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Topic Subject:Tales of Rome - Story Thread
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Civis Romanus
posted 12-14-99 15:48 ET (US)         

CONTENT: Myth, Allegory, Satire, Fantasy.
TONE: Comedy, Serio-comedy.
MOOD: Lighthearted.
STYLE: Anything goes. Be Dickens or Hemingway or anyone in between.


Big Tusky (aka. BT or Tusky): Pet Carthaginian elephant belonging to Incontinentia.
Incontinentia (aka. Incon): Adventuress, Governor of Londinium, and founder of the RSPCE.
Jayhawk (aka. Angel Jayhawk, Seraph): Benevolent immortal magical person with black wings who enjoys the company of mortals, especially the company of Incontinentia.
Civis Romanus(aka. Civis): Imperial Commander of the Legions of Rome. Otherwise, just plain old Civis, swordsman and occasional teller of bad jokes. Consort of Apolita.
Titanicus (aka. none): Sorceror of Celtia. The most powerful mortal magician in the Roman Empire.
Legionnaire Lethargic (aka. Lethargic): Roman soldier and adventurer.
Chunky (aka. none): Citizen of Rome, merchant and adventurer.
mouse (aka. none): Rodent resident of Egypt with unique powers of human communication. Ally of Big Tusky and Incon.
MRed (aka. none): Friend and ally of Incontinentia who is hopelessly addicted to herbals.
Wendoolicus (aka. Wend): Another friend and ally of Incontinentia, somewhat more shy and quiet than the others.
Caius Menginus (aka. Caius): Former Asst. Commander of the Legions of Rome.
Gustavia (aka. none): Friend of Incon and mouse.
Ramesses (aka. Pharaoh Ramesses): Descendent of Ptolemaic line of former kings/queens of Ancient Egypt.

NON PERSONAL CHARACTERS: (To be added as they appear)
Legionnaire Flavius Equius (aka. Flavius): Friend of Legionnaire Lethargic.
Apolita (aka. none): Consort of Civis Romanus.
Anhky (aka. none): Kitten (as in cat)friend of mouse.
Servicus Menginus (aka. Servicus): Father of Caius Menginus and a sorceror in his own right.
Nephisis (aka. none): Consort of Ramesses.

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Eminence Grise
posted 01-07-00 06:13 ET (US)     76 / 147       
Decisions, decisions...where do we go from here...

The group had gathered in one of the Roman estates overlooking the Mount of Olives. Wine and sorbets, chilled with ice from the Lebanese mountians, were passed round by the servants. Outside the evening air was balmy and stars twinkled in the sky.

In the middle of the room was a large sand filled table. Mouse was perched on one of the corners nibbling olives and bits of feta, while Jayhawk was modelling the sand.

Little bits of rocks appeared, wadis and the Dead Sea took shape. A glowing jewel like structure appeared to the East of it, Jerusalem. A gorge appeared and in it the city of Petra formed.

"I just love watching that, " Gustavia, who'd walked up to mouse, remarked.
"He's an artist, isn't he?" her friend replied.
"I bet even the water is salt. Remember that scrying bowl he used while we were traveling on the Nile."
"Don't remind me, please." mouse blushed.

Two stretches of water appeared framing the Sinai Desert and a little town appeared south of the wild landscape of Wadi Rum.

"So, where are we going?" Incontinetia asked, peering over her friends shoulder.
"That's what I'd like to know," Lethargicus said.
"South" the angel replied.

"Listen, " he continued as the others gathered round the table.
"Solomon, who imports frankinsence from Sheba, told me there's some strange trading going on. It seems to come from Africa, possibly Punt."
"What's that to do with us?" Incon wondered.
"It involves elphants," Jayhawk replied tersely.
"I"ll tell you when we get there."

"I suggest we join your friend Solomon's caravan south, via Petra, Wadi Rum to Aqaba." Civis sugegsted, "There we can set sail for the Horn and Punt. I think we can pose as traders. Caius, Lethergicus we'd be on a surveying mission.
Jayhawk, do you think your friend will help us?"
"I'm positive, Civis" the angel replied.

Civis Romanus
posted 01-07-00 15:31 ET (US)     77 / 147       
"I would like to know which of the gods conceived the idea of a camel," groaned Civis. "I am of a mind to see that any temple to that god is torn down stone by stone."

"It's not as bad as all that, Civis," commented Caius Menginus riding his own camel next to Civis. "I find them soothing, a very calming experience, not unlike the gentle rocking of a galley on a calm stretch of Mediterranean sea."

"It's not the motion, Caius. It's the stink. These things stink like week-old uncollected garbage at noon on a summer day. The more I associate with these creatures the more I appreciate my horse.

