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Topic Subject:The Lion And The Hawks - A New Story of Ancient Egypt
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Civis Romanus
posted 08-02-00 22:14 ET (US)         
TYPE: High Adventure.
TONE: Dramatic with humorous sequences. Nothing silly.
FORMAT: One or more paragraphs per post.
CONDITIONS: Moderate violence is acceptable. No gross violence. Strong character development is encouraged.


ALEXANDER (THE GREAT): King of Macedonia
ANKHU: Egyptian, 18, former brick-making slave of the Persians; one of Alexander's Hawks; best friend and companion to Khumnhotep; enamored with Zhuo, a very young married woman of Tyre.
BASTAVAR: Persian Satrap, father of Farida; rules Egypt under the Persian king Darius III.
CHOMBYSES: Persian Magistrate in Asia Minor - now Chief Administrator of Halicarnassus under Alexander; in love with Redsenet.
EKREM: Chombyses' Captain of the Guards; mixed heritage - mother was Carian, father was Egyptian; betrothed to Sutaijha.
FARIDA: Persian princess, daughter of Satrap; served by Henutsen, the slave girl.
HENUTSEN: Egyptian, almost 17, sister of Khumnhotep, Sutaijha and Redsenet; slave to the Persian princess; her husband is Maatkare.
KHUMNHOTEP: Noble-born Egyptian, 18, former brick-making slave of the Persians; one of Alexander's Hawks. Older brother to Henutsen.
MAATKARE: Husband of Henutsen; disappeared during the revolt and rediscovered alive in Caria.
PERSEUS: Commander of the phalanx unit in Alexander's army to which Khumnhotep and Ankhu once belonged.
REDSENET: Egyptian, about 24 years old, older sister of Sutaijha, Henutsen and Khumnhotep and now their guardian. Herbalist, spiritualist, mystic; healer of Egyptian slaves and subtley false healer of Persians; in love with Chombyses.
SUTAIJHA: Egyptian, 16, youngest sister of Redsenet, Henutsen and Khumnhotep; helper to Redsenet; betrothed to Ekrem.
ZHUO: Tyrean wife of Tyrean man; given up by family in payment of debt; attracted to Ankhu, and suspected by a cruel, possessive husband who she does not love.

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Civis Romanus
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Zhuo, whose strange and faraway name was only used by her husband, [That should make for an interesting plot twist, I thought] did not lie when she said she had no such ideas in her head. She did not believe that Hasdrubal loved her - with men it was difficult to tell, even good husbands usually dominated their wives - [This is not chauvinism, it's period detail] but in any case she needed him. If he threw her out of the house, as the ancient laws allowed him, she would be nothing, a beggar, or worse.....She put that sordid thought out of her mind. The present was harsh enough without pondering the future. For now, she had to put up.

There was a knock at the door of the little house. She opened it a crack, and saw a hooded figure. "Woman, I come to see your husband," he whispered furtively. "Hasdrubal!," she called, and he came out of the inner room. "There is a man here to see you."

"Come into here, I've been expecting you," replied the Tyrean, drawing the curtain back. He turned to his wife. "Do not disturb us. If anyone asks who came to the house, tell them that you don't know." "Yes, Hasdrubal," she replied, and went away to change for bed.

Civis Romanus
posted 08-31-00 16:02 ET (US)     128 / 183       
Zhuo sat at her bedside combing her lustrous brown hair. This was a necessary daily routine taught to her as a young girl by her Chinese mother. Her father often stood in the doorway to watch her combing her hair and to talk with her about the day and its special events. Those were happy days for Zhuo and her family.

But then came the days of trouble and bad news, when messengers brought word to her father of the many caravans stripped of their goods by bandits and marauding Persian soldiers fleeing from Alexander's army. Money became less available, then scarce and then almost non-existent. One day a pounding at the door brought Hasdrubal into her life.

"Pay now, merchant. Your credit is used up with me."

"But I cannot pay just yet, Hasdrubal. Not until my caravan arrives and its goods are sold," pleaded her Persian/Greek/Tyrean father.

"Your caravan lies dead in the desert, merchant. Or did you think I would not find out? Pay now, or the representatives of the Elders will be here to collect for me."

Zhuo's father knew what that meant. City soldiers would collect the debt out of his home, possessions, family and finally out of his body, in no particular order. "I cannot pay, Hasdrubal; and you know it," conceded the defeated merchant.

Hasdrubal's glance wandered about the cottage looking for valuables that would soon be his. Then his eyes beheld and settled on Zhuo, the merchant's only child. She was 16 years old, and the exotic beauty hinted at in her childhood had now flowered and revealed itself.

Hasdrubal's mind worked in one single direction from that point forward. "Your daughter then, merchant. Give her to me as my wife and I shall consider your debts to me paid in full."

A great argument ensued. Zhuo's father declined the offer, but Hasdrubal pressed his advantage. It was Zhuo herself who settled it for them all. "Father, it must be and you know it. I will become Hasdrubal's wife."

With bitterness in his voice, her father told Hasdrubal to bring the scrolls of agreement and he would sign. When the door closed on Hasdrubal, her proud father looked once at Zhuo, then leaned on his wife as tears of sorrow and disgrace flowed down his cheeks.

She had never seen her father cry before. She would not see it again. Both her mother and father died from illness during the siege. But Zhuo didn't blame the Macedonians. She knew their death was decided in advance by the Elders who refused to save their people, only themselves.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the conversation she barely heard coming from the main room of their small cottage. She heard the voice of Hasdrubal and the hooded man who had come to the door. But now she heard other voices, new voices, one... no, two... no, four new voices. She listened closely to the differences in timber and pitch. There were now five men speaking with her husband. She pressed her ear to the space between the door and the frame to hear better what was being said...

Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 08-31-00 17:44 ET (US)     129 / 183       
"Tonight is the night we will rid ourselves of this thorn that dares to call himself King. I will go first to make sure that no one else is in or near his tent. If all is clear I will return and then lead the five of you with the trays of food. I will tell him that as a sign of good will that the people of the main land Tyre have prepared some trays of food for his consumption, from what little food we have left. After we have entered his tent we will silence him so when we stab him no cries for help will come out of his vile mouth. We will need to bring extra clothing to change incase we get blood on us. After he is dead we will return back here to collect my wife. Then we all will go to your boat and silently return back to the Island while it is still night."

