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Topic Subject:In the Court of Tut-Ankh-Amun (cont)
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HG Alumnus
posted 10-07-99 13:07 ET (US)         
mouse and Anhky rushed up to ET waiting in the hall drinking his beer. We must get to Pharaoh immediately they babbled in their rush to both talk at once. The Hittites plan to attack soon and in secret babbled the mouse and kitten.
ET dropped his beer and picked up the two small creatures and rushed to find Pharaoh. We must tell Pharaoh at once before the Hittites leave the guest quarters. Maybe we can stop the attack before it starts now ET was babbling too.
Darn all these long halls where could Pharaoh be right now?
Civis Romanus
posted 10-07-99 16:15 ET (US)     1 / 85       
Thanks mouse.

About then ET, Anhky and mouse heard an elephant trumpet. "Right!" they all exclaimed together. "Where the elephants are would be Incon, Jayhawk or maybe the King or Queen."

Off they ran, straight for the courtyard. Entering the courtyard at full speed they saw the King and Queen mounted on their respective elephants. Incon was giving a lesson again. Good, very good, thought mouse.

Et called out, "Pharaoh! Danger, danger!"


posted 10-07-99 21:21 ET (US)     2 / 85       
"What danger?" Tut asked, shrugging. "We were just having another riding lesson."

Mouse, Ankhy & ET stood in the middle of the courtyard, flummoxed. "But - the Hittites - their plans - possible invasion - danger! Danger!!"

"Well, can the Impending Danger wait until I've taught these two how to turn and stop their mounts correctly?" Incon asked, putting her hands on her hips.

Jayhawk was more attentive. "Tell us what you heard," he said.

The trio repeated what they'd heard from the safety of shadows. Tut dismounted Jumbo-Ra and joined Jayhawk while the tale was told.

"I shall assemble my Council immediately," Tut decided. "This should be discussed before affirmative action is taken.

"Your Majesty, we may not have time for that," Jayhawk advised.

"Erm...does this mean no more riding lesson?" Ankhesenamen asked from Ouphre-tiri's neck.

"What bothered us most was their hatred toward elephants," mouse piped up. "They've seen the Royal Mounts - and Big Tusky - in the Palace grounds. The Hittite delegation seemed most determined to bring our elephants back to their war camp as trophies, I suppose."

Incon suddenly looked round. "Where's Tusky?" she demanded.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he hasn't gone far," ET Flavius assured her, and tried to hand her a flagon of ale.

But Incon wouldn't be assuaged. "Tusky? Here, boy! C'mere, big fella!" She wandered off, calling her pachaderm's name.

"Perhaps you should call a Council Meeting," Jayhawk advised the King. Tutankhamun nodded in agreement.

They all jumped when they heard Incon's cry in the distance. "*TUUUUUUUUSKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!*"

Suddenly a Palace Guard ran up to them. "Your most Royal Worshipfulness!" he bowed low before the King and Queen. "The Hittite delegation has departed, with one of the Royal Worshipped Huge Animals in their possession! Then, before we could stop her, one of the Most Royally Esteemed Visitors From Afar ran after them into the desert...we assume to reclaim her animal...Your Most Royal Worshipfulness, we could not stop her!!" He bowed down to the ground.

Tut, his Queen and the Roman travellers dashed to the main gate of the Palace. There they could see the lone figure of Incontinentia disappearing into the desert, after her kidnapped friend. They could just make out a cry of "*Tuuuuuuusssskeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!*" over the desert wind.

"We've got to stop her!" Ankhesenamen cried, upset. "She'll die in the desert at night!"

"There's no telling where the Hittites have taken Big there?" MRed asked, nervously rolling up a herbal.

"Wherever they've gone, Incon won't be far behind," Jayhawk insisted. "Your Majesty, we *have* to go after them."

"Agreed," Tut nodded. "Rally my army. Call forth my troops. The Hittites have gone too far this time!"

Mouse looked at the others. "Oh, woe is me..."

Civis Romanus
posted 10-07-99 22:30 ET (US)     3 / 85       
Civis Romanus got a strange glint in his eyes. He reached for his classic short Roman sword and asked one of the attending guards, "You wouldn't by chance have a sharpening wheel or stone nearby, would you. I think I'm going to have need of a very sharp sword in a little while."

"Right over there, Visitor-From-Afar," the guard said.

