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Topic Subject:The search for the scarab ring - story thread
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Civis Romanus
posted 03-05-00 15:10 ET (US)         
All interested story writers are welcome to join in! This is a new story thread intended to be a sequel to "In The Court of Tut-Ankh-Amun." You may want to read this story in The Senet House to understand the direction of this sequel.


STYLE: Adventure with humorous passages.

TONE: Dramatic, interspersed with humor.

CONSTRUCTION: Short or long entries.

SETTING: Initially, Ancient Rome. Primarily, Egypt, 1920's (circa May 1922)

CHARACTERS: (Added and updated as the story progresses)
Civis Romanus: Military Commander of the Legions of Ancient Rome. Adventurer, Swordsman. Alias: Roberto, Count di Civis, a noble with estates in Lomardia, near Bergamo.
Jayhawk: Seraph (angel) with god-like powers. Alias: Jason Hawke, a scholar living in Rome, across from Castello di Angeli.
Howard Carter: Archaeologist
Lord Carnarvon: Earl of Carnarvon, philanthropist.
Imhotep: Royal Physician who supplied poison that killed Tut-Ankh-Amun. Undead through the power of the scarab ring. Seeks revenge on Akhensenamen.
Gustavia: Friend of Civis and Jayhawk. Works with her 'Uncle' Howard Carter in this era.
Ramesses: Descendant of a famous ancient Egyptian.
MRed: Friend of Gustavia, Civis and Jayhawk; Aviatrix w/Fokker biplane in this era.
Seti: Friend of Ramesses.
Ankhensenamen: Former Queen/Sister of Tut-Ankh-Amun. Rescued from Ancient Egypt into the time of Pax Romana by Titanicus and others. Factoid: Unlike many other queens of Egypt, her mummy and burial site has never been found.
Nephisis: Consort of Ramesses



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posted 03-08-00 17:21 ET (US)     51 / 150       
Gustavia felt lightheaded and kind of dazed by memories of the night before. Or was it a dream? Ah.. well, time enough to think on that later, there was work to be done.

"Uncle Howard." she began. "Now, I know you are upset about the loss of your car, but Jones is fine and that is what counts. We will just order a new one."

Howard Carter could not be convinced that this was just another quirky accident. So many strange things had been happening lately one would almost think this was an ill-fated expedition. The car was just one of a long list of strange incidences. Even before coming to Egypt, Howard had awoken to find the room reeking of a strange, pungent odor. And of course, those dung beetles. Who could have mailed him a package like that? There was no return address on the box, and at the time, he had just turned them over to the University Entmologyst. Even before the car incident, Howard was uneasy. His clothes kept disappearing. That scarf that dear Gwyndolyn had given him for his birthday last year, just gone. Not to mention all the difficulties in getting the proper equipment to Egypt for the dig. Just an amazing coincidence that two boats would sink on the way?

"Well, my dear.. maybe we should just pack up and go back home. I can write another book this summer, I guess"

Gustavia sat beside her favorite Uncle on the divan. She took both his hands in hers.

"Oh, Uncle Howard. I can understand your concerns. We are all here to help you, and nothing bad is going to happen. But think of the treasures you are surely to find. And I just know the Kroeber Anthropological Society will want you to be president next year, if you are successful here."

Howard looked at his neice and smiled.

"Ah, yes.. of course. What am I thinking of? With those two fine young men, Jason Hawkes and that Italian fella.. Count de what-cha-ma-callit, and .. you think we could convince that fine figure of a woman Marlynn to come along? Why, you are right...what bad could happen...? Let's get this show to moving to Luxor!"


posted 03-08-00 21:44 ET (US)     52 / 150       
Alright, here i go. I would like y'all to reconsider my resignation. I was pretty dumb, and didnt think, before i acted, and to see my full apology go to " I owe a big apology" and see it in there!

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Civis Romanus
posted 03-09-00 00:46 ET (US)     53 / 150       
Ramesses: What resignation? I don't remember seeing any resignation. All I remember is an Egyptian youngster named Ramesses who is trying to warn Carter and Carnavon about Pharaoh's Curse. Let's see what actually happened when he tried.


Ramesses looked more closely at the faces of the two men. They seemed to look like Carter and the English least they looked like the pictures he saw in the newspaper. Yet, something was wrong. The features on their faces wouldn't stay still. Cheeks moved, chins twitched, and they had almost no eyebrows. And their eyes...yes, their eyes...their eyes were dull and black with almost no whites at all.

