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Topic Subject:In the Court of Tut-Ankh-Amun (cont)
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HG Alumnus
posted 10-07-99 13:07 ET (US)         
mouse and Anhky rushed up to ET waiting in the hall drinking his beer. We must get to Pharaoh immediately they babbled in their rush to both talk at once. The Hittites plan to attack soon and in secret babbled the mouse and kitten.
ET dropped his beer and picked up the two small creatures and rushed to find Pharaoh. We must tell Pharaoh at once before the Hittites leave the guest quarters. Maybe we can stop the attack before it starts now ET was babbling too.
Darn all these long halls where could Pharaoh be right now?
HG Alumnus
posted 10-22-99 17:42 ET (US)     26 / 85       
oh dear mouse mumbled just when I've met the rodent of my dreams Another adventure well lets get this show on the road. Ready Rat dear you are about to embark on an adventure into the unknown. Come on Anhky up and at'em we're off to ride BT into adventure. Now where is Gustavia and ET mouse is scrambling around gathering up friends and belongs.
Eminence Grise
posted 10-22-99 18:33 ET (US)     27 / 85       
"Oh well," the angel sighed. Then a sparkle twinkled in his eyes "I might see the Goddess again"
Tim The Great
posted 10-22-99 19:27 ET (US)     28 / 85       
...Yes quite!
Now would you look at those two rodents over there! Were are they going?...
posted 10-22-99 20:48 ET (US)     29 / 85       
"Hey, you and your friend want to hitch a ride with me? I have an empty pocket here someplace....."


posted 10-23-99 22:06 ET (US)     30 / 85       
The head priestess looked imploringly at Incontinentia. "Anytime soon?" she asked politely.

Incon tried to laugh in a carefree manner, failed, and shrugged. "Sorry...we are all Romans, you know...can't go anywhere without our luggage...heh, heh..."

She looked to her elephant for back-up. Tusky just rolled his eyes and snorted.

The Temple delegation of novices lounged around outside the Palace Gates, looking bored. King Tut had gone back to the party, after giving orders to his Captain of the Guard. Incon, a tad embarrassed, turned to her fellow travellers and bellowed:


She was stopped from further outbursts by Jayhawk placing a firm hand on her shoulder. "Jeez, just relax will you?" he told her. "We're getting ready as fast as we can. Keep your toga on."

Mouse came scampering up...her fur somewhat dishevelled. "Heh, heh...sorry, kind of know how it is...(hee hee...)..." The extremely handsome rat who came scampering up after her told the rest of the story.

After much packing of bags, rolling of herbals and storing of beer kegs (on ET Flavius' part), Incon climbed onto her trusty pachaderm. "Are we ready to kick some Sacred Dance Belt-thieving butts or WHAT?!?!?" she boomed.

Gustavia turned to the Angel. "That governor REALLY needs some anger-management counselling." Jayhawk just sighed and nodded in agreement.

Mouse, Ankhy, Rat-Ah-Too-Ee and Tim climbed onto Tusky's back behind his mistress. "Let's go!" mouse squeaked.

With the rest of the Roman party taking the rear, the priestesses led them into the desert in the direction of the Temple of La-Amb-Ah-Dah...

HG Alumnus
posted 10-24-99 00:05 ET (US)     31 / 85       
mouse asked Incontinentia and anybody else that would listen. Why is everybody always trying to put me in their pocket? Know they mean well but I can't see from a pocket. Who knows when I'll need to do some spying

Anhky almost fell off BT's back laughing Nice mouserrr they trying to keep you out of trouble purrrrr purrr

Ok guys now we need to plan this operation Incontinentia was talking to the group from high up on BT's head. The other two elephants moved closer and swept up all the priestess to ride on their backs. The Egyptians troops were very disappointed by the elephants move but kept quiet about it.

posted 10-24-99 00:21 ET (US)     32 / 85       
Er, Mouse......

I was TRYING to give you and your "friend" some PRIVACY...thought you might enjoy "conversing" in the deep dark depths of a spare pocket....