Civis looked to where the guard was pointing and saw a small shop with an oilstone wheel at the ready. The Roman thanked the guard and whistling a rather cheerful little tune, walked over to the wheel and began to sharpen his sword blade while keeping his ears cocked for the call to leave the city with the army of King Tut.


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Eminence Grise
posted 10-08-99 06:32 ET (US)     4 / 85       
Akhensenamen grasped the angels arm.
"You've got to go after your friend. She's alone, she hasn't got any water with her or food. She'll die out there!"

Jayhawk looked at the young queen and carefully freed himself from her grip.
"My Lord King. Please, give me leave follow th eLady Incontinentia."
"Go find her, Lord Jayhawk. We would not want her to become a victim of Kemet's harsh desert.
Go, and may our gods and your gods keep you safe."
The angel inclined his head.
"Look after my friends, your Highness, each of them is dear to me.

He stepped back and accepted the waterskin from one of the guards. He looked back at his friends, threw them a bright smile and spread his wings.

"Take care angel, " mouse whispered as Jayhawk's shape grew smaller and smaller. She hugged Ankhy, who gave a lick and for once didn't scold him about it..

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 10-08-99 15:25 ET (US)     5 / 85       
"OK, guys, listen up"....MRed stated. "I have a plan..."

She gathered the group closely around her, and outlined her plan. "What we need to do is this. first, gather up all of the things we brought with us, in case we have to leave in a hurry. Then, each of you go and say your prayers for strength and wisdom, and prepare for battle if it comes."

Each one of the group nodded their heads, and they went their seperate ways to prepare.....

Meanwhile, out over the desert......


Civis Romanus
posted 10-08-99 16:09 ET (US)     6 / 85       
Incontinentia managed to find her way to the first oasis. Wisely, she stopped to refresh herself with moderately cool water from the spring fed pond. She sat down to take advantage, briefly she thought, of the shade offered by the clump of palm trees growing in the vicinity of the water's edge. Sleep overtook her quickly as the heat of the day had drained much of her energy away.

Though providing shade to a needful person, the palm trees had the disadvantage of preventing Jayhawk from seeing that Incon was within eyesight. He flew above the oasis looking down for any sign of Incon. Seeing none, he flew on. Incon slept too soundly to notice.


Farther Into The Desert:

Tusky reared back on his hind haunches trumpeting his protest against the 5 ropes around his neck held tightly by the Hittite handlers. This pulled all of the handlers forward and nearly off their feet as the elephant rose to a heighth only achievable by such a magnificent beast.

Three more Hittites rushed over to deal with the troublesome elephant. All had barbed whips in their hands. Tusky, being wiser than most of his kind with a memory just as long, recalled his days in Carthago and the men of that city. But these weren't Carthaginians, he realized. These were Hittites, trainers of Carthaginian elephants and their handlers. His keen sense of smell signaled the difference every moment he was within range of the two legged beings.

Tusky knew instinctively what the whips were and remembered their use. He deliberately calmed himself so as not to cause the Hittites to use the abusive instruments. For once, the Hittites were not so quick to use the whips. Tusky was spared. But Tusky never stopped thinking a somewhat primal thought, even for a normally gentle elephant: Cursed Hittites, your day will come...and I'll be there to end it...


From out of the capital streamed the army of King Tut, Pharaoh of Egypt. Archers and spearmen all rode in chariots, the weapon of speed learned from the Hyksos in a century long gone. The Romans were with him, too. Civis Romanus rode with an Egyptian driver in a war chariot in Pharaoh's personal guard. Not even the heat or sand of the desert could stem the determination of all around the King to recover Incon, her elephant and rid Egypt of the much hated Hittites and their ilk. Only realization of the strength of Hittite swords gave them concern; for while the Egyptians knew bronze and built their weapons from this metal, the Hittites knew iron and their iron weapons proved difficult to defeat in the past.

Civis Romanus

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HG Alumnus
posted 10-10-99 21:52 ET (US)     7 / 85       
mouse and Anhky rushed around the palace gathering up all the rodents and desert cats. They held a meeting in a cool corner of the kitchen garden. Mouse spoke first we have to help find BT the elephant and the Lady Incontinentia. Put the message out with all our relatives. We'll set up a command post at the first oasis north of the palace.