"What about your wife?"

"Do not worry about her. I know how to put fear into her so that she does what I tell her to do. I guarantee that she will be quiet when we leave this place to go to the Island."

"If she talks, it won't only be her life that will end."

Zhuo over heard the plot clearly. She stepped away from the door quietly and went to her bed. There she thought about what she had over heard. "I can't let them accomplish their traitorous plot. I have to tell someone about this. Who will believe me? That Egyptian I spoke with might believe me. What was his name again? Ankhu, yes that's it. I too know were the Macedonian King's tent is and Ankhu's tent is near by. I will sneak out right after that conniving Hasdrubal leaves and go to Ankhu and tell him what I have heard. I will need to wear dark clothing to camouflage myself so Hasdrubal will not see me."

Zhuo's husband and the five assassins left the building. When she believed that they were far away enough not to notice her leaving the house, she snuck out herself. Using the next street over to get to Ankhu's tent. Her small body made it easy for her to maneuver through the multitude of tents. She waited for her husband to return back to were the assassins were waiting before she went to Ankhu's tent. She opened the tent flap.

"Now what does he want?" Khumnhotep groggily demanded as he bolted upright. When he became aware of his surroundings he noticed who it was. "What are you doing here?"

"Sorry. I thought this was someone else's tent. Sorry for disturbing you." Zhuo whispered, she feared of causing a disturbance and therefore uncovering the fact that she was there. Her life depended on her husband not finding out that she was at Alexander's camp site.

Ankhu was awakened and sat up. When he saw Zhuo, he rubbed his eyes in disbelief. "Khumnhotep tell me that I'm not dreaming."

"You're not dreaming. So, what brings you to our tent? Is it to see Ankhu?"

"Yes. I need to tell him something very important."

"Go ahead you can say it in front of him. He's my best friend since we could walk."

"I over heard my husband plotting with five other Tyreans to assassinate Alexander the Macedonian King tonight. They are going to do it any moment now. You must believe me and save the King's life."

Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 08-31-00 20:20 ET (US)     130 / 183       
Ankhu and Khumnhotep quickly grabbed their daggers. They crept out of their tent towards King Alexander's and lay wait for the assassins behind the tent. They could hear them coming then stop and one of them spoke. "King Alexander, we come with platers of food prepared for your consumption as a token of good will."

"That's my husband who just spoke." Whispered Zhuo to Ankhu and Khumnhotep.

"Bring the food in and tell your people that I appreciate their gesture."

When Ankhu and Khumnhotep heard the flap of the tent open and the six Tyreans entering the tent, they rushed round to the opening and entered. The assassins had just pulled their daggers when Ankhu and Khumnhotep entered with their daggers ready. The two of them shouted at the top of their voices. "Assassins!" They knew this would get other soldiers to the tent quickly with weapons on them.

Ankhu's dagger found one of it's target. The assassin quickly turned round and drew out his sword. Ankhu slashed the assassins wrist, causing him to drop his sword. The two of them struggled briefly until Ankhu's dagger reached it's target, which was the heart. Khumnhotep was able to get himself between the assassins and King Alexander, but not before one of the assassins was able to stab King Alexander's arm. But that was all that assassin was able to do because Khumnhotep's dagger found it's mark in the assassin's heart. Ankhu and Khumnhotep were busy fighting off the other three assassins still alive when two other soldiers entered the tent and used their swords to lop off the heads of two of the assassins fighting with Ankhu and Khumnhotep. By this time King Alexander had retrieved his dagger and thrust it into the side of the last remaining assassin.

"Let him live. We will let him return back from whence he came from to tell of their failed attempt in assassinating me." King Alexander ordered and then staggered down to the ground caused by his consumption of wine earlier that evening.

Hasdrubal had hid in a corner of the tent in the dark. When everyone was looking upon King Alexander he tried to make his escape but bumped into Zhuo on his way out the tent.

"You!" He punched her in the face and she fell down to the ground, blood coming out of her mouth. He then proceeded to kick her in the stomach. "You useless swine. I told you to not speak to anyone about tonight. How dare you ruin our plot. I will kill you in this very spot." The whole while he was scolding her he continuously kicked her through out her whole body. Ankhu could hear him outside the tent and he rushed out and thrust his dagger into Hasdrubal's side. He swiftly withdrew the dagger and in one quick swoop sliced his throat open. Hasdrubal's body fell on top of Zhuo. Ankhu used his foot to push Hasdrubal's body off of Zhuo. He then dropped to the ground beside her and held her into his arms, weeping. She was not conscious and there was blood coming from her mouth and nose.

"Khumnhotep, we have to bring her to Redsenet right away. She is seriously injured. Zhuo, do not die on me." He picked her limp body up and stood up, looking for Khumnhotep. Tears slowly running down his face.

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Alexander acted with swift efficiency to save the life of the woman who saved his life. Within fifteen minutes a carriage was ordered en route to Sidon, in which Zhuo lay silently, while Ankhu sat by her side, shaking his head.

He felt for Zhuo's pulse. It was there, though very faint, very very faint...

Ankhu turned his face upwards, and he appealed to all the gods of the Ennead. He wanted Zhou back, and he loved her. Zhou couldn't die. He wouldn't allow it.

"Please, don't leave me. Live. You must live. We will raise a family, we will be happy. But you must live..." Ankhu prayed desperately.

The carriage made its way slowly towards Sidon...

Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
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Redsenet was awakened by all the commotion created at King Alexander's tent. To her it sounded like a struggle was going on, so she gathered some of her herbs and bandages for injuries. She slowly made her way towards the noise, trying not to bump into anything in the dark. She could see a carriage leaving the area. When she finally made her way to the scene, she found Khumnhotep.

"What happened here?"

"There was an assassination attempt on King Alexander's life. The wife of one of the perpetrators over heard their plot and told Ankhu and I about it. As you can see we stopped them from succeeding. I notice you have some stuff with you. King Alexander was wounded in his arm. Go into his tent and fix his wound." He turned his attention towards were the carriage traveled.

"Who was in the carriage?"

