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Topic Subject:In the Court of Tut-Ankh-Amun Another Story
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Eminence Grise
posted 07-05-99 08:09 ET (US)         
Well, it seems we are done with the Barge Trip.

Our little group of travellers traveled from Alexandria to Aswan, more or less during Cleopatra's time. Incontinentia suggested w move further back in time and pay a visit to that well known boy king Tut-Ankh-Amun.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 07-31-99 12:09 ET (US)     51 / 151       
Back at their apartments in the Royal Palace, everyone changed out of their hunting garb and gathered in the courtyard for a buffet dinner. After the meal, MRed handed out Giza Golds. More wine was served.

"Where's Jayhawk?" ET asked.

"Gone off to do some business with the Palace dudes," mouse replied, "and arrange an appointment with the Oracle. I think he wants to find out why we were invited here."

"I'm not complaining," Gustavia stretched and smiled at the handsome servant who was re-filling her goblet.

Just then, Tusky rushed into the courtyard. He looked around wildly, fear in his eyes. Finding no suitable hiding place, he dashed off up a wide corridor into the Main Palace.

Incontinentia entered by an adjacent gate moments later, calling ", boy! Tuskeeeeee..." She noticed the party. "Oh, hi guys. Sorry about ruining the hunting trip, and all. Has anyone seen Big Tusky recently?"

"He went that-a-way," Ishaius pointed. "Why? What's he done now - got into the Pharaoh's personal beer supply?"

Incon shook her head. "It's that time of the year again. I've got to give him his worming medicine."

Everyone looked at her. "I didn't know elephants could get worms," MRed commented.

Incon nodded, and held out a pill the size of a small book. "Every year I have to do this, and believe me it's a struggle. I have to get *this* down his throat. He can swallow it alright, but he HATES the taste."

"Have you tried hiding the pill in his food?" Lion Tamer suggested, having some experience with worming big cats.

"Oh yeah," Incon sighed. "He just eats around the food, and leaves the pill."

"Hm...where have I seen *that* trick before..." Lion Tamer cast a glance at the very guilty-looking Luthor.

"Last year I had to hire the entire Londinium Pike Legion to hold him down while I shot the pill down his throat using this..." Incon held out a large bamboo blowpipe. She shrugged. "I don't get it. All the other elephants at the sanctuary are so good about taking their worming medicine..."

ET stood up. "Well, we've got some time to kill before Jayhawk gets back. We'll help." Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Really? Oh, thanks guys!" Incon grinned at them.

"But - we've got to find Tusky first," Gustavia reminded them.

posted 08-01-99 23:47 ET (US)     52 / 151       
OK. let's split up...I'll check the main street and alleys. the BT expert on elephant secret 'hiding' places, you look in those areas. If I run across A. Jay I'll get him involved.

Mouse are you ready?...Lion Tamer, hang back in case of a double back.. Mred, you might stay with the roofs, and the higher vantage yelling, just located and report back here in one hour..

...and the group dispenses in their avenues of search..."ET, secretly starts a trail of peanuts...'heheeh' this'll get his attention'...*chuckle*..."



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HG Alumnus
posted 08-02-99 05:43 ET (US)     53 / 151       
Mouse and Anhky crack open a barrel of beer to go with ET's peanuts. Maybe the Lady Incontientia should put the worm medicine in the beer. Then BT couldn't spit it out Anhky purred. Don't think that would work mouse mumbled. But the hunt is on.

Let's look in the pubs mouserrrr that's BT favorite place to hide. Let's look where there is the most confusion cause BT causes that here mouse whispered. So the adventurers set off on the great elephant hunt.

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posted 08-08-99 13:10 ET (US)     54 / 151       
..mmmm now Angel J is missing...hope it's a temporary absence...*achoooee*.. mmm did I hear an elephant sneeze....heheheh, a little sneeze powder on the peanuts did the trick.

