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Topic Subject:Tales of Rome - Story Thread
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Civis Romanus
posted 12-14-99 15:48 ET (US)         

CONTENT: Myth, Allegory, Satire, Fantasy.
TONE: Comedy, Serio-comedy.
MOOD: Lighthearted.
STYLE: Anything goes. Be Dickens or Hemingway or anyone in between.


Big Tusky (aka. BT or Tusky): Pet Carthaginian elephant belonging to Incontinentia.
Incontinentia (aka. Incon): Adventuress, Governor of Londinium, and founder of the RSPCE.
Jayhawk (aka. Angel Jayhawk, Seraph): Benevolent immortal magical person with black wings who enjoys the company of mortals, especially the company of Incontinentia.
Civis Romanus(aka. Civis): Imperial Commander of the Legions of Rome. Otherwise, just plain old Civis, swordsman and occasional teller of bad jokes. Consort of Apolita.
Titanicus (aka. none): Sorceror of Celtia. The most powerful mortal magician in the Roman Empire.
Legionnaire Lethargic (aka. Lethargic): Roman soldier and adventurer.
Chunky (aka. none): Citizen of Rome, merchant and adventurer.
mouse (aka. none): Rodent resident of Egypt with unique powers of human communication. Ally of Big Tusky and Incon.
MRed (aka. none): Friend and ally of Incontinentia who is hopelessly addicted to herbals.
Wendoolicus (aka. Wend): Another friend and ally of Incontinentia, somewhat more shy and quiet than the others.
Caius Menginus (aka. Caius): Former Asst. Commander of the Legions of Rome.
Gustavia (aka. none): Friend of Incon and mouse.
Ramesses (aka. Pharaoh Ramesses): Descendent of Ptolemaic line of former kings/queens of Ancient Egypt.

NON PERSONAL CHARACTERS: (To be added as they appear)
Legionnaire Flavius Equius (aka. Flavius): Friend of Legionnaire Lethargic.
Apolita (aka. none): Consort of Civis Romanus.
Anhky (aka. none): Kitten (as in cat)friend of mouse.
Servicus Menginus (aka. Servicus): Father of Caius Menginus and a sorceror in his own right.
Nephisis (aka. none): Consort of Ramesses.

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Eminence Grise
posted 02-02-00 16:49 ET (US)     101 / 147       
"Well, " the angel replied.
"Have a look here..."
He pointed to the right hand side of the scroll, where the little caravan was painted.
Jayhawk stopped midsentence and looked at Zen,
"Do you see what I see?"
The other angel took a closer at that section of the scroll.
"It's changed."
"What has changed?" Incontinentia demanded.
"The image has changed. The way the group is ordered. The landscape too."
"How..?" Civis started.
"I don't know, but I think we should be careful with this scroll."
"What else is it showing?"

Jayhawk unrolled the scroll completely and on the other end a city was painted.
"Akkab" the angel intoned.
"It's our destination, and I for one am curious to see where it will lead us."
"Did you find out what the text is about?"
"I don't know yet, it's an obscure arameic dialect..."

posted 02-02-00 17:05 ET (US)     102 / 147       
Ramesses was urged by Nephisis to save himself! He ordered a complete mobilization of the armies (about 100,000 men total) Now he built the city of Romus-Egypt but he would govern the city! He found that this place was sacred, infact the legends say two hills surronded the spot of which Ra was born! Now Ramesses had built a big city and had unified an area! Nephisis wasn't told to come! As her saftey was feared! Ramesses knew a man named Seti whom a great magician was he! It was said that he pulled off the hoax that Egypt was infact, only an image! Beleived did many and they fled thinking it was a bad dream, after all Caesar was clearly knowledgable about Ramesses! Seti was ordered to hide Romus-Egypt from any eyes except that of the holy scroll! It was a scroll that could see any magic and was made of pure gold! But it was flexible enough to be considered papyrus! The city was huge! Over one million people lived there! The army though was ready for war, in case the scroll was found by Romans! Seti know had become the Supreme Priest a honor never bestowed upon a priest and magician! He had rivaled power to Pharaoh Ramesses himself!
Civis Romanus
posted 02-02-00 22:25 ET (US)     103 / 147       
"What's that in the distance?" pointed out Incon.

