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Topic Subject:The search for the scarab ring - story thread
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Civis Romanus
posted 03-05-00 15:10 ET (US)         
All interested story writers are welcome to join in! This is a new story thread intended to be a sequel to "In The Court of Tut-Ankh-Amun." You may want to read this story in The Senet House to understand the direction of this sequel.


STYLE: Adventure with humorous passages.

TONE: Dramatic, interspersed with humor.

CONSTRUCTION: Short or long entries.

SETTING: Initially, Ancient Rome. Primarily, Egypt, 1920's (circa May 1922)

CHARACTERS: (Added and updated as the story progresses)
Civis Romanus: Military Commander of the Legions of Ancient Rome. Adventurer, Swordsman. Alias: Roberto, Count di Civis, a noble with estates in Lomardia, near Bergamo.
Jayhawk: Seraph (angel) with god-like powers. Alias: Jason Hawke, a scholar living in Rome, across from Castello di Angeli.
Howard Carter: Archaeologist
Lord Carnarvon: Earl of Carnarvon, philanthropist.
Imhotep: Royal Physician who supplied poison that killed Tut-Ankh-Amun. Undead through the power of the scarab ring. Seeks revenge on Akhensenamen.
Gustavia: Friend of Civis and Jayhawk. Works with her 'Uncle' Howard Carter in this era.
Ramesses: Descendant of a famous ancient Egyptian.
MRed: Friend of Gustavia, Civis and Jayhawk; Aviatrix w/Fokker biplane in this era.
Seti: Friend of Ramesses.
Ankhensenamen: Former Queen/Sister of Tut-Ankh-Amun. Rescued from Ancient Egypt into the time of Pax Romana by Titanicus and others. Factoid: Unlike many other queens of Egypt, her mummy and burial site has never been found.
Nephisis: Consort of Ramesses



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Reckless Rodent
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posted 03-07-00 13:18 ET (US)     26 / 150       
Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter were travelling along the well-beaten road between the Valley of the Kings and Cairo.

"You know what, it's a jolly pain having to leave the Valley and attend this perishing dinner tonight," complained Carter. "I'm sure we're on to something there, and I don't want to leave it for too long lest someone else gets in on the act first."

Carnarvon mumbled something and looked at the small blue faience cup he held in his hand. "You know, we found this back in 1912, before the Great War, and we haven't found anything else since then. What makes you so certain that the tomb of Tutankhamun is in the Valley?"

"I don't know exactly, sir," answered Carter. "I've just got a feeling about it, that's all."

"Well," replied the lord. "I hope we start finding things more concrete than your feelings pretty soon. All this excavation isn't cheap you know - it's nearly bankrupted me as it is and I don't know how long I can continue to finance you."

Carter looked downtrodden for a moment. He took the faience cup from Carnarvon and looked at it again, as he had done many times since unearthing it a decade before. He read the name engraved on it once again - "Tut-Ankh-Amun".

Carnarvon continued, "Let's hope that tonight's fund-raiser brings in a bit of money. I've heard that there's going to be a member of the Italin nobility there who's interested in the ancient secrets of the Egyptians. Perhaps he can help us out in terms of a bit of finance."

Carnarvon looked out of the car window as Cairo appeared on the horizon.

"Not long now, m'lord," said his driver. "Should only be a matter o' an hour or so."

"Good," replied Carnarvon.

Carnarvon rested his head on the seat and dozed off for the last little while of the journey, while Carter continued studying the faience cup intently.

Back in Cairo, ...

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posted 03-07-00 15:44 ET (US)     27 / 150       
Note: the soldiers were protection against evil beings who dared to voilate King Ramesses I. They were not evil, but good.

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Civis Romanus
posted 03-07-00 15:45 ET (US)     28 / 150       
Ramesses: Unfortunately, Imhotep turned them through the power of his ring. He controls these beings now. Sorry.

