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Topic Subject:In the Court of Tut-Ankh-Amun Another Story
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Eminence Grise
posted 07-05-99 08:09 ET (US)         
Well, it seems we are done with the Barge Trip.

Our little group of travellers traveled from Alexandria to Aswan, more or less during Cleopatra's time. Incontinentia suggested w move further back in time and pay a visit to that well known boy king Tut-Ankh-Amun.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 09-25-99 11:51 ET (US)     126 / 151       
As they all gathered aroung, waiting for someone to speak up, MRed was passing out cups of herbal tea. All of them sank down onto the couches, relaxing and talking quietly.

"Hmmmmmmmm," said MRed. "Why don't we offer some suggestions, and they can choose the best ones, and see if the elephants like them?"

The group nodded in agreement, and MRed said, "I will go first........Hmmmm, uhhhhh, mmmmmmmm.......I know!!!! The biggest one we can call Shep-Gray-Set, and the other one we can call Nefer-gray-ti...."

All of them looked at each other, and waited for someone else to make a suggestion......


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posted 09-25-99 19:44 ET (US)     127 / 151       
"How did you name Big Tusky, Incontinentia?" King Tut asked. Ankhesenamen looked at her expectantly.

"Well," Incon shrugged, "I first met him on a battlefield outside Londinium. He'd just bucked his Carthaginian slave-master off, and was running around, lost and distressed. He stopped right in front of me. I looked at him. He's big, and he has these massive tusks..."

Tusky grinned smugly. Incon stroked his trunk.

"I'm not very imaginative when it comes to naming things I'm afraid, Your Majesty. My helpers at the RSPCE usually think up the names for our new arrivals at the elephant compound."

"Hm." Tutankhamun gazed at his new pachaderms. "I think we should give them names that honour our new friends."

"I agree!" his wife nodded.

"How does...Big Jayhawk and Big Mouse sound to all of you?"

The Romans looked at one another, all too polite to give their honest opinion.

"Or perhaps Big Grey ET Flavius?" the King suggested.

The two new elephants looked at one another and rolled their eyes. No riding lessons would be allowed with a name like that.

"Perhaps Your Majesty would like to give them a more...*local*-sounding name," Jayhawk recommended, nodding hopefully.

"Hm..." Tut mulled over the idea.

Tusky burped, grateful that he'd been tamed (and named) by a non-imaginative Britannian provincial governor...

Civis Romanus
posted 09-26-99 21:29 ET (US)     128 / 151       
King Tut suddenly sat straight up in his couch. "I've got it!" he exclaimed. "We'll call my elephant 'Jumbo-Ra' and we'll call the Queen's elephant 'Ouphe-tiri.' The Queen's eyes opened wide and she giggled uncontrollably. The King and Queen passed knowing glances between themselves.

The Romans looked at each other blankly.

"Okay," said Civis. "I give up. I can guess what 'Jumbo-Ra' means in Egyptian; but I have no clue what 'Ouphe-tiri' might mean. Any of you know?"

Eminence Grise
posted 09-28-99 05:35 ET (US)     129 / 151       
"I haven't got a clue" Jayhawk replied.
"But..." Civis wondered, "I thought you spoke Egyptian?"
"Actually, I don't. I've got the Gift of Tongues, but it doesn't work well with names..."
"Sounds like it has something to do with coming though. Ouphe could be related to Ophet, so maybe they called her Party Animal?
The elephants seem pleased enough with it..."

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

HG Alumnus
posted 09-28-99 09:32 ET (US)     130 / 151       
BT whispered in Incontinetia's ear at least as much as an elephant can whisper
They like the names and will be called JR and OT for short
The entire group is rolling on the ground laughter bubbling up. JR and OT are dancing with joy.

mouse giggling uncontrolably studders lets eat now.
The servants roll out barrels of beer and lay out the food for the long delayed picnic.
Dignity is once more restored. ET and Gustavia are sipping beer while mouse, Lion Tamer and Luther are eating. The Angel, MRed, and Civis are talking quietly. Incontinentia, Pharaoh and the Queen are feeding the elephants sugar cane and hay while trying to keep BT out of the beer. OT and JR are munching on some of MRed's herbs and giggling softly.

Civis Romanus
posted 09-29-99 15:25 ET (US)     131 / 151       
Civis finally mustered up the courage to ask King Tut what the names meant. The King and Queen smiled and the Queen nodded her agreement.

