Egyptian, but was too late as the impetuous former Governor of Aegyptus rushed through the opening and into...

Eminence Grise
posted 03-24-00 04:59 ET (US)     111 / 150       
...and vanished into thin air.
"Help!" a tinny shout sounded from somewhere at the mouth of the corridor. The angel walked slowly to where the sound was coming from and stopped at the edge of a pit. The clay and reed covering had broken under the weight of the young Egyptian.

"Help?" Ramesses voice sounded from some 20 feet below the angels feet. As he looked down he could see the youngman hanging by his fingers from a small ledge inside the pit. The torch lay smoldering some 50 feet lower, the ruddy light glinting of the golden sword and reflecting in the polished skulls it lay on.

"Civis, " the angel asked, "hand me the rope, please?"
The Roman handed him the 30' coil of hemp rope and watched as Jayhawk slowly fed it to the pit.
"Grasp the rope, Ramesses, carefully. You don't want to join the previous visitors, now do you?"
"My sword," Ramesses yelled as he grabbed for the rope., "I lost my sword. I need to get it..."
"Forget about the sword, Ramesses. We only have this much rope."
"Can't you fly down there?" the young Egyptian asked as he climbed up over the edge.
"Where would I put my wings in that shaft?" the angel asked.
"Besides you saw what good it did to Imhotep the last time you tried to use it."
Ramesses threw him a sour look.

"I think we have a more urgent problem, how do we get accross this pit? Civis interrupted. He looked at the 8 foot wide corridor. The pit was some 12 feet in length. In it's depth the torch flickered fitfully.
"Very carefully," his friend replied.

Jayhawk turned back in to the room and lifted a pole form the ancient chariot that had broken their fall. He shook his head looking at the ruined artifact.
"Carter is going to be so disappointed when he finds this, " he mumbled.
He walked back to his friends and tested the left side of the fit. His probing touch met solid rock.
"See, there's a ledge on the side. If we are careful we can cross here."
Seti scambled along the ledge and safely reached the other side.
"That was easy," he grinned.
Jayhawk threw him the pole and said:
"Use this to probe the floor infront of you there might be more of these traps."
Seti caught it and slowly moved down the corridor.
Civis and Ramesses followed him.

The angel turned back and searched once more through the debris. He picked up a few small shabtis and pocketed them carefully. Then he followed his friends deeper into the labyrinth.

Civis Romanus
posted 03-24-00 11:29 ET (US)     112 / 150       
Seti positioned himself in front using the pole to probe the ground and walls as they walked through the corridors of the labyrinth. Civis looked down at the short Roman sword he carried at his side. Nicely formed and sharp but of little use now, he thought.

"I might as well have thrown this into the pit and saved myself the trouble of carrying it here," complained the Roman.

Jayhawk smiled. "Are you so sure it won't be needed?"

"Well, you said..."

"To Ramesses, yes. There was no hope of retrieving that weapon and I wanted to see him safely out of the pit. You see, Civis, he is enjoined and for him life is fragile. His Ka and physical self are only tentatively together by action of an ancient spell. He is not truly here as we are, physically transported through time. The same is true for Nephisis, but in her mind I sense she truly understands that. Ramesses is too full of renewed vigor and hasn't given his true state of being much consideration. My friend, they are good allies, but bear significant vulnerabilities, as does Seti. It is good you have your sword and your skill for it will be needed before this quest is over. These are some of the reasons I sought your help."

"Some?" puzzled Civis.

Jayhawk smiled once more. "Yes, some." And said no more.
Civis continued walking alongside the angel, pondering their conversation. Always mysterious, this unique being. Well, maybe that's why I'm such a soft touch for a quest of this kind when he comes calling. It's the mystery.

His thoughts were interrupted by a cry from Seti. "Stop!" called out the long time friend of Ramesses. "There is danger here! Openings in the wall on both sides...and there are sounds!"

posted 03-24-00 22:37 ET (US)     113 / 150       
Gustavia, being the wise angel she is, pondered for a moment, and then said,

"I think we should very slowly attempt to make our way down this corridor. But I think that we should stay together, and MRed should go first."

