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Topic Subject:In the Court of Tut-Ankh-Amun (cont)
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HG Alumnus
posted 10-07-99 13:07 ET (US)         
mouse and Anhky rushed up to ET waiting in the hall drinking his beer. We must get to Pharaoh immediately they babbled in their rush to both talk at once. The Hittites plan to attack soon and in secret babbled the mouse and kitten.
ET dropped his beer and picked up the two small creatures and rushed to find Pharaoh. We must tell Pharaoh at once before the Hittites leave the guest quarters. Maybe we can stop the attack before it starts now ET was babbling too.
Darn all these long halls where could Pharaoh be right now?
posted 11-13-99 12:55 ET (US)     51 / 85       
(Oops, sorry Civis. I think I inadvertently got you into the story without meaning to. Sorry, pal...go on dreaming...)

The rest of the Travellers ran up to the city of Nubia's great wall, where they found Incon next to her faithful pachaderm. Tusky and his friends were banging their strong brows repeatedly against the fortifications (with wonderful, if somewhat dusty results), Incon was busy shaking some pills out of a Roman vase.

"What's that?" MRed asked, pointing to the vase.

Incon looked up. "Aspirin. Tusky's going to have one mother of a headache when he finishes this little task..."

Just then, a Nubian priest approached them in a great hurry. Gustavia and Ishaius immediately stepped between him and their friends. "What do YOU want? And where's our winged friend?!?" Gustavia demanded.

The priest went white, then turned to the Londinium governor. "If you please," he begged, "make your animals stop breaking down our city walls! We've opened the front gate for you! There's no need for this commotion!!"

"Are you willing to give us our Sacred Belt back?!" the Head Priestess of Da-An-Set demanded. Incon waited for his answer.

"Erm...that wasn't our original intention," the priest back-pedalled. "I was only sent out here to negotiate with the elephant-handler."

"*Elephant-handler*?!?!?!!!" Incon spat. "I'll have you know I'm the Governor of a well-respected Roman Province - and an ELEPHANT-LOVER!!!" Incon glared at him, then added in a whisper "...not in the Biblical sense, you understand..."

Everyone stood looking a tad confused, trying to figure out just what she meant. Not inclined to explain, Incon went back to shaking out doses of headache tablets for her pachaderms.

"PLEASE make them stop!!" the Nubian priest pleaded.

Before anyone could answer him, Big Tusky broke through. Jumbo-Ra and Ouphe-Tiri piled in after him as he headed for where he picked up Jayhawk's scent.

"Sorry, mate, you're on your own!" MRed smiled at the shaken priest, and followed the elephants.

"Well, look at it this way," Gustavia, ever the diplomat, put an arm around the distraught priest's shoulders. "You can always fit a new gate into this stonking great hole in your city wall. Make a nice back door to the city...don't you think?"

"TUSKY!" Incon ordered, "FIND JAYHAWK! NOW!!"

Tusky didn't need to be told twice...

Civis Romanus
posted 11-15-99 16:04 ET (US)     52 / 85       
No problem, Incon. You don't need Civis anyway. As usual, you and Big Tusky have things well in hand and under control. Now go and save that trouble-prone angel of yours.
Civis Romanus
posted 11-17-99 20:55 ET (US)     53 / 85       
Is the angel ever going to be saved?
Eminence Grise
posted 11-18-99 11:09 ET (US)     54 / 85       
...we might have an interuption of services in both the current stories as Incon has hit a rather nasty snag...see the C3 Community forum thread...

I would have enjoyed it if she continued this bit...but that seems a tad unlikely...

Tusky lumbered through the city like small dreadnought, scattering Nubian soldiers in his wake.

In his cell Jayhawk felt the earth begin to move. It shivered like it had a serious cold. Then the outside wall collapsed as Tusky's great head demolished it. Adobe fell down in a torrent and the elephants eyes looked round the room.
"Hi Tusky" the angel said.
BT trumpeted and gave Jayhawk a serious trunk hug. The angel was barely quick enough to prevent his wings from being crushed.
"Down boy, down" he laughed.

Tusky put his friend back down on the floor. Jayhawk found his feet only to be crushed again by Incontinentia, who slid down Tusky and threw her arms around the angel.
"Are you okay?" she asked.
"Just fine, thank you. I did miss you smile, though."