"You may have a point there," observed Caius.

"What's more, these beasts have a terrible disposition and the crudest of animal behaviours. Bellowing whenever you want them to do something; spitting at anything in sight or when they simply feel like it. I can't think of a creature with worse habits than these creatures exhibit," rambled the Roman commander.

Just then an elephant two creatures up in the long caravan line let loose a monumental burp.

"Well, maybe there's one..." commented Civis. He was interrupted by whack on the back that nearly made his eyes fly out of his head. Civis turned to see Tusky right behind him glaring at him intensely. He had been visited by the elephant's trunk. A little reminder from BT so to speak.

Incon shook her head in amusement. Won't that man ever learn to pick his time and place correctly when it comes to elephants, she thought. Serves him right! "Don't listen to him my little boozy-woozy boy. He just doesn't understand you like I do." Incon leaned over, patted BT on the neck and wrinkled her nose in Civis' direction.

Civis applied the better part of disgression and chose to ignore Incon's comment and facial expression.

The caravan continued on its way South across the Sinai Desert, Solomon and Jayhawk in the lead.
-Civis Romanus

Eminence Grise
posted 01-08-00 18:28 ET (US)     78 / 147       
The caravan entered a more rocky region and continued. After a while it stopped next to what looked like a fissure in the surrounding rocks.

From out of nowhere soldiers appeared and the Romans started reaching for the gladii.
"Easy, my friends"
Jayhawk motioned them to relax.
"These are the Nabateans, the trades, but in return offer shelter. We will be spending the night in Rose Coloured Petra."

The caravan moved towards and into the fissure. A small stram ran beside them, sometimes in the road, sometimes higher, cut into the rock. The walls of the canyon rose up steeply and at some spots the elephants nearly got stuck. Darkness crept over the sky, high, so very high above.

Then a last turn and they were looking at the Khazneh, the hybrid Greco-Egyptian architecture clung to the rocks, lit by bright fires that threw the shadows of the feasting Nabateans.
The travellers looked on in amazement and delight.
"Welcome to Petra, my friends." Jayhawk said.
"A bit further and we can sleep at the caravanserai."

They past the theater and the valley widened even more. All was lit by fires, some small, some bigger, some burning wood, others dung and still others shone with the eerie glow of naphta fires.

Caius Menginus
posted 01-09-00 02:14 ET (US)     79 / 147       
All the human members of the Roman contingent sat around a fire talking and joking with each other. One by one, they began to leave the circle so that they could get some rest. Eventually only Civis and Caius sat together. Caius stared into the dying flames, saying nothing.

"You need to get some sleep," Civis told him. "We are travelling again tomorow."

"Go on," Caius replied, picking up a pail of water, "I'm going to go for a walk around this city. I need to think."

"Alright, don't stay up too late."

Caius threw the water over the flames and watched the smoke swirl and eddy as Civis left to his sleeping quarters. Caius put down the bucket and walked towards the door of the stable. He wanted to be certain his camel was cared for. It wasn't his own, and it wasn't the best mount he had ever ridden, but his experience with other beasts told him that if you wanted to have half-pleasant rides, be kind to them.

As he entered the stable, the stench overwhelmed him. He spat on the ground in disgust. To his surprise, a camel near the door, spat as well. What surprised him more, was that it hit exactly the same spot on the ground that he did! He looked at the camel who gazed at him through unbelievably long lashes.

"Nice shot!" he complimented the humped animal. "Could you do it again?"

The camel obligingly spat on the same spot again. Caius stared at it in amazement. He walked to the wall and drew a rough target with a stick.

"Now," he said, "hit that."

The camel eyed the target, squinted, and spat. Bullseye!!! Caius was amazed! He had never in his life seen anything like this. A camel that was an archer!

He walked over to the camel, faced the target, drew a throwing knife and let it fly. The knife hit just sliightly to the left of the centre. The camel let another one go and hit with unmittigated acuracy once again!

"Wow, you're in better practice than me!" Caius told the camel who responded by sticking it's toungue out. "Well, if you're going to be cocky, hit that!" he demanded, pointing at a fly which had just flown over from the next stall, disturbed when the resident donkey rolled over.

The camel eyed the fly for several seconds, then took a shot. The buzzing stopped as the projectile flew through the air and hit the wall. The fly squirmed around in the sticky glob of saliva! Caius couldn't help but stare in admiration and amazement. He withdrew his knife from the wall. As he cleaned the blade with a rag he found nearby, he mused over what he had discovered. A camel after his own heart! Okay, so it sounded strange, but why not! He had the funds to purchase this one, and a marksman camel could come in handy. How, he wasn't sure, but he figured it would. He pat the camel on the neck and left the stable, purposely forgetting his previous mount now that he intended to purchase this one. He wondered if he would have to name it or if it had one already. His companions would think him to have lost all his sence, but he didn't care, his mind was made up.

