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Topic Subject:In the Court of Tut-Ankh-Amun Another Story
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Eminence Grise
posted 07-05-99 08:09 ET (US)         
Well, it seems we are done with the Barge Trip.

Our little group of travellers traveled from Alexandria to Aswan, more or less during Cleopatra's time. Incontinentia suggested w move further back in time and pay a visit to that well known boy king Tut-Ankh-Amun.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 07-17-99 02:43 ET (US)     26 / 151       
Yes Yes ...all you gals ..please "shop 'til you drop. I just noticed some very aromatic snacks, and the wine is flowing freely. A. Jay is tuggin' at my sleeve.

...mmm reminds me of the time in the deep Southwest...a local ethnic shopkeeper had some "deep-fried n' battered" jalepeno peppers, called'm "poppers" and went on and...said they'd '...taste SOOO good it would make my tongue slap my brains out...' I choked so violently , doubled-over laughing 'til I cried... now here we are in this Egyptain the food smell soo I better watch my tongue..right?



posted 07-18-99 21:13 ET (US)     27 / 151       
I had been with with a tourist group, celebreating retirement in one of the nicest places around. Walking around, I inquired as to find a place to spend the night...
posted 07-19-99 02:34 ET (US)     28 / 151       
MRed digs into her pocket, pulls out a handfull of Giza Gold Specials, and says, "Girls, here is fortification for the shopping trip".........

"Bye, guys"...


ICQ # 38153215

posted 07-19-99 04:50 ET (US)     29 / 151       
"Nosh! Nosh! Nosh! Nosh! Nosh!!"

The locals and traders surrounding the lads' table chanted as Et Flavius knocked back one deep-fried hot pepper after another. Jayhawk and the others sat back in amazement as he wiped his mouth with a napkin and smiled at the stunned waitress who brought him another plateful.

"You guys down for any of this?" he asked, offering the plate round.

Even Luthor shook his head vehemently. The peppers were so hot the dish was known as "The Anger of Ra".

Jayhawk took a nibble from his rather tamer shoarma. "How many of those can you eat at once, Et?"

"My current record is 523," he grinned, dipping another in spicy sauce.

"I remember when you got that," Lion Tamer added. "You won the Miletus Pepper-Eating Championship a year ago." Et nodded.

"I think we better get the beers in," Ishaius commented. "By all accounts, steam should be coming out of his ears right about now."

Et grinned at them and popped back another fried pepper, to the delight and amazement of the crowd.

A Roman gentleman approached their table. "Please pardon my interrupting your life-endangering dining," he said politely, "but I was wondering whether any of you knew of a good place to spend the night?"

Meanwhile, in the bazaar...

Eminence Grise
posted 07-19-99 16:55 ET (US)     30 / 151 apologies for the short posts, but I'm busy renovating and am now limited to my trusty 14k4...two more weeks should see me on ISDN!...

mouse, Gustavia, Incontinentia and MRed are trying the patience of the market sellers. Bolt and bolts of muslin, flax and sheerest linnen are rolled out. Many shades of white and a few more colourful bolts of blue, red and Tyrian purple. Golden jewelry and faiance medalions, inlays of ivory, onyx malachite, turquoise and lapis lazuli are shown, handled and set aside.

Ankhy has fallen asleep on a basket filled with wool. Tusky, ignored by his mistress is peevishly wandering the market.
"What is that smell?" he thinks. He takes a quick stroll and find a cart full of barrels of beer.
"Now there's an idea." He rolls his trunk into a fist and knock the cask open. Unfolds it again and starts drinking.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

HG Alumnus
posted 07-19-99 23:28 ET (US)     31 / 151       
Mouse is jumping up and down. I want scarabs for the men, sugar cane and peanuts for BT. Jeweled collars for Luther and Anhky. No I don't want statues I want the things I listed. Mouse is very peevish cause the vendors want to sell everything but what she wants. While your at it I want beautiful dresses for the ladies in my group.

Yes Ms Mouse will get all those things mumbled the shopkeeper wonder how a mouse is going to pay for all of it. No pockets and not purse hmmmm. Just think I should call the guards just in case she's trying to get away with something.

Incontinentia lays down the Egyptian Express Card and tells the shopkeeper to put everything on it. Now the shopkeeper is really worried cause the guards are standing by.