Anhky spoke to the crowd we should do the same be sure to notify the big cats they maybe needed to rescue one or both

Luther lion said I'll get the message to the big cats and start the search myself. With the help of Pharaoh's army we can handle the Hittities.
roaring, squeeking and meowing was going on all over Egypt as the news spread.
In the oasis north of the palace Incontinentia woke with a shiver as the cool night closed in Guess I'de better getting moving have to find BT. A palm rat ran down the tree Lady lady are you the Lady Incontinentia.
Yes I am she said through chattering teeth and a very cold lady at that. The rat aske Lady would you please wait while I let everybody know I've found you. Then I will show you a warm place to wait.

Can't wait BT needs me. Lady you must wait we've been searching all over for you. We'll help rescue the great elephant

Eminence Grise
posted 10-11-99 10:19 ET (US)     8 / 85       
Incontinentia, slightly fevered from the cold and exhaustion, shrugged off the palm rat and staggered back upright.
"Tusky...I got to find Tusky... Oh, my poor baby... " She muttered through cracked lips, to far gone in desperation to even remember the nearby water.

Jayhawk had finally found the Hittite force and their captive. However there were too many to take quick actiona and he had still not located Incontinentia. He flew off again as Tusky looked up and saw the angel, who trumpeted sharply. The Hittites looked up and saw the winged shape and made signs to ward of evil.
"Their gods...their gods are walking the earth." The soldiers muttered. Tusky snickered quietly.

Incontinentia had found company. Not quite what you would call good company, though. Half a dozen hyeneas were circling the half hysterical girl, who was batting at them with a branch of an acacia tree. The slavering animals were snapping at her and she was bleeding from a handful of nips. The wily beasts had her surrounded and were getting up enough courage to move in for the kill.

Then light blazed from the sky and sent the scavengers scattering to the four winds. In a blaze of glory the angel landed next to the dazed girl.
"Jayhawk" she mumbled and promptly collapsed into his arms.
"This is becoming a habit, " he said under his breath and lifted the inert body and searched for a shelter.

A short while later he and his precious burden landed at an old, halfburied shrine dedicated to Isis.
"Great Mother, please extend your shelter to us."
The inside started to glow and the desert cold slowly seeped out of the stone as Jayhawk stepped inside.
"Thank you, Great One."

He put Incontinetia down and wrapped her in a blanket he found in a corner of the shrine. He got out his water skin and moistened the girls cracked lips.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 10-11-99 22:48 ET (US)     9 / 85       
Incontinentia was dreaming. In the dream she was doing the Lambada for all she was worth at the Greatest Festival of All Time. She was really enjoying it. She looked up at her partner to compliment him on his back-twists, and to her utter amazement saw her partner was...Big Tusky!

The elephant was dancing on two legs and using his forelegs to twirl her round the dancefloor. "Tusky!" she gasped. "When did you learn to Lambada so well?"

Tusky just grinned, back-flipped her with his trunk, and trumpeted.

Just then they were approached by the most beautiful woman Incon had ever seen. A golden halo glowed all around her. "Would you like to cut in? He may be an elephant, but he's stonkingly good," Incon offered.

The radiant woman smiled. "No, Incontinentia of Brittania, I'm just here to tell you that your friends are waiting for you when you awake. They're all quite anxious about you."

"And you are...?" Incon asked as Tusky back-bent her.

"I am known by many names," the stunning woman told her. "But my best-known title is Isis."

"Wow - Mother to all Egyptian gods and goddesses?" Incon gasped as Tusky twirled her 180 degrees. "What an honour! By the way...I *love* your country..."

Isis laughed. "Go now, Incontinentia the Governor...awake, and join your friends..."

Incon started to waken. Jayhawk raised the water skin to her lips. "Incon? Incon! Are you okay?" he asked.

"Mmmmm....Tusky.....Tusky..." she muttered, opening her eyes. "Where's Tusky?!?!?"

"The Hittites have him...I'm sorry," the Angel tried to offer her more water.

Incon tried to get to her feet. Still to weak, she managed to crawl on her hands and knees. "Sorry, gotta go...must find Tusky..."

"Well, you'll never find him in your present state!" Jayhawk huffed, and stopped her. "Get your strength back, and I'll give you and airlift..."

Incon at first refused. Jayhawk, his patience at stretching point, swatted her with a well-aimed wing. Incon agreed.