Jayhawk's eyes flashed green then gold and settled back to their normal color. "Seti will not remember meeting us and will not remember his own warning. You may let him go. He will not be a problem for us, even if we meet again in the Valley of the Kings or some other place."

Civis knew to take Jayhawk at his word. He made no effort to stop Seti as the glassy eyed young man turned around and aimlessly rejoined the crowd milling about the bazaar. "I don't think we should tell Carter about this," observed Civis. "First of all, he won't believe us. He'll think we are cracked amphora" Secondly, his search for Tut will take him away from the danger area, I think. There is no possible way Imhotep would be buried among the dead pharaohs," concluded Civis.

"Right on all counts, my friend, except one" responded the angel.

"What's that," asked the puzzled Roman.

"The word isn't 'cracked amphora'. In this era, it's crackpots." The angel smiled, "But it means the same thing."

"Oh...Well anyway, Mr. Hawke, you'll have to admit I am getting the hang of this, right?" grinned an amused Civis.

"Yes, Count di Civis, you certainly are." The two began the short walk back to the hotel to prepare for the evening's activities. The ladies would be along in their own good time and fashion.

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posted 03-07-00 16:05 ET (US)     29 / 150       
Civis, the guy ran, how can he control them, they were controlled through the power of Seti? They are so evil they chase Imhotep away?

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Reckless Rodent
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posted 03-07-00 16:10 ET (US)     30 / 150       
The Waiter Formerly Known As Imhotep limped through the streets of Cairo, keeping his eyes well open. He'd never liked the place - there were too many people for his liking, and more people increased the chances that his true identity would be uncovered.

Finally, he found a small cafe opposite the Raffles hotel where he could sit down, rest his legs (he felt like he hadn't done so much physical exercise since he'd had to run away from the invading Romans...), and think a bit more about the situation he found himself in.

As he sipped his milkshake (through a straw, of course, since he had to keep the scarf over most of his face), he allowed his thoughts to slip back through history to the momentous events he'd witnessed - the arrival of Caesar, Marc Anthony and then Octavian, the arrival of new religions, several battles during the Crusades (Mansourah, in which he'd taken part as an anonymous footsoldier and had aided in the capture of Louis IX of France, always had a soft spot in what was left of his heart), and the Battle of the Nile...

He was roused from his reminiscences by the sound of a car drawing up outside the hotel.

"Ok, sir, 'ere we are," said Lord Carnarvon's driver. "I'll park the car round the block and wait for you there."

"Thank you, Jones," replied Carnarvon. "I'll see you later."

Carnarvon and Carter disappeared into the foyer of the Raffles hotel. Imhotep watched them go, and a plan hatched in his mind.

He left his table and headed round the corner into a dark alleyway. There, out of sight of anyone, he rubbed his ring, whispered an incantation, and was surrounded by a sand cloud. When it dissipated, he had become an exact replica of Lord Carnarvon's driver. Imhotep walked briskly out into the street, and followed the sound of the engine of Lord Carnarvon's car.

The chauffeur was standing next to the vehicule, rolling a cigarette and whistling. Suddenly, he felt a hand tap him on the shoulder, and heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Alright, guv? How's yer doin' today?"

The chauffeur dropped his semi-rolled cigarette and tried to turn to look at this thing that sounded just like him. However, he was rooted to the spot. He opened his mouth to shout, but nothing came out. He felt the hand on his shoulder move up to his right temple, and another hand touch his left temple. He felt the pressure build within his skull, and gradually lost consciousness.

Imhotep dragged the body into a nearby doorway, and waved his hands over it. His ring glowed, and the body disappeared. HE then headed back to Carnarvon's car, and sat down in the driver's seat.