"Must be a 'mirari'" said one in the group. (Amazing how a newly coined word catches on - see Pharaoh Heaven's King Tut story thread) "It sure wasn't there a moment ago."

"Looks like a city," observed Civis. "It must be a great distance away. I don't see it on the scroll either. Can't be Akkab."

"No, it's not Akkab. Jayhawk looked at Zen. The other angel returned his gaze. Their eyes began to radiate shifting colors that behaved like nervous rainbows. Jayhawk turned back to the group. "It is certain that it is not Akkab. Ramesses is involved. There is no danger from him, but there is some danger to us. Horemheb is no longer the danger, now it is a magician named Seti. He is somehow linked to the conspiracy we are trying to uncover. We must hurry. This area is unsafe for man and beast.

This was not the leisurely pace typical of caravans. Sand kicked up by the deliberate steps of the camels and elephants was picked up by the desert winds and distributed on the nearby dunes. They hurried on as fast as animal and human endurance would permit under the glaring sun and its desert heat.

Soon, a port city's gates could be seen in the distance. Water flowed nearby. Sea, lake or river? Civis was not familiar with this country and didn't know its geography.
"What city have we reached?" was the feverish heat engendered question on his mind.
-Civis Romanus

posted 02-03-00 07:21 ET (US)     104 / 147       
Seti was playing with his magic and watching his bodyguards train. He too had an Egyptian wife, Bre-Isis-Bast she too was very pretty! Seti was considered a small god in himslef! Nothing rivaled to Pharaoh, as Ramesses had complete control of his magic, for the gods gave Ramesses a gift in magic, but he could just limit the magic that other people use!
The city was completed and a fortress indeed! The priests discovered a substance which would blow up walls! They had a crude cannon but now were using Seti's magic to make a speeding arrow that could go through the best shields! They had a small navy, but nothing big!
Ramesses and Seti would talk at night about bringing their wifes over to their city now that it was finished! Seti discovered his downfall, the mighty "Magicians Knife" was buried in Alexandria. It was the only thing that could kill him! Ramesses on the other hand was a god! Ramesses had a pure heart and wouldn't do evil no matter what!
When Seti discovered another fact he now scared Ramesses very much! That caravan has the golden scroll thought Seti i'll have to get Nephisis and Bre-Isis-Bast and get them here then that knife will be MINE! thought a dreaming Seti.
posted 02-05-00 18:33 ET (US)     105 / 147       
Anybody want to add to the story?
Civis Romanus
posted 02-07-00 15:36 ET (US)     106 / 147       
"Akkab" said Jayhawk disinterestedly. "Port city to waterways south." He could barely stifle the yawn forming on his face. "I'll be glad to leave the desert behind. Tiresome trek. Anyway, we leave the caravan behind too and take watercraft to Ethiopia and beyond."

Civis turned to Lethargic, Flavius and Ahab. "Best you check the city out and see what's going on. We don't want to walk into anything...unpleasant."

The trio turned their camels about and drove them towards the city. The caravan, meanwhile, made camp outside of the city's gates. Incon was walking around the elephant tethering area looking after Tusky and his companions. They seemed contented. But Incon had an uneasy feeling she couldn't identify, that is, not until she saw the shadowy image of a cloaked man sneaking around and about the elephants.
-Civis Romanus

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Civis Romanus
posted 02-08-00 16:01 ET (US)     107 / 147       
Everyone: My schedule will take me overseas to Asia within a few days and I will not be able to participate much in these threads the rest of this week and all of next week. Please carry on in my place. The plot takes us from Akkab by water to Ethiopia and then by land or river(?)to the Horn of Africa, with whatever adventures in between occur to you. Remember the tone (comedy or serio-comedy) described in the original posting above and let your imaginations soar. And let's get Big Tusky back into it, okay? Have fun!
-Civis Romanus
(id: Angel Zen)
posted 02-12-00 01:03 ET (US)     108 / 147       
Zen and Jayhawk was examining the magic scroll, but when Jayhawk was deciphering the ancient text on the scroll, he was trying to read it out. Just after finishing the first line the scroll glowed with magical lights...

... and just then Civis walked up wondering what the commotion was. The magical aura enveloped Civis, and within a few moments Civis was gone. Zen and Jayhawk didn't even have enough time to do anything to save him.