Meanwhile, at the Hittite encampment, a soldier was attempting to feed Big Tusky a smidgeon of bread and fruit. Tusky glared at his captor while the pittance of a meal was placed in a trough in front of his chained legs. When the soldier stood and started walking away, Tusky remembered his favourite command from his mistress..."TRUNK!" He swung his strongest appendage, and grinned as the hapless soldier went flying several yards, screaming all the way. Happy, he tucked in the fruit. He wondered where Incon was. He missed her.

He burped.


Meanwhile, Tut's army (with Civis Romanus, the superior Roman warrior, riding in the chariot next to the King's) sped out into the desert, determined to catch up with the Hittites...


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the Hittites, their encampment was gradually being surrounded by a growing swarm of rats, cats, kittens, mice, lions and hyenas (the hyenas having something of a handshake truce with the Egyptian rat population). They kept their meowing, purring, laughing and chittering to a minimum while they silently enclosed on the camp...


And meanwhile, Ouphe-tiri strode into the desert in the direction of the King's army, following her master's chariot-tracks. On her back rode Ankhesenamen, ET Flavius, Gustavia and MRed. Ankhesenamen looked ahead with a determined look on her face.

"Are you sure this was a good idea?" Gustavia asked nervously.

"If *anyone* can find Incon, it's another elephant," MRed assured her, rolling a herbal. "The Queen had an excellent idea."

Ankhesenamen beamed. "Do you really think so? It's just that, Tut gets to have all the fun at these battle thingies, and I want to join in! And find Incon-Ti-Nentia too, of course..."

"Anyone for another pint?" ET asked, lifting a flagon.

Meanwhile...back at the Temple of Isis...

Civis Romanus
posted 10-13-99 01:24 ET (US)     10 / 85       
Good thing very little is going on right now in this story


It's morning...

The Egyptian army of charioteers is streaming across the desert.

At the oasis, Incon is coming to her senses, protected and nurtured by Jayhawk.

Outside the Hittite camp, creatures of every kind are packed together waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Inside the Hittite camp, a Hittite slave carries two pottery jugs to the nearby water hole for a filling. In the early morning sunrise the slave barely makes out the outlines of hundreds of creatures on the sand all about and around the camp. Startled out of her mind, she drops the jars and runs screeching to her master.

Hittites come pouring out of their tents. Creatures come pouring into the camp. Little harm befalls either group as the creatures intend to harrass the Hittites, not harm them. Two small creatures split away from the main body of berzerking animals. Ankhy and mouse make their way to Tusky. Ankhy bumps against the elephants leg to reassure the startled pachyderm that all is well. The ropes around Tusky get mouse's attention. Soon the nibbling teeth of the determined rodent sever the bindings about the elephant and Tusky is free.

Few Hittites notice that Tusky is free. They are too occupied fending off the creatures that have invaded the camp. Ankhy and mouse take their usual routes to Tusky's back and the elephant applies his keen sense of direction, ambles out of the camp and back to the palace of Pharaoh.


The Egyptian army of chariots is still streaming across the desert. Civis' head and upper torso is hanging over the side of his chariot. His driver is looking at him with perplexity. Ugh, thought the Roman. Never expected to be chariot-sick. This will pass...this will pass...he said to himself. And sure enough it did. The driver of the chariot streaming behind him quickly manueuvered to the right to ensure it all passed to his side safely. "Are we there yet?" said Civis, finally mustering up the energy to speak. The Egyptian driver just looked at him, amusement in his eyes. "Aww, never mind," said Civis who spent the rest of the dash with his eyes focussed on the horizon to relieve further symptoms.


Civis Romanus
posted 10-14-99 22:06 ET (US)     11 / 85       
"What do you see out there Ankhy," asked mouse. "Looks like an oasis. But what's the cloud of dust behind it, there, in the distance?"

Ankhy didn't know. Nor did Tusky. They continued their march to point on the horizon where the palm trees grew and the area looked cool and green.


-Civis Romanus

posted 10-14-99 22:24 ET (US)     12 / 85       
When they got just a bit closer to the cloud, they discovered MRed, leaning up against a palm tree, huffing and puffing on a massive pile of herbals, creating the huge cloud that shielded Pharaoh's army from the enemy Hittites, giving them plenty of time to sneak up on the camp...


Civis Romanus
posted 10-16-99 19:23 ET (US)     13 / 85       
mouse was thinking very quickly. She just barely could make out MRed chain smoking herbals near the oasis. Not good for MRed, thought mouse, herbals okay once in awhile but not so many, why is MRed doing this, not like her really.