Hey Incon...get the 'pill' ready...I think we are on to something. SAAaay,?? I smell BEER!!! and I'm parched as the skin of a lizard on a flat hot rock....where's mouse?? hehehh, so that's her part of the plan.

Wish Angel J could see this...maybe he'll show up in time.



posted 08-08-99 21:19 ET (US)     55 / 151       
"I'm sure the sneeze came from this direction," ET commented.

"Really?" Incon asked. "I thought it came up from that corridor."

They'd reached the hallway that led to one of the many outer gates of the Palace Grounds. "You don't think he got out and hid in the city, do you?" Incon asked nervously.

"Probably not," ET replied. "He knows there's a goodly supply of beer and peanuts here. Why would he leave?"

Just then the gate opened and a tradesman entered, shutting the gate behind him. Incon and ET accosted him.

"Excuse me," ET stopped the man, "but did you see anything exited the gate you just entered? Anything at all?"

"Not a soul," the tradesman answered. "Why do you ask?"

"We're hunting an elephant," Incon told him.

The man's face became a mask of indignance. "Mem'sahab, you DISGUST me," he said in no uncertain terms.

"Why??" Incon gasped.

"Hunting elephants is illegal in many parts of the civilised world, our own land included," he spat at her. "Not only that, but many elephants have been enslaved to be used as tools of war, against their will!"

"I don't think you understand--" ET tried to explain.

"I understand well enough!" the dark man cut him off. "When the likes of outsiders like you run out of decent elephantine sport in your own lands, you must come to our land to torture these poor creatures! Creatures I happen to defend to the death!!" With that he lifted his robe lapel aside to reveal an RSPCE badge pinned to his tunic, with the message 'I Helped Save A Carthaginian Elephant!'

Incon smiled at him. "I'm so glad to meet a foreign subscriber. You see, I'm Lady Incontinentia--"

"Madam, if *you're* the Lady Incontinentia, I'M the Pharaoh Himself!!" the tradesman sneered. "Incontinentia would NEVER hunt an elephant!"

"You really misunderstand!" she tried to explain. "This is a very *special* elephant--"

"I don't care if the elephant in question is Big Tusky himself! You sporting hunters disgust me! Now - I have business in the Palace. Out of my way, elephant-torturers!!" With that, he brushed them aside and stomped off into the Palace grounds.

Incon was shell-shocked. "That's the first time I've ever been accused of being that which I fight against on a daily basis," she sighed.

ET put a friendly hand on her shoulder. "Look on the bright side. The RSPCE's influence has reached this far afield!"

This registered to some extent. Incon nodded. "C'mon," ET assured her, "we'll find your big fella. Let's try up this corridor."

HG Alumnus
posted 08-09-99 07:31 ET (US)     56 / 151       
mouse slipped out from behind a column. I've found him he's in the pantry with the cook. She's feeding him peanuts and beer.

The sound of loud elephant singing floats down the hall. Would know that voice anywhere Incontinentia whispers to ET. Let's get him. Just then the tradesman steps back into the hall. Guards guards he shouts elephant hunters loose in the palace.

The guards rush out to see about the problem. Seeing the Lady Incontinentia, ET and mouse they skid to a halt. The laughter echos down the hall. Not elephant hunters they tell the tradesman but trying to give medicine to an elephant.

A roar of elephant fear now echos down the hall and a drunk BT runs down the hall. No pills no pills he shouts. Not catch BT as he bangs into walls and statues in his mad flight from worm medicine.

Eminence Grise
posted 08-09-99 10:47 ET (US)     57 / 151       
ET, mouse and Incon are looking at the ravages of the Great Hypostele Hall of the Pharaoh's Palace. Statues have toppled, pillars are of kilter, vases are spilled on the tiles.

"Would anybody care to explain this?" a familiar voice sounds behind them.
As one they turn, and see the angel behind them.
"Jayhawk! Where have you been..?"
"Well, I've been trying to get connected to up high, but the Oracle messed up the appointments, again. So it's back to square one. This is really stupid as they got me an appointent, but can't tell me when I'll have it..."
He looks at the ruined hallway,
"Would you care to enlighten me as to what you've been doing?"