A glob of spit splattered on the doorframe next to his head as he walked out into the night air.

Civis Romanus
posted 01-09-00 18:07 ET (US)     80 / 147       
"Well rested, Commander?" asked Caius the next day as the caravan resumed its southerly journey.

"Reasonably so," said Civis. "Although I kept running into camels everywhere in every dream. Can't get them out of my mind. By the way, isn't your beast looking a little different today? I don't remember it having quite that same coloration or features."

"You're right. It is a different animal. I made a change last night. Thought this one might be better suited to carrying me."

Civis shook his head. "Caius, I have no idea how you can tell the difference between them."

Caius glanced sideways at Civis. "Oh, there are ways." Civis didn't notice the glance.

The commander chatted on. "Did you know that horses are very calm around camels but terrified of elephants. That's why you never see them joined on the battlefield. They are always engaged in different areas away from each other."

"No Commander, can't say that I've heard that before."

Civis continued. "Well it's true, and something more..." He was interrupted by Jayhawk's arrival from the front of the caravan. "Hail, Jayhawk. How goes it?" Jayhawk looked concerned. "What's the matter, Jayhawk?"

"Over there, on the high dune...we're being scouted," replied Jayhawk. "I think they are beduins...maybe bandits." Caius and Civis were unaware that at the word 'bandit' they both had unconsciously reached down and touched their swords.
-Civis Romanus

posted 01-12-00 20:01 ET (US)     81 / 147       
High on the far dunes stood a great cadre of camel-riders. Caius and Civis were on their guard.

Two figures broke from the cadre and approached the Roman caravan. "Steady on everyone," Civis remaked, "they could be peaceful."

"Hmph! Chance'll be a fine thing," mouse commented, ducking back down into her bag.

The foremost of the two approached the angel. "We come in peace, O Heavenly Creature!" he said, bowing low.

"See?" Civis smirked at the others.

"Ask him what he wants, Jayhawk!" Gustavia said.

"We seek the one whose hips swivel with Divine Intervention," the Bedouin replied.

"Eh?" Incon looked up from her scroll on Better Pachaderm Breeding.

Jayhawk took the Bedouins aside. A few minutes later, he returned. "They want a word with you, Incon," he said. "It seems they need some help with their...erm...Lambada technique."

"*Again*???" Incon sighed. "Why is it every primitive culture we come across can't do the Lambada properly, I wonder??"

"Perhaps because they've got BETTER things to do!" Caius replied. Civis poked him in the ribs.

"They won't let us clear this pass until they've seen you, Incon," Jayhawk informed her. "They foresaw your and Tusky's coming in their scrying bowls, and all they ask is a few hours of your time to...teach them a few new it were, heh heh." The angel shrugged.

Incon rolled her eyes. "Oh, if it'll get us any closer to Tusky's babies, I suppose..." With that, she slipped off her elephant's neck and approached the bowing Bedouins.

"Erm..." Incon looked back at the others, "...I'll need some musical back-up, people."

Civis looked sternly at Caius. " can beat a shield with your sword, can't you? Then you can jolly well beat a goatskin drum with your hands!"

Caius sighed, and slid off his new dromedarian best friend. "Wait here for me, furry fella," he mumbled, and joined the others as they all approached the Bedouin campfires...

Civis Romanus
posted 01-13-00 11:39 ET (US)     82 / 147       
Civis, Caius, Incon and Jayhawk were accompanied by Legionnaire Lethargic, Gustavia and mouse. BT stayed with the caravan this time.

At the camp, the Beduins treated them to a fresh meal from their supplies. Places of honor were given to Incon and Jayhawk. Civis and the others found comfortable spots around the campfire, no complaints in mind and none registered with their hosts.

The meal was glorious, an exquisitely blended stew of vegetables and meat served with bread. The prescence of saffron could be detected among the myriad spices used in its preparation. The drink was a heady blend of wines, not poppy-steeped, but quite effective nonetheless. All ate and drank heartily, even mouse, who quite enjoyed her pieces of bread dipped in juice from the stew and occasional sips of wine. Gustavia saw to it that the little creature had all she wanted.

Then it was time for the lessons...

The Chief of the Beduins motioned to a slender man to come before him and sit down. Aswan the snake charmer left his snake comfortably asleep in its basket and brought his flute with him for the occasion. "Play Aswan," said the Chief. And Aswan began tooting on his flute emoting a vague lambada-like melody deeply in search of some rhythm. Incon waved to Caius, who responded as requested. The young Roman picked up the drum placed near his side and began beating out the necessary rhythm. Civis could tell when the instruments were finally being played in consort as a noticeable twitch began to be seen on and around Incon's hips.