Meanwhile, ...

posted 03-07-00 16:31 ET (US)     31 / 150       
Meanwhile, Seti had been walking around. He had thought about dropping in to see Satari, but didnt. His mind was on, his old friend. Death was so near to those evil-doers who tried to voilate the tomb. Seti, had become immortal, a magician to live for ever. He knew that, he alone, was the only one (besides the son of Ramesses) to be able to enter without fear of attack. He thought that maybe, he would raise Ramesses. For his tomb, was protected by evil, nothing could alter that. His guards, killed any evil doers.
Seti, knew that Ramesses was the immortal weapon. He would ride into hell, without even a burn. Pure hearted, he possesed the skills, and power of ages, to remove Imhotep. Unfortuanatly, Ramesses would look like a real mummy, decayed and everything. For that, people who were condemned to death by law, would enter his tomb, die without interfearence from Ramesses, then become one with Ramesses.
"Seriua-Enkhu-EnRamesses- Yachtua-Yachtua-Yachtua" spoke Seti. A cry which rumbled the Earth came from the tomb. Ramesses was awoken. Imhotep heard the scream, and shuddered. Now, the very weapon that could kill him, was alive. With power of ages. ready to strike him down. Soon, the soldiers of Osiris, would awaken, and the origanal strike force against the Governer of Aegyptus, would march. Imhotep's days were numbered, unless he could find Ramesses' son, unpretected, and that was the hard part.

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Civis Romanus
posted 03-07-00 16:36 ET (US)     32 / 150       
Ramesses: Imhotep was in Cairo or on the dirigible. He could not be in two places at the same time. Therefore, he could not be in Ramessess I's tomb in the Valley as well.

Imhotep has had centuries to learn the secrets of the Valley and the power of the ring to assist him. It is not a stretch to assume he has already taken steps to protect himself from ancient spells.

Since Imhotep was in Cairo, the person running out of the Ramesses tomb must be some other unnamed character. Seti was fooled into thinking it was Imhotep when maybe it was someone else. Work on that angle, if you would. There is nothing wrong with Imhotep having an ally of some kind or there being a "mystery person" on nobody's side in particular.

Is there a Ramesses character?

BTW - try to write messages to other authors in small letters, if possible. It helps set the messages off as being messages. Open the "edit" feature to this post to learn how to set it up in HTML code.

posted 03-07-00 17:04 ET (US)     33 / 150       

I think the description from another post of unending evil and a voice so evil gave it away! And i did say he followed them! It is possible for people to travel yaknow

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posted 03-07-00 17:08 ET (US)     34 / 150       
P.S. This goes back to C3, so remember Ramesses I, was the liberator, and this is his son, transported in time! And i think we just go with my old post, after all, i don't think Imhotep could do that, as if, as you said he was, in Cairo, how could he know about this! You have made him dependent on the ring, lets just go with my post, and stop all this fighting, thanks, Ramesses

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Eminence Grise
posted 03-07-00 17:22 ET (US)     35 / 150       
Meanwhile in the Raffles.

The main dining room was a splendorous affair of mixed Arabic and English heritage. It looked as if the whole decor had escaped from an Arabian Nights tale or a Cecil B. de Mille spectacular. It wasn't know as Sheherezade's Court for nothing.

As Carter and Lord Carnarvon enter the room, Jayhawk, motioned to one of the turbaned waiters and asked him to bring his guest over. The two Brits walked up to the table, where the angel started the introductions.

"Gustavia" Carter blurted out
"What are you doing here?"
"Oh Cousin, "she replied, "I've know Jayhawk...e for ages'. I'm so glad he showed up. I just know that everything will be alright."
Her dark eyes lit up as she spoke. Jayhawk quietly shook his head.
"And who may this magnificent creature be" Carnarvon asked, looking at MRed.
"My Lord, may I introduce to you Marylin Red? She's from the United States and is here on a flying excursion."
"My Lord, " MRed mumbled as she offered Carnarvon her hand. She still wasn't sure she was happy with the amount of flesh the dress exposed. Several hours before were spent in a bath tub,m where Gustavia had done her best (and a little magic) to get rid of the oil-stains.
"Delighted," the English lord rumbled.
"May I also intruduce to you the Count di Civis? He's willing to spend a significant amount of money in helping you with the dig." the angel, immaculate in his dinner jacket, continued.
Civis shot a worried glance at his friend.
"Money?" he mouthed in Latin.
Jayhawk just smiled and allowed the English lord to sit next to Civis, while he sat down next to Gustavia.