The more he stared, the more alarmed Ramesses became. Suddenly the man Ramesses thought was Carter began to rock on his feet. Then the other man did the same. Without warning both men fell to the ground. The skin on their faces ruptured and dung beetles swarmed out of the broken places, down their bodies and into the sand. The bodies collapsed within themselves until all that was left was shreds of cloth, a few bones and dust being carried away on the desert wind.

Ramesses looked in horror at the words on the stone entrance to Tut-Ankh-Amun's tomb. "Is this your work, Pharaoh?" he said out loud in the direction of the tomb. "Is this the result of your curse? You have frightened me even as I have come to protect you. Why have you done this to me?"

But a voice that seemed to be everywhere, yet nowhere, gently, softly sounded in his head. "Ramesses, you are very brave and mean well but you are very young and have much to learn. Very much like the ancient one for whom you were named. Those men were not what they seemed. They were tools of Imhotep. Now go, for the Valley is full of his tools. It is not safe for you. Go to Luxor, Ramesses. Go to Luxor." Then the voice faded from his mind.

"Pharaoh was that you?" called out Ramesses. No answer. "Tut-Ankh-Amun," he called out once more. Still no answer. I must do what I'm told, he thought. I must go to Luxor. And so he did.

On a small cloud above the Valley a hamster-like being was sitting with his eyes closed and his wings spread. "Yes, Jayhawk, he is on his way. He heard your voice and is leaving the valley. "Yes, Jayhawk, he will be okay very soon. Yes, safe in Luxor like you wanted. Good trip, Seraph." ARR then opened his eyes and prepared to move his cloud a little distance away. Just far enough so that Ramesses couldn't possibly notice, yet close enough to be sure the young boy was safe.

Meanwhile, the barely paved road between Cairo and Luxor passed bumpily beneath the vehicle carrying MRed, Gustavia, Civis, Carnarvon, Jayhawk and Carter. Civis noticed Jayhawk's quietness and how he was sitting with his eyes closed. He knew angels didn't really sleep, so Civis presumed Jayhawk must be involved in something somewhere. The angel would tell him in good time what it was all about. That is, of course, if what was going on involved any of them or their quest.

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Eminence Grise
posted 03-09-00 04:36 ET (US)     54 / 150       
The car came to a bumpy halt on an unmarked airstrip just outside Cairo. The wreckage of a burned out car stood by the side of the road. Hairs raised on the angel's neck as he saw it.

He shrugged, that problem would solve itself, or would need a nudge or two. He'd long ago stopped being annoyed with not being able to do things directly and by himself. Actually, it wasa lot more fun working with the humans and help them solve their own problems. His smile met Gustavia's, her morreion eyes sparkling with inner light.

Jayhawk returned his attention to his friends and noted MRed was directing a crew of locals wearing dirt and oil-stained djellabayas carrying an enormous amount of luggage to the three engined Fokker. A mild apprehension filled him when he saw the somewhat rickety look of the plane, then he remembered MRed's near empathy with anything having an engine and relaxed.

The sun beat down on the airstrip as if trying to pound the people into the ground. Civis and the two Brits were standing in the shade a few datepalms offered. Carnarvon was watching the two angels in amazement.
"Aren't they burning up out there?"
He wiped the sweat of his forehead with a handkerchief.
Civis shook his head.
"Hawke has travelled wide and far, and always seems to fit in better than the locals. Guess it's part of his charm. I know Gustatvia is almost as widely travelled."
"Amazing? What country does he hail from?"
"He never told me and I never thought to ask...."

"Okay guys. Time to fly!"
MRed, dressed in khaki trousers and flightleathers walked up to the small group.
"Next stop Luxor"
She threw a wide smile at Cranarvon and walked to her plane.
"Amazing woman, " Carnarvon mumbled.
"You know here well?"
"Well enough to agree with you on the amazing bit, " Civis admitted.

They climbed aboard the waiting airplane. MRed slipped into the pilot's seat.
"Jay! care to navigate?"
"By all means"
The angel replied and sat down on the other seat in the cockpit. MRed flipped some switches and the engines roared to life. The plane turned towards the south picking up speed as it rolled along. Then with a bounce they were airborn.

posted 03-09-00 10:21 ET (US)     55 / 150       
MRed turned and looked at Jayhawk once the plane had reached its optimum flying height.