Up she popped, grabbing Jayhawk by the hand, and the lessons began. For this occasion, even the much sheltered and hidden wives of the beduins and the few slave girls among them were permitted to partake of the party and dance. Three exceptionally pretty slave girls kept eyeing Civis, Caius and Lethargic, the girls speaking to each other in low voices that became barely discernable giggles.

Lethargic leaned over and said to the other two Romans, "Looks like we're being cased and targetted." He was right for soon the three girls made their way to the places of the Romans and made it clear in no uncertain terms that they were chosen. Slave girls or not, the Romans knew better than insult the girls' owners and their Beduin host by refusing the offer. Caius found a moment to pause and turned his drum over to a nearby beduin. Before long, all three Romans were lambadaing themselves, along with the Governor and her angel, Gustavia and the Beduin Chief, and the rest of the beduins and their ladies.

Back in the camp of the caravan, BT could hear the music in the distance and involuntarily began to sway his hips back and forth. But that was all. Tusky was quite content to consume his feed and leave the dancing that evening to his best friend in all of the world.

-Civis Romanus

Bob the Lethargic
posted 01-13-00 12:40 ET (US)     83 / 147       
Back at the camp, Flavius and Sandy who are now posing as Roman immigrants, were keeping an eye on Little Rudolph, BT and the rest of the elephants. Told by Civis to act as if they were newlyweds heading for their new homestead, they hold each other’s hand while they listen to the music coming from the Bedouin camp. Lethargic leaves the Bedouin camp to check on their own camp. He walks up to Flavius and Sandy and begins to shake his finger at the two pretend lovebirds.

“Hey you two, get a room at the inn already!” he jokes.

Sandy blushes, lets go of Flavius’ hand, and moves to the other side of the campfire. Flavius looks at Lethargic with a slightly embarrassed expression.

“Knock it off Lethargic”, he says in an irritated voice. “That’s not funny. We’re just doing what we were told to do and playing the part. Unlike some people who can’t even follow a simple order. Now leave us alone.”

With a puzzled look on his face Lethargic walks back to the Bedouin camp.

As Lethargic rejoins the group, he turns to Ahab and says, “Looks like Flavius and Sandy have other things on their minds besides lost elephants and traders. With all the furtive glances going on among this group, you’d think we were on the Love Boat.” He then grabs his Bedouin dance partner and once again attempts to do the Lambada.

Ahab simply shakes his head and wonders if the legionnaire will ever truly understand the mysteries of the human heart and love.

All roads lead from the winery, then to the olive farm, and finally to the bath house!!

Bob the Lethargic

Civis Romanus
posted 01-17-00 21:39 ET (US)     84 / 147       
Late into the evening the drumbeating, fluting and dancing continued until...

The Chief of the Bedouins stood up, clapped his hands and like the proverbial lamp, all music, motion and merrymaking ceased. (Centuries later, the idea of ending or starting something or turning something on or off by clapping would result in a series of inventions based upon the same premise originated by the bedouins. The bedouins would not receive any credit as they failed to discover electricity and light bulbs at the same time they perfected clapping; nor did they have the appropriate holiday to annually offer these inventions for US$19.99 each).

The Chief bellowed out, "We thank our guests and especially the angel and the great Incontinentia of Londinium for sharing the lessons of the Lambada. We bid you farewell and a safe journey. You may count us among your many friends. You are welcome to our camp at any time." The Chief then ceased speaking. The Romans understood the courtesy required and all of them bowed and retired from the camp back to the caravan under lighted bedouin escort.

"A remarkable evening," observed Civis to Lethargic. "Exhausting, but remarkable." Lethargic nodded his head in agreement, but drink and dancing had made him ready for sleep.

In fact, all were ready for sleep. So when the morning's sun found the caravan continuing its journey south, many a midnight lambadaing Roman could be seen rocking back and forth on top of his or her mount trusting to the animal's caravaning instinct to see they stayed true and in line while the beast's rider caught a few more moments of blissful sleep.
-Civis Romanus

Civis Romanus
posted 01-24-00 15:20 ET (US)     85 / 147       
Sudden trumpeting from elephants in the front awakened the dozing Romans from their slumber. Advancing to greet them was a column of elephants with small figures astride the beasts' broad necks. Accompanying the elephants were Roman auxiliaries riding camels. "See Caius," said Civis. "I told you horses and elephants don't mix." Caius looked over at Civis but said nothing in response.

Jayhawk on his elephant rapidly approached Civis from the front of the column. "Looks rather official. They are from Alexandria, we think. Might be time for you to join us at the front."