"ME????? Why ME???" MRed said, looking extremely puzzled.

"Because, dear, YOU are the bravest one of us, and heaven only knows what you have in that bag of yours that will keep us all safe. Besides, you are the one who saved us before, and you have the best logical mind of us all. Not to mention that you are always the calmest one." Gustavia gave her reasons with all of the rest of the women nodding in agreement.

"Oh......Ok. I guess you might be right about all that. Let's see what I have in my bag that could help us get out of here."

MRed set the bag down at her feet, and in moments was busily pulling things out of pockets and giving them to the members of the group. She had a compass, a short javelin, a large bundle of rags on a stick, a jar of water, and some herbals, which she gave to the grateful women. They all lit the herbals, and after smoking them, felt ready to face whatever lay beyond the light of the torch.

"Onward, ladies!" MRed gave each of them an encouraging look, and smiling, set off down the corridor........


Civis Romanus
posted 03-25-00 01:03 ET (US)     114 / 150       
Something brushed against Gustavia's face and arms. "What is that!" she called out.

"Webs," replied MRed in the lead.

Something else squished underfoot. "What gross things are these I'm stepping on?!" loudly complained Ankhensenamen.

"Worms," answered MRed once again.

Something squeaked along the edges of the corridor. "Do you hear those things?!" said Nephisis.

"Rats," answered MRed matter of factly.

Something fluttered by and above the four women. "Did you see that," they said to each other.

"BATS!!! RUN FOR IT LADIES!!! cried out MRed. And they all screamed dashing pell mell down the corridor until...

posted 03-25-00 09:18 ET (US)     115 / 150       
MRed, who was looking over her shoulder to make sure that the rest of the group was still with her, crashed abruptly into a wall, bringing the rest of the women crashing into her, one after the other..........

"OOOOOOOOF!" cried MRed...

"Hey! Why did everybody stop?" Gustavia, who was bringing up the rear, yelled.

"mnmnnnnnnghpphhs!" mumbled MRed.

"What?" Gustavia said.

"I said, if this wall hadn't been here, I wouldn't have stopped. But I guess it is a good thing that the wall was here, cause you guys can't see what I see..........."

Meanwhile, back with the men.........


posted 03-25-00 10:45 ET (US)     116 / 150       
The men heard moans, coming from both sides.
" How come we always find the bad things Seti?" said Ramesses.
As the men pondered what to do, an idea popped into Jayhawk's mind, "If Ramesses could have summoned soldiers in his tomb, if those are Imhotep's, maybe he could..."
At that moment, a scream came.
" Sounds like... women!" said Ramesses.
" But which side, as far as we know, that could be Imhotep, or his soldiers, stabbing our women!" said Seti.
" Boys, we need to think positive okay, if only we can test something, maybe we will know!" said Civis.
" Ohhhh, Seti, hand me that little ring i gave you before the seige of Aegyptus!" said Ramesses.
" Alright, i never really found out what it did! I thought it was just a momento, because you passed away just weeks later!" said Seti.
" Give him the ring already!" said Jayhawk.
Ramesses received the ring, and put it on his finger. The ring, was one of partial invincablity, Ramesses could only be killed by a special spell, which hopefully Imhotep didn't know.
Ramesses muddered a spell, " Shitia-enkhept-sunama" he said, then the ring lit up, and there in front of the wall to the right, stood Nephisis.
" I always knew this ring was cool!" said Ramesses.
" We have to get the others, even with Gustavia, we cannot possibly hope to evade Imhotep! Ramesses, you now have the spell which can summon people anywhere, i suggest you use that power on Gustavia, Mred, and your... mother!" said Nephisis.
" Alright here it goes, "Shitia-enkhept-sunama-Mredhotep-Gustaviakhept!" yelled Ramesses.
" AAAAHHHHHHHH WHERE ARE WE NOW, PLEASE DON'T HURT US!" said Mred. Then she looked up, in front of her was Ramesses, Civis, Seti, and Jayhawk! She gasped, and said hello, and told of the things back into the wall.
" It is like a maze, one that is almost inpossible to get out of!" said Mred.
" So that is the place of the entrance to the afterlife!" said Seti. " When Egyptians died, they were embalmed, then their souls would travel to a pool, however, people who have been resurected..."
" Like me and Nephisis, and you!" said Ramesses.
" Can't remeber, and to think i haven't raised up my newest wife who died in 1 A.D.!" said Seti
" Cut the chaddar, boys, we have to get back to work!" said Jayhawk.
" Nephisis, follow me, we have to find Imhotep!" said Ramesses.
" But we have to follow the others!" said Ramesses.