"Jayhawk, you have wings to fly, and now I have wings to fly........This is amazing! I just can't get over the fact that I know HOW to fly this thing, seeing as I never have done this before......Listen to the engines purr.......Reminds me of ole what's his name, the kitten we carted all over creation on a previous he was, and small......"

She settled happily back into her seat, caressing the controls lovingly...


Civis Romanus
posted 03-09-00 11:09 ET (US)     56 / 150       
Near one of the airfield hangers a man wearing faded overalls and a scarf over his face leaned against the exterior hanger wall watching the tri-motored aircraft claw its way into the sky. He looked down and opened his hands to view the oily engine bolts clutched there. A self-satisfied grin spread on the man's face under the scarf, the cloth hiding the foul condition of the man's teeth. The man silently closed his hands over the bolts and deftly tossed the bolts into a nearby patch of tallish grass. Having done this the man quickly turned and limped away.

In the air near Luxor...

MRed heard a noise. To her mind it wasn't the right kind of noise any engine should make. All three were making the same strange noise. Now she felt vibrations coming from the nose engine and the wing engines. The Fokker fusilage picked up the frequency and began to rattle and vibrate in unison with the misbehaving engines. Big trouble, thought MRed, BIG trouble.

"Jayhawk," she said to the Seraph co-pilot. "We have big trouble! See that the passengers are belted in then come back her right away. I don't know how long I can keep this thing airborne! The engines are going!"

Jayhawk thought one thought only...Imhotep!

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posted 03-09-00 15:24 ET (US)     57 / 150       
a little note to all, now when i say Ramesses, i mean Ramesses I, not Ramesses II! Thanks!

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posted 03-09-00 15:32 ET (US)     58 / 150       
The re-born Ramesses, decided, that he must leave. He was looking forward to Luxor, wondering what it looked like thousands of years later! He began to spin, and then a cloud of sand swept around him, moving faster than an airplane. This is the spell, which is learned exactly when someone is re-born into the next world. As he left, he knew, that he needed a companion. Thinking of Nephisis, his wife of old. He changed direction towards the Valley.
He ressurected her, her body was in perfect condition, unlike Ramesses' body had been. When he went towards Luxor, a man, traveling just like him, was seen.
"Reveil yourself to the great Ramesses!" said Ramesses
No answer, none at all. The figure stared inside his eyes. Thinking the being was alive, he was trying to kill him. But alas, Ramesses was actually dead, just re-born.
Soon he reached Luxor, with his friend Seti, and Ramesses' wife, Nephisis. And that was only the beginning...

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Caesar Ishaius
posted 03-09-00 16:00 ET (US)     59 / 150       
Civis, why do you write the names of the characters in the begining of this thread? It seems like you want only those people to take place in this story.

Ish, they are added as people join in. It's just meant as an easy way to see what is going on and who is who...

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Eminence Grise
posted 03-09-00 17:22 ET (US)     60 / 150       
By now the engines had come to a complete halt. The only sounds that could be heard were the whistling of the wind through the fuselage and the soft cursing from MRed as she struggled to keep the airplane horizontal.

Jayhawk had closed his eyes a look of concentration on his face, a crease had appeared between his eyes. Nobody noticed the little cloud that slipped underneath the airplane and started to slow it's decent. Gustavia looked at the angel who nodded.

A little later the plane came to a halt at the top of a rolling sand dune, Jayhawk climbed out of the plane and looked skywards, where a little cloud could be seen to move away.
"Thanks" the angel breathed.
"No problem" a small voice sounded in his head.

Carnarvon was staring at Jayhawk. He turned to Civis.
"A religious man, this Hawke?"
"You might say that, " Civis replied softly.

posted 03-09-00 19:50 ET (US)     61 / 150       
MRed climbed out of the cockpit, mumbling under her breath....Gustavia, standing nearby, heard snatches of her conversation, and gazed in awe at the inventiveness of her words.....

MRed turned and looked at Jayhawk, "I don't think that was any accident, do you? There is just NO way that ALL of the bolts from ALL of the engines would be loose and fall out...Ohhhhhhhh, if I ever get my hands on the slimeball who did this to my plane.........."

From the inside of the canvas carrier she dragged from the plane, MRed produced a bottle of clear, softly pink wine, and some glasses....."I think we need a soothing gulp or two, hmmmmm? " And from another part of the carrier came a small flat box, which she passed around the group. "I found someone who will roll smokes for me very cheaply, and he does a much better job with them than I do....."

The whole group settled into the shade of the plane, chatting softly and thinking about the next steps for them....

All of a sudden.....