Civis needed no further prompting. He redirected the reins of his camel and used his swatch to rather gently urge the camel on. He arrived at the front of the caravan while the other approach column was still a good distance off.

"Do you know who is leading this group, Jayhawk?" Civis asked.

"No, they are still too far off, but it won't be long before we know." Out of curiousity, Caius had also ridden to the front of the caravan.

As the column came closer, the figures on the animals became larger and clearer. Soon the faces were visible in sufficient detail to be recognized. All in the front of the caravan took prompt notice of the figure astride the first elephant. It was...
-Civis Romanus

Civis Romanus
posted 01-27-00 15:57 ET (US)     86 / 147       
Have we exhausted the storyline and interest is gone? Just asking.
-Civis Romanus
Eminence Grise
posted 01-28-00 10:51 ET (US)     87 / 147       
Don't panic, don't panic. I'm coming...reads the story so far. Aargh, Civis, that's another fine mess you left me in... Who can it be...oh well, let's have a cameo appearance

A slender figure with jet black hair and an olive complexion was riding next to the Roman centurion. He was swaddled in rich silken robes and appeared to be making sketches as the column rolled forward.
Jayhawk smiled.
"Who?" Civis asked
"Zen" the angel answered, "one of my brothers. He loves painting landscapes."

"Hail Lord Civis Romanus" The centurion saluted and slammed his other fist against his breast plate. Gustavia winced,
"Doesn't that hurt?"
She wispered to mouse.
"Hail, Maxis Tacitus" the roman greeted the centurion in return.

Jayhawk had decended and so had the other angel and we're exchanging a big hug, while a beam of golden light seemed to set the air aglow around them.
"Show off, " muttered mouse.
The angels spend a while talking in the burning sun while the rest of the parties caught some shade under some nearby acacia trees.
"How can they stand the heat? " Lethargicus mumbled.
"The love the Sun and the Sun loves them. I guess he's in their blood, " Caius answered.

Civis and Maxis were talking animatedly. Sometime later the Roman centurion left and called his troops. Zen and Jayhawk parted with many a smile and lot's of back slapping and soon the column road off, back into the desert.

"Well?" Everyone asked as the two returned. Civis and Jayhawk exchanged looks.
"Maxis told me Palmyra is getting funds from an unknown source, which seems to be south of here. He's planning something and it may involve Ol' Tusky's offspring."
"Zen told me somethings brewing on the Horn. We have to sail...soon"

They mounted and Jayhawk took leave of his caravan friend Soon they were riding at a higher pace.
"We should reach Akkab in the morning..."

Bob the Lethargic
posted 01-28-00 20:16 ET (US)     88 / 147       
As the group continued their ride Legionnaire Lethargic rode up next to the settler’s cart that Flavius Equius and Sandy were driving. He cautiously began talking to the two.

“How’s everything with you two today? You still talking to me old buddy?” asked Lethargic.

“Only if you keep a civil tongue in your mouth” responded Flavius. Sandy simply kept quiet as the two legionnaires talked.

“Sorry if I offended you last night”, said Lethargic. “I was only joking around.”

Flavius thought a minute before responding. “Oh we’re all right. It’s just that you have a tendency to say just the right thing to embarrass anyone. You’re forgiven. Just watch what you say about me and Sandy.”

Lethargic promised his friend that he would be a little more considerate of the two in the future. As Lethargic reined up his camel, Civus Romanus and Ahab rode up next to him.

“So did you make up with your friend?” Civus asked.

“Yeah boss. Guess I’ll just have to let those two work out whatever is going on between them”, answered Lethargic.”

“Good, you might finally be learning to butt out where you’re not really wanted”, responded Civus.

Lethargic shot him a feigned hurt look but kept his mouth shut for once.

“I have a little task for you to perform” continued Civus. “I do not feel comfortable leading this parade to Akkaba without some idea of what lies ahead. I want you and Ahab to go ahead and scout out the route. If you spot anything even remotely suspicious I want you to immediately report back to me. I don’t want you jumping into the middle of another mess without my knowing about it first. Is that understood?”

Lethargic looked at Civus and smiled. “I understand. Scout the route and don’t screw up. Don’t worry boss. Besides, what could go wrong on a simple scouting mission?”

As Lethargic and Ahab rode ahead to scout, Civus began to reflect. Surely nothing could go wrong on a simple scouting mission. But then again we’re talking about Lethargic. Civus suddenly began to wonder if he was going to regret letting Lethargic out of his sight.

Bob the Lethargic

posted 01-28-00 22:13 ET (US)     89 / 147       
"Sir Ramesses, we have scouts coming up on our eastern wall!"