They looked at the scroll, and found that a new pictograph was added. It was a person... that looked remarkedbly like Civis... only in some strange surroundings and strange robes.

"I recognize this... these robes are from the far east." Jayhawk said. "Civis might've been transported to somewhere in the far east when we read that line... it must be a spell of some sort."

"We must procede with caution," Zen said. "This scroll is more powerful than I thought."

(id: Angel Zen)
posted 02-12-00 01:05 ET (US)     109 / 147       
Here... we can proceed without Civis for the time being... the plan is for our resident know-all (AJ) to decipher the scroll some more and bring Civis back when the real Civis comes back =)
posted 02-16-00 23:18 ET (US)     110 / 147       
Jayhawk decided he need to speak with Incontinentia. Urgently. He approached the tethering area and tapped the purple-robed figure on the shoulder.

"Incon, we'd appreciate your help with this scroll..." his voice faded as the figure turned around to reveal, not the Governor of Londinium, but her faithful (and rather buxom) servant Letitia.

"You're not Incon!" Jayhawk blurted.

Letitia giggled and batted her eyelashes. "My lady was called away a few days ago," she explained. "Something about opening a branch of her governor's palace in a faraway, Southern place. She had Titanicus 'magic' her there, I think." Suddenly she looked past his shoulder. "Oh - there, my Lord! She's back! Here she comes!!"

Everyone turned to see an approaching small whirlwind of sand. It culminated in a flash of light and a thunderclap at the edge of the camp. When the sand cleared away, there stood Incon.

Several of the Egyptian soldiers started praying at the sight. The Romans just gasped - not at the arrival, but at what she was wearing. Her governor's robe and gown had been cut to a fetching "mini" length. Her sandals had been replaced by hiking boots, she carried a large rucksack, her skin was tanned browner than they'd ever seen...but, oddest of all was her headgear. She sported a wide-brimmed hat with small corks hanging by strings around the rim. She grinned widely at them all.

"G'day, mates!" she cried happily. "Strewth, it's good to be back! Oy - Jayhawk, me old mucka! What's the good word?"

Jayhawk's jaw dropped slightly. Lethargic's eyebrows shot skyward.

"Stone the flaming crows," Incon laughed, approaching the group. "Yew all look like you've seen the ghost of Ned Kelly! Oy - who's thirsty?" She started producing several dark bottles, and passed them around. She handed one to Zen. "Strike a light - I've not seen you round before! Still, no worries, right? Have a brew!"

Zen looked at the label of the bottle she'd handed him. On it was the image of a small, furry, podgy creature, with the words "Wombat's Piss" above it.

"Incon - where've you been?" Lethargic asked.

"And why are you talking in that...erm, *unusual* accent?" Jayhawk couldn't help adding.

"Eh? Oh, I've been in the Land of Wonder! The Land of the Long Weekend! Y'know - Down Under!"

"Mediolanum??" Lethargic ventured.

Incon looked at him, then laughed. "That's a good 'un! No worries, mate! Oy - who fancies a bit of bush tucker?" She started pulling various alien foodstuffs out of her bag.

Zen picked up a white, bulbous...something, and took a bite out of it. "This is nice," he commented, chewing, "...tastes kinda like chicken. What is it?"

"That's a widgety grub," Incon informed him. "Very good for yer. Lots of protein."

Zen spat the cooked grub out immediately, tried to wash the taste out with a swallow of Wombat's Piss...then immediately regretted he had.

"Now," Incon looked around, "where's that pucka pachaderm of mine?" She raised two fingers to her mouth and gave Tusky's special whistle. The ground shook as the madly galloping elephant made a beeline for the group. The Egyptian soldiers parted rapidly. Tusky screeched to a halt before her, trumpeted with joy - then dropped his trunk when he saw how she was dressed. His eyes popped. His mouth fell open.

"TUUUUUUSKEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" Incon whooped, sounding more like her old self for a moment. She hugged the stunned animal's trunk. "G'day, me big grey mate! I've missed you so much, pal!!"

Big Tusky looked to Jayhawk for help. Jayhawk just shrugged.

"So - any of me old mucka's kiddies been found yet?" Incon asked.