Civis Romanus
posted 10-26-99 21:13 ET (US)     33 / 85       
Just a little hello.

Civis Romanus was reclining on his couch, mid afternoon, near the reflecting pool of his villa near Roma. He was relatively idle that day, there being no military crisis affecting the empire for once.

I wonder what Jayhawk, Incon and the others are up to, he thought quietly. I haven't heard much from them lately, nor have I heard of their return from King Tut's Egypt. Hope they are well and staying out of trouble...

But his thoughts tapered off and became modest snores as the warm Mediterranean sunshine worked its unique magic dulling the mind and senses of the resting Roman.

-Civis Romanus

posted 10-28-99 18:09 ET (US)     34 / 85       
...and as the brave Roman soldier Civis slept, he began to dream.

He dreamt he saw his friends, the Travellers, striding across the desert outside Cairo on elephants and the King's chariots, toward a far-off temple...

"Right! Does everyone know what they've got to do?" Incon asked.

Gustavia nodded. "Kick some serious Dance-Belt-Thieving Butts!!!"

"And retrieve the Sacred Belt, of course..." ET Flavius added over his ale flagon.

Jayhawk swooped over Big Tusky and landed lightly on his back. "Any idea which direction the Belt Thieves were headed?" he said.

The head priestess looked up. "All I know is, they were spotted heading north."

"Right towards the Nubian border!" MRed gasped, anxiously rolling her 5th herbal of the evening.

"Perhaps mouse has some spies on the border who could help us," Incon commented. She looked down into the large purse Gustavia had strapped to her shoulder, from which emitted much rodentine whispers and gigglings. "Mouse? Mouse!! Oh, for Venus' sake - drop that rat for a moment and pay attention, will you?!?"

Mouse's furry head popped out of the bag. "Heh, heh, sorry folks," she smiled, "but Rat-Ah-Too-Ee's such a *smashing* bloke..."

Just then, four more chariots came charging up to them from the direction of the capital. A Captain of the Pharaoh's Guard rode in the foremost. "I bring greetings from the King and Queen!" he cried to the elephant riders. "We have been sent under orders from the Pharaoh to assist you with your quest!!"

"Well, it's always good to have some back-up," ET smirked.

"I'll fly on ahead, and scout out the situation," Jayhawk informed them, spreading his wings to take flight...

HG Alumnus
posted 10-28-99 20:32 ET (US)     35 / 85       
Ok if somebody will drop us by that palm tree we'll get the spys to work mouse mumbled. Just keep bothering a girl when things get interesting. Come on buddy we have a tree to climb.
Oh mouse you don't have to climb the tree BT will put you right in the top Incontinentia was trying to make up with mouse. Oh cool Lady Incontinentia that will work

Oh palm rat we need your help to catch some thieves. Mouse they went north moving fast like somebody was chasing them. They will have to stop at the oasis about 10 klicks from here. It's the last water for a long time. Thanks palm rat drop by the next party and you can join in the fun

BT please bring us down now Everybody has the message Bye as she dove into Gustavia's purse

[This message has been edited by mouse (edited 10-29-99).]

Eminence Grise
posted 10-29-99 07:49 ET (US)     36 / 85       
Jayhawk was winging southwards and thinking...
"Now they got me confused...the Nubians came and stole the dance belt and then fled North? Why would the fellons flee North as Nubia is to the South? Why would they steal that thing anyway?"
Suddenly he smiled
"Unless the desparately want her to teach them the Lambada"

He veered left and set of for the Nubian capital

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Civis Romanus
posted 11-01-99 20:50 ET (US)     37 / 85       
Civis Romanus, fast asleep on his couch near the pool at his villa near Rome, suddenly awoke to a strange sensation on his chest. The errant squirrel standing on Civis' chest took one look at the stirring Roman and realized here was not home. The squirrel promptly lifted its tail and scurried for a nearby cypress tree. Civis grunted, rolled over to his side and paid the squirrel no further attention. Only the merest hint of a passing thought about friends in Egypt raised any threat of disturbing his intended nap. The thought quickly died.


posted 11-02-99 10:01 ET (US)     38 / 85       
As the group approached the oasis, they could see that there were fires lit everywhere, and tents and music coming from at least three different groups of people....they snuck up as close as they dared, trying to stay out of sight..