BT staggers down the street knocking over awnings and shopkeepers alike. The guards rush out take one look at the drunken elephant and try to hide. Ladysh Incontinentiash the elephant was having a hard time talking and walking.

posted 07-20-99 12:08 ET (US)     32 / 151       
Hope BT saved a few kegs of beer for me...showing off like that will certaining create a gigantic thirst. *burp* "'cuse me, not in championship form anymore."

....ah, remember my last torphy at "Pepper Mania"...whatta Pub...dizzy lil'torphy gal gave me a 'smack' on the mouth and was almost hospitalized...heeheh.. not really funny if you're not use to it.

I hear BT ranting and's mouse...OOOoohee I'm not going to be 'comfortable for while, so I better keep moving. "Ah, thanks A. Jay, a cool draft will suffice for the moment. What is causing all that commotion???...guess we should investigate.

..Just a sec..."one more for the road please...mmm thanks.
OK let's check out all this street racket.



posted 07-20-99 22:23 ET (US)     33 / 151       
"Mouse, slow down and wait for us!" Gustavia cried. "You will get stepped on!"

"Woman wont let me out of her sight since my little adventure," muttered Mouse. "Acts like I cant take care of myself. Why, she wanted to buy a big purse to put me in!"

Large groups of townsmen were blocking the view, no one could see what was going on. Only Big Tusky stood head and shoulders in the midst of the crowd. Not only was it loud and suffocating, they were starting to chant, to sing, strange warbling sounds were coming from all around them.

Big Tusky was wobbling and swaying with the music from the crowd. He looked a little worse for wear, but after all the beer he found HE thought it was a party.

"What are they saying?," asked Incontenitia. " I cant understand a word they are saying."

The Roman gentleman who had attached himself to the ladies shifted the parcels he was carrying for them. "Let me see, I think they are saying they want to take your Elephant to his home city of Elephantine."

posted 07-21-99 12:08 ET (US)     34 / 151       
"Chance'll be a fine thing!" Incontinentia snapped in defense of her pachaderm. "Not flaming likely!"

She immediately went up to Tusky and stroked his trunk, trying to get him to focus. "Tuskeeee...Tusky! Look at mummy, boy! Look at me! How many fingers am I holding up?" She held 3 fingers upright before him.

Tusky tried to concentrate. He managed to make out 18 fingers before his eyes crossed and his vision blurred altogether.

"It's no good!" Incon said to the others. "We've got to get some cure inside him, fast. Do any of these stalls sell Alkus Seltzerus?"

For the first time in Egypt's long history, a marketplace went completely silent. Every trader, stallholder and seller wracked his or her brains, trying desperately to either figure out what Alkus Seltzerus was, or think up a suitable alternative that would make them a healthy profit.

"Blimey - I bet you could hear a pin drop right now," mouse whispered to Gustavia, who nodded in astonishment.

" about Peptus Bizmallus?" Incon asked the traders. She received a crowdful of blank expressions in reply.

Just then, the lads arrived. "What's going on?" Jayhawk asked. The girls pointed to the broken beer barrels. The loud "BURP!!!" Tusky then emitted told them the rest of the story.

"Aspirin? Anyone?" Incon entreated. "Paracetamol? Beecham's Powders? Anacin? Bayer's? *Coffee*??"

"Ah - coffee!" a short, turbaned man scuttled up to her. "You are wanting coffee, mem'sahab? My stall makes the finest coffee you will ever wish to taste in this lifetime!"

"I think we'd all better stick together," Jayhawk decided. "Who else fancies a cappucino?" Everyone raised their hands; Tusky blearily tried to raise his trunk.

"Yes! Yes!!" the little coffee seller smiled delightedly, mentally calculating the profit he was going to make. He might even earn enough to shut up early for the day. "Very fine coffees, from all over the known world! How many coffees will you be wanting?"

"Let's start with a large one, no milk, several sugars, for the big fella here," Incon replied, placing her coin purse on the coffee stall counter.

"Yes yes," the man grinned, "how large would you like that to be? A cup? A mug?"

"Do you have a 5-gallon bucket, by any chance...?" she asked, straight-faced.

The little man's jaw nearly hit the counter.

Eminence Grise
posted 07-21-99 17:19 ET (US)     35 / 151       
Nez-Cafe started grinding...and grinding...and grinding. Some tim elater he had a nice big pile of ground coffee. From somewhere he'd gotten a big jug and poured in several hands full until the bottom half was filled with coffee.

He carefully added some boiling water, a hand full of cardamon seeds and two stick of suger cane. Then he served be concoction to BT.