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 11-18-99 15:42 ET (US)     55 / 85       
(I'm here! I'm hammered!! I'm soon-to-be-totally-Unemployed!!! But the story MUST go on...)

" can let me go now," Jayhawk said patiently.

Incon looked up. "Eh? Oh, heh...sorry, pal..." She released the Angel from her hug. "It's just that, I thought I'd rescue *you* for a change..."

Jayhawk wasn't surprised to see the rest of his travelling party pile into the hole Tusky had left behind after her. "Are you OK?? How are you feeling?? Did they mistreat you??" was demanded by everyone present.

"I'm fine, really!" Jayhawk insisted.

"That's a ruddy good job," the Head Priestess insisted, pushing her way into the room. "Now...WHAT ABOUT OUR RUDDY, SACRED *FLAMING* BELT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??????????"

Just then, the Head Nubian Priest clambered into the room. His face was ashen. "I-I-I..." he stammered at the Roman Party and group of Da-An-Set novices, "...some Egyptian-owned elephants are demolishing our city!!!!"

"Well, that's what you get when you nick a Temple Belt," Incon grinned smugly at him. Tusky snorted his support.

"Incon," Jayhawk took hold of the situation, "it's late, I'm a tad tired, and if I recall I was invited to a Pharaoh's party. So, if it's no trouble at all, would you mind reigning in Jumbo-Ra and Ouphe-tiri, and Mouse and I will go looking for the Sacred Belt??"

Incon looked glum. "But...elephants LIKE demolishing things..."

The angel glared at her.

"Oh...*all-riiiiiiiight....*" Incon beckoned to her faithful pachaderm, the the two went off in search of the other elephants. Jayhawk turned to his friends.

"Well, it looks like this leg of the Adventure is over, for the moment," he informed them. "Who's up for a ride back to Cairo, a quick coffee at Nez-Cafe's, and then back to Tut's stonking party??"

Everyone raised their hands immediately (MRed actually hopped up and down)...except for the High Priestess, who put her hands on her hips, and in total exasperation screamed:

"WHAT ABOUT OUR BL**DY BELT????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

HG Alumnus
posted 11-19-99 01:30 ET (US)     56 / 85       
mouse,Anhky and Rat ran out for a second and hurried back dragging the belt with them The Pristess was overjoyed and said at least somebody cared. She reached down to pet Anhky, mouse and Rat all of whom ducked away They ran up BT leg and called lets get this show on the road. We'll stop the elephants then back to Pharaoh's lovely party Think he's going to ask us all to move to Egypt and live in one of his lovely cities Anhky purred in agreement

Eminence Grise
posted 11-19-99 04:49 ET (US)     57 / 85       
"Ahum..." somebody said behind them.
The Nubian Highpriest stood in the doorway.
"You...." Incon growled and started forward, only to be stopped by Jayhawk.
"Shush, " he mumbled, and then to the priest,

The priest went down to the ground and stood up again, dust clinging to his vestly robes.
"I ask your help, Heavenly One" he spoke in his deep voice.
"Help, after all you did to him you dare ask for help" Incon glared at the priest who took an involuntary step back.

"The...the people of Nubia are an unhappy people. Da-An-Seth and La-Am-Badha have long ago forsaken us when the grandfather of our current king forbid his people to dance. "
His voice grew stronger.
"Our people need them to return. We borrowed..."
"Stole!" La-Am-Badha's Priestess interjected.
"...stole the goddess' belt to get her attention. We wanted to force the angel to help us as he seems to be linked to her."
"You could have asked, " Jayhawk said.
"I did not know you, or your friends. " the priest seemed to sag a bit.
"Please help us. Please forgive me and my people."

Jayhawk looked at Incontinetia and raised an eyebrow.
"Are you...oh, well, okay" she flashed him a bright smile.
"You heard the lady, " Jayhawk says as he turns back to the priest. Then he faces the Egyptian priestesses and says:
"If you would so kind as to help us?"

Later that day.

The Royal banquet is coming to an end. Food and drink has been flowing in a virtually unending stream. The hour of midnight is approaching and music starts to filter in from the main court. The king rises and, followed by the priest, Jayhawk, Incontinentia and their friends, walks to the court.