"Ankhu and the wife. She was severely injured by her husband when he saw her during his attempted escape. King Alexander ordered for a carriage to carry them to Sidon."

Redsenet was hurt. "Did King Alexander not feel that I would be able to help this woman?" She turned towards the tent and hesitated, wondering if King Alexander would want her to heal his wound.

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As morning rose over the Macedonian camp outside Tyre, Henutsen got up, but soon realized she wasn't feeling well. In fact, she was ill. She decided to visit Redsenet and ask her what was wrong with her... she knew she could always depend on her sister to help her. Redsenet had already been out that morning, looking around the camp for some more herbs, and she had just come back from visiting King Alexander. His wounds were healing nicely.

Henutsen waited for Redsenet to return. She didn't have long to wait, as she spotted Redsenet coming back to her tent in the distance. As Redsenet was putting the herbs in her tent, she looked intently at Henutsen.

- You look pale, Henutsen... what's wrong? she asked.

- I haven't been feeling well lately, Henutsen replied, holding her stomach. You could say I've been a bit under the weather. Maatkare suggested I see you.

- All right, let's see if we can see what's wrong with you.

After the examination, Redsenet looked radiant, and Henutsen could not imagine how Redsenet could possibly find seeing her sister sick a happy sight! ... Henutsen looked puzzled.

- Well, my dear sister, Redsenet said, looking Henutsen over. I can't really say you're sick. You do have this condition, though... How shall I put it? ... Well, haven't you guessed, Henutsen? You're pregnant!!! I'm so happy for you. A new generation will be added to the noble family of Petamenhotep. May he be given the opportunity of seeing a free Egypt! Redsenet added. She then hugged her sister.

Henutsen was looking more puzzled than ever. But after a few minutes, it started to sink in, and she grew happier. She thanked Redsenet.

- Now, of course, a war camp is no place for a pregnant woman... We'll have to find you a place where you'll be safe. Let me think...

Henutsen was not hearing, didn't want to hear Redsenet. Somehow, she could not bear to be separated from Maatkare again.

- No, she said. I will not go. Not again. I couldn't bear the separation, not again, she said, tears starting to roll down her cheeks. Please let me stay, Redsenet. I will stay close to my tent, I promise.

- No, I can't let you do that. I tell you what: Why don't you go back to Chombyses' palace... you'll be safe there. I will leave a bunch of herbs with you, and I will visit you twice a month to see how you're doing...

Redsenet was thinking to herself that this would be the perfect excuse to see Chombyses again... She smiled to herself.

- I'll ask Alexander later today if you can leave the camp. I'll go with you of course.


- Sire, I'd like to ask permission for Henutsen to leave camp for a few months, she said, smiling. You see, she is ... expecting...

- What? You mean I have a pregnant woman here, in a war camp?? You're right, of course, this is not a place for a woman in her condition...

- Right, that's why I suggested that she go back to Chombyses' palace, Redsenet replied. I'll visit her often, of course. A palace is the place to be... Chombyses' is a comfortable place where Henutsen will be safe.

- Well, said Alexander, as if his pride had been wounded, if it's a palace you want, then there's no reason to go back to Chombyses'... The Tyreans will hand me the palace of Tyre on a plate tonight! ... Saying this, he turned around, and Redsenet understood that she was not to discuss Alexander's decision. She left quietly.

King Alexander did not anticipate that the Tyreans were resourceful, and would not let go of their island city for quite some time.

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Civis Romanus
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Even a stone bridge needs the help of wood to make it become a bridge. The Island Tyreans knew this. The natural enemy of wood is fire. The Island Tyreans knew this too.

That night flames leapt high into the sky as a Tyrean attack ended the lives of fifteen Macedonian guards. Torches applied to wood destroyed the supporting superstructure and great sections of the stone causeway fell into the waters of the channel.

Injuries from the attack, from fire and falling stone mounted as Alexander's men battled to save what they could of their work. Redsenet was called upon to save what lives she could among the injured men.

A rider in plain clothes suddenly appeared near where Redsenet administered to the latest injured brought for her care. The salves and herbs she administered were doing the best they could. Many she had already saved; some she knew were beyond help and the final herb she administered was not meant to heal, but only to comfort as the victim's life ebbed away. Sutaijha ably assisted Redsenet, thanks to her training in year's past.

"Are you Redsenet the herbalist?" asked the rider.

"Yes. What do you want with me?"

"I am sent by Ankhu to tell you hurry to Sidon, the girl Zhuo is dying and the physicians there cannot save her."

Redsenet turned to look at Sutaijha. Her younger sister knew what was on the older woman's mind. "Go Redsenet, you have taught me well and I know the nature of these injuries and their cure. Ankhu needs you."

Shortly afterward, necessary items collected and packed, Redsenet galloped out of the camp on a Macedonian messenger's horse at the side of the plainly clothed rider from Sidon. If there is enough time left, Ankhu... If only there is enough time left... she thought as she urged her horse onward.

Meanwhile, in Alexander's tent, the King raged on. Khumnhotep gulped, seeing his King in such a state. "They dare attempt to assassinate me and then attack my soldiers! This city, Mainland and Island, shall pay for the outrage!" His advisors quaked in fear of what depth his reprisal might take.

Khumnhotep, shaking to his soul, cleared his throat as a gesture seeking the King's attention.

"If you have something to say, Hawk, say it and be done," said Alexander focussing his piercing blue eyes on the young Egyptian.

"Uhhh, Sire, no Mainland Tyrean has killed a Macedonian in your camp. In fact, a Mainland Tyrean gave us warning of the attempt. The attack on the bridge came from the island. We have captured some of them and know this to be true."

"I was wounded in the attack," countered Alexander.

"Yes Sire, but the wound was inflicted by an Island Tyre assassin, not their Mainland Tyrean conspirator."

Alexander's frustration at the damage to his causeway slowly began to recede. He knew the facts, buthis anger at the delay needed a release. The anxiety and compressed concept of time he personally held, the urgency of his self-proclaimed purpose, all of these things weighed on him like stone. His view was not the same as most.

Alexander looked at Khumnhotep calmly, anger reduced and emotions under better control. "How fares the young girl who gave us warning."

"I am told she is dying, Sire, from the injuries given her by her husband, the conspirator. Redsenet is with her."