Civis Romanus
posted 03-09-00 21:16 ET (US)     62 / 150       
A chest rattling choking cough split the quietude of desert as the Count Di Civis desperately exhaled the nerve calming smoke from the herbal he had accepted absentmindedly from MRed. The choking fit continued for a short while as Civis desperately fought for clear air to replace the smoke mingled air he was eliminating. Finally the spasms subsided and the Roman took a gulp of the pink stuff MRed had given him. It was smooth and tasteful and successful in calming his ravaged throat.

MRed shook her head. Civis has many talents both visible and hidden, she thought, but handling herbals was not one of them. Oh well. She leaned back continuing to puff on the herbal she lit moments before.

In the near distance a sound caught their attention. A truck! They leaped to their feet waving hats, coats anything they could to get the driver's attention. Soon the truck was close enough to see the driver's face.

"It's one of my foremen from the dig," cried out Carter. "We are very fortunate he is coming this way. Yes, he sees us. Let's get him to take us to Luxor. Get your luggage and follow me, please."

Less than an hour later the truck carrying the hapless passengers pulled up to entrance of one of the finer hotels in Luxor.

Eminence Grise
posted 03-10-00 08:03 ET (US)     63 / 150       
The Hotel, the Queen Victoria Palace, more commonly known as the Queen V, was located next to the Nile, a little North of the Great Temple of Amon. Jayhawk smilled as he got of the truck and beat the dust from his sand coloured silk suit. He straightend his tie and donned his hat. Then he gazed over the temple complex.

Gustavia walked over next to him as Carnarvon and Carter we organising rooms for them in the hotel. She took his hand in hers and asked softly.
"Incon, " he replied.
"Remember her stunt with those boots on wheels? I wonder what has become of her..."
"I'm sure she's alright, " his angel friend replied.
"You're bound to meet her again."
"A premonation, my dear Gustavia?"
"I don't know..."
They stood together a moment longer, a tall, darkhaired man and a slender young woman, both dressed in fashionable clothes.
She pulled his hand and Jayhawk followed her inside.

"So what next, " Civis asked them as they came into his suite of rooms.
"Nice rooms" answered the angel.
"Carter told me they were already your name. He got the impression they've been reserved for you permanently? It seems in the past months he's been here, noone was ever assigned these rooms."
Jayhawk smiled.
"I like the Queen V."
He took a glass of the counter and poured himself a generous measure of MacAllen.
"Can I get you anything?" he asked.
"Something refreshing, please." Gustavia replied.
"Have some karkadeh then, cold hibiscus flower tea."
"Scotch," MRed asked.

Jayhawk offered them their drink and with his glass in hand walked to the balcony, out in the mid-day heat. Looking out over the city he replied to Civis initial question.
"We should go to the Valley tomorrow morning"

Civis Romanus
posted 03-10-00 12:07 ET (US)     64 / 150       
Later that day...

Jayhawk had taken a refreshing shower, as had all of the others, to wash off the clinging dust and grit of the desert collected from the ride in the open bay truck. Yes, even angels needed a wash now and then when on earthly business.

He was walking down the hallway past Civis' room when his ear caught an untypical but not unfamiliar noise through the room's door...


The angel knocked on the door and it was answered straight away.

"Civis, may I come in?" The Roman's dour expression barely changed. "Of course, Jay. Come on in."

Civis said nothing more, walked over to a chair by a table, picked up a short bladed legionnaire's sword, an oilstone, and went back to work on the blade's edge.


"You're troubled, my friend," observed Jayhawk. Scrape...scrape...scrape...scrape... Civis stopped his labors and looked up. "I came here because you said Caesar, Rome and Akhensenamen were in danger. Unscrewing a bunch of Fokker engine bolts doesn't strike me as a great danger to anyone except victims like us in a winged chariot higher above the ground than a bird can fly. Where is Akhensenamen?!"

"Easy, my friend, easy. There is more you need to know and its time you were told."

Civis put his sword and oilstone down and gave his full attention to the angel.

"The scarab ring is powerful as I have said, but its power is dependent on two things. Since it was created of old by a human, it requires a human to wear the ring to unleash its power. Because it is Egyptian and ancient, it needs an ancient Egyptian to form in his or her mind the heiroglyphic symbol for the effect the ring is to produce. Then the ring can focus its power to create the ordered effect."

"Jay, what do ancient Egyptians know of time travel? You already said to me before this quest that even their mystics couldn't do it, unlike Titanicus in our time."