The court is filled with the people of Nubia, torches shed light in bright circles and the music settles into a seductive rythm. The king takes a seat as Jayhawk and Incontinentia walk up to the platform.
The angel lifts his friend up. One of La-Am-Badha's priestesses hands him the belt and a single wing beat takes him to the platform. Jayhawk clasps the belt round Incontinentia's slender waist and then takes her hand as he leads her in to the dance.
"Just flow with it, " he whispers in her ear.

They move into the music and let it fill them up to brimming. A soft glow is starting to appear around the pair. People are whispering excitedly.

Incontinentia's feature seem to change in the light and slowly but surely she takes on the aspect of La-Am-Badha. Jayhawk smiles
"Hello, Lady, " he whispers.
"Hail, Angel, " she answers, "it has been too long since we danced."

The music grows more and more intense. The people are shouting and laughing. Tears of joy stream across the old priests cheeks.
"See, " mouse tells him, "you should have asked."

"Would you mind hosting my Lord? " the goddess asks the angel.
"Never, dear lady, never." he answers and feels the power of the God flow through him. He seems to grow, the wings fade and a sharp muzzled face with golden eyes looks over the gathered crowd.

"Da-An-Seth..." the priests sighs and falls to his knees.
He looks up to see La-Am-Badha's priestess reaching for him. He accepts the hand and soon is dancing on the stage. A little later the stage is crowded with dancing people.

Mouse and Rat are dancing on a table, safely out of reach from the big people's feet.

"Ah, " ET sighs, as he grabs another beer filled bowl, "this is the life. Look at them dancing, just look at them, Tusky, are they not beautiful."
Tusky reaches for another beer barrel and nods his big grey head.

As the stars fade from the sky the heavenly couple is still dancing.

As Khepher pushes the Ssolar disk up, the glow starts to fade and slowly Jayhawk and Incontinentia take shape again.
She staggers and almost falls, but the angel holds her up.
"What..." she mumbles.
Jayhhawk kisses her upturned face and says,
"I think we just made peace."

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Civis Romanus
posted 12-14-99 21:22 ET (US)     58 / 85       
In a villa near Rome:

The unexpected breeze gave the acorn quite a shock and rattled it so that it just simply had to fall from its tree all of the way to the floor below. But it never made it safely.

Instead, the unhappy little acorn made a crash landing on the forehead of the soundly asleep Roman who had been enjoying a quiet afternoon's rest on his couch by the fountain in his villa.

Civis Romanus leaped up with a start looking for the errant creature that just slugged him on the head. Turning his head rapidly from side to side, he discovered no such person. Confused he lay back on his couch pondering his plight. Fortunately, the lump on his forehead was quite small even if painful to the touch.

"By the gods," he exclaimed suddenly. "It's later than I thought!" Titanicus is due here any moment and I'm only partially ready. Calpernia, my things! We're having company soon."

The house attendant scurried about at Civis' direction making ready for the arrival of Titanicus. The Sorceror of Celtia was making one of his grand tours again, performing entertaining magic for Roman audiences all over the empire.
He seldom performed his special spells, because he preferred to save these for the occasions when powerful magic was needed.

"Well," said Civis to Titanicus, "Now is one of those occasions. I haven't heard from Jayhawk, Incon or anyone in ages since they were sent off to Egypt by you. Apolita is bothering me to go see if they're okay. You know I don't like this time travel stuff, but there'll be no peace around here unless I do. So send me on my way. Look after Apolita for the while, and I'll be at the place we agreed to for you to conjure me back when the time comes. Okay, so let's get started before I change my mind."

Titanicus began to mumble in celtic, then before Civis' eyes the magician disappeared and the sands of Egypt appeared in his place. Off in the distance was a colorful city of stone. Coming from the other direction was a long line of elephants with a number of familiar faces barely discernable in the lead. Civis waved to get their attention. One of the figures stretched large black wings and with a powerful flap lifted himself off of one of the elephants and began to glide directly towards the dune on which Civis was standing...

Civis Romanus

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Eminence Grise
posted 12-15-99 11:15 ET (US)     59 / 85       
Black wings, Civis, this angel has got black wings, like Azrael's.
Here's a picture they took of me while in Men-nefer. I think the solar disk is a bit much, but hey, you know these artists, they always try to flatter you...