Ramesses, Caesar and Pharaoh of justice, prosperity, culture, and WOMEN!!!! Plus stories. Ramessu rules the twin kingdoms!

Eminence Grise
posted 03-26-00 14:18 ET (US)     117 / 150       
I think you're Egyptian mythology is a bit off, Ramesses...but that can be adjusted.

Gustavia gave Jayhawk a quick hug.
"I'm glad you're with us again" she smiled.
"Don't be too happy, there's a few more things to come"the angel whispered.
He turned to Ankhensenamen,
"Are you alright, my lady?"
The Egyptian girl looked miserable, but nodded.

"There are stairs here, " Seti shouted.
"Up or down?, " Civis asked.
"Down, but there's no other way, but there seems to be light at the end."

Slowly they descended the staircase. The walls were covered thickly in hieroglyphic writing.
"Jayhawk?" Civis asked "What does the writing say?"
"They are passages from the Book of the Dead. Guiding the Dead through the afterlife."
Civis shivered and muttered.
"I had to ask, didn't I?"

The light grew brighter and after a while they reached a room with a barrel like ceiling, thickly covered in stars. The light came from a pit in the room, next to it stood a tall man shaped being, dressed in ancient Egyptian clothes. A pair of scales besides him carried what looked like a feather in the one scale. The other was currently empty. A soft moaning could be heard from the pit.

"Imhotep! Charge!"Ramesses yelled and ran towards the creature, waving the sword he'd taken form Nephesis above his head.
The angel closed his eyes and softly shook his head.

The creature at the other side of the room looked up, red eyes flashing. The black muzzle opened to reveal white canines and a blood red tongue.
"Hold" it's deep voice rolled through the room.
"You can't stop me!" Ramesses shouted, "Not while I carry this ring"
The eyes glowed an even deeper red and the ring on Ramesses finger briefly glowed and disappeared with a puff of smoke as the young man froze in his tracks.
"Stupid mortal" the creature hissed, "Challenge the gods he would. I'll tear your heart out of your body and will weigh your soul. The Devourer will be well fed this day, I think"

"Jayhawk?" GUstavia asked as the Jackal faced god of the Netherworld approached Ramesses.
"Hail Anubis" Jayhawk's voice sounded like bronze.
Anubis looked up.
"Hail Angel of the East. Don't tell me this impetuous mortal is one of yours?"
The god looked closer.
"He has been enjoined? Why do you commit this sin against Osiris, angel?"
"To counter an even greater thread, my lord. Damaged as this vessel is, I still need it to counter Imhotep. The priest has cheated you worse than this enjoined boy or his friends."

The god glowered.
"Imhotep!!" he screamed, howled at the stars on the sealing. Ankensenamen put her hands on her ears and hid her face. Even Gustavia shivered from the almost tangible venom dropping of that inhuman voice.
"Imhotep, lord. I have come to call for your help. Imhotep is loose in the Valley near Thebes. We plan to stop him, but we need the mortals to help us.
I ask your blessing for this man, Civis.
I ask your blessing for the Englishman Carter.
I ask you to withold your rights to these three young people until we bring Imhotep to justice."