"What's going on?" MRed whisphered to Mouse. "That's what I'd like to know." said mouse. The group looked at each other, and shaking their heads, retreated off a safe distance to talk about what they had just seen.....


Eminence Grise
posted 11-02-99 11:04 ET (US)     39 / 85       
Sometime later Jayhawk landed in the Nubian capital. He picked the main court of the largest palace of the city and was quickly surrounded by spear bearing guards.

He smiled, and said:
"Take me to your leader"
The Nubians looked at the tall winged figure and soon a gaggle of priests was brought to see the angel. The looked disconcerted and started to whisper amongst themselves and then took another look at Jayhawk.

The eldest took a few steps more in th edirection of the angel and bowed low. He got up again and spoke in a deep voice.
"Wingèd messenger, please follow my to my king, Kermayi. The oracles have predicted your coming."
Jayhawk lifted an eyebrow,
"Oh, yes, the temples have been rife with stories ever since the vision young Piye had of a black-winged messenger dancing with La'am-Ba-Dah."
"Here we go again, " th eangel though and followed th eold priest inside the palace.

posted 11-04-99 16:05 ET (US)     40 / 85       

Elephants and chariots stood outside the desert camp. Suddenly a dancing girl noticed them, shrieked, and ran towards one of the tents.

"Every time someone shrieks in this country, it's usually a bad sign!" mouse exclaimed. "That's it - I'm in this bag with Rat-Ah-Too-Ee for the rest of the evening! See you folks later..." With that she disappeared into the depths of Gustavia's shoulder bag.

Some men emerged from the tent the young girl had run into, and approached the Pharaoh's party. "I don't like the looks of this," MRed commented, rolling another herbal.

"Hand me one of those, will you?" Incon asked. MRed complied, and immediately started rolling another. Incon lit hers and inhaled deeply (gathering Dutch courage).

One of the men broke away from the group. "Ah..." he sighed, "you are the Visitors-from-Afar, no?"

"Erm...yes," Incon replied. " it that obvious?"

The old man tried to hide his smile. "Only Visitors-From-Afar ride upon such huge creatures." He gestured to her pet elephant.

Tusky grinned smugly.

"You're - not war-like in any way, are you?" Gustavia asked politely.

"Oh, no," the old man replied, "in fact, we are your only hope of retrieving the Winged Man. We are the Bedouins of The Mother Desert."

"Retrieving??" mouse's head suddenly popped over the top of the bag. "Is Jayhawk in trouble??"

The elder nodded. "The Winged One has walked into a situation which, while at first he may think is peaceful, is actually treacherous, and fatal to his very life."

Tusky's eyes began to glow red. Anyone who hurt his friend Jayhawk...

Incon turned very pale. "Tell us where he is! Right now!" she demanded. "We've got to help him!!"

"But...what about our Sacred Belt?" the Head Priestess asked.

"SOD YOUR BELT!!!" Incon shouted. This brought forth a gasp of shock from all the priestesses and novices.

"Our friend set out to help you girls on this quest, and by this time tomorrow he may be so much pin-feathers! So - honoured Elder of the Bedouins, please point us in the direction our winged friend took," Incon requested.

The old man pointed due South. "But - take the priestesses with you. You will need their assistance."

"DONE!" With that, Incon ordered Tusky in the direction the old man had pointed. "Double-quick time, big fella," she ordered. Tusky didn't need to be told twice.

Jumbo-Ra, Ouphe-tiri and the Pharaoh's Guard Chariots fell in line behind him. Tusky broke into a trot in the direction the old man had pointed, into the open desert. Incon hoped they weren't too late.