"This is going to be fun..." he whispered in her ear, as Carter seemed to be set on delivering a heartfelt plea for money to Civis and Carnarvon seemed completely taken by MRed.

Several waiters showed up with the appetizer and several bottles of (French) wine.

Eminence Grise
posted 03-07-00 17:29 ET (US)     36 / 150       
Ramesses, there's nobody fighting, but the Imhotep character is pretty powerful. With several millenia spent to work on his power he can do pretty much what he likes. Being in two places at once is too much even for him, so he can't have followed them, but having communication from wherever he's got his minions isn't that difficult.
Also he's not dependant on the ring, but it does serve as a focus and magnifier for his power.
Let's stick to teh story as is, please?
posted 03-07-00 19:01 ET (US)     37 / 150       
Jayhawk, maybe next time when i right i will be more specific. But please have the soldiers be loyal Egyptians, in Ramesses's tomb, give the dead guy some respect!

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posted 03-07-00 19:15 ET (US)     38 / 150       
By the time Jayhawk heard the scream, it was too late to put the dead king, back into the afterlife. The group heard it, it came from an area near the Valley of the Kings. Carter, showed interest in this. It might be a clue, or something. At that moment, a figure, rapped in linen, but unlike Imhotep, was now fully fleshed. He walked towards Gustavia saying "Ketar-Me-Pharaos-Ielio-Icerion". Even though Gustavia didnt know what it ment, she walked towards him.
Carter yelled, "He said Come with me my princess, it is time to make you mine. Apparently he has mistaken you for another woman." Mistake or not, Jayhawk looked into his eyes, and saw a child, he thought of Tut-Ankh-Amun, but it didnt seems like him. Then something clicked, he yelled "RAMESSES!". Immeaditly, the figure turned, and looked deep into Jayhawk's eyes. Known as the death stare, sometimes, as it was known to cause men to go insane. The look, which looked as if you were face to face with death. Only a dead men, knew how to use this look.
"Go with him, he doesnt care to hurt you!" said Jayhawk.
Just then, two boys entered the room. Seti and Ramesside II. They were both greeted by the dead king, and were even bowed to! Jayhawk asked them, "why is he here?".
Ramesses, instantly remembered the language he spoke to the others, talked " I was awoken, to kill the bringer of death, and the face of plauge upon this Earth!" he said.
Jayhawk was quite moved, a dead guy, who scared even him, hadnt lost his kindness. Perhaps he wasnt evil, but still, Imhotep was on the loose, and they needed to stop him, at all costs!

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posted 03-07-00 19:17 ET (US)     39 / 150       
After a few minutes of conversation about their respective homes, MRed and Lord C had discovered a common interest in airplanes and other types of motorized conveyances.......

MRed had also introduced Lord C to her herbal smokes, and gales of laughter began coming from their end of the table. MRed was describing her adventures of the day with the English noble, and snatches of the conversation came to the rest of the group...."And I told the man, Omar, I said, I need a place to put all my stuff. Nobody will allow me to have trousers on in public, and there simply isn't anywhere to put things in this ridiculous getup...."

Lord Carnarvon nodded his head wisely, and commented that he never had enough pockets, either.

MRed went on with her story...."So I told the man, I don't care if you ARE a tent-maker, this is what I require. And, since everyone told me that you are the best tent-maker in the city, I will allow you to make this for me. Being a worker of canvas, I think you are the best person for this job. The carrier must be sturdy, and be able to survive very rough usage, and have numerous pockets, while being unobstrusive to carry....." She didn't tell Lord C the rest of the story, that being that she needed a place for a myriad of things, not all of them clean.........and not all of them inanimate.......