The angel landed next to the young Roman and swept him a splendid bow.
"Hail Civis. It has been a while, hasn't it? All well with Apolita? And young Titanicus?"
Civis nodded and tried to shade his eyes from the stinging sand.
Jayhawk smiled his eyes alight.
"Come, and find shelter with us. I'm sure the others will be glad to see you. There's poppy-steeped wine, beer, pomegranate and water."
Safe in the shadow of the angel's wings they walked towards the resting caravan.

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Civis Romanus
posted 12-15-99 20:41 ET (US)     60 / 85       
Aren't computers wonderful?! Especially those with edit features. Sorry about the wings mixup. It's fixed now.


Shaded by his friend Jayhawk's black wings, Civis walked with him to the resting caravan of camels, elephants, Romans and Egyptians. Once again in the presence of King Tut, the Boy-King of Egypt, Civis bowed respectfully maintaining his bow until acknowledged by Pharaoh.

"I honor Pharaoh and thank him for permitting me to speak," said Civis. "I have come at the request of their friends in my land to see that all is well with Incontinentia, Jayhawk and their companions. As I see that they are in Pharaoh's direct care I find their friends in Rome have no cause to worry. I shall return and tell them so. By your leave, Pharaoh." Civis bowed again.

"Must you leave immediately, Roman?" asked Pharaoh.

"No, your Highness. It is not necessary that I leave immediately. But I would not presume to impose on Pharaoh or his hospitality."

"I remember your last visit, Civis Romanus of Rome. I appreciate your willingness to assist us in the matter of the Hittites. Do not consider yourself an imposition on the hospitality of Pharaoh. You are a most welcome guest. There is room in this caravan for you. Please join, us."

"You are most kind and gracious, your Highness. Thank you."
He bowed once more. Then Civis looked down the row of elephants and camels to find a beast to ride to the city of Pharaoh...

-Civis Romanus

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Civis Romanus
posted 12-16-99 22:00 ET (US)     61 / 85       
"There's room here," said a young Egyptian girl standing next to a camel. She obviously was one of the King's or Queen's servants. Civis obliged by walking over to the camel and getting prepared to mount the beast.

"What is it with Civis and these Egyptian servant girls all of the time?" asked Incon.

"I have no idea. They seem to enjoy his company. It's quite innocent on his part I'm sure," commented Jayhawk.

"Well, maybe so...but you keep an eye on him anyway. for Apolita's sake."

"Okay, Incon. Shall I also keep an eye on you and Tut-Ankh-Amun as well?" asked Jayhawk.

"How nice of you to think of protecting me," said Incon.

"I was more concerned about the King," replied Jayhawk with a twinkle in his eyes. The tease in his voice was lost on the mercurial Incon.

Jayhawk wondered how Incon managed to put so much strength into only two fingers as he looked down at the growing red welt caused by the ferocious pinch Incon laid on his left leg before she got up and walked away to join Tusky.

-Civis Romanus

posted 01-25-00 16:43 ET (US)     62 / 85       
(i can't say i am great at this but what the heck)

The gang met a little kid who was about twelve. His name was Ramesses.

"And who are you little kid?" asked Jayhawk.
"I am the bravest boy of them all!" replied Ramesses,"Those camels look like they come from Pharaoh, have you met him?"
" Yes we have, really nice guy if you ask me!" said ET.
"WOW you met Pharaoh, by the gods how did you get in there?" asked Ramesses, "oh yeah i'll introduce myself, I am Ramesses, my dad is in the military and my mom watches over the place and my sisters." said Ramesses
"Pleased to meet you Ramesses!" the group cried in unison.

"RAMESSES time for dinner... RAMESSES come here RIGHT NOW!!" yelled a voice inside a house.
"Well what do you think about him?" said Mouse

posted 01-29-00 23:56 ET (US)     63 / 85       
MRed yawned and stretched, and looked around at her friends...

"Hey, you guys! Why are we sitting here in the sun baking? Do any of you like my new haircut? I thought SOMEBODY would at least comment about it......"