The elephant blew on it and grabbed it with is trunk. Lifting his head he poured the dark steaming liquid down his throat....

He blinked...

Then he dropped the jar.

"Tuskywusky..?" Incon asked carefully.

BT looked at her, his eyes like glowing coals.
"What happened? " mouse squeeked.
"I think he just went out the other side of sober," Jayhawk replied.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 07-22-99 01:21 ET (US)     36 / 151       
Poor BT...a sure case of 'system' shock..mmm I refuse to comment in ANY detail my own state of affairs. Just keep the beer in all things I'll live to try my pepper escapades once again, mmm... when the memory of this one has faded.

OHHH. look at the neat stuff mouse has...WHEN were you able to 'buy' all of this? I see you thought of everyone...again.

MY , my this is nice, now when are we going to show off all these new wares, and clothes? Is there a event TONIGHT?



posted 07-23-99 05:54 ET (US)     37 / 151       
MRed blew the froth off her cappucino. "I don't know," she replied to Et. "I quite fancy a small party this evening."

Everyone was enjoying a refreshing coffee at Nez-Cafe's stall. Mouse was sipping from a demi-demi-demi-demitasse (basically, a thimble from the seamstress's stall across the way).

The Captain of the Pharaoh's Guard suddenly broke through the milling market crowd and approached them. "There you are!" he cried, relieved. "By the Eye of Ra, I've been searching everywhere for you!"

Tusky, more sober than he'd ever been, stopped fiddling with the coffee stall awnings and locked his gaze on the Captain. Suddenly he approached him and started licking him in long, slurpy strokes.

"He's attempting to devour me!" the Captain cried in terror.

"No, no!" Incon assured him. "That just means he likes you. And, he's incredibly awake right now, and needs something to occupy his time."

"I will be crushed into 1,000 pieces! There won't be enough of me left to mummify! And I've nearly paid off on my sarcophagus!!" the Guard protested.

"Tusky?" Incon drew him away with a stick of sugar cane.

"I've been sent to guide you all to the palace grounds," the Captain said, wringing out his tunic. "The Pharoah has apartments waiting for you all."

"Yippee - let's go!" Gustavia picked up her shopping and they all followed the guard.


They hadn't moved from the sumptuous, fountained, tree-shaded courtyard deep within the Palace Grounds which their rooms opened out onto for 10 minutes. The group stood, awe-struck and open-mouthed. Servants stood waiting in gates and doorways to attend to their every need. The rooms had been fitted with the finest Egyptian furniture and every convenience. There was even a small, canopied stable for Tusky. Finally, Jayhawk spoke:

"Stone the flaming crows."

"I'll second that," MRed added. Everyone nodded.

"I was expecting a warm welcome - but not the 5-Star Treatment!" mouse commented.

"The Pharaoh and his Queen are presently away on a hunting trip, and will return in a few days," the Captain informed them. "Until then, he requests that you avail yourselves of everything his Palaces can offer, and enjoy your stay in our fair city." With that, he bowed and departed. Making a very wide berth around Tusky as he did so.

"What shall we do first?" Lion Tamer asked, stroking Luthor's mane.

"Unpacking would be a good start..."

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HG Alumnus
posted 07-23-99 08:31 ET (US)     38 / 151       
Let's explore mouse is very nosey and wants to see everything. BT is bored and agrees right away maybe he could find some more beer. Luther and Anhky are stretched out on the courtyard tiles doing what felines do best relaxing.

Everybody else oh no you won't go exploring or at least not without the rest of us. ET mumbled I was looking forward to kicking back nd enjoying all the food and drink set out for us. Angel Jayhawk too was looking forward to a rest after all the adventures. Gustavia pulled out a very big purse from one of her packages. Mouse they only way your going anywhere is in this not getting out of our sight again.

Incontinentia trying to make peace with the excited mouse said lets make a deal. We'll unpack, eat have a few drinks and a nap then will explore all together.

Mouse oh shucks BT and I are wide awake we don't want a nap. BT looked at the food having second thoughts about exploring. Maybe eat first then find more beer he stated forcefully.

The group put their heads together and whispered we should never have let mouse have that coffee. She's wired for sound now.

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posted 07-24-99 16:12 ET (US)     39 / 151       
Let's see if we can get everyone 'coffee'd up' so we can keep up with a 'wired' mouse. So keep the pot a'boilin yells the rate of many near fatal escapades, we better make the best of our time.