Meanwhile, the conversation between Count diCivis and Howard Carter continued.......


Reckless Rodent
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posted 03-07-00 19:30 ET (US)     40 / 150       
"So," said Carter. "I gather you're interested in my excavations in the Valley, correct?"

"You could say that I have a special interest in what's going on there, yes," replied the Count. "And I would very much like to be involved in your work around there."

"Well, I can't just let anyone in on what we're doing," answered Carter. "However, I might be able to help you out for a small...consideration."

The Count opened a bag he had brought with him to the dinner and produced a fantastic Roman glass vase. "Perhaps this might help?" he enquired with a slight wink.

Carter took it gingerly and carefully examined it. "But...this is incredible. Is this really a genuine Roman vase?"

"I believe so, yes. As far as I know, it was removed from Rome just before it was sacked in 406. It's been resting in a vault in my villa ever since."

Jayhawk, who had been quiet for most of the diner, still perturbed as he was by the person he'd seen on the airship, grinned to himself, pleased at Civis's apparent ability to lie in a foreign language.

Carter was still staring open-mouthed at the vase. "Well, I don't know what to say, your lordship," he stuttered. "Well, apart from 'welcome to the dig'. Will you be accompanying us back to the Valley tonight? I'm sure we could fit you in the car."

Civis was about to accept when Jayhawk stepped in. "No, we shan't be going back with you tonight. We've had a long day and could use a bit of rest before we attempt to make the gruelling trip down there."

Civis was about to interject, but saw the 'I mean it' look in the Angel's eyes, and decided that silence was the best policy for the moment.


posted 03-07-00 19:38 ET (US)     41 / 150       
A mysterious boy, came to the dig, asking to dig the tomb out by himself. Thinking this was a joke Carnarvon let him do just that. When he looked at him he asked "So young fella, what is your name?" "I am Ramesses I, son of the good god Tut-Ankh-Amun" said Ramesses. "Funny, so where is your father?" "Exactly where are you are planning to dig, but do not disturb my father, as i am the guardian of his tomb, enter it you may, but do not plan to remove anything or Death shall come on swift wings to he whom disturbs the rest of Pharaoh" said Ramesses.
Carter, who came along, thought this kid was crazy, but they would never beleive that this kid was serious, and wasnt joking. The message, sounded like anchient wording, not something people would say. And there, chizeled on to the rock, just inside the tomb was a mesage "Death will come on swift wings to he whom disturbs the rest of Pharaoh!"

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Reckless Rodent
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posted 03-08-00 04:19 ET (US)     42 / 150       
Time for another character, methinks

While Carnarvon and Carter had been making their way to the Raffles Hotel, excavation had progressed without them, albeit on a smaller scale than it would have done had they been present. It was a lovely day, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky…

In fact, that wasn't quite the case. There was just 1 cloud in the sky that day, but almost impossible to see, as it was very small.

"The thing I like most about the twentieth century," murmured the hamster-like figure sitting on top of the cloud, "is that I can sit up here and nobody wonders what that strange putt-putt noise is any more. They just assume it's one of those new-fangled automobile things or one of those things with wings."

The figure became intrigued by something of a commotion down below. As he descended, he saw a young man jumping up and down talking to one of the excavators. He managed to pick up snippets of the conversation.

"Lord Carnarvon…son…Tutankhamun…join excavation?"

Funny, thought the hamster, I didn't know Lord Carnarvon could be in 2 places at the same time. He descended a bit lower still, and got a good look at the excavator the young man was talking to. Hmm, thought the rodent. He looks nothing like Lord Carnarvon. Perhaps it's time to drop a quick warning to my counterpart.

ARR's cloud ascended again and zoomed off in the direction of Cairo, and the Raffles Hotel. When he was within a couple of miles, he pressed a button on his cloud's control panel.

Down below, at the dinner, Jason Hawke had just informed Carter that the latter would be going home alone tonight, when he felt something vibrate in his pocket. "Hmm…must be the Holy Pager," he murmured. "Excuse me sirs, I just have to use the men's room."