"Get me General Horemheb i think we'll go have a look!"
"Yes sir, of course, SIR!"

Commander Ramesses and General Horemheb rode on their chariots to see who they were! The small Egyptian fort was an army loyal to Cleopatra. If they found out of her death the two scouts might not report back! Ramesses was a cousin to Cleopatra and despised Romans! Bows and swords in hand they rode up to the scouts!

"Nitah Nik ikhia" (Egyptian for "what are you doing here)
"Repeat that in Latin please!" said Lethargic
"ok how about, What are you doing here?" said Ramesses
"We are scouting a nearby route when we saw your... city!" said Lethargic
"Are you Roman and if so is Queen Cleopatra well?" said Horemheb
" Yes I am Roman and pretty proud of it, and Cleopatra..." Lethargic was about to continue when Ramesses said,
"Nevermind her, she always kept you Romans from taking Egypt!" "The route will be cleared by my men, I have about seven thoudsand!" said Ramesses
"Thank you Commander Ramesses and General Horemheb!" said Lethargic. " I have some friends you might want to meet!"
(Ramesses is a.k.a. Com.Ramesses)

-He whom commands the armies of Egypt, while building temples to the gods!

(id: Angel Zen)
posted 01-30-00 18:37 ET (US)     90 / 147       
Ok... Here's my stab at it...

"Stop here," Zen said to the Roman Centurion.

"What is it, Lord Zen?" the Roman Centurion asked.

"Over there." He pointed down at the sand. The Centurion squinted his eyes, only to see a very small wooden object in the sand.

Zen went over to the object, and pulled it out. Only it was part of a larger object. A scroll that looks very worn out. He inspects it, then returned to the group.

"We need to catch up with Lord Jayhawk's party." He said. "He'll have a field day with what I just found."

Civis Romanus
posted 01-31-00 15:56 ET (US)     91 / 147       
Ramesses: Welcome to the story thread! Just a little adjustment to your historical setting. Cleopatra is gone and mumified. Egypt is a Roman province. We are beyond the Pax Romana of Caesar Augustus and into the 1st Century AD. Caesar is, well...Caesar. Your character's name and rank is quite okay, but as an Egyptian you would be a Commander of an auxiliary unit made up of Egyptian charioteers and infantry. General Horemheb is okay too, but he would be subordinate to (as in reporting to) Roman generals. That is, unless you and Horemheb are rebels. It's up to you to further develop your characters. These notes were just to help you with the scenario.

Zen: Welcome! Wow! Two angels. It's a first for any of my story threads. I'm honored!

Jayhawk: No one better to hand a "fine mess" to than the best puzzle solver among us!

Caius maneuvered his camel closer to Civis' camel. "Have you heard from Lethargic?" he asked his Commander.

"No, not yet. But he's a good man to have at the ready, Caius. He will find the odd path and the odd adventure, but with Lethargic you'll get what you ask for. You just have to stay on your toes and be prepared when the "bonus" comes along with it."

Caius laughed. "I know what you mean. I still have flying elephants in my dreams."

Civis looked bemused at his reacquired friend of old, "Are you sure its simply a dream and not the caravan's wine?" he inquired matter of factly. Caius raised one eyebrow in response, then both burst out laughing.

Moments later, Civis attention was turned to a camel rider hurrying over a sand dune and heading in Jayhawk's direction. The rider was carrying something in one hand while urging his beast on with the stick he held in his other hand.

"That looks like the angel named Zen. I wonder what's going on?" Civis stayed put watching the drama unfold.


posted 01-31-00 16:40 ET (US)     92 / 147       
BTW yes me and Horemheb are kinda Rebels. We were assigned to watch Romans until they fight us but never even met us! We were a special unit specifically made to counter Romans in a hurry! So we thought that Chariots would be easier (as horseback riding wasn't to big) And we hadn't been informed of her death (as news traveled slowly and even Cleo lost track of us) so after she died you could call us, "The last Non-Roman Egyptian Army out there" And Horemheb usually didn't like Romans and never respected them! If anybody saw the A&E movie "The Crossing" he's like Glover! (it twas a movie about the Americans crossing the Delware) But just thought i'd inform you now onto the endless battle... HOMEWORK! But also we were positioned a little off Egypt! Well i guess that would make me a Pharaoh but wouldn't dare contest Caesar!

-He whom commands the armies of Egypt, while building temples to the gods!