Jumbo-Ra, carrying a bevy of novices and the Head Priestess, caught up with him. "I just want to inform you, Incontinentia of Rome," the Head Priestess said between jostles, "that, for what you said about our Sacred Belt back there - your membership in the Esteemed and Revered Temple of Da-An-Set hangs in the balance!!" She glared at the governor.

"If so much as one feather on Jayhawk's wings comes to any harm," Incon glared back, "...then may I NEVER dance the Lambada again!!!"

Everyone gasped loudly. (Some of the novices started praying.)

"Incon - no!" MRed put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "Think about what you're saying!!"

"I *am* thinking," Incon replied, and spurred her elephant on...

HG Alumnus
posted 11-04-99 20:20 ET (US)     41 / 85       
Lady Incontinentia drop us off at the first tree you see mouse said as she popped her head up out of Gustava's bag. We'll rally all the desert dwellers, we'll catch up later.

Ankhy asked to be dropped off with mouse and Rat, there will be both animal and humans to help the Great Angel. There will be gods summoned too. Mother Bast and Father Ra take great interest in the winged one.

BT didn't even break stride as he dropped the small ones on the first palm tree. The troops charged on to Nubia to find the great angel.

Civis Romanus
posted 11-08-99 11:27 ET (US)     42 / 85       
Incon pulled Big Tusky up short at the border with Nubia. In the distance the sun shined through a cloudless sky on the tiled rooftops of the Nubian capital city where Jayhawk was thought to be.

"Time out for a strategy think, everyone," said the determined Governor of Londinium.

Eminence Grise
posted 11-09-99 08:23 ET (US)     43 / 85       
As evenings falls sounds of a grand party are coming from the palace. If any of the travellers could have looked inside they would have seen the angel seated on a bench enjoying a banquet of lambsmeat and fruit. Incense burns in various places and music is playing softly.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Caesar Ishaius
posted 11-10-99 15:27 ET (US)     44 / 85       
Hey friends!
The king approched Jayhawk and put his hand on the angel's shoulder.
"All of this is for you my winged friend".
Jayhawk sighed and turned around to face the king.
"Thank you very much your higness".
The king smiled. He called one of his body guards, and told Jayhawk to follow him. The three of them walked through a long hallway. They reached two large doors. The king whispered something to his guard, and the guard unlooked the doors. They entered the room.
It was a huge hall. On the walls were thousends of paintings. In the middle was a big gold box.
Jayhawk started looking at the paintings. Everyone of them showed everything each one of their group was doing, and their future. He looked at Incon's paintings and saw her future. "Incon would be happy to know she is going to be a successful rock singer in the future...". He turned to Mouse's future. "She is going to be a cherub?"
He then saw a figure which looked like him. It was his paintings. He looked at his future. It had him, standing in a room, with a king, and a man that looked like a guard standing behind him. The guard holded a baseball club, and pointed it to the angels head...
He wooked up in a small cell...

Meanwhile at the camp the group has built.
Tusky was sitting near a cammel and talked to him.
Incon and MRed sat near the fire camp, lighting up herbels.
Gustavia sat near them, and put her hand bag on the ground.
Ankhy quickly ran to mouse and gave her a huge lick, and poured. "Nice Mouserrrrr niceerrrrr".
Suddenly a dark figure walked to the fire camp. It had wings and it was quite tall. "Jayhawk?" Incon looked at the man. As soon as Tusky heard 'JayHawk' he ran to the man, lifted him and started shaking him (It's a huge).
"Tusky no! put that poor man down!" Incon shouted, but Tusky ignored her.
"No more wine for you if you won't stop!" MRed tried.
Tusky burped and left the man.
"Do you always welcome friends like that?" Ish asked...

Caesar Ishaius
posted 11-11-99 10:09 ET (US)     45 / 85       
Have you stoped posting here?

A smart man once said: "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.
If you teach the man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."
Co-founder of the RSPLN and proud member of the RSPCE.

posted 11-11-99 18:40 ET (US)     46 / 85       
"Ishaius!" Incon gasped, and helped her friend up. "I hope Tusky didn't hurt you..."