She continued to look around the group, and noticing the huge bruise forming on the Angel's leg, reached into the 32nd pocket from the left, and pulled out a jar of special herbal unguent.

"Here, Angel Jay, put some of this on that nasty bruise. It will fix you right up."

Angel Jay took the jar gratefully, and casting a sheepish glance at Incontipatra, spread some of it on the bruise.....

Meanwhile, off in the distance.........


Civis Romanus
posted 01-31-00 21:40 ET (US)     64 / 85       
Thanks MRed94 and Ramesses for bringing some life back to this thread. We sure miss Incon, don't we.

The shimmering image in the distance moved constantly, but never shrank or grew. The camel rocked back and forth as only a camel could and its passengers did likewise. Although he much preferred a horse to a camel, Civis didn't mind it so much this time because his companion was pleasant and pretty.

The Egyptian girl was a servant to the Queen. (Her Highness was riding her pet elephant several positions back in the caravan, as much for protection as for anything else.) Civis rode the camel by sitting in front, the servant girl in back, with the camel's hump between them. On several occasions he looked back over his shoulder to see how she was faring, only to catch her boldly staring right back at him with an inviting smile on her face.

Finally, he turned and asked her the question occupying his mind. "What is that shimmering image in the distance. We seem to move forward but never catch it. I wonder what it is?"

The young girl said a word in Egyptian Civis couldn't understand. "I'm sorry," he said. "I don't understand that word."

A voice to his right caught his ear and he turned to look in that direction. "She said the Egyptian word for what you and I have no Latin word describing it," said Jayhawk, who had silently ridden his beast up to Civis' side while the Roman soldier was engaging the servant girl in conversation.

"Jayhawk, I didn't notice you had joined us."

"Apparently so," replied Jayhawk, one eyebrow raised. "Why don't you coin a word to describe what you 'see'. You can tell Apolita about what you did," the angel said pointedly.

Civis turned slightly red, involuntarily glanced back at the servant girl, who looked down rather than meet his or the angels's glance. "Hmmm, maybe you have a point; more than one at that. Well, let's see. I was wondering what it what is it, Jayhawk?"

"The heat of the desert makes a false water image that reflects objects a great distance away and makes them appear closer than they are."

Civis' mouth opened slightly as his chin dropped while he tried to digest the angel's explanation. "Right...but I'm still wondering. Then Civis had an idea. Let's just call it something to wonder at! "Mirari"! That's the word! How's that, Jayhawk?"

"It'll do, Civis Romanus, it'll do. Now don't forget to tell Apolita about it. She will want to know everything."

The Roman cleared his throat, "Of course." Without another word Jayhawk urged his beast forward. Finally, a distance ahead where Civis couldn't see him, the angel broke into a smile. Haven't seen Civis that uncomfortable in a long time, he thought. I think I made my point well enough. Incon would approve.

And so he had, besides accomplishing something else. He hadn't expected his association with the Roman soldier to result in a new word being added to the language of mankind;
but being an angel has its advantages. He could visualize the desert travels of future men and the word they would use for the phenomenon. They would call it a "mirage", a future word with the latin word "mirari" at its heart.

-Civis Romanus

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posted 02-02-00 20:18 ET (US)     65 / 85       
Ramesses discovered a plot to kill Pharaoh! Some of his friends were planning to kill Pharaoh but Ramesses couldn't allow it! He knew his friends could help but, how to cntact them was beyond this son of a police man! If only he could find some way, he could fight his way past the guards but that would kill him! All he could do is pray to the gods nothing would happen to Pharaoh, meanwhile a Roman was riding a chariot down the street!
Ramesses yelled, "ROMAN, HELP come here PLEASE HELP!"
Civis jumped when he heard the scream! Then he remembered the kid, Ramesses told 'em all about it! Civis was in awe of those kids and how their complex their plan was.
"HHHHMMMMM, those kids should be working for the army, they could really take out some political enemies" thought Civis.
Well, said Civis "I should get you to Pharaoh himself, but if this is just a story i sware as Mars as my witness, you won't be too happy!"
posted 02-19-00 20:59 ET (US)     66 / 85       
Ramesses friends were sentenced to life in the Copper Mines in Sanai!