ET, mouse and Inconm look at each other then start talking at the same time.
"Hold it! mouse, what happened?"
"O, angel Jay, BT needs to get his worm pill and fled. We tried to find him and sneak up on him and then the guards game and he ran away and trashed the hallway."
"Let's try to find BT first, before he does damage..."

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 08-09-99 17:57 ET (US)     58 / 151       
"Are you *sure* he'd come this way after trashing that Hall?" Incon asked.

"Positive," Jayhawk replied. The two had paired up since ET and mouse decided to check out the grain stores. "He's probably feeling guilty about wrecking those statues, so he'll seek solace in the Pharaoh's Private Gardens."

They cautiously made their way up the corridor that led to the King's apartments, in the centre of the Palace compound. Hugging the wall, they snuck a peek around the corner, into a beatiful green indoor garden.

"What are you seeking?" a voice behind them asked.

Incon turned around - and looked into the face of the handsomest young man she'd ever met. "Er...erm...heh...well..." she sputtered. (He really was a bit of a stunner.)

"We're looking for an elephant," Jayhawk told him. "My friend's personal pet."

The young man's face brightened. "An elephant?! An actual elephant? Oh, I've ALWAYS wanted to see one of those with my own eyes!"

"This one's very friendly, but a little scared right now," Incon managed to blurt out. "You see, I'm trying to give him some much-needed medicine."

"May I help with the search?" the youth enquired. "I know this Palace like the back of my hand. I grew up here, you see."

"Sure!" she smiled at him, unable to take her gaze away from his sparkling eyes.

"Excellent!" the young man smiled back at her, charmingly. "Then, if you don't mind my saying, I don't think he came this way. My guess is, he probably headed for the kitchen gardens. Such massive beasts have large appetites, don't they? Or so I've been taught."

"Oh, he'll eat you out of house and home, alright!" Incon laughed. Anything to keep this gorgeous guy talking to her. Jayhawk grinned knowingly.

"Fine," the youth replied. "If you take the 2nd corridor on the left, go straight down, take the 3rd hallway on the right, go left again, then'll be there. I'll try to head him off the other way."

"Sounds like a plan," Incon purred.

"And then," he looked deeply into her eyes, "will you introduce me to this wondrous creature? May I pet him?"

"My pleasure!" Incon nearly fainted. The young man gave her one last smile, then looked at Jayhawk. To Incon's surprise, the Angel bowed low. The young man inclined his head, then took off up the opposite way.

"Wow," Incon sighed, "who in Egypt was that?"

"Oh, no one special," Jayhawk tried to hide his smirk. "His name's Tutankhamun."

"Wow, what a beautiful na-- huh?!?!?"

"You've just been conversing with the King."

"No way."

"You have!"


"I promise you."

"You're having me on!!"

"Oh no, I'm not."

"Oh...oh, my..." Incon felt a tad faint. She'd heard Tutankhamun was good-looking, but *really*...

"Are you okay?" Jayhawk asked her, trying hard not to laugh.

Incon managed to swallow hard and finally come out with "...uuuuhhh...humina-humina-humina..."

"C'mon, let's do what he suggested and head for the gardens." Jayhawk started leading her up the corridor the King had pointed them towards.

Before they turned the corner Incon managed to ask "D'you think he Lambada's?"

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the great Tusky Hunt...

posted 08-10-99 02:24 ET (US)     59 / 151       
Well while Incon is a bit "glazed* over ...we'll attempt to carry on...'did I hear a snicker'...

Say mouse...all this hiking is starting give me a mighty thirst...uuhmm ??is that beer of fair quality??? Here let me check and see.... *slurp*..mmm no wonder BT goes wild...this stuff about as malted as they come...

OK OK I'm on my way....hear anymore sneezes lately??