"I wish for the best; and the best I have ever known among healers is with her. There is some hope, I trust."

"Some, Sire."

Alexander paused momentarily. "I believe I forgot to mention something. For your roles in saving me from assassination, you and Ankhu are now Captains. Tell him when he returns. And tell him this... When his woman is healed, and she will be I am sure, they must hurry back. He is needed and she is most welcome in my camp." Alexander then waved to all assembled to leave. Without further prompting they did as they were told.

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Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
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Pressing their horses on it didn't take long to get to Sidon. Once there the Sidon rider showed her the way to were Ankhu and Zhuo were. She entered the building. The lighting was dim and the smell was horrid. You could smell vomit and urine. She ordered that the windows and their coverings be opened to let the light and fresh air in. Ankhu recognized the voice and looked up and spotted her. He ran towards her, thanking her for coming to look after Zhuo. Redsenet was practically dragged over to the bed by Ankhu. When she got to the bed she sat down on it's edge beside Zhuo. Redsenet couldn't believe the amount of bruises that covered Zhuo's face and arms. She felt Zhuo's forehead for a fever.

"She has no fever. Her body is covered with bruises. Ankhu bring my chest over here for me." From her chest she pulled out some herbs and made them into a paste to be brushed onto the more serious bruises on Zhuo. She spoke under her breath. "What kind of man would beat his own wife like this. He will regret this when he is judged by Maat." Redsenet gently felt around Zhuo's body to determine what other injuries were present but not obvious. When she felt the abdominal area, Zhuo winced and cried out in pain. This caused Ankhu to rush to Zhuo's side to try to comfort her.

"She is very bruised. Doesn't feel like she has any broken bones. Her stomach is injured from the inside though."

A tear ran down Redsenet's face. She felt sorry for Zhuo having a husband that miss treated her so. Redsenet paused to gather up her emotions so that she would be able to concentrate on what she would need to do to save this life.

"I'll need to give her something to ease the pain and to heal her stomach from the inside. Take me to a kitchen so that I may prepare a special tea for her. She was escorted by one of the male care givers who worked there.

When she had the tea made she returned back to Zhuo to administer it. "She will need to consume this medicine every two hours until nightime.

Redsenet gave Zhuo the herbal tea every two hours until it was almost dusk out. "Let her rest, she needs it."

"She will be okay now. You may wish to return to Tyre. You will be of more help there then here. Go. Take the horse that I came here with. I will stay with her and return back with her using the carriage that brought you here."

Ankhu hesitated and bent down and kissed Zhuo on her lips ever so gently. "I leave her in your care. I pray that she will want to return back to Tyre, and that maybe she will find a place in her heart for me."

"I will let her know that you look forward to her return and let her make the decision."

He then left the building and got onto the horse that Redsenet came on and rode towards Tyre.

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Civis Romanus
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Fortuna: Good to see you back and posting to this thread once more.


Zhuo was out of danger by the morning. Color slowly returned to the young Tyrean girl's cheeks. That day for no apparent reason she burst into tears just after Redsenet helped her eat broth and bread.

"Why what's the matter with you girl?" asked Redsenet.

"I am not worthy of marriage to Ankhu," she said through her tears. "Why didn't you just let me die."

"Nonsense. Ankhu was here all of the time and knew of your marriage. He waits for you now in Alexander's camp. The King himself wants you to return. Alexander is grateful for what you did. You not only saved his life but the lives of the city's citizens as well. I have never seen Ankhu as proud of a person as he is of you. I say again girl, nonsense. Now sleep. Rest is what you need and then you will see things differently. Put your customs into the past. This is Alexander's world now and his world is different. Oh, by the way, Khumnhotep sent word by messenger. Your Ankhu is now a Captain. He tells Khumnhotep it is thanks to you. Sleep now."

The hint of a smile spread on Zhuo's bruised but still beautiful face. After her eyes closed and sleep crept into her body, she dreamed of quiet places and of Ankhu.

In Alexander's camp... Wood structures were being built anew and stones returned to their proper place in the causeway. Two phalanxs of Macedonians were encamped by the the structure and the guard tripled. Boats were being built and launched to intercept future forays from the island. Alexander would not let the causeway be destroyed again.

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That night, sentries guarded the first section of the causeway, one of ten which had been planned. Tomorrow, earth on a clay base would be packed around it. Till then, the structure was intensely supervised. So much so that no attention was paid to the rest of the channel.

The little boat left the island from its seaward end and described a wide arc as the sole occupant rowed round to the coast, to evade the sentries. This was not a plan by the Tyrean authorities, but by an individual. And for what purpose?

Landing silently, he quickly buried the boat under the sand and a few rocks. It blended imperceptibly with the coastline. Then he proceeded towards the camp.


"Pssst! You!"

Ankhu woke up, though unwillingly. He had only just returned, and desired only to make up his sleep debt.

"Who is it?" In the dim twilight he saw a sentry bearing an extinguished torch.

"I'm on sentry duty in the camp - I saw someone prowling around outside. I think they might be one of your friends, but I don't know." The comings and goings of the Egyptians had not gone unnoticed. Nevertheless, it was a strange thing for a sentry to do. He stood up, put his sandals on and followed the sentry out.

"Over there." As Ankhu passed the tent of an officer, the sentry suddenly raise the butt of his torch and landed an almighty blow on Ankhu's head, knocking him out. Quickily, he dragged him into the tent. He had no idea whose tent it was, but saw a faint glimmer indicating an intricately embossed breastplate, and guessed it must be a soldier of high rank - in fact, it was a cavalryman in the Hetairoi, or Companions, the elite cavalry troop. Dumping Ankhu on the ground, he took a cloth from his own belt, drew his sword, and approaching the bed in one lithe step, suddenly slit the sleeping officer's throat. Then, using the cloth he placed the bloody sword loosely in Ankhu's hand and arranged his limbs carefully on the ground to indicate that he had just fallen over. Then he shouted, "Help! Help! Treason!" and rushed out of the tent. Before long, men awoke and began to emerge.

"One of the Egyptians has murdered an officer! I found him while I was on sentry duty. Look, I knocked him out." He went into the tent, followed by a group of sleepy men, mostly ordinary hoplites. They recognised the officer, and the unconscious Egyptian nearby.