"That is still true," replied Jayhawk. "But we ourselves have made it possible for Imhotep to learn the secret. Remember our visit to the court of Pharaoh Tut-Ankh-Amun? Remember how they wondered who we were until we finally had to tell Pharaoh and his Queen the truth and explain how we appeared and disappeared almost at will and out of thin air (especially you, Jayhawk discretely left unsaid)."

"Yes, I remember," Civis agreed.

"Because of us, in Tut-Ankh-Amun's tomb as part of the depicted record of his life, a tradition of ancient Egyptians when entombing their kings, is painted a series of heiroglyphs describing our visit and one unique heiroglyph that depicts time travel. It exists nowhere else in the records of the era. Imhotep will recognize it when he sees it. After he sees it, the heiroglyph will be indelably recorded in his mind. It is then that Imhotep will be able to focus the ring and begin his plan of revenge through the paths of time. He will return to our time, find Akhensenamen and exact his revenge on her and others of us wherever he can find us or on any of our loved ones if he cannot find us in particular."

Civis' eyes opened wide, "Apolita!"

"Yes," said Jayhawk. "Apolita. I didn't want you to know beforehand because I feared you would somehow communicate this to her, accidentally, before we left. Now I think you completely see why we have selected this point in time and why we are here in Luxor near the Valley of the Kings."

"I do, my friend, I do...and thank you," replied Civis. Jayhawk rose to leave. Saying nothing more the angel left the Roman to his thoughts. He gently closed the door behind himself and listened. Shooossh....Sliiip! A sword slashed through the air and was slipped back into its scabbard.

Jayhawk smiled and walked down the hall to the stairway. Civis is ready, he thought to himself.

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posted 03-10-00 18:53 ET (US)     65 / 150       
MRed walked purposefully through the halls to Jayhawk's room, carrying her canvas carrier. She knocked on the door, and was admitted right away. Jayhawk and Gustavia were sitting there talking quietly.

"Ah, I was hoping I would find you both together. I come bearing gifts...." She took from her carrier 2 small bottles, and a handful of chamois cloths.
"This desert sun and the wind does awful things to wings, I am told, so here is a new supply of my finest wing conditioner. I know it is hard for you two to have to keep your wings folded up, and the dryness here must be killing both of you. Use this with my blessings, and let me know if you need more."

MRed smiled at her friends, knowing that the minute she left the room, the air would be filled with the swish of feathers..........

"By the way, Jayhawk, I managed to find a shop with some of the bolts I will need for the engines, and will be going out to airport to send them to my plane, and I have mounted a guard on the plane, using some slightly different types of guards...........Nobody, but nobody will mess with my plane again....."


posted 03-12-00 23:56 ET (US)     66 / 150       
MRed is sitting in her room, sorting and resorting the things in her carrier, mumbling to herself about bolts, herbals, and other assorted things, when, suddenly.........


Eminence Grise
posted 03-13-00 10:20 ET (US)     67 / 150       
thanks, MRed

A scream sounded from over the Nile, sending chills down the spine of whoever heard it. Even the lights in the room and the streets seemed to dim while the scream lasted and lasted...

MRed dropped her carrier as she shot upright and ran to the balcony. As she gazed towards the Valley of kings she saw Jayhawk and Gustavia appear on the balcony besided her.
"What was..." she started.
Jayhawk motioned her to silence.

From the location of the Vally of the Kings and eerie green mist shot with gold and yellow, curled up. Like a strange variety of the aurora borealis.

posted 03-13-00 10:59 ET (US)     68 / 150       
MRed, Jayhawk, and Gustavia stood looking out over the valley, when out of the mist came...............


Civis Romanus
posted 03-13-00 16:16 ET (US)     69 / 150       
...Civis Romanus dressed in his desert garb and carrying his short Roman sword belted to his right side and a revolver on his left hip. "Hey!" he called to the trio on the balcony. "Aren't you ready yet?! The truck's being warmed up and Carter and the Earl are ready to go.

"But we heard a scream!" yelled Gustavia from the balcony.

"Scream, what scream...Oh, that... It's awfully foggy by the Nile. I bumped into some girl carrying a jug. Bummed up my knee. Never saw her until she was right in front of me. I pulled my sword...instinct, you know...scared the poor girl out of her mind. She'll be alright...Anyways, I think she'll be alright. Aw, come on everyone, let's get going!"

With that, Civis limped into the mist.