"Citizen Ramesses, how di you know of this plot?" asked Tutankhamun.
"My wise king, my friends told it to me and swore if i told they would kill me!" said Ramesses
"You shall be rewarded, no longer will you live in such poorness, I am adopting you!" said King Tutankhamun.
Ramesses' mouth dropped open, in disbeleif. He was a prince, one of the richest in the kingdom. He didn't have to be bossed around by drunk soldiers! The only thing that dishearted him was, his mother. As if Tutankhamun read his mind he said,
"Your mother, you worry for her, I shall marry her!" said Tutankhamun.
Ramesses walked to a room, it was his, his own room. He never had a room to himself. He was a scribe, and read the countless stories on his shelf. He had a room next to a princess named Nephisis.
Nephisis met Ramesses, they looked at each other briefly then turned away. Ramesses was but a commoner, he couldn't talk with a princess. Nephisis, was pretty, nice, active, outgoing and neat.

Ramesses now met the whole group, in a great feast prepared by Pharaoh.

-I came up here to build a bridge, not fight a war!

Vizier Johnleemk
posted 02-19-00 21:03 ET (US)     67 / 85       
Um, what is this? Btw, where did this come from?

I am the mighty Vizier Johnleemk! My house's address is: /
Pharaoh's Court's Address is: His house's address is : / If you want to find out about other countries and their rulers, go
to: or
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Civis Romanus
posted 02-22-00 16:07 ET (US)     68 / 85       
Civis Romanus watched the proceedings with interest. There was a spark in the boy that had impressed him. He understood that Pharaoh had adopted Ramesses, but Civis understood that this did not guarantee accession to the throne. In fact, Pharaoh's natural children all had rights to the throne over any adopted child. But this was not an issue yet because Tutankhamun had no natural children.

Civis requested permission to speak to Pharaoh, which was given heartily.

"Your Majesty, with your permission may I make a suggestion regarding Ramesses?"

"Proceed," responded the King.

"The young boy is being trained as a scribe. He should continue his lessons in order to better his abilities in the future. May I suggest, your Majesty, that Ramesses also be taught the skills of the warrior. I sense in him the kind of determination and insight that a general must possess."

"This can be done," responded the King. "It will take many years of study. We shall see if he is willing." The King motioned to Ramesses who had returned to the feast.

Ramesses approached the throne, lowered himself to both knees and bowed. Well done, thought Civis. Told to rise by Pharaoh, the boy did as commanded.

"Would you, Ramesses, be willing to learn the skills of the warrior?" asked Tutankhamun.

The boy's eyes lit up like newly ignited oil lamps. "Oh yes, your Majesty! More than anything else!"

"Then, young Ramesses, you will be given the training you need to go with the heart and courage you already possess. So it is said, so let it be written." A nearby scribe made an entry in a wet clay tablet.

Nephisis, in the audience, looked at the boy with new found interest. Commoner he may be, but there was something about him... Civis caught the excited boy's eye and returned his glance with a smile and a wink. The Roman was thinking that somewhere in the great land of Egypt even now a monument was being prepared that would eventually have the image of Ramesses on it as part of some glorious tale of achievement in the service of Pharaoh.

Civis' thoughts were interrupted as the strains of an Egyptian lambada number began to fill the hall. Involuntarily Civis glanced over to where Incontinentia stood. Yes, her hips were twitching once more. Soon there would be no holding her back. He was right.

-Civis Romanus

posted 02-22-00 20:01 ET (US)     69 / 85       
Ramesses, looked over at Nephisis, who was looking straight at him. He looked to his left, to his right, behind him, no people stood behind him! He now knew that maybe, just maybe, Nephisis felt the same way he did about her. Ramesses thought about Nephisis, the very sight of her, made him smile.

His attention was stopped by Civis who came over. Civis said, "So kid, you want to be in the military,eh?" without even letting Ramesses say yes he said, "I saw some potetentila in you, I just wonder if you will be trained in the Roman Arts, or those of Egypt." Civis looked back, to find he was talking to Pharaoh. He almost jumped.

Ramesses had not even listened to Civis, instead he was thinking, if he should go and talk to Nephisis or not. He thought "Well, i'll know for sure if she likes me!".