"Call the King!" said one. Alexander was duly called. When he saw the contents of the tent, he forgot to veil his emotions for a moment. Staggering back, he looked wild-eyed, first at the blood-drenched corpse, then at Ankhu, then at the growing crowd of bleary-eyed but shocked men. "How..." but composing himself at last, he grabbed hold of the Egyptian by the hair and dragged him upright. The pain woke Ankhu up."Who.....King?" he said, dazed and bewildered.

"Why?" said the King. "WHY?"

"Er, pardon me, Majesty, what do you mean?"

"THAT'S what I mean," he said, twisting his head round to face the dead officer.

"But....what.....are you suggesting I did that? But that's ridiculous!" Then he noticed the blood-stained sword in his hand, and his empty scabbard. "How did that get there?"

"Don't give me that!" raged the king. "Bind his arms." When this was done, he added, "First, we're going to pck up your friend, then I'm going to learn everything you knowand why you have done this, then you will both be put to death. If you talk, I might consider making it quick." Then he walked out of the tent, Ankhu being dragged behind.

The Egyptians have had it easy for too long.....

Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 09-02-00 16:30 ET (US)     138 / 183       
They passed by the tent that Ankhu and Khumnhotep shared. There they found Khumnhotep sleeping still. One of the hoplites used his spear to poke at Khumnhotep to awake him.

"Ouch. What was that for?" Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"You are wanted to come with us. Your friend, Ankhu, has been accused of the murder of one of our cavalrymen." Khumnhotep was briskly escorted out of his tent, without time to put on his sandals.

"You must be mistaken. I know for a fact that Ankhu would never do what you accuse him off."

"He was caught in the act by that sentry." The hoplite stated while pushing Khumnhotep onwards.

Khumnhotep looked at the sentry the hoplite pointed at. He couldn't help feel that this sentry looked familiar but he could not think were he had seen him before. He looked at Ankhu and noticed that Ankhu was being dragged behind King Alexander. One of the hoplites was holding his head by the hair. King Alexander was carrying with him a sword and it looked like blood on it. It was hard to tell in the torch light.

When the two Egyptians were finally in King Alexander's tent, they were both knocked down to their knees and held tightly by two elite guards each. King Alexander turned round and demanded to know what they were up to and who's side were they on.

"Your side, sire." The both replied, almost in unison. Both praying in their heads to their Gods for the truth to surface.

"Explain the blood on this sword found on your person and the dead cavalryman beside you, Ankhu!" King Alexander held the sword in front of Ankhu's face. There was no doubt from looking at King Alexander's face that he was furious.

"That is not mine. I swear to you. You can check in my tent, mine is still there. The sentry who accuses me of murder told me that he saw someone prowling around and that this person may have been a friend of mine. When I was outside I felt a great pain on the back of my head. Then the next thing I see is you holding me by my hair, the dead cavalryman beside me and a bloodied sword in my hand. Which I swear to you sire I do not know how it got in my hand."

"Silence. Quit your begging." King Alexander then strode up to Ankhu and felt behind his head. He felt a lump. "Yes you have been hit behind the head. But the lump does not tell me when it happened." He turned and returned back to were he stood before. "Soldier go to their tent and return with what swords you do find there." The hoplite left quickly to do as ordered by King Alexander. As he left Commander Perseus entered.

"I heard what happened. I don't believe it. Ankhu and Khumnhotep are upstanding soldiers. There must be some mistake."

"That is what we are going to find out Commander." King Alexander was hoping that this was a mistake. The idea of being deceived by people he trusted and respected angered him.

The hoplite returned with two swords on him. "I found two swords in their tent, Sire."

King Alexander looked down at the sword in his hand. "Then who's sword is this? Check to see if it may belong to the cavalryman."

"Yes sire." The hoplite exited and did as ordered. When he returned he had with him the cavalryman's sword. When the fake sentry saw the hoplite enter with the sword, he panicked and started to rush out of the tent.

Commander Perseus stepped in his way to block his exit. "Why do you look frightened sentry?"

"I'm not frightened. Why would I have need to be frightened?" He stammered while desperately looking for a way out of his predicament.

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Meanwhile in Sidon....

"Huh!" Redsenet bolted upright clasping her right hand to her chest. "I don't like this feeling. Something is wrong at King Alexander's camp. I must return at dawn, tomorrow." She looked over to Zhuo and thought to herself, "I will leave even if I have to leave her behind. She should be well enough to not need me by her side."

She walked over to were Zhuo was sleeping and sat beside her on the bed. Zhuo's swelling in the face had completely gone down as well as her other bruised areas that had swollen up. Redsenet checked the colouring of the bruises and was satisfied that they were going away. "Tomorrow at dawn I will ask if she feels up to traveling back to Tyre with me."

Redsenet returned back to the bed she had been sleeping in. The rest of the night she did not sleep well.

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Back at Alexander's camp....

Everyone that was in King Alexander's tent looked upon the fake sentry. He could feel their eyes staring at him. "What can I do or say that will save may life." He thought for a moment, then he said. "He must have stolen the sword from someone else, hoping to put blame on that person. Only I caught him in the act."

"Yes. How convenient is was for you to catch him and knock him out, inside of the tent. How were you able to see Ankhu slitting the cavalryman's throat when he was inside the tent and you would have been outside, in the dark?" Alexander strode over to Ankhu and grabbed both of his hands and checked them out thoroughly. "There is no blood on his hands nor on his cloths. This does not add up. What is your input on this Commander?"

"Well this sentry is Tyrean. And some of the Tyreans already tried to assassinate you."

"Now I know why he looks so familiar." Blurted out Khumnhotep. "He looks a lot like the husband of Zhuo. The woman who told us about the assassination plot on your life King Alexander. I think he may be a relative of the husband, come to take vengeance. It was Ankhu who killed the husband. The one remaining assassin that you allowed to return to let the Island Tyreans know that their plot did not work, could have told this man about the husband and who killed him."

"What Khumnhotep says makes sense, Sire." Commander Perseus stated, hoping that what Khumnhotep said was actually true.

"You have no proof of this. He is just saying that to save his friends hide." Whined the fake sentry.