The Messenger looked at the angel and his friends. Silence hung in the air as the god glowered.
"Step forward Civis"
The Roman took a hesitant step forward and then another and another until he faced the god. The Jackal seemed to grow taller than the room as it's voice rang out.
"Civis, of the Romans, though your people destroyed my country receive my blessing as it is given to the Englishman Carter."
He looked at the angel.
"Know that I will ask the life of one of your precious mortals for this blessing."
Jayhawk lowered his head.
"As you wish, my lord"
Gustavia gasped. Civis and MRed blanched.
"Now go!" the gods faces filled their vision and blackness followed.

The piercing lightof the midday sun struck them near blind. They were standing in the Valley of Kngs again.
Civis turned to Jayhawk
"What did he mean, with one of their souls is mine?"

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Jayhawk, i knew that, but just wanted to make it sound more important , but thanks for telling me, i forgot to add that!
Ramesses couldn't beleive it, obvoisly his fighting and spell tricks died with him! But the thing that scared Ramesses was, some person, who might have not really lived their whole life... could die. He, Nephisis, and Seti weren't afraid, as they would go back to the pleasent afterlife, then again, they would be tried again, and a tomb would be needed!
" Fellow mortals, don't worry now, none of you will lose your life. I will ask Anubis, to take me, instead of everyone!" said Ramesses, " As all of you, except Seti and Nephisis and I, hasn't lived one complete life, thus, you all deserve to go on!" ended Ramesses.
" Ramesses, we need a tomb, you know!" said Nephisis.
" I know, but I don't have enough power Nephisis, We are only givin a couple of months to be resurected, and our time is begining to come!" said Ramesses.

Ramesses, Caesar and Pharaoh of justice, prosperity, culture, and WOMEN!!!! Plus stories. Ramessu rules the twin kingdoms!

Civis Romanus
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"Ramesses," said Jayhawk. "I think you need not fear so much. Your Ka and that of Seti and Nephisis are already honored for your service to Amun-Ra. Merely continue to serve and all will be well. Your journey is far from over."

Ramesses replied at once. "Your words are very reassuring Angel, but I don't know which journey you are referring to."

"It doesn't matter the journey, only the road on which it is travelled," replied Jayhawk. Ramesses manifested a puzzled expression, as did the others, but quieted down feeling reassured nonetheless. Civis, walking beside him, glanced up at Jayhawk, rolled his eyes and mumbled something about seraph sayings contorting the minds of normal beings. Gustavia giggled. Then Civis turned serious once more.

"Jayhawk, Anubis said he would ask for one of the lives of your mortals for this blessing. I ask you once more, who is he referring to? There is MRed, Carter, Carnarvon, Ankhensenamen and me who are the mortals involved with this. Carter and Carnarvon don't really know why we are here. So who is it Anubis wants?"

Jayhawk stopped in his tracks and looked at his friend directly. "I am an angel, Civis. Anubis is a god. We have different powers and different realms, yet we are fundamentally equal. In this circumstance I have no advantage to share. I cannot foresee the actions of a god. My friend, I just don't know; and it troubles me deeply because I cannot prevent Anubis from exacting his price. He will decide in his own time and way. I am deeply sorry; but that is the truth of it."

Civis stood silently looking at the angel. Jayhawk had always been truthful to him, although the order in which he presented the truth was variable as the angel served his own purposes when speaking the truth. But if Jayhawk says he doesn't know, Civis knew it means exactly that. Finally he responded. "Jayhawk, I shall have no regrets." Then Civis turned and began the walk back to the camp, visible a short ways away.

Eminence Grise
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As they reached the camp they were met by a worried Carnarvon.
"I dare say, where have you been? I've been looking all over the Valley for you."
"We got sidetracked, uncle" Gustavia answered.
"Jayhawk took us to see Hatshepsut's complex and we just forgot about the time."
Civis nodded when Carnarvon looked at him.
The Earl shook his head and said:
"Well, anyone care for a nice cup of Earl Grey then?"
"I'd love some" Jayhawk and Gustavia chimed at the same time, then burst out giggling.

In the shade of a pale khaki tarpaulin, Carter sat talking to Engelbach, the Archeology Inspector.
"Ah, there you are. May I introduce you to Mr Englebach?"
Carter quickly performed the introductions and continued.
"I want to go in."