Jayhawk took her to the campfire (repeatedly refusing offers of a widgety grub all the way), and began to fill her in on the details of the adventure thus far...

(Sorry this was so long-winded, folks, but I didn't know how to jump back in the story! Can I meet Ramesses??)

(id: Angel Zen)
posted 02-17-00 04:28 ET (US)     111 / 147       
While Incon and Jayhawk was having their conference, Zen decided give Big Tusky his bottle of "Wombat's Piss."
posted 02-17-00 17:35 ET (US)     112 / 147       
Sorry i havent written, its just my sister and i have been fighting alot!

"Seti, take me to the land they call "The Roman Empire", and find me the remnatns of the caravan!" said Ramesses.
"With all pleasure, with all pleasure sir! One little problem, we dont know if they mean well! They could kill you, with that death warrent to be issued in a couple days! But hey, if you die, you will die for Egypt!" said Seti
About five hours later, Ramesses was in a grassy, wet, and warm place. In the distance Ramesses saw camp fires, though Seti was now invincable, he still came on tracks, he didnt even know about!
"Seti, wheres the bloody 95th Charioteer Regiment, that group carries the "prototype B guns"? If we lost them my protection is gone! Where is that group, i want to know after hours upon hours of waiting i need to find them!" said Ramesses

The group traveled up and down until finally, they found camp. The only bad thing was, Ramesses found a death warrent sign, meaning he now would have to charge the Roman Centurions who were guarding. He knew that the 95th Charioteer regiment could defeat the whole of the empire, but needed a test!
" Group Khufu, charge on my mark, now, now, now!" commanded Ramesses.
With in minutes of his golden sword fell into the first Roman to die of an Egyptian battle for two years, The whole 95th was charging! The charge would be known as the "ProtoRamesses charge", named after the commander and the weapon. Ramesses had shown no mercy, each time he fought he yelled, "For Ramesses the great, for Seti I, for the whole of Egypt CHARGE!"!

After the battle, it was amazing how quick Ramesses came out of his mercyless mood, into one of a Patrician. Seti, who had been hiding, now came out. He saw a lone Roman aim his javelin at Ramesses then used a magical sword, one of which that was invincable, he saw the Roman wince in pain then drop to the ground!
"Well, that was the best they could offer?" said Ramesses

Bob the Lethargic
posted 02-17-00 20:13 ET (US)     113 / 147       
Inside the city of Akkab, three robed figures silently watch from an alleyway behind the senete house they were recently visiting as a small caravan passes by heading east out of the city. One of the figures turns to the others and begins to speak in a whisper.

“Ahab”, whispers Lethargic, can you make out what they are carrying?”

“It looks like elephant tusks” answers Ahab. “Do you think we’ve stumbled upon the black market ivory traders?”

“I don’t know” replies Lethargic. “We’ll just have to follow them for awhile and see who they are before we get the rest of the group involved. Flavius, go inform Civus of what we’ve seen while Ahab and I follow the caravan. If we find out anything more I’ll send Ahab back. Come on Ahab, mount up and follow me. And don't drop those beer casks!”

And as Flavius road to the west to rejoin the group, Ahab and Lethargic rode cautiously to the east.

All roads lead from a brewery, then to a pomegranate farm, and finally to a senet house!!

Bob the Lethargic

posted 02-18-00 08:51 ET (US)     114 / 147       

"That will show those Romans that i am a force to be dealt with! Seti, where did that caravan go, i need to talk to them, peacefully. And if they show up with more soldiers i will attack again!" said Ramesses.
"My lord, Sir Khafra Ramesses, We must go, our troops can't be seen, only ledgends should remain out of the home city, protected from all Romans!" said Seti.