As he left the hotel, the Angel passed Lord Carnarvon's car. His chauffeur was sitting in there, reading an Egyptian paper. Funny, thought Jayhawk, how come a cockney driver who's only just arrived in Egypt can read an Egyptian newspaper… Something funny's going on here.

When he was out of site, he transformed himself into a dove and flew up to the cloud where ARR was waiting for him.

"Hi Reck, what's up? How's progress going with the excavation?"

"Hi Jay. Well my best estimate would be that Carter's got another couple of weeks to go before he hits the tomb."

"Ok, gotcha. Will you be joining us on this adventure?"

"Nah, you know my job's mainly as an observer of things on earth. That said, give me a buzz should you ever need to get somewhere quickly."

Jayhawk floated back down to earth, and rejoined the party. As he re-entered the hotel, he looked again at Carnarvon's car. "Tell Carnarvon not to use his car tonight," he reminded himself...

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Eminence Grise
posted 03-08-00 06:51 ET (US)     43 / 150       
As Jay Hawke entered Sheherazade's court he could see things were going along well.
Carnarvon seemed utterly mesmerised by MRed, which wouldn't hurt his plans. Civis and Carter were discussing the latter's theories on the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. Civis' experiences gave him a rather unique viewpoint on the Rise, the Fall was a rather nastier surprise. Gustavia looked a little lost, though.

Jayhawk sat next to his friend and told her:
"Cheer up, Gustavia, I've got a surprise for you later this evening. I just need to arrange a few things and then we can go."
She gave him a bright smile, her dark eyes sparkling.

The angel leaned over and touched Civis' hand. The Roman looked round and realised the rest of the world seemed to have frozen around them. All except for himself, Jayhawk and Gustavia who was quietly sipping her wine.
"Civis, " the angel spoke "we need to keep Carter here. Keep him busy offer him a bed if necessary. We rented the whole top-floor, so there should be space enough. I'm going to ask MRed for a similar trick with Carnarvon.
Then I'm going to take Gustavia out. We'll be at Giza for the night"
"Don't worry. We should be safe and so should you."

After passing a similar message to MRed, Jayhawk excused himself and Gustavia. H ethen took her hand and walked out of the restaurant.

Reckless Rodent
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posted 03-08-00 07:10 ET (US)     44 / 150       
Imhotep was reading his paper when someone tapped on the window. "Hello sir, I've been asked to inform you that his lordship and Mr. Carter will not be requiring this car. It has been requested that it be taken back to the Valley."

Imhotep was enraged. He felt himself about to take revenge on the messenger, but caught himself at the last moment. "Ok, guv," he said. "I'll take 'er back now."

As the car left Cairo, Imhotep was beside himself with rage. He had once again been denied his chance to halt Carnarvon and Carter. About a mile outside the city, he pulled over to the side of the road and got out of the car. He walked a couple of hundred yards away, then stopped. He turned around to face the vehicle, stretched out his arms, closed his eyes and muttered an incantation. A circle of flames appeared around the car and gradually enveloped it.

As Imhotep limped away, the flames reached the fuel tank, causing a violent explosion. Now, thought the zombie, if only they could have been in there...

In the meantime, ...

Eminence Grise
posted 03-08-00 10:39 ET (US)     45 / 150       
Jay Hawke hailed a kalesh. The kalesh stopped in front of the hotel entrance, where the nightporter looked strangely as the well-dressed couple climbed aboard the carriage.
"Where to, my Lord" the driver asked.
"Giza, please?" the angel told him.
"You sure, my night?"
"I'm certain. I'll pay you tripple rates."

The kalesh took off across the moonlit streets of Cairo. They passed some of the older and very Arabic suburbs before they came to the Nile. A small ferry, discharging huge clouds of black smoke took them across the river, reminding Jayhawk of his friend's cloud.