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Pharaoh Heaven


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HG Alumnus
posted 08-10-99 14:26 ET (US)     60 / 151       
post 1500 really do need to get a life

ah choo ah choo munch munch munch

Oh Dear ET I do think I hear our sneezing elephant.

Yep well lets carry a bucket of this great beer along.

Just as ET and mouse round the corner they meet with a dazed Incontinentia and Angel Jayhawk.

mouse whispers to ET wonder what has Incontinentia so glassy eyed. Angel Jayhawk laughing out loud now says she met King Tut.

Oh what a handsome devil he is mummers Incontinentia and what a wonderful smile.

A handsome young man steps around another corner with a beautiful smile.

Eminence Grise
posted 08-11-99 05:15 ET (US)     61 / 151       
The smiling young man walks up to the travellers and the see he's followed and holding the hand of a rather lovely young lady.

"My I introduce my cousin-wife Ankhesenamen to you? She too would dearly love to see an elephant."

The girl, wearing a sheer linnen dress, jewelry and dark wig smiled, radiantly.
"O could I, please?" Her large dark eyes focused clearly on the angel, who says...

"Hmmm, I don't see why not," Incon answered a tad grim.
"Come on gang." She jabs Jayhawk with her elbow.
"Ouph. Err, yeah, right."
"Come on ET, " mouse pipes up, "stop staring."
She rolls giggling over the floor.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 08-11-99 06:25 ET (US)     62 / 151       
*blush* know mouse..I'm a bit lost when something like 'culture shock' hits me between the eyes....*grinn* sorry I appeared to be 'leering' over my mug of beer... You know this stuff does cause me to see things a wee bit...on the the fuzzy side

So excuse in place ET attempts to retain some sort of composer...but mouse is having none of it.....*sheesh* he says...will she EVER stop giggling...Angel Jay DO SOMETHING.

I really need BT now...just for a distraction...are we ever going to corral this renegade trunkmeister(beer drinking elephant)

*snicker...snicker* mouse...'puulllezz' quit teasing me..

Follow me to Pharaoh
Pharaoh Heaven


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posted 08-11-99 23:09 ET (US)     63 / 151       
Meanwhile back in the Guest Quarters of the Great Palace.....

Mred and Gustavia are relaxing and enjoying their third bottle of poppy-seed wine. Guarding the rear, in case Big Tusky should double back. Lion Tamer had been entertaining them with stories about Luther's exploits.

But time was weighing heavy, the waiting was beginning to get tedious, and the wine flask was empty.

"Dont you think we should look for them?"

"Well, how looooong does it take to find an elefant? Not toooooo many plashes to hide someshing that big," Gustavia said.

"What did you say?" Mred hiccupped. She was digging around in her knapsack for something she had lost.

"I am going to look for them. They need help. I can hear voices...."

Gustavia struggled to her feet, flinging yards of linen over her shoulder, around her waist, over her arm and took several staggering steps forward, then collapse in a heap of fabric and giggles.

Lion Tamer ate another date from the tray.

"Dont worry, Ladies, I will wake you up when they get back"

HG Alumnus
posted 08-12-99 09:39 ET (US)     64 / 151       
munching and singing coming from the kitchen gardens. Think we have BT now Incontinentia whispered to Angel Jayhawk. Mouse, ET and King Tut if you go through the other door way maybe we can finish this pill business.

ET carrying a bucket of beer that is getting lower by the minute since he keeps dipping his cup. BT BT oh BT ET calls have some beer to wash down those veggies your munching.

ET friend brings beer to BT. No pills in beer is there friend ET. Nope but I have the King and Queen of Egypt with me. They have never met an elephant. Let alone a such a grand elephant as you BT.

Mouse has the worming pill in a big back pack. She runs up BT leg causeing the elephant to giggle. As mouse hangs on to a tusk, she opens her back pack and pops the pill into BT's mouth. Just then BT squirts a big drink of beer. The pill is washed down before he realizes.

Bad mouse mean mouse BT trumpets shaking his head and throwing mouse to the ground.