King Tut said, "They are our pet names for each other. 'Jumbo-Ra' means 'big god.' We borrowed the name from a travelling showman looking for midgets who referred to an elephant beast as a jumbo. And 'Ouphe' is my pet name for the Queen. In Egyptian it means 'little elf'. I found it in a cross-hieroglyph puzzle I was working one day. Great fun, but hard work carving those symbols. Makes me grateful for the scribes and their well-learned skills."

"Thank you," said Civis, and he bowed and then returned to his place among the others.

Sitting quietly in his place Civis was bombarded by questions from the others. "What did the King say, Civis, about the names? What did he say?"

He looked at the others rather sheepishly, "JR and OT are okay with them." And he left it at that.

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posted 09-29-99 17:49 ET (US)     132 / 151       
After a lavish picnic lunch, the riding lesson started. Incontinentia sat on Tusky's neck, Tut on Jumbo-Ra and Ankhesenamen on Ouphe-tiri. Incon looked back at her students.

"Ready? Aaaand....LEFT!"

She nudged her knee gently behind Tusky's ear. He obediently turned left. So did Jumbo-Ra.

Ouphe-tiri turned right.

"Okay...let's try that again. LEFT!"

Tusky and Rumbo-Ra turned in unison to the left. The Queen's mount turned to the right.

"I'm sorry," Ankhesenamen blushed, "but I've got a problem with right and left."

"No problem, no problem," Incon assured her. "Let's try the Walk and Trot commands I showed you, okay?"

The King and Queen nodded enthusiastically. The Roman party looked on, sipping wine and commenting on the lesson.

"Ready?...WALK ON!"

Tusky started forward. After a few moments, Jumbo-Ra fell into step behind him.

"Very good, Your Majesty!" Civis called.

"This is fun!" Tut exclaimed, and looked behind him. "Ankhesenamen - use your feet, like she showed us! C'mon!"

Ankhesenamen looked down at her elephant's head uncertainly, and wiggled her feet. Ouphe-tiri obediently sat on her hind quarters. The Queen went sliding off her back and landed by her tail.

Jayhawk rushed over to her and helped her up. "Are you alright, My Lady?" he asked.

"Oh, my dress is all dusty, I'll have to go change now--" Suddenly she realised whose arms she was in. "Er...fine, fine, I'm just fine..."

"Ouphe-tiri - UP," Jayhawk commanded. The elephant stood again, but gave him an indignant little side-glance. She stroked the Queen with her trunk.

"She likes you," mouse told her. "That's a good sign. You've made friends right away."

"But I'll *never* get the hang of telling her where I want her to go!" Ankhesenamen wailed, as she picked out another outfit from the many her handmaidens had come running over with.

"Would you like me to help you learn the commands?" Jayhawk offered.

Ankhesenamen blushed, smiled and batted her eyelashes at him. "Oh, would you? That would be just *wonderful*."

Jayhawk went a slight shade of pink. Ouphe-tiri rolled her eyes and waited patiently.

Once on her elephant's neck with the angel seated behind her, she felt much more confident. "How do I make her walk?"

Jayhawk showed her the correct foot-command. Ouphe-tiri started forwarded.

"Wheeee!" Ankhesenamen giggled. "Now how do we make her run?"

"I think that's a little advanced for your first lesson, Your Highness," Jayhawk advised.

"Hey, Your Majesty!" ET Flavius called playfully. "Just kick her behind the ears!"

"Oh, okay--" Ankhesenamen promptly did just that.

"No, DON'T!" Jayhawk cried, too late, as the Queen gave her elephant the Go Like The Clappers command.

Ouphe-tiri trumpeted delightedly and started into a full gallop. Moments later they streamed past the sedately walking Tusky and Jumbo-Ra.

"That looks like FUN!" Tut cried, watching their retreating figures. "Let's do that next!"

"Oh, blimey, we're going to have to if we want to catch up with them," Incon sighed. She turned back to the party. "We'll be back in a minute!!" She looked at the King. "Hang on, Your Majesty. Just kick him like this..."

Gustavia watched all three elephants gallop into the distance. "Blimey - those grey fellas are going at quite a clip."

MRed slapped ET on the shoulder. "Did you *have* to tell her to do that?! Everyone knows what a kick behind the ears means to a trained elephant!"

"You know what this means," Lion Tamer looked round at the others.

"I sure do," ET grinned. "More wine, anyone...?"

Meanwhile, halfway across the plain...

Eminence Grise
posted 09-30-99 04:49 ET (US)     133 / 151       
Ouphe-tiri was bouncing up and down hard.