The caravan reached a Roman fortress called SiraRoma. The group talked about how they thought Ramesses was very nice. One reason they thought was the centurions, were probably thought of as police. And he probably saw the death warrent. But why didnt he come and kill us, was the question of the night.
Meanwhile Ramesses had liberated the city of On (Heliopolis) with no resistence. Ramesses came back to his city and had a grand feast. Nephisis was present along with Seti's wife, Bre-Isis-Bast.
Nephisis said, "Why did you raid them, they were defensless!"
"They had two hundred centurions guarding them, and they wore symbols used by our police, after seeing my death warrent i decided to raid the Centurions!" said Ramesses
The conversation went on and on then, an issue about teleporting the caravan here. The teleport happended then and there.

posted 02-19-00 13:38 ET (US)     115 / 147       
The caravan felt a wierd tremor! It felt like a big earthquake, then suddenly a blue sphere swallowed them up. They were locked inside this, even heavenly powers couldn't help! Even those who weren't in the caravan, but once were, had stumbled upon a wierd blue sphere.
The Egyptians were lining up, a show of military arms was to begin when the Roman Caravan had been warped to the city. Ramesses, was a man who was generous to enemies who hadnt expected anything. He actually gave the caravan a palace, servants, in short everything they desired. While a man known as Amunenseth was a man who looked exactly like Seti, Amunenseth was in his elegant manor, when he got an idea.
"If i were to pose as Seti, i could kill the caravan and Ramesses would kill Seti and himself, never thinking i did it! After all, the sword which could kill Seti was at a showcase just down the street, i could steal it!" thought Amunenseth.
Meanwhile the Romans arrived, looking at this awesome city. Noticing the show of arms, the gold which lined the streets.
Et said, "Now this is Aegypt at its finest!"
"Look," said Jayhawk," at these treasures around us, this palace by itself could rival that of Caesar! I wonder why we are here?"
Almost seconds after the one known as Angel Jayhawk spoke, a man came in. He was dressed like the kings of old Egypt. He spoke with authority, not to be argued with. He was Ramesses' most trusted man. The caravan was looking at the High Priest himself, Seti!
"Dinner is in one hour, you will come to the Amun-Ra dining court just across the street. We are serving fish, fowl, bread, and of course steak!" said the magician.
The caravan licked their lips, thinking about the feast. It seemed too good to be true, a palace, servants, and being adressed by a man of great power. Too bad they were right!
Even though the resemblence to Seti fooled even Ramesses, it didnt fool Incon. She thought, why did priests dress in robes only worn by kings, where were his other priests. Seti was actually down forseeing the festival of Bast.

Amunenseth almost got away with murder, but an unlikely hero saved the day!

-I came up here to build a bridge, not fight a war!

Civis Romanus
posted 02-21-00 18:55 ET (US)     116 / 147       
Big Tusky's head was lowered and his trunk was dragging, unlike his usual posture. The elephant slowly walked up to the side of Caius Menginus, Civis Romanus' former Asst. Commander of the Legions. The young Roman had a facility with animals and Tusky just naturally took to the man.

"I know big fella, I don't like the looks of it either. No one likes to be uprooted midpath and delivered to a place known only to the gods. And I don't trust this Egyptian either."

Tusky placed his trunk gently on the Roman's shoulder and simply stared at him with an odd elephantine expression fraught with pleading.

"We arrived by magic and I think we need to depart the same way...only, I don't have the magic to do it...(suddenly, he brightened) but I know someone who does. Move back a ways BT. I don't want you hurt if this should fail."

Caius then assumed an odd position, sitting with legs crossed and arms outstretched in a curved, restful arc. He began muttering to himself in latin. "...Yes, now!" were the final words he spoke before he opened his eyes. A smile formed on his face. "It will be okay, Tusky. All will be set right again. Now see to Incon." Tusky didn't have to be told twice to look after his friend. He picked up his head, raised his trunk, turned and set off in the direction he last saw Incon.

Near Caius the air shimmied and wavered. A figure appeared wearing the Roman version of a nightshirt. "Have you no respect for a person's sleep, Caius? You have no idea how pleasant the dream was you thoroughly interrupted."

"Nor do I want to know, Titanicus! We need your help badly! Will you help us?"

"Of course, Caius. What's wrong." So Caius told Titanicus. The greatest sorceror in the Empire began to frown, then mutter angrily. "Enough, Caius...I understand. Rest easy, this will all be taken care of."

Titanicus said a few indecipherable words and a familiar book appeared in mid air, pages turning. The pages stopped turning, staying still at one particular page. Titanicus quickly read its content and the book closed, then disappeared.

"Stay where you are, Caius. No need to move," commanded Titanicus. Then he said,

"Let the door be closed on the events that have passed,
Return them all to their places before.
No memory of this shall any possess,
I alone have the key to open this door;
And no one but I shall have access."