I would really enjoy a pleasant 'safari' trip to a nearby site. Come on Angel Jay...we'll all be on our best behavior...promise.



Eminence Grise
posted 07-24-99 17:50 ET (US)     40 / 151       
After a wonderful night sleep (even with the coffee ) the travellers meet in their courtyard for breakfast with thin bread, goat cheese and some vegatables and olives.

"So what's up for today, A.Jay?" ET asks.
"Well" the angel answers, "as the royal couple is of hunting, we could do the same."
"But I couldn't hit a barn with a bow and arrow, " Incon mumbles.
"No need for bows, we'll be hunting with cheetas."
"Cats!" mouse squeels.
"Don't worry, mouse, they'll behave, or else..."

They gather at the stables and are outfitted with gaurds, chariots and cheetah keepers. Enough food for a serious picknick is sent along in a separate chariot.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 07-25-99 13:29 ET (US)     41 / 151       
"Is everyone ready?" Jayhawk asked.

Everyone nodded. Then Gustavia looked around. "Where's Lion Tamer?" she asked.

"Over here!" Lion Tamer, being somewhat experienced around (and very fond of) big cats, had made friends with the cheetah keepers and their cheetahs, and was presently hand-feeding one of the trained felines some beef jerky.

Luthor sat some distance away, looking on in disgust as his personal beef jerky stash went down the gullet of a sleek cheetah.

"Fair enough," Gustavia then said. "So...where's Incontinentia?"

"Be right with you!" came the call from Incon's room. They all looked around.

Incon came staggering out laiden down with every hunting, fighting and killing implement known to the Ancient World. Bandoliers of slingshot stones hung from each shoulder. Around her waist was a belt stocked with daggers, knives, dagger and knife sharpening implements, 2 swords and a scimitar. Strapped to her back were 3 pikes, 2 spears, a Personal Catapult, a quarter-staff and a fishing rod. In each hand she lugged a crossbow, a longbow, 4 slingshots, a bullwhip and a large net.

"Erm, Incon...where on earth to you think we're going? To war?" mouse couldn't resist asking.

"I just want to be prepared!" Incon replied, grinning. "I've never been hunting before."

"Well, you won't be needing all that," Et Flavius assured her.

"How do you know?" she asked.

"Because we're hunting gazelle! Gazelles don't fight back, Incon!"

"How do you know?" she eyed him uncertainly. "They've got horns, don't they? You can do a lot of damage with a well-aimed horn. And I'm speaking as someone who works with large-tusked animals on a daily basis!"

Tusky looked up from his morning bail of hay and grinned smugly at them.

"Incon, we promise - the gazelles won't gang up on you," Jayhawk tried to put her mind at rest.

"How can we be sure of this, Jayhawk?" Incon stood her ground. "I mean, think of it...a few gazelles, really ticked off at their numbers being thinned by Egyptian hunters, get a bit of a - a *union* going...start planning weekly meetings, start patrolling their territory, start learning martial arts self-defence techniques..."

"Incon - have you been dipping into my special blend lately?" MRed cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Just think about it, is all I'm asking," Incon insisted.

"Our chariots are ready," Jayhawk put an end to the discussion, and decided to keep an eye on "Incon-Rambo" as the day progressed.

"Tusky! Here boy!" Incon called. Tusky obediently trotted up to her side.

"You're bringing him?" Lion Tamer asked, helping the cheetah keepers pack up their chariot.

"You don't think I'm going out into a field of blood-thirsty, pissed-off, horned gazelles without back-up, do you?!" Incon looked at him as though he were joking.

With that, the hunting party set off for a day's fun...or, in certain a party's case, a day of Extreme Defence...

posted 07-26-99 15:01 ET (US)     42 / 151       
Some kind of hunting party we have here A.Jay, from the looks of things.(picks up some of Incon's arsenal), we could start a war...and probably win.

I'm coming along mostly for the adventure of experiencing such a wild land, the gazelles were here long before any of us, so if they 'get away', more power to'm.

Never thought I'd be around so many cats..but mouse doesn't seem to be too nervous...,anyway I'll keep an eye out just in cause.

One question??? How do you suppose this 'hunting party'll' be able to 'sneak up' on those ever wary gazelles with BT along?? He doesn't hide behind a tree, or ANYTHING very well... But on the other hand, he sure is nice...with good seats type transportation.

OK let's keep the cheetahs out front...mouse... you ride up on top here, we'll both keep an eye on these 'professional' gazelle stalkers. At least the view of the scenery is better from up here. Don't you agree?