So hard that Ankhensenamen held on to Jayhawks arms in something resembling a deathgrip.

So hard that the angel couldn't get enough balance to lift off and take the young queen to a safer place.

"I want to get off, " she wailed, the nails of her fingers digging welts in the angel's arms.
"So do I, but we can't until this mad animal stops"
" long will that take?"
"I don't know last time this happeneed we had to run the elephant into a lake."
"We don't have a lake nearby"
"I know. That's what is worrying me..."

Much later...

Three shapes could be seen trundling through the desert.

Ankhensenamen had fallen asleep in the angel's arms, her dark hair forming a comfortable pillow. Jayhawk himself was staring out over the desert, his seagreen eyes catching teh light of the moon.

Somehwat behind them Incontinentia was dozing on BT's back, while Tut-Ankh-Amun, was struggling to stay awake.
"How much further, " he asked.
"Any time now, " the Governor replied, "she should stop any time now."

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

HG Alumnus
posted 09-30-99 11:38 ET (US)     134 / 151       
Meanwhile back at the picnic site the other memebers of the party are sleeping soundly. The Pharaoh servants had put tents, beds and a warm fire to hold off the desert chill. Dawn broke over the camp and mouse was the first one up. She looked for a palm tree to scamper up to see if the elephants were in sight.

Gustavia, ET, MRed, Lion Tamer, Luther, Anhky, Civis please wake up I think I can just see them mouse sqeeked excitedly. The chariots have finally caught up with them if that cloud of dust means anything.

Gustavia took control of the camp. Everybody lets get water for them to drink and bath. Hot food and coffee they will be hungry after that long run. ET you and Lion Tamer get the beer for the elephants instructed Gustavia. MRed your in charge of the hay and herbs for the elephants. Servants and adventurers alike rushed around get things ready for the return of the elephant riders and their escort of chariots. Luther and Anhky were curled cat like together watching the hustle and bustle of the camp. Gustavia shouted at them oh no you will not lay around get mouse and the the three of you get busy with beds they will be tired.

Mouse scampered down from the palm tree gee maybe I shouldn't have gotten them up she mumbled. No complaining mouse get with Gustavia was on a roll and all was under control.
When the riders returned tired, sore and hungry

Civis Romanus
posted 10-01-99 16:21 ET (US)     135 / 151       
King Tut and entourage were given precious little time to rest. A chariot from the palace pulled up just short of the camp and an Egyptian scribe jumped down seeking the King.

The King was roused from sleep and took his place on Pharaoh's chair. The prostrate scribe asked permission to speak. It was granted.

"Pharaoh, a military delegation from the Hittites has arrived at the palace seeking an audience with you. How may I answer their request."

Tut-Ankh-Amun considered the scribe's request. "Bid them wait upon my return and I will receive them in the Throne Room the following day. House them in the Dignitaries' Quarter and feed them well, but place Palace guards at all entrances to their quarters. Allow them no contact with any palace officials except through the guards. Then we shall see what they are about. You are free to go."

King Tut turned his head to speak to his Roman guests who had been awakened by the activity in the camp. The King suddenly looked older than his 18 years. "Regretfully, my Roman friends, I must postpone the next riding lesson while I address some matters of State. We will be returning to the palace now."

The Romans looked at each other and at the King with curiousity. Who were these...Hittites, that demanded the King's immediate attention. The elephants made no sound, but they were carrying their heads lower than usual. Was that a look of disappointment each elephant reflected in its eyes?
-Civis Romanus

posted 10-02-99 21:05 ET (US)     136 / 151       
The Riding Lesson entourage rode back to the palace on chariots at a more sedate pace than the King. Ankhesenamen rode Ouphe-tiri; Jayhawk had volunteered to ride Jumbo-Ra. The Queen looked decidedly downcast.

"Something troubles you, My Lady?" Jayhawk asked.

She looked up at him with tearful eyes. "Affairs of State! Affairs of State!!" she cried. "Just when I think we've found a hobby that brings us closer together, those awful, deplorable Affairs of State take up all my husband's time...oooh, I hate those Hittites!!"

"You're not alone there, Your Majesty," Civis commented from the chariot next to her. "The elephants don't seem to be very fond of them, either."

"Or Incontinentia," mouse looked up at the fuming Incon, who sat angrily on Tusky's neck.

Incon looked at them. "Hittites sold the Carthaginians their first war elephants, and showed them how they should be...'trained'. They're vicious, pachaderm-torturing monsters."