Just then the lead chariots broke through the cloud of smoke. Again mouse was thinking rapidly...there here to save Tusky, but we've already done that, no bloodshed, it is unnecessary, Hittites are running in fear from the animals. No need for death of any Egyptians, the Hittites won't want any part of land whose animals hunt them instead of each other.

mouse scurried up Tusky's neck to his big flapping ear. Tusky, said mouse, go to the Egyptians, no war, let them know you are okay.

Tusky changed direction and headed for the first Egyptian chariot he could see, trumpeting loudly to get the occupants attention.

mouse sighed. No fighting, thank goodness...and mouse's stressed heart rested, at least for the moment.

-Civis Romanus

HG Alumnus
posted 10-17-99 11:34 ET (US)     14 / 85       
Now mouse mumbled if we can just find the Lady Incontinentia. The Egyptian army came to a stop at the sight of the elephant in all his glory.
Beer shouted Pharaoh Tut must have beer for the elephant. BT rumbled his agreement oh no mouse and Anhky together. He'll forget about Incontinentia, oh dear and where is our Angel.
Never fear rumbled BT never forget my Lady just a little beer to wet my whistle. ET would understand where is ET when I need him.

There is the sound of elephants trunpting in the distance now who could that be thought mouse. Oh yes JR and OT cool that will help in the search for the Lady Incontinentia. The sound of great wings is also heard. The adventurers are all together again as the great Angel lands with Incontinentia in his arms.

The reunion between girl and elephant brings tears to everybodies eyes

posted 10-18-99 01:18 ET (US)     15 / 85       

Incontinentia leapt the last 3 feet as Jayhawk was landing and ran toward her elephant. Tusky pushed away the beer barrel the Pharaoh's guard had provided - generously splashing them in the process - and trotted towards his mistress. Everyone sighed and said "Aaaawwwwww...." as the pachaderm lifted her up in a big trunk-hug.

"How's my big brave fella, huh?" Incon stroked his massive forehead and cuddled him. "Was my big, booshy-wooshy babee scaredy-waredy of those nasty, awful Hittites, hm?"

Tusky rolled his eyes. The Roman travellers groaned in unison.

"Well, we're all together again," Civis smiled, taking the flagon of beer ET handed him. "What's next?"

"I think we should see the Hittites safely over the border before we do anything else," Jayhawk replied. The others nodded.

Tut joined them from where he'd been chatting with Ankhesenamen, who still sat on Ouphe-Tiri's neck. "Wonderful news! The Hittites are retreating!" he beamed at them. "And, to celebrate - and thank you all for your help in our time of crisis - Ankhesenamen and I would like to throw you a huge banquet."

"*Another* one?" Gustavia asked.

"Hey - who's complaining? It's a party!" MRed grinned from a huge cloud of herbal smoke.

"You can stop smoking those now, you know..." mouse whispered to her.

"Speak for yourself," MRed puffed back.

Just then, 2 of the Pharaoh's Captains of the Royal Guard came running up with a Hittite Commander held firmly between them. "Most Worshipful Majesty!" one of them bowed low. "We have caught the Dreaded Infidel who masterminded the abduction of the Huge Worshipped Creature!"

"I'll handle this." Incon broke away from her reunion with Tusky. "Your Majesty, if you would allow me..."

Before anyone could respond, Incon approached the Hittite soldier, grinned at him, placed both her hands on his shoulders...and brought her knee firmly up where no knee should ever strike an unprepared man.

The Hittite's eyes popped wide open, then he leaned forward with a tiny little squeal. Every male in the Pharaoh's entourage winced in sympathy and looked away. Even Tusky felt a tad sorry for the poor sod.

While the Hittite was still bent double, Incon socked him squarely between the eyes. He went flying out of the Guards' arms and landed a few feet away, where he passed out altogether.

"Oh, shoot," Tut sighed. "I think my Captain was hoping to question him..."

"Sorry," Incon shrugged, "but, you know how it is...anyone who'd steal an elephant..." Everyone nodded understandingly. And took 2 cautious steps back from her.

Just then, a page came running up and bowed low before the King. "Your Most Worshipful Majesty! Your 3rd Regiment has just discovered another Hittite Kidnapper of Worshipped Huge Creatures, attempting to escape!"

"Oh - *goodie*!!" Incon started after Tut and his men.

"You're staying RIGHT HERE, young lady," Jayhawk placed a firm hand on her shoulder.