King Tut steps forward what a grand and beautiful creature you are as he reaches out to touch BT's trunk.

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posted 08-12-99 18:24 ET (US)     65 / 151       
*wheew* I'm glad that's over and done with...Incon wouldn't let it rest until we had a 'pilled' BT.

You didn't hurt yourself did you mouse? Wouldn't want our royalty to think we have 'flying' mice...hehheh you sure must be tough.

Well Angel J., how about some proper introduction here? We would all like to meet these most famous Egyptain personalities.

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Eminence Grise
posted 08-13-99 12:04 ET (US)     66 / 151       
I've got five minutes to do the introductions...urgent appointment with a train

"Why of course, ET.
Your majesties, may I introduce to you ET Flavius, beer connaiseur extra-oridnair, hunter of fish and builder of wonderous machines. He's also one of our most loyal companions.

The small one is mouse, she's actually a cherub too, but prefers this form. It allows her to indulge in listening on on other peoples converstions However, she's most helpful, kind and likes...ouch. Mouse, that was uncalled for.

The big grey one is Big Tusky, companion and carriage for the Lady Incontinetia. She's the lovely lady you met earlier, and governs the city of Londinium in far away Britannia. She's been dying to meet you ever since we came to Egypt."

Incontinentia blushes a pretty rose red.

"If's you'd be so kind to follow me, I'll introduce you to our other friends."

posted 08-13-99 13:04 ET (US)     67 / 151       
Gustavia, MRed, Lion Tamer, Luthor and Ankhy were snoring quietly in the afternoon warmth of the Guests Quarters' courtyard. Jayhawk gently shook them awake.

"Nhuh...hummm...I'll be right there, Sillius Soddus..." Gustavia muttered in her sleep. Then she snapped awake. "Oh! It's you guys. How did it go? Did the big guy take his medicine?"

Jayhawk completed the round of introductions to the King and Queen. Ankhesenamen gazed at him affectionately while he spoke. When she caught his eye, she winked at him.

Jayhawk's eyebrows shot skyward.

Tut, however, was more interested in Tusky. "What do you feed him?"

"Hay, mostly," Incon joined him in front of her faithful pachaderm. "He also likes peanuts, sugar cane, tree bark, tall grass, oats and grains, bran muffins, and MRed's...erm..."special" brownies. But we don't let him get his trunk on those too often."

Tutankhamun nodded. "I imagine they're very fattening, and therefore not good for him."

Incon thought, then nodded. "Well, too many of them aren't good for *anybody*..." She tried to giggle fetchingly.

Tut stroked Tusky's tusks and trunk. "What a majestic beast! And the Angel tells us he's your best friend?"

"Oh, when you befriend an elephant, you've got a best mate for life!"

Tut nodded, thought, then turned to her. "Can you get me one?"


"And one for Ankhesenamen too?"

"Er...sure, I suppose. I'd have to post a scroll to my HQ in Londinium and get them sent to us, but I don't see why not. Could take some time, though..."

Tut's eyes gleamed. He ran across the courtyard. "Ankhesenamen? Ankhesenamen! She said Yes! She's going to get us some elephants!!"

"How wonderful!" his cousin-wife beamed from where she'd stationed herself by Jayhawk, keeping him in conversation. "Then you must all remain as our guests until they arrive. Will the Lady teach us how to ride them?"

"I could give you riding lessons on Tusky," Incon suggested.

"Only if Tut's up there with her," mouse muttered to the others, just out of earshot, much to their amusement.

"I have a wonderful idea," Ankhesenamen clapped her hands together. "Let's throw a banquet tonight, to welcome you all! There'll be wonderful food, wine, music, dancing..."

"In Egypt, everyone loves to dance," Tut informed them, smiling. "Do any of you Lambada?"

Everyone's attention was suddenly caught by the loud thud of Incon hitting the floor in a dead faint.

posted 08-13-99 14:40 ET (US)     68 / 151       
...Grab those big ostrich fan's over there..yells mouse...ET moves hastily...grabs one..