"What do you think they'll do when the Hittite delegation sees us riding up on three of the finest?" Gustavia asked.

"Depends on whether Tusky sees them first..." Incon replied.

Tusky glared at the approaching Palace with red eyes. He remembered being born in a Hittite training compound, watching his mother...'trained', his siblings taken away from him, his sale to a Carthag platoon. He was looking forward to their return.

"Incon, you take the elephants to the Guest's Quarters and keep them there," Jayhawk commanded. "I'll join the King in the State Room and see if I can help." Incon nodded.

"But - what am *I* going to do??" Ankhesenamen whimpered.

"We'll keep you company, My Lady," MRed assured her. The others nodded.

She perked up a bit. "Really? Can we play Dress Up?"

"Sure!" mouse squeaked.

Instantly, she brightened, clapped her hands and smiled delightedly. "I've got *just* the most perfect evening gown for ET Flavius!"

"Huh?!?!?" ET nearly spat out his mouthful of beer.

The King's Palace grew nearer...

posted 10-03-99 12:07 ET (US)     137 / 151       
"Like this, perhaps???" MRed questioned......


Civis Romanus
posted 10-05-99 01:33 ET (US)     138 / 151       
Never mind, Civis, thought the Roman soldier. You know better than to speculate on Egyptian gowns. These are intriguing people with a fabulous, exotic culture who seem obsessed over these little nothings they almost wear.

So he forced himself to consider the nature of the Hittite threat and the reason they were in Egypt. More suited to his thinking, he thought.

They all arrived at the Palace and the day passed without further event. The Queen entertained and was entertained by her guests from Roma.

The King had no choice but to abandon his guests from Roma for his unwelcome visitors from the north. Tut-Ankh-Amun sat upon his throne holding the symbols of his rank of Pharaoh and awaiting the appearance of the Hittites. He did not have to wait very long.

The doors to the throne room opened to admit two darkly dressed and armored Hittite soldiers. They strode assertively to the very foot of Pharaoh's throne and stood staring at the boy king. The King did not look upon the Hittites immediately, but chose to look elsewhere as they entered and approached. His Chief Advisor advanced on the Hittites. "Bow before Pharaoh, the lord of Egypt and God of this Land! Or be slaughtered where you stand!"

One Hittite moved his hand quickly to the hilt of his sword. The other put his hand on his companion's sword hand. "Caution, not this day, Ogrun. Not this day...
We hear and obey." Then both men bowed deeply from the waist. Only then did Tut-Ankh-Amun raise his head to see these 'ambassadors' from the land of the Hittites.

Civis and Jayhawk quietly watched the exchange from the left side of the throne room.
Civis Romanus

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Eminence Grise
posted 10-05-99 15:44 ET (US)     139 / 151       
"Why are you here?" Tut-Ankh-Amun asked, all ice and iron.
"My lord King, " the elder of the two warriors rose to his knees.
"Let him speak" the boy king motioned the guard back.
"My king, on whom the sun casts his blessings, requires you to remove your brigand troops from Syria. The province is ours and has been rudely invaded."

The King's guards closed in, weapons drawn ready to kill the blasphemous foreigners.
Tut-Ankh-Amun motioned them back again.
"Know, Arran, that Syria is Egypt. It was once and will always be. You can tell your king that as long as I live and breathe Syria will be Kemet's."

"That can be changed soon, " the younger warrior muttered, but again the elder held him down. He bowed deeply to the king and after a moment so did his companion.

"You may go" the king spoke.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Civis Romanus
posted 10-05-99 16:13 ET (US)     140 / 151       
"State your business," said King Tut.

The Hittite named Tenwar spoke first. "We propose an exchange with Egypt, Pharaoh." We propose to begin administration of a valley in the land called Judea. In exchange, we will forgive Egypt its obligatory tribute payment to the King of the Hittites."

"Which valley in Palestine, Hittite?" asked Pharaoh.

"The valley around the river Jordan, Pharaoh."

"I am familiar with that valley. It is the finest land in the area. What tribute are you speaking of. We pay no tribute to the King of the Hittites."

"I have the list of expected tribute on this scroll. But I need not present it to you if you recgonize our right to administer the land we speak of."

"You have no such right to the Jordan Valley."

"Pharaoh of Egypt, the Hittite Army even now encamped in the heights above the valley, says that the King of the Hittites has just and proper right to the area. The Army is willing to prove it with their mighty swords. I would counsel agreement were I advisor to the King of Egypt."