Meanwhile an Egyptian boy served them tea.

Civis Romanus
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It was considered best if Ankhensenamen, Nephisis, Ramesses and Seti remained behind in the second camp between Carter's camp and the site of Imhotep's tomb. Civis saw to it that they were comfortable then returned to Carter's camp. Late but not absent for long, Civis joined Carnarvon, Carter, Jayhawk, MRed and Gustavia just in time for the Egyptian boy to return with another pot of hot water and a lidded bowl of tea leaves.

As always, the midafternoon English ceremony of tea proceeded along its well defined protocol. Egypt being an English possession had learned it well. In these waning days of the great Empire of Britain this tradition continued unabated even as the superstructure of British colonial rule was crumbling under the pressure of reawakening nationalism.

"So Jason," said Carter. "Do you see any reason why we should not proceed with the final opening?"

"There is the curse. The workers may not be too eager to risk its punishment."

"Nonsense, man! You and I know the curse was placed there to discourage robbers. We, sir, are not robbers. We wish to catalog the treasure of ages past and preserve them for ours and all future generations. What we shall do will frustrate the robbers. Curse indeed! I did not take you for a superstitious person, Mr. Hawke, but for a learned person."

Howard Carter was notorious for his tendency towards insensitivity interpersonally in his communication. Despite his seraph's cache of patience, even Jayhawk felt somewhat stung by this rebuke. But before he could answer, the more polished Carnarvon interjected his comments. "Come, come, Howard. I doubt Mr. Hawke is suffering from superstitious fears. After all, he was there with you and me when we broke the primary seal on which the inscription was placed. Whatever curse there is would fall on him as well as you or I, what? Take a sip of your tea and let it help you see things for what they are. Right-O, there's a good chap!"

Civis found the beverage interesting (nothing like it in the Empire) and the conversation frightening. They are considered "modern" but they know so little. How could so much learning have become so lost to these so-called advance civilizations?

An unexpected thought crept into his mind from an unknown source: 'Because the Empire of the Romans in the end was a failure, destroying all that was good in civilizations it conquered. It died by succumbing to its own excesses. Its excessive greed for dominance caused the loss of important knowledge; my country's wonderful Great Library for one.' He looked around to see from where or whom the thought originated, but saw no unusual person in particular except the Egyptian boy who brought the pot of hot water and tea leaves. Carnarvon had just dismissed him. The boy turned about and limped back to the canteen to receive his next assignment.

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Eminence Grise
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"Mr Carter?" a voice sounded.
"Ah, Effendi, old chap" Carter stood and greated the neatly dressed Egyptian.
"I would like to introduce you all to Mr. Ibrahim Effendi, of the Department of Antiquities."
Carter made the introductions and continued.
"Now we are all here, we can go into the tomb again. I'm dying to get to all that treasure."
Jayhawk flinched at the choice of words.

A short while later they were inside the corridor again. Carter removed the grating and entered the tomb, followed by Carnarvon. In the harsh light of the electirc lamp objects of many shapes and sizes glittered and shone. The clutter was unbelievable.
"I don't think we're the first here" Carnarvon remarked.
"I agree, " Carter replied
"Do you think it's a cache or have we actually found the tomb?"
"I don't know. We still have that other doorway, though."
They carefully manouvered themselves through the the room full of objects over-turned and broken fragments lying upon the floor towards the SW corner of the room, where the found another room.
Even greater confusion prevailed here, the very stones that blocked the entrance, forced in when the breach was made, were lying helter-skelter upon the objects on the floor crushed by their weight. It was full of one mass of furniture. An utter confusion of beds, chairs, boxes, alabaster and faience vases, statuettes, cases of peculiar form, and every sort of thing overturned and searched for valuables. The remaining portions of the plaster covering the blocking of this doorway bore similar seal-impressions as on the other doorways.