"Silence." King Alexander paced briefly to think over what was said by Khumnhotep. He walked over to Commander Perseus and whispered to his ear. "Send a message to Sidon to have Zhuo returned so that she can possibly identify this man for us."

"Yes Sire. I will get on it straight away. In the mean time what will we do with him." Commander Perseus whispered in return.

"We'll keep him under constant guard until her return." He then ordered for his elite guards to escort the man to an empty tent that was used by Redsenet to treat the injured. Six soldiers were posted around the tent as guards. At the same time Commander Perseus was giving orders to a messenger to go by horseback to go to Sidon at the crack of dawn, for Zhuo and Redsenet's immediate return.

"Yes sir. At the crack of dawn sir."

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Zhuo lay prone in the horse-drawn wagon with Redsenet at her side. The young woman lay sleeping, thanks to the herbal drink Redsenet gave her. That will keep her quiet while we cover the distance from Sidon to Alexander's camp, observed Redsenet.

Only the day before had the rider galloped into Sidon in search of Zhuo, finding Redsenet instead. The story of Ankhu's travails and near condemnation motivated both women to quickly prepare for the journey, which they began the next day. It was just before Zhuo was carried to the wagon that Redsenet gave her the calming drink. Now the young widow rested comfortably even though the wagon missed few of the bumps and dips in the well-travelled trade road.

"Bring them before me, all three," ordered Alexander. "Now we shall learn the truth."

Lying on her litter, carried to Alexander's tent just moments before, Zhuo's heart leaped with joy when she saw Ankhu for the first time since the night he ended the life of her husband. She said nothing but looked for and saw a similar reaction in Ankhu when his eyes found and met her's. Khumnhotep smiled at seeing his sister, Redsenet, in the tent as well. Neither woman was pleased to see the ropes that bound the Egyptians' hands.

Shortly afterwards the highly nervous sentry who accused Ankhu was brought in. Zhuo had no reason to wait for a question. "Zurion," she said, "Why are you here. Your place is on the island with the rest of them."

Zurion's face turned pink with stress then red with anger. "Woman, think of your family! You are Tyrean! Do not disgrace your husband's name with your treason!"

Zhuo raised herself in her litter and addressed Alexander. "Sire, this is Zurion, eldest cousin to my husband Hasdrubal. He is an Island Tyrean. Whatever his charge against these two Egyptians, it is false. He is allied with the Tyrean elders and seeks to have the Mainland Tyreans punished with death for opening their gates to you."

She then shifted herself and looked directly at Zurion. "I have no family, Zurion, thanks to the Elders. My husband by his own hand disgraced his name with his conspiracy and is deservedly dead. Now you disgrace your family's name further with murder in the black of night."

Zhuo ran out of strength and fell back on her litter. Ankhu moved as if to go to her side, but a stern look from Alexander froze him to his spot. The King addressed the unmasked sentry. "You who the girl calls Zurion, do you have anything else to say?"

"Only this... May the gods strike you dead, Alexander, before the sun sets on this or any other day!" Then the Tyrean spit in the Macedonian's direction.

Untouched by the spittle, Alexander maintained an outward calm. "Release the Egyptians," he ordered. His bindings untied, Ankhu rushed to Zhuo's side.

A Macedonian hoplite entered the tent. "Sire, Commander Perseus bids me to say they have found the Tyrean's boat buried in sand on the far end of the beach."

"How timely that we should be handed his execution tool just now," observed Alexander.

A short time later, Zurion found himself in his own small boat, feet and hands bound, with heavy rocks tied to his ankles. The boat was smeared with flammable oil and pitch. Archers stood ready on the shore, arrowheads dipped in pitch and lit with fire from a torch. "Let the Island Tyreans see what happens to its citizens who defy me or harm Macedonians! Push him out to sea!"

As Island Tyreans gathered across the channel, looking out or over their battlements at the scene before them, four Macedonian hoplites placed hands on the small boat and shoved it into the channel. It floated towards the deep middle, unpassable except by boat.

"Release!" ordered Alexander. An arc of arrows flew into the sky with most finding the pitch covered wood of the small boat, the rest finding the surrounding water. The pitch burst into flames at the touch of the arrows. The screams of the doomed man within the boat ended only when the seams of the small boat split apart from the flames and heat and the water-filled vessel slid beneath the surface. The rocks tied to Zurion's ankles ensured his body would rest on the floor of the channel and not float to the surface to be recovered by the islanders.

Redsenet shuddered at the sight, the memory of the man loaded with rocks she and Henutsen rolled off the pier many months before in Egypt returning to mind. In that case the man was already dead. This Tyrean was not so fortunate.

The Island Tyreans turned their backs on the spectacle with increased fear of what lay in store for them when Alexander's Macedonians finally attack.

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That afternoon, Alexander summoned Khmunhotep and Ankhu to his tent for "glorious news".

In the tent was a minor officer, relatively new but considered an excellent worker by all concerned. After a while, the King finished writing his last dispatch and finally turned to them. "Egyptians," he said quite ebulliently, "I have decided to bestow a new honour upon you, in recognition of your flawless and loyal service. Two days hence we shall launch what will surely be the final offensive on the island of Tyre. And I intend that you should lead the vanguard."

When they heard this, they were dumbstruck. It was indeed considered an honour in all armies to lead the first attack, but the potential cost of that was only too obvious. Ankhu opened his mouth and searched in vain for words, but soon enough the King began to speak again. "Thasos here will similarly lead another wing of my army. He's only an enotomarch, of course, so the wing will be a small one, but I trust, ha ha, that you are pleased all the same, young man?"

If the Egyptians looked blank, Thasos looked almost aghast. "But O Majesty, it is very dangerous for me to.." He got no further. Alexander's smile suddenly vanished and was replaced by an unusually sharp version of his standard stern look. "How dare you refuse my gift! You, a mere enotomarch, do you seek to give your King orders? And to heap disgrace upon disgrace, your cowardice is an affront to your uniform! Is this the spirit of Achilles, or Agamemnon? No-one with such an unholy lack of the bravery of our great Greek heroes [not his heroes, but he did so like to think himself a Greek] deserves to command. As from today, you are reduced in the ranks to a common hoplite. Now go." The wretched Thasos left the tent with an expression of hopeless despair on his agonised face.