King Tut's face had noticeably reddened, but his demeanor otherwise remained calm. "You are not qualified by culture, education or personal skill to be an advisor to any but jackals. Take yourselves back to your King and tell him Egypt cedes nothing, nor will it pay tribute to the barbarians of the north." Pharaoh then rose from his throne and left the throne room for his chambers. He motioned to his Chief Advisor, and for Civis and Jayhawk to follow him.

The Hittites were promptly escorted from the room by a military guard made up of elite members of the Egyptian army. Without much ceremony, the Hittites were sent on their way back to the King they represented.

All knew this meant confrontation some time in the future. The task at hand was to prepare for the inevitable fight over empire.

Meanwhile, in the chambers of the Queen...

Civis Romanus
posted 10-05-99 16:15 ET (US)     141 / 151       

Arghhh! A cross post. Tell you what. You posted first, so take your pick and we'll continue the storyline from there.

-Civis Romanus

posted 10-05-99 18:04 ET (US)     142 / 151       
(I'll see if I can provide a bit of side-diversion...after all, you guys are the plot-makers, I'm just comic relief...)

Ankhesenamen stood back from her work. "Wonderful!" she cried.

"I agree," MRed nodded.

"Very fetching," Gustavia added.

"I'd go out with him in a minute!" mouse squeaked.

In their midst, ET Flavius stood dressed in an eye-catching Egyptian royal gown, complete with cosmetics and accessories.

"May I *please* change back into my own clothes now??" he begged.

" there someone else we can dress up?" The Queen asked. "Where's Incon-Ti-Nentia?"

In the Royal Palace's Guest Quarters, Incon was putting the pachaderms to bed. She fed them sticks of sugar cane and sang to them. She didn't notice the rest of the Roman party appearing in the courtyard behind her.

"Whatever is she singing about?" Ankhesenamen asked, entranced. "The song is lovely!"

"Oh, she often sings to the elephants at the RSPCE," mouse informed her. "I'll see if I can translate from the original Latin...

"Don't worry...'bout a thing...
'Coz every little gonna be all right, oh now..."

"What an enchanting number!" Ankhesenamen said, joining Incon in the elephants' stables.

"I think Ouphe-tiri would like it if you sang to her, Your Majesty," Incon informed her, handing her a stick of sugar cane. "Elephants just love being sung to."

While The Queen sang to her new pet, Incon joined the others. "Any news from the Throne Room?" she asked them.

MRed shook her head, and lit a herbal. "We'll just have to wait until Jayhawk returns."

"I hope it's soon." Incon looked toward the corridor that led to the King's Meeting Room.

"So do I!!" The Queen piped up. Then, realising all eyes were upon her, blushed deeply. "It's just that...he's know, girls...heh, heh...*dishy*..."

The elephants rolled their eyes in exasperation. Then held their trunks out for more sugar cane. the Throne Room...

Caesar Constintine
posted 10-05-99 18:14 ET (US)     143 / 151       
Greeting from Roma I'm Constintut XII I'm touring with my family, and its nice to meet other citisens of Rome, Rome is under attack by the Etruscans(agian) and they killed the whole Senate, and we've begged them to leave, they won't...So I am an Eygptian cetazen for now... I must go the Cannanites are attacking Israel they will soon be at my door steps, I must leave to defend Eygpt, then go back to Roma and defend it...

Oh NO!!!! No!!!! they are here!!!! they are here!!!!

AHH!!! ARG!!! BLAH!!!!

7drtcugv jkn fvbff sccccdcxnxdfdrgbz

(hands slideing down the key board)

HG Alumnus
posted 10-05-99 20:13 ET (US)     144 / 151       
Mouse, Anhky and ET slipped quietly away. ET Anhky and I can slip into the quarters of the visiting Hitties and spy on them we'll report to you. Ok mouse you and Anhky use your best judgement but be very careful. While your gone will wait here and have beer. All that dressing up was too much for me. Will never get all the make-up off there was the sound of both cat and mouse giggles
Civis Romanus
posted 10-05-99 20:43 ET (US)     145 / 151       
King Tut stood on the balcony of his chambers, overlooking the yard where the Queen was attending to their elephants.

"The Queen is such a comfort to me on days like this," said Tut-Ankh-Amun to the three other men in the room. They were his Chief Advisor, Civis Romanus and Jayhawk. "We will discuss the matter of the Hittites in greater detail later. Let's join the Queen in the courtyard."