"Quick - get her in a chariot before he lets go! Let's get back to the Palace!" mouse squeaked.

Civis Romanus
posted 10-18-99 11:45 ET (US)     16 / 85       
Glad to see you back in the story threads again, Incon.

Civis turned to the Egyptian who had been driving his chariot. "See that, Themet. Never get between a lady and her elephant." He continued, but in thought only. I wonder if we should train legions in that maneuver. Good opening move at first clash. His thoughts returned to Roma and there they stayed.

The army of Pharaoh, along with the elephants and his visitors returned to Thebes, the Hittite menace now ended for the time being. The inevitable banquet and palace party started up the evening after their return.

Civis sat quietly at the table observing the goings-on. He remembered a banquet in the past and carefully kept the legs of his chair under him at all times. The dark haired serving girl was pouring him another goblet of wine, or was it beer. He didn't know and wasn't paying attention. She seemed vaguely familiar, like a face from the past. But the eyes weren't right. Time to leave, he thought, time to leave. Where was Titanicus anyway. I need some air.

Civis got up to leave the table. Where was that fountain? Oh yes, I remember. Soon he was at its edge using the water to cool his face and neck. The air shimmered with heat waves. Or was it heat? No, its a portal. Titanicus, you found me. At last!

"Jump through, Civis," cried Titanicus. "It won't last forever." Civis dashed over to the portal and without hesitation jumped into its murky depths leaving Egypt behind him. The portal wavered, shimmered and disappeared.


-Civis Romanus

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Eminence Grise
posted 10-19-99 12:03 ET (US)     17 / 85       
Later that evening. Incontinentia and Jayhawk have found a quiet corner in one of the watergardens of Pharaoh's palace. The sound of water is mingling with the smell of the late flowering lotus. A small bench underneath a statue of Isis seats the two travellers.

Incon leans over and give the angel a kiss on the cheek.
"What was that for?" Jayhawk answers, glad there isn't enough light for her to him blush.
"Thanks for saving my life."
"Hey, what are friends for? You want some more wine?"
"Okay," she holds out her goblet as two small shapes come skirting in to the garden.

"Angel Jay, " mouse squeeks, "Civis is gone. He has disappeared."

posted 10-19-99 13:03 ET (US)     18 / 85       
...eeeerrumm. clears his throat ..Well this is more like it.

We all could use a bit of relaxation..mmm heh?? A Jay... you look slightly 'flushed'...need a glass of ward off the ailment?

Incon...starts to giggle...then mouse gets going...on the floor *kicking*...little paws waving and pointing at ET..heheheheh

..Well, 'What' ET...says..what did I say?? By this time A. Jay is 'beet' red.....and ET starts to laugh too...

'OH' I another 'peck' on the cheek...YUP, does it for you EVERY time huh. Well then that glass of wine in definitely in order.

OK, OK you two...mouse...Incon..give him a break..Just how many times does he have to save us..anyway? It's starting to be a habit. Man ..NOW I'm thirsty again heeheh

'Here', A Jay..try a bit of this.. mmm I think I hear MRed..or is that Tusky?? it Both of them...and ET goes to look out the window...

Hey Incon...'take a look at this'....everyone rushs to the window

ET says ...'Here we go again'...and takes a big swig of his beer...

Tim The Great
posted 10-19-99 16:39 ET (US)     19 / 85       
TTG and Bob were on Tuskys back getting to know him better because TTG is almost prez of RSPCE. But anyway MRed was leading the group, you see the killer worms (from the C3 Story) were back. They had re-populated. Must of been that all but some were eaten by the worm eating catifish.

ET then said,"Quick everyone. make way that elphent is not going to stop!"

And right after that the whole group jumped aside and they heard a hugh rubeling and then a rather large bang! Tusky had gone right through the wall!

"What should we do?" TTG said. "Those worms are ganing on us at an increadibel rate of .0000000000000000005 MPH a minute!"...

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posted 10-19-99 18:55 ET (US)     20 / 85       
"Well," said MRed......"I think I can fix this little problem....."

She took a large bunch of herbals out of one of her many pockets, tied a long piece of string around and around it, to make it look like a torch. Then she lit the end, and threw it down in front of the worms. "Darned things must have come thru that portal I think I saw shimmering on the wall a minute ago."