Caius Menginus suddenly disappeared. And so did the rest of the caravan, reappearing once more before the gates of Akkab just as Flavius was riding up to seek Civis and report on Lethargic's discoveries.

Now alone, Titanicus said to himself. "Just one more little spell...There! No one will ever be able to transport them like that again...except me, of course. Now, for that sleep and that dream. Oh yes, where was I..." The air shimmied once more and Titanicus disappeared.

Before Akkab...

Flavius rode up to Jayhawk asking for Civis. Jayhawk looked at Zen with an odd expression. "We've lost him...for the moment"

"Well, please find him. There is news from Lethargic."

Jayhawk again looked at Zen and both looked at the scroll. It had changed! The image of Civis was still there, but now he possessed a pair of wings, like Jayhawk's, but blue in color. He held an open scroll and on it in latin was the very simple message: Return me.


Bob the Lethargic
posted 02-22-00 16:02 ET (US)     117 / 147       
Farther to the East in the dead of night Lethargic & Ahab looked down from the top of a sand dune at the black marketers camp.

“Okay Ahab” whispered Lethargic, “it looks like even the guards have gone to sleep. It’s the best chance we have to take a closer look at what these people are transporting. You stay here and guard the beer while I go down and take a look.”

Before Ahab could stop Lethargic from this rash act, the legionnaire had already slipped down the dune and was cautiously moving through the camp to the tent where the caravan goods were stored. As Lethargic slipped into the tent, Ahab watched from the top of the hill and offered up a silent prayer to Allah.

Quietly looking around the tent, Lethargic saw that the trade goods consisted of more than ivory. Numerous crates of weapons were also present, enough to arm a dozen legions. Now confvinced that these were the people responsible for dealing in all the illegal goods, he knew that Civis needed to be informed.

As he began to hurriedly leave the tent and return to Ahab, he ran head long into two armed guards as they entered the tent. Amid shouted Roman and Arabic curses, all three went down in a noisy jumble of arms and legs, awaking the sleeping traders. Before Lethargic could get up a dozen swords were poised at his throat.

“Dog of a thief, what death wish have you to enter our camp like this?” asked the caravan leader as he arrived.

“Ah, just looking to use the rest room”, said Lethargic. “I guess I made a wrong turn. Sorry ‘bout that.”

“An unlikely story. Who are you, lying infidel?” asked the irritated leader.

“Just the local Anheiser-Bush beer vendor heading for the Iunet Senet House”, Lethargic responded with an innocent smile. “Say are you guys thirsty?”

As Ahab watched from the hill, he saw Lethargic give him a hidden signal to go get the rest of the group. Leaving Lethargic’s mount with the beer behind, Ahab quickly rode off to the west to report to Civis as Lethrargic continued to do a pretty convincing verbal two-step with the skeptical caravan leader.


All roads lead from the winery, then to the olive farm, and finally to the bath house!!

Bob the Lethargic

Civis Romanus
posted 02-22-00 16:36 ET (US)     118 / 147       
Jayhawk and Zen studied the scroll intently trying to decipher the meaning of the change in Civis' image.

"Well," said Zen. "He's still in the Far East. See the odd structures with the wavy metal roofing. You won't find those anywhere in the Empire. But why the wings?"

"He hasn't become an angel has he?" asked Jayhawk.

"No, not likely as we have no blue winged angels," replied Zen. "Maybe the wings are symbolic of something else. But what?"

Suddenly the air was rent by a clap of thunder. A hole opened up in the air six feet above the ground. Out of the hole dropped a very distraught Civis Romanus right onto his...the ground. "I hate magic!" groused the disheveled warrior, who stood up rubbing his posterior.

All around they snickered quietly, not wanting to invite the swordsman's anger. "Well, one thing's for certain. Titanicus will not be pleased to know he isn't the only powerful sorceror in the world. Old Ming is just as good," commented Civis. He looked over to Zen and Jayhawk. "I have only one thing to say...flying is for the birds and the angels and not for man. I'll take a chariot any day over flying, blue wings indeed! Well...enough of that. Let's get down to business. What's been happening while I've been away?"