Hey..ET says in glee.. we're invited to a 'royal' do...let's not mess it up. Bet they have some 'quality brew' for our consumption.

Everyone including the royal couple are fussing over Incon...who appears to be smiling in her 'fainted' state.

mmmm I wonder if she's dreaming about getting the Lambada steps down with ol' Tut here..heeheh.. ET and mouse giggle...and nod..yes we know got it right.

Angel J... your soo *flushed* did our fair Queen ask you something on the personal nature...mouse's ears are up...ho-boy..A.J. you're in for the third degree now ...

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posted 08-16-99 03:12 ET (US)     69 / 151       
Guess I got elected

Now on with the story Angel Jay??? What's with you and the Queen...harmless conversation???

Let's hear it.

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Eminence Grise
posted 08-16-99 11:22 ET (US)     70 / 151       

Later that afternoon.

Incon is still smiling and running around in a state of bliss, trying out dresses and jewelry, together with the other ladies.

Lion Tamer is brushing Luther's manes until the crackle with static electricity.

Mouse is curled up inside a round of goatcheese dreaming of a certain game...

ET and Jayhawk are sitting in a quiet corner looking out over the Nile, drinking poppy-steeped wine.
"She spoke to the goddess La-Am-Bada and now she wants to dance with me. I don't know what that divine creature told her, but I'm getting seriously worried. Especially with Incon being wrapped around Tut's little finger and she's just promised that we'll be here for a few more weeks at least until those elephant's show up.
Why didn't she just sent to Numidia?"
ET smiled an wise smile and poured their glasses to the brim again.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

HG Alumnus
posted 08-16-99 13:09 ET (US)     71 / 151       
mouse dreams a wonderful new game to play She too can be Pharaoh In a wonderous land just like the one they are all visiting now mouse rolls over in her sleep with all four feet kicking in the air

The dream is full of dancing Gods, Goddess, Pharaohs, Queens, Angels and elephants

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posted 08-16-99 13:27 ET (US)     72 / 151       
Nice to see mouse is getting proper rest...and sweet dreams.

Well A Jay, do you think we could get 'use to' this level of luxurious life-style...?

heheh You're so funny sometimes ET...I'm an what's to get use to?

OK OK...just that here we endless supply of the finest wine in the land...sometimes even I forget...heheh you are the most 'immoratalize human' Angel I know...and if you keep filling my glass like that...hehheh I'll be able to fly just as good as you. But that OK..heheh

MMMM..seen mouse lately?? Strange that she hasn't reported about how Incon and TuT are doing ... more dancing I suppose.

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Caesar III Heaven


posted 08-16-99 18:10 ET (US)     73 / 151       

Jayhawk, ET and Lion Tamer turned around, framed by the setting sun.

"What do you think of *this* one??"

They all sighed. This was easily the millionth outfit Incontinentia had bounced out of her rooms wearing, to ask their opinion.

"Looks very nice."

"Suits you."

"I'd go with this one. Please."

"Hm." She looked down at the pleated blue linen. "Do you like it better than that purple one I showed you earlier?



"Yes! Please!!"

She thought about it, then shook her head. "I think I'll try the gold one on again...I'll be right back..."

"Oh, Mars..."

"Oh, Caesar..."

"Oh, Isis and Osiris, spare us! PLEASE!!!"

Incon made a face at them. "I should think you'd all be jolly well pleased that Ankhesenamen sent these gowns along for us to try on. They're from her Personal Wardrobe. At least, this season's..."

"My gods! The woman must change her clothes every 3 minutes!!" ET exclaimed over his beer mug.

Mouse sat up from the depths of her cheese rind, yawning and stretching. She caught sight of Incon. "Oh, goodie! The dresses have arrived! Anything in my size?"

Incon brought forward a table-sized rack of mouse-sized Egyptian party gowns. "Take your pick! Ankhesenamen had them specially made."