The party passed, everyone was ordered back to their rooms. Except Nephisis had asked to stay out with Ramesses. Ramesses and Nephisis were walking in the palace garden, when a noise sparked Ramesses. The noise was that of an old friend. One he moved away from five years ago, Seti819. Even though he wanted to spend every minute with Nephisis he at least needed to say hi.
"My great Nesu," said Ramesses, " You look so pretty under this night. As if you were Hathor herself!" said Ramesses.
"And would you be surprised if i said you were the most handsome man i ever knew?" said Nephisis.
"Maybe, but, i really got to sleep, i just feel like i am VERY tired." said Ramesses.

He heard another noise, not familiar to him. He took a stroll to see it, there he was confronted with Hathor! In her human form she looked amazing! However Ramesses sensed foul play, and knew that really, it was Seth, trying to fool him. For Seth, knew the danger Ramesses posed to him, a legal heir to his most hated Pharaoh ever!

"Why Seth, do you trouble me?" said Ramesses.
" I have come to take you, now i must proceed with a fate worse than death, proceed into the fire pits, or i shall harm all who have gathered here, including that Nephisis!" said Seth, "If you do, they will be saved, if you don't, i prey for their souls!"
Luckilly, Seti819 was a magician, one reknowned throughout Egypt. He thought, "As soon as he steps in, i will save him!"


-Written by PHARAOH Ramesses.

notes: Nesu, in Egyptian means, princess and queen. Seth is the god of evil, destruction, and blamed with evil doings.


-I came up here to build a bridge, not fight a war!

Civis Romanus
posted 02-22-00 21:30 ET (US)     70 / 85       
Hi Ramesses. I think I can help, but I don't have a piece of information. Who succeeded Tutankhamun to the throne when the boy king died at 18 years of age? I don't seem to have a reference at hand, but I think it was the regent.

BTW - Nice quote in your signature from the movie "Zulu".
Civis Romanus

RR's note, rather than posting a new message - it way Ay

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Eminence Grise
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Let's (re)write some history...

Meanwhile at the palace.
Tut-Ankh-Amun and his sister-wife were presiding over a wonderful banquet. Musicians played and magicians showed their tricks and all the will food and drink flowed freely.
Next to the Royal couple Incontinentia and Jayhawk were enjoying themselves. The sights and smells were truly wonderful.

A young servant walked up to them carrying a basket and placed two incense cones upon their heads.
"What was that for, " Incontinentia murmered to the angel.
"Just a custom, my lady. It's suppossed to bring health and joy in life."
She smiled.
"Would you care to dance?"
Jayhawk returned the smile and took her hand.

In that same palace.
In a secluded room, with guards posted before the entrance, several men were gathered.
"These foreigners are getting too much influence" the eldest of them muttered.
"They are also influencing the armies" a harsh but handsome man replied.
"My lords, " an welldressed priest replied, "the gods are unhappy about all this.
Things need to be changed...and soon!"

Da Pharaoher
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Now, far in Northern Egypt came a man(actually he was more of a teenager) who challenged the power of Pharaoh. He called himself Da Pharaoher.

He hailed form Behdet and had amassed quite an amount of supporters. Now he is preparing to march to the capital to hold a demonstration...

Civis Romanus
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The lively celebration continued with all present enjoying the food, music and dance...except for one. Standing behind the throne of Pharaoh was an older man with a dour expression. Malice occasionally flashed from his eyes as he first looked at one foreign visitor then the next.

Then his eyes fell on Ramesses, who was quietly talking with Nephisis. First these foreigners, now a commoner becomes a son (the only son) of Pharaoh. This boy king is not good for Egypt. He does not have the vision. He is much, too much his father's son. Akhenaton raised him poorly.

The regent, Ay, continued his brooding thoughts. I tried to mold him into the kind of Pharaoh suitable to rule Egypt. I convinced him to change his name from Tutankhaton, the name his father gave him that dishonored our god Amun-Ra. I urged him to enlarge the military and conquer our enemies to the north. He did not do this. Instead, he turns our people into farmers, as if grain will make chariots, swords, lances and shields to defeat the Hittites once and finally.

I must act, thought Ay, for am I not Regent of the greatest nation on earth? Yes, I must act...and it must be decisive. I will find the opportunity...or the opportunity will reveal itself to me. Tutankhamun must join his father in the afterlife if Egypt is to be great forever. Your reign must be brief, boy Pharaoh, for the sake of Egypt.