The trio hurried to get their things together. "I thought we were leaving tomorrow morning," said MRed to Gustavia. The new angel shrugged her shoulders and continued her preparations for the trip to the Valley. Shortly afterwards, all three rushed through the lobby and out into the mist of the evening to meet with Carter, Carnarvon and Civis. As she was entering the lobby, MRed stopped just long enough to tell the nightclerk to have her helpers take the parts to the airport when they showed up the next day. She would be in the Valley of the Kings with Carter and Carnarvon.

Just then on an upper floor in the hotel the door to a room opened and out walked a man of firm muscular build and medium heighth dressed in sleeping clothes and a robe. He yawned once, then went down the hallway to obtain some ice from the ice chest at the hall's end. Having filled his container, he walked back to his room, put chipped ice in a glass of water, and drank most of it. Then he crawled into his bed, pulled the insect net about and around himself and went quickly to sleep. Long trip tomorrow, must get some rest were the last thoughts of the evening before sleep overtook Civis Romanus.

posted 03-13-00 18:52 ET (US)     70 / 150       
UH OH.....Our intrepid travelers have been had......and they don't know it yet......What will happen next to this group of trusting souls????? Stayed tuned........

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posted 03-13-00 19:32 ET (US)     71 / 150       
Mred, you make it sound like a tv show, we need more of that!

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posted 03-13-00 19:43 ET (US)     72 / 150       
Ramesses made a stop at the hotel. Though everbody there thought he was just a worker, making the feel of the expedition seem Egyptian, nobody really payed attantion! He now was on a quest, the monster, the plauge upon this Earth, was probably awakened. And it was his sworn duty to Amun-Ra to send this demon into the pits of hell!
Ramesses was quite the man. He was now in his early twentys (he had grown just a tad in the tomb) but still carried the mind of a boy. Who fought with his nation, to everlasting glory! Alas, most of the world had forgotten about the battles of old. Ramesses was kind of skinny, and carried a golden sword by his side (a tradition of most New-Kingdom kings) it was the same sword used in his charge, and the one he held, in death. The sword with ages of power, could slice through heavy metal, but was vulnerable to intense heat.
"Ramesses, i have a bad feeling about tomorrow!" said Nephisis, Ramesses old wife, who acomponied him into the field of Reeds.
" Why is that my dear?" said Ramesses
" I keep seeing our friends, then..." said Nephisis.
Soon a big thump was made. There appeared the creature, Imhotep was there. He spoke the words of Ramesses, and they knew each other well. Imhotep hated this man, who destroyed his tomb. Hey stood before Ramesses, mockingly staring, and looking deep into the eyes of Ramesses.
(translated from Egyptian) " So, we meet at last, the bold pharaoh, and the clever magician!" said Imhotep.
" Ahhh so it is you, eh Imhotep, so what do you do now? Cruise the streets, kill anybody that thinks you are just a tad out of the ordinary?" said Ramesses.
At this Imhotep ran furoiusly out the hotel.
"Nephisis, i think we should warn our friends before they go out tomorrow!" said Ramesses

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Civis Romanus
posted 03-13-00 20:36 ET (US)     73 / 150       
Ramesses - Too late to warn them I'm afraid. Imhotep already lured them out of the hotel and into the night by disguising himself as Civis. There's only one traveler left in the hotel...the real Civis. Since it should now be nearly dawn, it might be a good idea to wake him up and let him know what you've discovered. Best if you find his hotel room first. BTW - don't you think going around 1922ish Luxor wearing ancient Egyptian clothes and a gold sword might bring some unwanted attention to you from the natives? Just a thought.

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posted 03-13-00 21:25 ET (US)     74 / 150       
Ave Civis, alright, remeber Ramesses has never really looked at the clothes others ware. As it would seem strange, a man waring clonial clothes in America, but think that Civis wears his Roman stuff, so why can't Ramesses ware Egyptian stuff,
Sincerely Ramesses
Now let's get back to the story!

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Civis Romanus
posted 03-13-00 21:36 ET (US)     75 / 150       
Ave Ramesses: The real Civis is wearing 1922 style desert clothes (pith helmet, khaki shirt and shorts, no sword). He left his Roman clothes back in Rome. The false Civis is wearing these same desert clothes, but is also wearing a sword and revolver outside of his clothing. The real Civis keeps his sword hidden. He wouldn't want Carter or the Earl to see it. Imagine the value of a perfectly preserved short Roman sword to a collector in 1922 AD. Too tempting. Civis is snoring too loudly for the rest of the guests. Time to wake him up.
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