Mouse clapped her paws in delight, and looked at the lads. "Guys? Can I try a few things on to get your opinion?"

"Oh, here we go again..." Lion Tamer groaned.

Just then, Gustavia emerged from her rooms in a stunning red confection. "You like?" she twirled in front of the fashion-fed-up men.

"Yes!! Wear what you want! Anything!" ET reached for his wine goblet.

Gustavia looked down at the dress. "You're not just saying that, are you..." She turned to the girls. "What'd'ya think?"

"Fetching!" Incon nodded.

"I agree!" mouse squeaked. " you have dancing sandals that will match?"

"Ooh, I hadn't thought of that," Gustavia realised. "I better go change. Don't you guys move - I'll be right back..."

"I'd better go change too..." Incon headed toward her rooms.

"We're relying on all of you for an honest opinion!" mouse wagged a finger at the men.

"Oh, Lordy..."

"Oh, nooooo..."

"Sod this for a game of soldiers! Pass me the wine..."

"Oh - Incon!" Jayhawk called.

"Yes??" she swirled around, hoping for a fashion tip.

"Just out of curiosity...why did you send all the way to Londinium for those elephants for the King and Queen? Don't you have a sanctuary closer Numidia?"

Incon's eyes darted left to right shiftily. She twiddled with a wrist bangle, trying to look innocent. "No real reason," she said hastily. "I just wanted the best for Tutankhamun and his Queen. And the Numidia elephants aren't really all that well trained for domestic know how it is..."



"And if my granny had wheels, she'd be a wagon," ET muttered under his breath. Jayhawk and Lion Tamer snorted back clandestine laughs.

"Hey - guys?" MRed emerged from her rooms in a decided-upon outfit. "When's the party due to start??"

Eminence Grise
posted 08-18-99 04:13 ET (US)     74 / 151       
Jayhawk looked at the sun, that was rapidly approaching the horizon.
"Sunset." he replied.
"What!" the girls looked at the sun, then at they're dresses and ran off in a frenzy of clothes and jewelry.

"That was nasty, AJ, " ET commented.
"I know, but I just couldn't resist it."
The angel finishes his wine, grabbed a pectoral and some jewelry, took one last look in the obsidian mirror and said:
"ET, Lion Tamer, are you coming. We shouldn't let the royal couple wait. At least we should tell them the ladies may be a while yet."
Sounds of frantic action and soft cussing sounded from the ward robe.
"Oh well, " ET sighed, "let's go."
They walked into the hallway and off to the main court.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 08-23-99 12:45 ET (US)     75 / 151       
The girls weren't far behind the lads, and met them at the tall columned doorway of the Main Court. The court was a flurry of activity, preparing for the night's banquet.

Incon glanced sideways at Jayhawk. "Nice pecs," she said.

Jayhawk's eyebrows rose, then he blushed. "Gee, thanks! You know, I eat right, I try to work out when I get the time--"

"I was referring to your pectoral," Incon smirked. The girls tried to hide their sniggers.

Jayhawk went a shade redder. "Oh...yeah, of course...heh, I knew that..."

Just then two servants walked by shouldering a huge replica of the pectoral Jayhawk was wearing, along with a gold collar.

"Ye gods," Et Flavius gasped, "those are the largest pecs I've ever seen!"

"Heh, well, you know how it is," Jayhawk laughed, "...gotta keep yourself in shape these days. I use freeweights mostly--"

"I mean THAT thing!" Et pointed at the two servants passing.

"Oh - oh, I knew *that*..." Jay muttered. Mouse had a fit of the giggles.

"What on earth is it?" Lion Tamer asked.

"Oh, Tutankhamun had a gold pectoral and collar made for Tusky," Incon told them. "Wasn't that nice? He wants him to look good for the party!"

"Just keep him away from the beer," Jayhawk whispered to the lads, who all nodded vigorously in agreement.

Just then, a huge gong sounded at the other end of the hall...

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