So Flavius and the others filled him in on the news of the day. They were interrupted eventually by the arrival of Ahab with news of the latest mishap to befall Lethargic.

Civis rolled his eyes at the news. "Leave it to Lethargic. Okay, let's put a plan together to get him out of this. Ideas, please."
-Civis Romanus

posted 02-22-00 19:39 ET (US)     119 / 147       
"King Ramesses," bowed a young Seti. "Sir, the Romans are gone, and apparently, i was inviting them to dinner, but dinner is past, sir please help!"

"The one known as Amunenseth has been arrested, and is awaiting trial, on counts of: Illegal escape from the Evil Realm, Attempted Murder, Attempted murder of Pharaoh and his family, Stealing magical abbilities, And not bowing in front of you!" said A nearby police cheif.

"Let those Romans deal with it, after all, much more of them was threatened!" said Ramesses.

"Still, I think they think i'm the bad guy, don't you Ramboy?" said Seti.
"Who cares what they think, i mean their Romans, they tried to destroy our ways of life, why do you not exterminate them for what they are, worthless pigs!" said General Nebtkt.
" Leave Nebtk, LEAVE before i think of expelling you, permently!" said Ramesses

"Here, let me go there, and spend some days with them, after all, i am not wanted by the Roman Prefects!" said Nephisis.
Ramesses looked with a look that seemed to say, you're the craziest person i've EVER met! But i'll let you go. Ramesses thought, but what about Ram-Amun-Thutmoses, their young child of only one month!

I have a plan thought Seti, "How about this...

-I came up here to build a bridge, not fight a war!

Eminence Grise
posted 02-23-00 15:55 ET (US)     120 / 147       
phew, that's been a while....

Jayhawk, Zen and Civis were studying the thrice-damned scroll again.
"We should get rid of that thing, " Civis muttered.
"I don't know?" Zen replied and looked at his angel friend.
Jayhawk shook his head.
"We can't just get rid of it. It's too dangerous to let it fall in the wrong hands.

Incontinetia had slung a hammock between two tent posts and was drinking chilled red wine. The Romans and and the angels were ingnoring her as she was chewing bits of undefined food and softly singing. The lyrics were strange...very strange and contained words like bilabong and people waltzing.
Jayhawk looked at his friend and shook his head.

A disturbance at the pavalions entrance made him look up. A disheveled Ahab entered the room. He saw the Romans by the table and blurted:
"Lethargicus has been captured!"
The angel's eyes flashed.
"Who!" Flavius asked worriedly.
"Those weapons and ivory smuggling bandits we found."
Jayhawk closed his eyes.

"What did you just say?"
Incontinentia tried to stand up and for a moment forgot she was in a hammock.

A moment and several curses later the men were trying to keep they're faces straight. Jayhawk shrugged and walked over to her. Red-faced and eyes blazing Incontinetia'd managed to wind herself in the hammock tighter than a fish in a net.
"Just calm down will you? I'll try to unwrap you..."

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"You must comply with us, Lethargic!" said the bandit leader.
"NEVER, I will never submit, pathetic pig, anyways, my beer shipment is ruined!" said Lethargic.

Meanwhile, back in the capital of New Egypt. Seti was going to warp to save Lethargic, knowing the scroll, was with his friends. Little resistance would be made, he packed up the top secret weapon. It was called "Prototype Egypta". He knew, that if he suceeded and this weapon, which used a fast arrow. It would go, around 200 Miles Per Hour. It would destroy any organization. He thought, maybe this will be the weapon to pierce the Roman Governer of Aegyptus.

-I came up here to build a bridge, not fight a war!

Civis Romanus
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Jayhawk was at one end of the hammock and Zen was at the other. Civis was near the middle just in case. Good thing too. Incon fidgeted and fussed. What's a 'flaming wallabee's pouch' anyway, Civis wondered. Suddenly, the hammock spun like a radial top and Incon flew out into the waiting arms of a very surprised Civis, who promptly landed on his backside under the effect of catching Incon.

"You're heavier than I expected," said the unthinking Roman as he sat on the ground, his two arms filled with an infuriated female governor. "I mean, I mean..." Oh give it up Civis, he thought, the damage has been done.