The worms, being the insects that they are, and not likeing smoke of any kind, turned and fled down the hall. Everyone watched with glee as they took a wrong turn and fell out of the small opening at the end of the hall and fell into the moat, where they were quickly devoured by the crocodiles swimming there.

"Whew!!" The whole group heaved a great sigh of relief.

"Now, ET, as to what is happening in the courtyard....I think we ought to let Incontinentia tell us what is happening out there...." MRed looked around at the group, who were all nodding their heads in agreement.


Civis Romanus
posted 10-20-99 11:20 ET (US)     21 / 85       
Two men stepped out of the shimmering portal on the Isle of Celtia before it wavered and closed once more.

"Thanks Titanicus. Glad to be back," said Civis.

"Well, it's my fault you even went there. The good news is I've mastered this 'time vaulting' spell and we shouldn't have this problem again. First the Hawaii problem and then you in Egypt. The only thing that went right until now was sending Incon and Tusky to Egypt. Are they okay?"

"Yeah, they're fine. Although they're having their usual share of adventures. Me too. But it's still somewhat sad."

"Why is that, Civis?"

"Well, you know our knowledge of Egypt, especially its early history, is rather sketchy; but we are aware of Tut-Ankh-Amun, their boy king. I met him, personally. A most interesting individual. Kingly and majestic in public and when being a ruler, but very boyish otherwise. Simply full of youthful enthusiasm and curiosity. It's a real shame."

"Why do you say it's a real shame?" asked Titanicus.

"Because the historians of Egypt say he died as a youth, never seeing his nineteenth birthday. Cause of death unknown or unrecorded."

"That is sad, Civis. How old is he now, I mean, when you were there with Incon and all?"

Civis replied, "Eighteen, just eighteen."


-Civis Romanus

posted 10-21-99 19:10 ET (US)     22 / 85       
Incon stood at the window. "Everyone - come quick!" she cried.

"See?" MRed grinned smugly at the others, exhaling herbal smoke.

The Roman travellers joined her at the window - all except for mouse, who was busy sharing a thimble of wine with Rat-Ah-Too-Ee in the corner. Tiny giggles & snatches of rodentine conversation could be heard.

Approaching the Palace's Main Gate was a delegation of priestesses from the Temple of La-Amb-Ah-Dah. The head priestess broke away from the group, stopped at the gate, raised her hands heavenward, swivelled her hips a few times, then bowed low.

"O Mighty and Revered King Tutankhamun!" she boomed, rising. "We seek the Honoured Travellers from Afar!!"

Tut walked forward to meet her. "They are here, partaking of a banquet in their honour. What do you want? We were just about to start up a Lambada!"

The junior priestesses and novices whispered excitedly amongst themselves, but were shushed by a glare from the head priestess. She turned back to the King. "We come with grave news from the Temple of Dah-An-Set. We have been invaded by barbarians from the Nubian border. They have stolen our Sacred Lycra Dance Belt of La-Amb-Ah-Dah!!!"

Everyone gasped (just for effect, mind you.).

"TUSKY!!" Incon cried. Her faithful elephant was at her side in an instant.

"Incon - what are you doing?" Jayhawk asked.

She turned to him. "Jayhawk, you're a great friend. We've been through a lot together. You've seen me face off enemies, sober up comrades and tell my elephant to go Trunk someone. But...when ANYONE interferes with The Sacred Lambada - I'M REALLY PEEVED!!!"

Tusky glared at everyone, just to get the point across. Then ruined the mood by burping.

"Then you will help us??" the head priestess looked at her hopefully.

"With The Pharaoh's permission, of course..." Incon batted her eyelashes at the King.

Tut blushed, then straightened. "My military resources are at your disposal."

"Can any of them dance?" Gustavia snorted.

Incon cocked an eyebrow at her, then turned to the others. "Right, then! Who's with me?"

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MRed began quickly filling up her many pockets with the provisions she thought she would need for the trip...

"Right-o, Incont.....lead the way..."

She gathered up her small pack of clothing and herbals, and turned to face the rest of the group..

"HEY!! Are you guys getting ready, or what???"


Tim The Great
posted 10-22-99 16:13 ET (US)     24 / 85       
We would if we could but we can't see anyhing! All the darn smoke!
posted 10-22-99 16:57 ET (US)     25 / 85       
MRed searched in her many pockets..and pulled out a very large OSTRICH TAIL Fan......She began to blow away the smoke, and the room quickly cleared......

"Hey, Tim...Is that better?" she asked.....


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