Shortly afterwards, all were gathered in the courtyard. King Tut walked over to Incon after greeting his Queen who was near the elephant named Ouphe-Tiri. "I am told by the Queen that you know something of these Hittites. May I know these things too?" And then the King locked eyes with Incon. For the lady from Roma, that usually resulted in a new onslaught of stuttering. This occasion was no different than others...

Eminence Grise
posted 10-06-99 10:05 ET (US)     146 / 151       
Civis, no problem as we both seemed to suggest the same sort of challenge
XPost trick I learned, but don't always follow: finish posts, select all copy, hit refresh if no posts appear should be safe to paste and submit.
Incon: we do need the comic relief, it just adds so much to the story

"Dh...." Incon went a lovely shade of red. Jayhawk walked round and put a steadying hand on her shoulder.

Civis started grinnig and got a kick in the ankles from MRed.

"I...I do, Your Highnessness. The tale is told by many a mother elephant to her kids."
Her voice grew more steady as here eyes focussed on an inner landscape.

"It starts a long while ago, when the world was young and the sky a deeper shade of blue. The first elephants that met the Hittites were innocent of the evil that was going to befall them.

The men spoke to the elephants and they followed them to their city in Syria. Here they were ambushed by these dark-haired fiends and put to slave labour. Kids were taken from their mothers and the elderly elephants were slaughtered. Sometimes their meat was actually fed to their brethren.

Cruel implements like whips with stings and pointed sticks were used on the elephants if the didn't do what they were told. Many of the gentle creatures went mad at this treatment and reverted to blood-crazed killing-machines. These were bred and sold to foreign armies.

This is why when elephant meets Hittite blood is likely to flow."
Here voice had died to a whisper. Tears were glistening, not just in here eyes, but also in those of Akhensenamen, MRed, Gustavia and the angel.

Tut-Ankh-Amun swallowed,
"Was it that bad?"

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Civis Romanus
posted 10-06-99 15:55 ET (US)     147 / 151       
"Sometimes worse. They are a cruel people with no friends among those who live outside of their direct control. You are wise to keep them as far from Egypt as possible. Excuse me, please Pharaoh. I cannot talk about it anymore." Incon walked over to her elephant and buried her face in his side to hide the tears. Tusky stood where he was, but turned his head to place a comforting trunk lightly on Incon's back.

Tut-Ankh-Amun watched her as she walked away. He said to Jayhawk, "We Egyptians place great worth in the beasts of this and other lands. Some we believe are destined to labor, others to help protect the land in time of war, and others to serve as messengers and agents of the gods of Egypt. All require our respect for the roles they serve. I know not whether these great beasts you call elephants are servants of man or of the gods, but Egyptians shall be directed to respect them at all times, by the authority of Pharaoh."

Incon heard the King's words clearly, and lifted her head from Tusky's side. She beamed the largest, brightest smile the others had yet seen as she wiped the remnants of tears from below her eyes. "Thank you, Pharaoh. I thank you with all my heart. Could we fit in another lesson, now, if you have no other pressing matters?"

King Tut looked over to his Queen. She too was smiling and the expression on her face was very clear. "Yes, Lady of Roma, we certainly can." Ouphe-Tiri and Jumbo-Ra seemed to sense what was coming and each on their own sought out their newly adopted Egyptian companion. The lesson soon began.

HG Alumnus
posted 10-06-99 17:00 ET (US)     148 / 151       
mouse and Anhky rushed up to ET waiting in the hall drinking his beer. We must get to Pharaoh immediately they babbled in their rush to both talk at once. The Hittites plan to attack soon and in secret babbled the mouse and kitten.
ET dropped his beer and picked up the two small creatures and rushed to find Pharaoh. We must tell Pharaoh at once before the Hittites leave the guest quarters. Maybe we can stop the attack before it starts now ET was babbling too.
Darn all these long halls where could Pharaoh be right now?

[This message has been edited by mouse (edited 10-07-99).]

Caesar Constintine
posted 10-06-99 17:26 ET (US)     149 / 151       
I survived and we defeted the Canaanites!!! the Etruscans have left Roma and I'm going to Constantinoble, its better than Rome right now, the Carthlogenians are not happy at the Romans so I will have to fight agian.

bye bye

Eminence Grise
posted 10-07-99 10:18 ET (US)     150 / 151       
C.Constantine, would you mind terribly to either join in the story or stay out of it if you can't or won't contribute?
Much obliged
HG Alumnus
posted 10-07-99 13:05 ET (US)     151 / 151       
closing this htread and opening new one with my last post
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