As they crossed he could here their driver and the ferryman talk softly in arabic. He concentrated and listened.
They were discussing some disturbances in the city, people disappearing, corpses found seemingly having died of fear. They were also worried about Jayhawk and his companion. The word efreet or fire-spirit fell more than once.
He smiled, the didn't realise how close to the truth they were...

A little later they reached the Great Pyramid.
"If you wait, I'll pay another tripple fare to get us back to the Raffles."
The driver nodded, not happy, but looking forward to the unexpected wealth.

Jayhawk and Gustavia walked closer to the pyramid. At it's base the angel stopped and concentrated. His fashionable twentieth century suit and tie had disappeared. In it's place the comfortable linnen kilt, pectoral and bracelets had appeared. The big black wings stretched out behind him. He stretched like a cat and smiled. His eyes glowed golden.
"Change, " he whispered.
His cherub friend looked at him, her dark eyes focused on her friend and changed into her cherub robes.

The moon was approaching the top of the pyramid. Jayhawk took a deep breath and lifted Gustavia in his arms. Up he flew to the top of the pyramid where he spoke a many-syllabled word. The broke top of the pyramid melted, flattened and left a fair sized square platform. He put down Gustavia gently and glanced around the platform. Fire sprung up in the east, a small dust devil formed in the north an at the same time a small puddle of water appeared in the west and a shrub sprung up in the south. A dome of soft golden light appeared.

Jayhawk turned back to Gustavia and put his hands on either side of her head. His eyes focused on hers, drawing her in until they seemd to fill the cherubs world. Glowing golden like the full moon behind him.
Liquid syllables flowed from the angels lips, drowning her in words she only half understood..
Time ground to a halt.

"Welcome, Angel Gustavia" Jayhawk whispered as he placed a kiss on her forehead.
Gustavia twitched her wings and looked sideways. The stubby cherub's wing had grown to a full russet glory, the pinions touched the ground. She flapped them experimentally.
"Angel! Oh, Jayhawk!"
She kissed her friend firmly on the lips. And smiled as she saw him blush. Laughter sounded behind her. She whirled round and saw her friends.
Dark-haired Zen, a brush behind one ear, Reckless golden shape, grey-winged ET, little mouse and seevral others. That greeted her with smiles and laughter.

"An angel" she murmered.

(id: Angel Zen)
posted 03-08-00 11:14 ET (US)     46 / 150       
"Welcome to our circle, Angel Gustavia" Zen Said.
Civis Romanus
posted 03-08-00 11:22 ET (US)     47 / 150       
The next morning at breakfast Civis couldn't help but notice the somewhat dreamy, far-away look he saw in Gustavia's eyes. "So Gustavia, you must have had a good night's rest. You look like you spent it on a cloud."

"You have no idea," she replied, lips curving into a pleasing smile. Civis poked at his scrambled eggs thoroughly puzzled once more. Just when I think I've got things figured out, he thought, something new pops up to confuse me. Oh well, in time...

posted 03-08-00 12:27 ET (US)     48 / 150       
A young man flashes by Gustavias eyes, whispering:
"Good luck, Angel"

Gustavia, is a bit confused at first, as the image blows away from her eyes, but soon come to her senses and she continues to talk to Civis, who seemed greatly interrested in his eggs at the time...

Just read through the story, and it looks real fun... is it okay if I'll write a word now and then?

Civis Romanus
posted 03-08-00 15:09 ET (US)     49 / 150       
Moquel: This story has really taken off with contributions from a lot of members, cherubs and angels. As always, story threads are open to everyone of course, so you are welcome to join in whenever you are ready.
posted 03-08-00 17:14 ET (US)     50 / 150       
I am resingning from this story thread. As it seems everything i say, has never happened. Apparently because of an annonymous email, everybody was exactly where they were ten posts ago! So i have decided to resign and start my new story thread.

The official snack food of Ramesses and Seti819: Tobasco Sauce Cheeze-its!

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