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Eminence Grise
posted 07-26-99 16:50 ET (US)     43 / 151       
The chariots are ready to roll. Icon mounts her chosen chariot grabs a large bull hide shield handed to her by a pygmee page and slings it over her shoulder.

"Yes, Jayhaaaa....kadunk
Incontinentia topples ove backwards as the shield destroys her balance.
"Never mind..."

The girl rolls over on her stomach, manages to pull her limbs under neath her body and starts crawling towards the chariot again. Tusky takes pity upon her and, trunk around her middle, puts her back in her chariot. The angel looks at her again and shakes his head.

"Hey, Gustavia, " mouse squeels, "Incon looks like a tortoise, doesn't she?"

Then they are off. Horses neigh, chariot axles squeak and the big cats growl.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

HG Alumnus
posted 07-26-99 20:16 ET (US)     44 / 151       
ET the view is very nice up here on BT's head mouse agrees. The gazelles can be seen off in the distance. They are rolling around on the ground. Think they are laughing mouse mumbles. The cheetahs take one look at the hunting party trailing behind them and flop down. They refuse to hunt telling their trainers too much noiserrrr. Never be able to catch gazellesrrrr. They laughingrrrr at usrrr to embarrassingrrr. What is this our cheetahs never talked before these strangers came. Is it magic? The cheetah trainers were very worried sounding.

Luther too is laughing at the these fancy skinny cats. Knew they weren't such a big deal is his rumbling statement. Lion Tamer scolds Luther you should be ashamed to talk about them like that. You're just jealous cause they got your jerky. Am not Luther sulks.

Anhky is quietly laughing too as he rest between BT's ears with ET and mouse. Mouserrrr the Lady Incontinentia scares gazelles into fits of laughter.

ET and mouse hide their smiles and pet Anhky.

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posted 07-28-99 13:07 ET (US)     45 / 151       
The hunting party waited quietly on the edge of the plain while the cheetah keepers prepared to circle the cats around to start the chase. Incon smelled the air.

"I love the smell of gazelles in the morning," she said solemnly. "Smells gazelle fur."

Jayhawk turned to talk some sense into her, and stopped short. "Incon...what's all over your face?"

Incon turned her dark green/forest green/glade green countenance toward him. "Camouflage paint." She held out some small pots. "Want some? Really helps you blend in...the enemy can't see you..."

"Incontinentia," he sighed patiently, "they're *gazelles*. They're not the enemy. They're quadrupedal herbivores, not a barbarian horde. They're SCARED of us."

"That's as it should be!" she told him. "That way they can't re-group and go in for the kill when they try to break up our ranks..."

"I'd give up now if I were you," Et put a hand on the angel's shoulder. "It took Gustavia and me all morning just to get her to part with her Personal Catapult."

The head cheetah keeper approached them. "It may be some time before we can begin the hunt, Sayeedi," he said.

"Why's that?" Jayhawk asked.

"Well..." the head keeper looked embarrassed, " seems we cannot herd the gazelles this way. Even with our fastest cheetahs."


"No, Sayeedi. You see, every time they catch sight of this woman - " he pointed at Incon " - they all stop running and burst into helpless fits of laughter." He hung his head. "Sometimes a few of them point and beckon gazelles from other herds over to have a look as well."

"Can't the cheetahs do anything?" MRed asked.

"No indeed, mem'sahab. You see, all our cheetahs are laughing even harder than the gazelles."

"I don't see any of them laughing," Incon huffed.

"Oh, no! They only do it when none of you are looking. So there will be no offended feelings. They're very polite animals, cheetahs."

Jayhawk handed Incon a cloth. "What's this for?" she asked.

"Just wipe that muck off your face and lose the arsenal, or we'll never get any hunting done," he replied firmly.

"Okay," she sulked. "You want I should wipe down Tusky as well?"

They all looked in shock at the newly-camouflaged green elephant. He blended in so well, they'd have missed him if he hadn't waved his trunk at them, then burped...

posted 07-28-99 20:45 ET (US)     46 / 151       
Hey the camoflagued elephants not a bad idea...and everyone stop the snickering.

This is just the outworking of a VERY imaginative mind...nonetheless we all could be the guilty party here.

Let's try to get a straight face on the cheetahs again... and proceed...mouse and I have the best seats for the event, so don't spoil it for us. Hope that didn't sound selfish...we'll gladly share our vantage view with any of the others.