"I'm sorry about that. I couldn't possibly have attidutes like that in my officer class, you understand."

"Of course, O King," said Ankhu. And then to himself, "What do we do now?"

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Xeno51: Are you trying to test our two hero's collective ingenuity? Watch out! Turnabout is fair play, sir.


Khumnhotep looked at Ankhu sharing the same thoughts. Yes, what do we do?

Then an inkling of an idea occurred to him. "Ankhu, my friend, we think and we improvise. Come... We have 2 days to do what must be done. We aren't called Alexander's Hawks for nothing."

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That same afternoon, Redsenet was checking up on Zhuo to see how she was coming along. Redsenet had decided it would be best that Zhuo share the same tent with her. When she was satisfied with Zhuo's condition she thought it would be a good idea to check to see how Henutsen was doing.

"Iiti. How are you doing this fine afternoon sister." Redsenet said while observing Henutsen.

"I'm starting to feel a bit better. The sickness doesn't last as long as before. Oh, isn't it wonderful news sister. I have followed your advice and have not told Maatkare yet of my pregnancy. I can't wait until I tell him. He will be so happy. When do you think it will be okay to tell him?"

"When this battle with the Tyreans is over then you can tell him. I hope it will be over soon. All this death and injuries, never in my wildest imagination thought this would be happening to us."

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The morning before the day of the attack on Island Tyre:

"And so, Sire, that is our plan. We submit it for your approval." Khumnhotep lapsed into silence as he completed his presentation to Alexander.

The young king of Macedonia rubbed his chin while deep in thought. Then he looked at Commander Perseus. "Do you agree with this strategy, Perseus?"

"Yes, Sire. I believe my men and the others will be able to execute it.

Then the King turned to his generals, among which Ptolemy was the most prominent. "General Ptolemy, do you see any fundamental weakness with the strategy?"

"My King, there is risk. We are exposed to counterattack when the first phalanx crosses the causeway. The shore of the channel gains and recedes near their battlements depending upon the tide. We are best served by attacking at low tide so as to have as much land as possible at our backs upon which to fight."

Ptolemy continued. "We have spent considerable time observing their preparations. They have no walls, and their battlements are nothing more than piled stone, wood barricades and pointed sticks. Our greatest risk is from archers while we attempt to scale the battlements. However, once we penetrate their defense there is nothing between ourselves and the city except their soldiers. A remaining question is can we transport enough Macedonians across the causeway quickly enough to gain a numerical edge once we have opened up their defenses. We are narrowly constrained in this regard by the causeway."

King Alexander stared unblinking at Ptolemy during his commentary. "Can we succeed in this attack with this strategy?" asked Alexander after a brief pause following Ptolemy's reply.

"Yes, your Majesty. It is possible. But there will be casualties during its implementation. Our soldiers will be exposed to arrows throughout."

"Can we limit their exposure? Shield them somehow?"

Ankhu suddenly sat bolt upright in his chair. "Your Majesty, permission to speak?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Shields, Sire, long shields that will extend from head to knee and are carried on our round shields. To see the enemy, the hoplite lowers the shield. To protect his body, the hoplite elevates the shield and all vulnerable parts are protected. We use the shields to approach the battlements then cast them to the side after the defenses are breached."

"Hmmmm. Interesting idea, Hawk. Have you seen such a shield?" asked Alexander.

"No, Sire. But a traveller on the road during our journey talked of such a thing. He described it very thoroughly. He said he was from a distant village near a river. He claimed to be a latin; the village's name was... was... Roma, that's what he called it. He said the small village's soldiers used such a shield. It is made of wood and layers of leather. Sire, we only need enough of these to arm hoplites who will breach the battlements."

Ptolemy listened with intense interest. He spoke next. "Sire, this may be the solution to our soldier's vulnerability to arrows. The tide tomorrow will be too high. The tide will be right in a few more days. In the time we wait for lower tides we can build sufficient shields to arm three phalanxes. I recommend the Captain's solution and the other Egyptian's strategy." The other generals silently nodded in agreement.

"So be it," said Alexander. "Please begin the preparations." The generals and all others in the tent rose then saluted Alexander. Outside of the tent, Ankhu approached General Ptolemy. "Thank you sir for supporting my suggestion."

"Young Egyptian, a general is a fool who disregards quality thinking and opportunity because of its origin. I am no fool. Stay alive before the battlements of Tyre, young Egyptian. Your homeland will need such as you and your friend when the Persians are gone from Egypt. Now fly Hawk, there is much work to be done." Ptolemy smiled and slapped the Egyptian on the back jovially.

Ankhu stood in awe as the powerful general of the Macedonians strode off to see to the arming of the three phalanxes with long shields.

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"Henutsen, Sutaijha and you also Dionyssia. We need to search for lots of herbs for the coming battle. Khumnhotep has warned me that there is a very good chance of many casualties. We will need to make an offering to Seth to protect the soldiers. I pray this will be the last battle and that there will not be many casualties. I have seen enough death to last me several life times."

"I think that would be a wonderful idea to make an offering to Seth." Sutaijha said and Henutsen nodded in agreement.

"Do you think it would be a good idea to get some of the other women to help us to find some herbs? I also think it would be a good idea to go to Sidon to purchase some herbs and bandages. What do you think Redsenet?" Dionyssia inquired.

"Yes that would be a good idea. We will need to show them what to look for though. We don't want them wasting their time gathering useless herbs, or worse poisonous ones."

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The first phalanx at the foot of the causeway carried no long shields. It had one purpose and one purpose only: to secure the causeway on the island side. Behind it stood three phalanxs, each hoplite carrying a light, stretched-leather long shield hung over his round, classic Macedonian shield. Behind these three phalanxs were arrayed column after column of hoplites, each carrying their traditional long spears, round shields and swords. Mounted soldiers waited on the flanks of the hoplites.

Alexander surveyed his formations with Ptolemy. In the distance he could see the commanders of the leading formation. There, near the three uniquely armed phalanxs was Commander Perseus and the two Egyptian Captains, his Hawks as he called them. Alexander, as was his usual way, would personally lead the main assault once the lead phalanxs breached the Tyrean defenses.