(id: Angel Zen)
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Help... Can somebody clear up something for me? I need to know how many separate groups there are, and who's in which group (i.e. Group 1, going to point x, with persons a, b, and c...)
Civis Romanus
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Zen: In the caravan are: Caius Menginus, Incontinentia, Big Tusky, Jayhawk, Gustavia, mouse,Ankhy, Wendoolicus, MRed, Flavius, Sandy and Civis Romanus. Solomon is the caravan chief and is guiding Jayhawk. All are heading south, initally to Alexandria and soon further south it seems to the Horn via waterways. The caravan is just outside or just inside the province of Egyptus.

Legionnaire Lethargic and Ahab are on a scouting mission. They seem to have encountered Ramesses, but I don't know where that is leading until Lethargic responds.

Hope this helped.

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Well i'll try to start up again!

Lethargic was leading Ramesses and has army back to the caravan. He had heard tales of a "Last Pharaoh" still out there but thought it twas a hoax!
"Hail Lehtargic, it seems you have some friends!" Civis looked at the golden sword at Ramesses' side. Then as if Ramesses saw his roaming eyes Ramesses put the sword on the sand, showing them he came in peace!
"So, I have heard my cousin is dead, Cleo was never the nicest anyway, i just don't understand why she left me to rot!" said Ramesses. "Excuse me sir, but you know we are talking to the enemy!" said Horemheb. "Ahhh, yes the enemy but since Cleopatra is dead I decide Egypt's political enemies, and for that matter go and fetch my scribe!" commanded Ramesses. "But sir what if..." Ramesses inturupted "I don't care if you don't leave soon I might send you back to Alexandria where i'm sure the police still don't like you!" yelled Ramesses.
"Anyway I am Civis Romanus commander of all of Rome's army!" said Civis. " I am Incontinentia the governer of Londinium!" said Incon. "I, am Jayhawk a sorcerer and has black wings!"
That went on for hours, and hours. Then Ramesses introduced himself. " I am well now Pharaoh Ramesses, Commander of the 128th Chariot legion. My cousin may Osirus rest her soul, was Cleopatra bound to relation only because Ptolemy I had a relationship with an Egyptian woman (who is unknown) So we are really distant cousins! Also my wife back at camp is Nephisis, my sister whom Hathor has blessed! Whenever you people see Caesar tell him of me and say i wish that i shall meet him!" The talking went on and on, when Nephisis came the room lighted up!
"Nephisis, how nice to see you again my love!" said Ramesses. Her hair was black, she had green eyes, a remarkably pretty face, and she was just perfect hight and wieght.

Well someone else can finish it!

-He whom commands the armies of Egypt, while building temples to the gods!

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Zen catches up with the caravan - and travels right up besides Jayhawk. Jayhawk examines the scroll that Zen just handed him.

On the scroll were pictographs. Jayhawk looks to one part of the scroll - a landscape scene - with dunes, bones, tusks, and treasure chests. Then he looks to another part of the scroll.

"Intriging..." he mutters. For what he saw on that part of the scroll strikingly resembled the caravan. Many elephants, and one with exceptionally large tusks. Tusky, he reasoned. Then two figures with rings above their heads. One had wings on him, and the other looked like an artist. Jayhawk and Zen. Then there's a mouse and various characters. The rest of the group.

Then there were these writings on the scroll... hard to read on the worn out parchment. "These would take a little longer to decipher", Jayhawk thought to himself...

Take it from here =)

Bob the Lethargic
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While everyone who was important was talking to Ramesses for endless hours, a group of the Egyptian soldiers were off to one corner of the camp, along with Legionnaire Lethargic. He was conduction a class in, shall we say, Roman entertainment.

“Okay guys, these little six-sided cubes are called lots” explained Lethargic. “They object of the game is to make a bet and then throw two of these lots. If the total number of the two lots adds up to a VII or a XI you win. If the number is a II, III or XII you lose. And if any other number comes up you keep rolling the dice. If your number comes up again before you roll a VII you win. If a VII comes up you lose. Easy isn’t it? Now who wants to play?”

A couple of hours later the game finally breaks up with Lethargic holding most of the Egyptian army’s monthly pay.

“Thanks guys “ said Lethargic. “Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it eventually. Tell you what. I really feel sorry about being so lucky. To be fair about it, why don’t I just buy those worthless blue stoned necklaces you guys are wearing as souvenirs for my trip.”

The Egyptian soldiers quickly agree to sell the cheap local native necklaces and thank Lethargic for his generosity. Lethargic buys enough of the necklaces to fill up two small sacks and then returns to Civis wearing a huge grin.

“Now what have you done?” asks Civis skeptically.

“Oh just a little bit of community relations with the Egyptians” replies Lethargic. “Seems they hadn’t heard of loaded.... ah, I mean the game of lots before. Care to have a native necklace boss?”

“Good grief, its all Topaz” replies a startled Civis.

“Yeah, it sure is” responds Lethargic with a smile. “This trip might just be profitable after all.”