"There's no sign of a mummy anywhere."
"We still have that sealed doorway between the two guardian statues of the King." Carter replied.
They examined the plaster and seal-impressions upon the closed doorway. They were of many types of seals, all bearing the insignia of the King. In the bottom part of the blocking a small breach had once been made, large enough to allow of a small man to pass through, but it had been carefully reclosed, plastered and sealed.
"It been entered"
"by thieves!"
"Who knows?"
"But someone has made ingress."
"I do think we've found a royal tomb, though."

With that remark, Carter and Carnarvon climbed back towards the entrance of the tomb.
"It's jolly wonderful!" Carnarvon remarked.
"I think we have to show it to the world at large" Effendi said.
"I'll invite some people over for tomorrow." Engelbach told them as they walked up the stairs again.

"That leaves us with either tonight or tomorrow night" Jayhawk whispered to Civis as the followed the small group out into the evening sun...

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Civis Romanus
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"Tonight," whispered back Civis. "It must be tonight."

A very short time later...

Jayhawk and Civis were sitting in one of the few shaded areas in the valley considering their plan for the evening.
"Forgive me for what I am about to suggest, but I have an idea on how to distract Imhotep away from the tomb of the King," began Civis.

"What is that?"

"The key is Ankhensenamen. Imhotep is so obsessesed with her that if she were, forgive the phrase, "bait", I suspect we could hold his attention indefinitely if he thought he could possess her. We could possibly lure him into a trap or better yet have him lead us to his inner sanctum."

"We would have to have Ankhensenamen's agreement. I feel any other approach would be unconscionable," replied Jayhawk.

"Yes, I agree. Think about it, though. We have to make him come to us. The only other way is to try to single him out in or around Tut's tomb. Too risky...and the advantage belongs to him. I see no other way than to confront him in his own lair, but not the way we did before."


"One last troubling thing, Jayhawk. Remember how Ankhensenamen got here. Imhotep captured her in the past and brought her here to this time, then she escaped. At some point Imhotep will gain the secret of time travel. That is, unless we can change the past...or is it the future?"


Then Civis ceased talking to give his seraph friend some quiet in which to think. Nearby were MRed and Gustavia. They walked over as the angel was pondering Civis' suggestion. They quietly sat down so as not to disturb the the thought or the conversation. Patiently they waited their chance to hear and contribute to the plan.

Ladies: we need you!

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.. I am thinking...
Civis Romanus
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One workman swept the rubble away, the other continued chipping at the sealed doorway Howard Carter suspected led to Tut-Ankh-Amun's burial chamber. Just as quickly as Carter recognized that the next stroke of mallet on chisel would open the chamber, he ordered the workmen to stop. He took the tools in his own hand, placed the chisel on the sealed wall and struck it one time.

Whooooooosh........ Air trapped in the room for thousands of years escaped at last by rushing through the small opening made by Carter and his chisel. It was a cool, dank, dusty odor that was carried on the escaping air and circulated through the chamber and passageways of the tomb.

Jayhawk was there as were Gustavia, MRed, Civis and Ankhensenamen. Jayhawk introduced her as his student. Carter and Carnarvon paid little attention to the young woman as they were primarily absorbed by the scheduled opening of the suspected burial chamber. Ankhensenamen knew they were correct. In her mind it had only been a short time since she was last there. But it all looked so different now. Time, she understood...yes, time had done this.

Ankhensenamen had refused to enter Imhotep's lair until and unless she saw her former husband's mummy. She demanded to know it was intact and safe, thus guaranteeing his access to and succesful journey in the afterlife. Ankhensenamen would cooperate with the plan, but only under this condition. Jayhawk and Civis had no choice but to agree.

Meanwhile, section by section, parts of the sealed wall were being removed. Soon they would have unrestricted access to the burial chamber, sarcophagus and treasure of the boy-Pharaoh Tut-Ankh-Amun. The risk that Imhotep would learn time travel was great and growing.

One of the excavation workers using mallet and chisel removed his scarf, placed across his face to ward off dust, and wiped his brow. The other excavation worker kept on working, scarf in place on his face to filter out the dust.

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