Alexander drew out his sword and waved it for Perseus to see. Perseus drew out his sword and shouted a command to the lead phalanx. Khumnhotep and Ankhu each repeated the command to their long-shield protected hoplites. The advance began.

Before them the stone-piled fortifications bristled with the points of spears and swords. The upper ends of bows could be seen now and then as defenders of Tyre drew arrows from quivers to load onto their bows, then elevated the bows to test string strength. The first phalanx was now midway across the causeway. The first of the assault phalanxs followed closely in the march over the causeway... then the second... then the third.

The first phalanx, Perseus in command, reached the end of the causeway on the island side. Rather than advance farther, the phalanx spread out across the causeway exit and lined the nearby shore of the channel. This cleared the way for the other three phalanxs to exit the causeway. Alexander, noting that the causeway could now receive units from his main army, stood high on his horse and waved his sword in the air. "Follow me!" was the simple command he used. A cheer rang out that echoed up and down the channel, over the barricates of Tyre and into the streets of the island city itself. Tyreans felt fear anew.

The three phalanxs were now arrayed shoulder to shoulder in a broad, thick, parallel line facing the defenses of Tyre. Perseus shouted another command, also repeated by Khumnhotep and Ankhu. The uniquely shielded phalanxs advanced.

Immediately, arrows filled the air, climbing high to begin their deadly arc downwards. "SHIELDS UP!" bellowed the Egyptians. The hoplites responded elevating their shields so that the upper edge was over their heads and the shields were angled towards the massed flight of the arrows.

The phalanxs were within arrow's range. The rain of feathered missles struck true, but the shields' resiliant leather deflected most strikes, ably protecting the hoplites holding them. Here and there a single arrow found a chink in the spacing of the shields, a fatal opening, and a hoplite fell. But it was true what that latin from Roma had said to the Egyptians, these were far more effective against arrows than the round shields.

Another wave of arrows had the same failed effect... and another... and another... The archers could not blunt the attack. The phalanxs were at the wall. They cast aside long shields, having no need to fear arrows now. Long spears jabbed at defenders and defenses. Rocks tumbled into defenders; defenders fell to the ground as spears pierced their bodies. Here and there a hoplite took a blow from an ax or a sword, but casualties mounted most markedly among the defenders, not the hoplites.

Alexander's main army was now crossing the causeway and its forward elements were forming behind the three phalanxs leading the assault. Perseus' phalanx formed up with them.
A great cheer rose as they saw a section of stone barricade tumble inwards towards the defenders of Tyre. Then another section fell, and another. The resulting gap would permit the next phase of the attack to proceed.

Khumnhotep's and Ankhu's hoplites rushed into the breach. Alexander ordered his units forward. The defenders of Tyre saw their hopes for victory fade with each hoplite who passed the barricade and strode, sword in hand, into their midst. Tyre would fall, they realized. It was only a matter of time... and blood.

Alexander's main army now engaged the defenders. Forward elements of the hoplites were entering the main street of Tyre. The defenders were overwhelmed by the superior forces before them. The slaughter began.

Hoplites were everywhere in Tyre, looting, killing and destroying. Alexander's mounted soldiers were galloping up and down the streets striking down anything that moved. Khumnhotep and Ankhu screamed at their men to cease the slaughter. One look into the eyes of the hoplites, fevered with bloodlust, and the Egyptians knew it was hopeless. Frustration built up over the months during the siege had taken control of the soldiers of Alexander and would not be denied. Further conviction came when the Egyptians saw Alexander himself, resplendent in his white and gold armor, riding his white stallion, sword red with blood, with the same look in his eyes.

"I cannot be a part of this," said Ankhu to Kumnhotep. "Nor can I," replied the noble born Egyptian.
They both retired to the edge of the city to see to hoplites who were wounded and had a chance at life. There they found Redsenet and the others, who before the battle had returned from Sidon, now tending to the wounded at the barricades. From the city they could hear the screams of anguish and cries for mercy, many cries cut short in mid plea.

They said nothing to each other except as necessary to aid the wounded. This slaughter in Tyre was Alexander's business, not theirs.

Suddenly, Alexander appeared from nowhere, breathing hard and fire in his eyes. "Hawks! Why are you not in the city?! The battle is won! Celebrate!"

Khumnhotep looked at the king. "Sire, if the battle is won. Why must the killing continue? I shall celebrate when we have saved as many of the lives of the fallen as we can. There is work to be done here. A great victory, Sire, indeed."

Alexander's face reddened as the import of Khumnhotep's words struck home. Surprisingly, the expression of anger the Egyptian expected didn't materialize. Instead, Alexander turned his head towards the city and listened to the cries and screams coming from its midst. He looked back at Khumnhotep, then the King's expression changed once more. It seemed to become... yes... it was indeed sorrow.

"You are right, Hawk. You see what I do not... until now. You both have led well. It is time for me to lead well also." Alexander turned his horse about and galloped back into the city. Khumnhotep and Ankhu knew it was to end the slaughter and bring peace to the city once more.


To all: I will be away from these forums for about a week with only a slight chance of being able to post before September 18th. I thank you for letting me post this battle scene. Do not hesitate to continue this story and its interrelationships among the characters in my absence. There is yet a long journey to Egypt before this tale will end.

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Bravo, Civis!!! I could see the whole battle and hear the shouting.....Very well done. MRed
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Yes it was very well done Civis. Your posts will be missed. And I'll be awaiting for your return. Reshwet em herwek (May your day be filled with joy.)
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Redsenet was busily working at healing the wounded soldiers of King Alexander's army. With her were Henutsen and Sutaijha as well as Dionyssia. Redsenet couldn't believe the number of wounded, and she was very worried that they may not have enough herbs to help the wounded and dying.

"This better be the last of it. I'm tired of seeing all these injuries and hearing the dying. There are so many dying." Tears ran down her face. She couldn't control them, and her vision was being blurred by them. The cries coming from within the Island part of Tyre made her heart sink. Her instinct was to rush over and start to heal but she was not to do so under orders of King Alexander. They were not to be given the luxury of getting any treatment for their wounds. Not even the women nor the children. This was to demonstrate to the rest of world what would happen to them if they did open their gates to King Alexander.

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