Angel Jay...tell the huntsmen to get serious...even though I feel the gazelles still have the upperhand...and that's OK.



HG Alumnus
posted 07-29-99 09:51 ET (US)     47 / 151       
We can hear you ET but where are you asked Angel Jayhawk.

We're still here on BT's head mouse squeaked

Oh gosh they must be cover with camoflagued paint too Incontinentia mumbled sorry about that.

ET, mouse and Anhky were completely covered and blended in with elephant perfectly. Anhky with his black fur looked like a shadow.

By this time the gazelles were all but dancing around the hunting party. Tossing their horns and laughing.

The lead hunter said I think this hunting trip is off. Maybe we'll just guide you around to see the animals. If the Lady wouldn't mind giving up her ummmm hunting gear and paint. It's just too embarrassing to have the animals laughing all the time.

ET and mouse wiped the paint off so they were clearly visible on the elephant again. Looked like they were floating in the air.

A wagon is on it's way to pick up the Lady's ummmm hunting gear the lead hunter mumbled. Incontinentia said I will give up the paint and some of the gear but you never know when we'll be attacked by some wild animal. Won't give it all up.

posted 07-29-99 11:00 ET (US)     48 / 151       
"What wild animals?" Et asked, wiping off the last of the paint. "From what I can tell, they're all too busy laughing at you to be wild!"

Just then, a little bunny rabbit hopped into the clearing and looked at them all with big, brown, friendly eyes.

"Don't anybody move," Incon whispered.

"Why not?" Ishaius asked.

"It's impossible to tell what it's thinking," she replied, slowly reaching for her crossbow and bolt quiver. "It could go for any one of us. No sudden moves."

Everyone looked around, expecting to see a ravenous tiger. Then Gustavia looked down, and pointed at the cute coney. "*THAT??!?!?*" she scoffed.

"Don't make eye contact!" Incon warned her urgently. "It'll go for your throat!"

Everyone groaned, rolled their eyes, and headed toward the packed-up chariots. Jayhawk approached her and put a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. "You don't...spend much time in the countryside, do you Incon?"

"I grew up in a rural area of Brittania," she told him. "That's where I learned NOT to trust wildlife. With the exception of elephants and sheep, of course..."

"Then why do you think that cute little fluffball has anything more on its mind than finding the next patch of sweet clover?" The rabbit wiggled its nose at them curiously.

"Ever been up North, Jayhawk?"

"Not really, no..."

Incon rolled up her tunic sleeve and showed him a faded red scar on her left arm.

"Wow," he examined it, "that looks nasty. How did it happen? In battle?"

"Brittanian flop-eared bunny," she told him. "Tried to pick one up when I was five. It took 3 prefects armed with pikes just to get it off me."

Jayhawk helped her pack up the rest of her arsenal, and made a mental note NEVER to travel further north than Londinium...

Eminence Grise
posted 07-29-99 16:55 ET (US)     49 / 151       
"Gang, " Jayhawk looked around him at the savannah and said, "I think I know why all the animals are laughing at us. I guess they've never seen a walking forest."

"What do you mean?" Incon asked, the fluffy bunny all but forgotten.
"Well, look at all the tans, ochers, and seres."
"What colours did you use on BT?"
"Gree...n. O drat! Aaargh"
Incon jumps up and almost climbs in the Jayhawk's arms. The bunny had hopped close to Incontinetia's leg and started sniffing her ankles.
"Get him away, get him away from me!"

By now the cheetah's can no longer contain themselves and are rolling over the ground with laughter.
"Gang, " Jayhawk sighs.
"Let's go back to the palace and watch some ibis or maybe a crocodile. That sounds "safer"..."

I may be gone for a few days (disconnected) but hope to be back soon, with a vengeance (and ISDN)

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

HG Alumnus
posted 07-29-99 21:06 ET (US)     50 / 151       
mouse and Anhky scramble down from BT's painted head. They face the bunny nose to nose shoo get scram leave Incontinentia alone.

The buuny looks slightly baffled mouse stamps her paw again get she yells at the bunny. The runs off with Anhky in hot pursuit. Scare our Incontinentia will you Anhky growls.

Yes Angel Jayhawk lets go back to the palace the crocs are more fun anyway. Maybe we can go water skiing again mouse says giggling all the while. Anhky comes back laughing too ET did you ever see a bunny run so fast.

Incontinentia you can climb down from Angel Jayhawk's arms now we scared the mean old bunny away. giggle giggle snicker

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