"Is Lethargic always like this?" asks Ramesses of Civis.

"Usually he's worse" responds Civis. "I'll make him give the jewelry back to your men."

"Don't. He was fair with my men and was generous in his luck" replies a smiling Ramesses. "Let him keep the worthless trinkets. They are a dinarii a dozen in this area. We have much more important things to discuss."

All roads lead from the winery, then to the olive farm, and finally to the bath house!!

Bob the Lethargic

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"Civis i have a question of you!" yelled Ramesses.
"What is it my commander?" said Civis.
"Where is Rome's border, I need to conquer some territories and restart Egypt! And i don't wanna interfere with Rome. After all, whenever you see Caesar Octavian, you call him, say i shall grant many armies to him in his times of need!" said Ramesses.

"Well i think that should work, only one little problem, Who would help you?" said Civis.
"I had the title of Commander of Egypt's military, the soldiers can build the city and some Egyptians whom don't like Rome may come to my place! The capital shall be Amun-Isis-Khepri, and if you Romans would like to live there, just consider it a allied country to Rome, I shall conquer all enemies and pay tribute to Caesar while still bringing Egypt to glory. The province you own shall be known as Egyptus of the past!" said a very proud Ramesses.
Soon the whole caravan was talking to Ramesses, hearing about all the Anchient Egyptian myths. They all loved the Hathor story because the Romans thought their enemies as wild Hathors! The caravan decided to rest and Ramesses invited them to his fort at Dakhala Oasis. There scouting missions and normal life took the caravan at the heart. After a couple of days they left, leaving Ramesses and his city at Dakhala Oasis to be left alone until they could tell Roman Generals so the generals could forward the word to Caesar but a heavenly angel would help to!

-He whom commands the armies of Egypt, while building temples to the gods!

Civis Romanus
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With the caravan underway again, Civis motioned to Caius Menginus, Incon, Lethargic, Jayhawk and Zen to join him for a discussion.

Civis began. "I like that Ramesses character. He has a lot of energy and spunk, but I think he is heading for trouble. Now, General Horemheb, that's another issue...Nope, I wouldn't trust him even if he were in plain sight. I sense the General has other plans, different than the plans of Ramesses.'

'I also wanted to suggest to Ramesses that you just don't go telling Caesar you want to carve out a kingdom on the Empire's border even if you intend to pay tribute. Caesar, I've found, doesn't always appreciate the adventurous, especially if they're very direct about it.'

'Another thing...Ramesses is counting on some kind of angelic intervention. Do either of you know what he's talking about or expecting?"

The two angels looked at each other with blank expressions. It was Jayhawk who answered. "I have no idea at the moment what Ramesses is expecting. It would be news to me." Zen nodded, indicating his thoughts were the same as Jayhawk's.

"Anyway," continued Jayhawk. "I have something here Zen brought to me. I think you will be very interested in what it shows." Jayhawk opened the scroll to display its content and showed it in turn to Incon, Caius, Lethargic and Civis.

"What do you think its trying to tell us, Jayhawk?" asked Civis.

Civis Romanus

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The suspicion catches up... where is that scroll from? Okay here i go again (and would you add me up to the first post thing...thanks)

"Hey Nephisis, what did you think of them Romans?" said Ramesses.
"That Jayhawk was cute, but they were all nice, one of them even offered to give back some of their winnings!" said Nephisis.

Now the caravan moves on and reaches Thebes okay (but i'll leave it to Civis to say what the scroll says) But then again Horemheb was begining to be more distant from Ramesses, infact Ramesses had his suspiciouns! One night Ramesses ordered a random search while Horemhab was sleeping. The soldiers and Ramesses tied him up, then found plans, assination plans! The two targets were Lethargic and Ramesses, clearly it was wise for the caravan to leave! Ramesses read his name and saw that Horemheb's plan was for the next night, and he had followers!
The men were bound up at the side of the wall. Soon a new invention known as the "Osiris bringer" (the lord of the dead) It was a fire arrow but exploded when it hit it's target! The "Osiris bringer" was used on the followers but Horemheb would indure the "humdiah"! The worst of all Egyptian curses (seen the mummy, it's exactly like that) They hold your tounge, cut it and bury you alive and leave flesh eaters to eat you, it could take one hundred years!
But Ramesses decided if he was governer of Egypt he might not waste funds! He decided... to keep Egypt where it was, after all when Caesar found him he knew he would be hunted, and killed! His only hope was the caravan but he feared for their saftey and decided that indeed if the Romans sentence him to death, he will obey and be drowned, and given a proper Egyptian burial, but he feared for Nephisis.

-He whom commands the armies of Egypt, while building temples to the gods!

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