Ay left the hall to be alone with his dark thoughts.
-Civis Romanus Thanks Angel RR

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Meanwhile, the time had come. Egypt, had fallen into disarray. Conspirisies everywhere, peaceful,too peaceful! Although Ramesses was taken by Seth, Seti rescued him. Ramesses knew this day would come, when the world would fall. Maybe something good was to happen of this.
Seti819, was infact younger than Ramesses, but was a good magician. Seti819 also knew that, this dynasty would end. Ramesses and Seti both were magicians, only Ramesses could read minds, if he took the time to really study it!

Nephisis, was as pretty as Hathor. Meanwhile Seti819 had a wife, her name was Bre-Isis-Kiya. She was also pretty, but she wasn't as nice. Everyone knew that the 18th dynasty would rnd in at least 10 years. Egypt was falling from power, slowly but surely.


-Written by King Ramesses.

Thanks for the comment on the qoute, Zulu is one of the best movies, up there with "The Mummy", (1999 edition) "Big Daddy", and all the bond films.

-I came up here to build a bridge, not fight a war!

Civis Romanus
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If you read this entry earlier, please read it again as I have added two important paragraphs at the end.
Ay was returning to his chambers when he encountered in the corridor the tall shaven-headed man who had become the High Priest of Amun-RA. He made the customary bow of reverence and began to continue his walk.

"A word with you, Regent?" asked the priest.

"Yes, Reverence," responded Ay disinterestedly.

"Ay, do you approve of the foreigners being in the court of Pharaoh."

"No, High Priest, I do not."

"Have you discussed their presence with Pharaoh."

"Yes, Reverence, but he will not listen to me. To change the situation, I fear, we must change Pharaoh. The boy is very stubborn in certain matters and I believe the foreigners have claimed his heart."

"His heart should belong to Amun-RA," said the priest.

"Like his father, I do not think it does," observed Ay. "It may be that he will only fully belong to Amun-RA when he encounters Him in the afterlife. But he is young and his journey may be far in the future."

"Maybe, Ay. But youth today does not always translate into long life."

Ay drew back in surprise. "What are you saying?!"

"Amun-RA has spoken to me. He orders that Pharaoh be sent on his journey now for his own good and the good of Amun-RA's chosen people. Will you obey the word of Amun-RA?" The High Priest moved ever closer to Ay enabling his heighth and piercing eyes to intimidate the Regent.

Ay's resistance crumbled. "If it be Amun-RA's wish, High Priest, I will not oppose the god of Egypt."

"Good," said the priest. "Here's how we shall accomplish the will of Amun-RA. It is their custom for Pharaoh's wife to bring to Pharaoh a drink before he sleeps. He trusts her completely. One of the queen's servants desires to become a priestess of the temple. She will bring to the queen the customary beverage blessed by me; but my blessing will include an additive, an indetectable poison. Pharaoh will begin his journey quietly, painlessly in his sleep. You will become Pharaoh as is custom, there being no other natural heirs. I will anoint you without question and exort the people to follow your leadership as is ordered by the god."

"How will I know when this is to occur?" asked Ay.

"When Pharaoh begins his journey, you will know the day to claim his throne. We speak no more of this. No one else is to know." The High Priest looked intensely once more into the eyes of Ay. The Regent nodded his head.

"I am saddened, but I understand. HE must be served,"
said Ay. The two men each went their way. Ay knew he must wait. There was nothing more he could say or do before the orders of Amun-RA were to be carried out.

In another part of the palace, the harsh speaking man said his goodbyes to the older man, the priest having already left. Horemheb, General of Egypt, said little as he left the other man behind. The guards followed Horemheb as was their duty.

Left behind in his own chamber, the remaining conspirator gathered a few of his things for tomorrow's schedule of appointments. Imhotep would need only a little time in the morning to prepare the potion that would send the boy-king on his final journey. The Royal Physician reached for the key to the hidden cabinet holding his collection of small bottles. Everything he would need should be there. What better way to ensure his opportunity to make Tutankhamun's queen his consort than to rid Egypt of the boy-king with the assistance of the most powerful men in the land.
-Civis Romanus

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