Ish shook his head, and smiled. "So...what's going on? And why did I just get the tightest hug I've ever had from that elephant??"

"He thought you were Jayhawk," mouse told him, and filled him in on what was going on.

Meanwhile, in the distance bright firelight and sounds of partying could be heard in the capital city of Nubia. MRed looked in that direction. "I hope Jayhawk's OK in there," she sighed, lighting yet another fresh herbal.

"Perhaps we should go check on him," Gustavia added.

Civis had had enough. He pulled out his best sword and a whetting stone, and started sharpening. "Enough talk," he told everyone. "The Bedouin Leader told us our friend was in trouble, and that's enough for me. I say we go in and break him out of there."

The party looked at one another. Incon shrugged. "I'm game for it, if everyone else is," she said.

"Oh - for La-Amb-Ah-Dah's Sake," the Head Priestess suddenly spoke up, "...what about just going in there and getting back our FLAMING BELT???!?!?!?!?"

Tusky looked at the brightly lit city in the distance, and started stamping his feet...

Caesar Ishaius
posted 11-12-99 05:50 ET (US)     47 / 85       
Incon suddenly realized what her pet was going to do.
"Tusky no! you're not an ox!!!" She screamed with all her power. The elephant scratched the ground and started running toward the wall of the city. "There goes our surprise attack" Civis muttered. Each on of the group were looking at the elephant running, and Incon running after him...
Eminence Grise
posted 11-12-99 06:19 ET (US)     48 / 85       
The angel awoke with a pounding headache. He was still wondering whether or not he'd had too much poppy steeped wine for dinner, when he noticed the bars on the window.

He sighed and put his head in his hands, a moment of concentrationand the headache had flown, like the night flees the sunrise.

Stangely enough the pounding didn't stop. He took another look at the window and saw bits of dust drop down on the floor there was a shimemring of dust. Bits and pieces were softly bouncing up and down, not far, but just a little. As he watched the dust a small crack appeared in th ewall of his room, breaking the painted reeds.

His door opened and he looked up. The high-priest entered the room and looked down at the angel. Jayhawk rose and the priests eyes moved up.
"Yes?" the angel asked the priest, who looked non-plussed. He had anticipated the locked-up angel to be meek, not regal.

"Err, " the priest mumbled. The old man's eyes flew to the wall as a new crack appeared.
"Are you doing this?"

Jayhawk smiled, it wasn't a pretty smile, more that of a predator than of a prey. The priest shivered involuntarily.
"Why would I do such a thing?" the angel asked mildly.
"You seem to think I should have a reason..." The green eyes flashed.
"Err, you might. We hit you over the head and locked you up." The priest mumbled.
"What ever made you decide to do that?" Green eyes locked on to the dark once with the force of a crocodiles jaws snapping shut.
"I...I... " The priest shook his head.
"Fiend..." he whispered
"We'll get her yet."

The old man turned abrubtly and slammed the door behind him. The angel walked to the window and watched the dust dance in the courtyard.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

HG Alumnus
posted 11-12-99 09:08 ET (US)     49 / 85       
a small gray mouse and black kitten slipped into the palace. Making their way to the angel's cell. Oh great angel squeaked the mouse BT is even now breaking down the wall with the help of the other elephants. If you could gather yourself rescue is on the way. Mouserrrrr Anhky purred think Great Angel is ready now. The kitten sat licking it's fur clean of the dust flying through the air.

crash crash smash the crack was growing fast in the wall over the sounds of the wall being battered could be heard screams of fear and trumpets blowing

Civis Romanus
posted 11-12-99 21:10 ET (US)     50 / 85       
People: Civis Romanus is sawing logs on his couch back at his villa in Rome. He is not in King Tut's Egypt. If you choose to conjure him there or call him, he will arrive somehow. But right now he is unconscious and dreaming of...never mind what he is dreaming of. He is quite content for the moment.
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