Sure enough, Incon glared ferociously at the Roman, scrambled to her feet and put her hands on her hips. "NOW WHAT THE RUDDY BLAZES IS GOING ON HERE!!!! AND WHAT'S THIS ABOUT IVORY!!!!"

Jayhawk glanced at Zen and Civis. "Well it's out in the open now. I guess I'd better tell her." Civis shrugged his shoulders in resignation.

"Now Incon, take it easy and control yourself. You won't like what you're about to hear," began Jayhawk. "We have information that the illegal trade in this area consists of military contraband and (Jayhawk hesitated then gulped)elephant ivory." Jayhawk involuntarily stepped back waiting for the explosion...but it never came.

Incontinentia stood stunned and motionless. Her eyes moistened, then slowly, surely tears formed and began to roll down her cheeks. The men stood there not immediately knowing what to do. Jayhawk moved first and placed his arms gently around the sobbing woman.

Civis moved closer to speak to the governor. He spoke softly to her. "Incon, this mission is intended to seek out and stop the illegal trade of weapons and once we discovered it, to stop the trade in ivory. Now we are sure of the reasons for Tusky's behaviour. It is his children who are being victimized, and we are here to end it."

(*Sniff*)"Why didn't you (*sniff*)tell me (*sniff*) sooner?" asked Incon.

"Because in my judgement I felt you would lose your objectivity and ability to make rational decisions. It would be quite understandable, you know."

Incon looked at Jayhawk. The angel said, "Yes, Incon. I agreed. We were going to tell you when the time was right. This was a little sooner than we had planned."

Somewhat consoled, Incon stepped out of Jayhawk's arms. She looked about for Big Tusky. He was close by as was his way, for the elephant seemed to have a sixth sense about knowing when he was needed. He was needed now. Tusky walked over and placed his trunk on his friend's shoulder.
Fresh tears flowed as the two consoled each other.

Meanwhile, Civis, Jayhawk, Zen, Ahab and Flavius began to form their plan for releasing Legionnaire Lethargic and capturing the smugglers. Caius Menginus listened closely for his role in the plan.
-Civis Romanus

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called the Great King imperiously, "you know this man, don't you?"

"O King of Kings, live forever. Aye,  I do. "
He cackled. Years of service had made him conceited as well as wise. "I knew him when
Bibulus and Terentius were consuls....that is, fifteen years ago, your Highness. And I
know furthermore that, merchant or no merchant, Chunky is like a dog with a bone when he
smells adventure: try as you might, you shall not tear him from it till he has had his

"Really? That is interesting. He shall have
his due." He turned to Corbulo, looking at him from under the beard of the gilded
lamassu. "Did you never feel that you had betrayed your people?"

"Service to you, o King, outweighs all co-"

"Corbulo", came the brisk reply, "we are
neither of us so simple, now, are we? " He looked up at the forcedly smiling Roman.

"O King, I have never betrayed that to which I swore my
undying faithfulness."

The King smiled a deep smile. It was true: Corbulo was a
rich man. And possibly about to become even richer.



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What are these many phantoms, that creep so swiftly, in
and out of the dunes?

What are the lights, the ephemeral lights in the dunes?
What are the glints of curved silver?

Who is their Lord?


When the bloody hell is dinner going to be ready?

Civis Romanus
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Legionnaire Lethargic (or is it Lethargicus?) was sitting on the ground, half asleep, wrists secured to a post by leather straps. Suddenly, he was awakened by a kick to his right ankle. Without looking up he exclaimed, "Go meet your appointment with Pluto you son of a mange-ridden dog!"

"Really?" answered a distinctly female voice. "Wrong on two counts."

Lethargicus looked up to see a woman's face and figure, very familiar, the face veiled and the figure dressed uncharacteristically. Incon a servant girl? A large jug of something balanced on her head? "What are you doing here, Incon?"

"Quiet! You want to draw the guards?" she hurriedly replied. Lethargicus shut up immediately. "We're going to get you out of here." He nodded in understanding and began to look around for the others. He saw shadowy figures in various corners of the compound and then felt a little tugging, like nibbling at his cords. "That's mouse chewing through your bindings. Don't move about so much." A tiny squeek of reassurance came from behind him. It was indeed mouse.

Gravel crunched under two pairs of sandals. "Guards! Stay quiet, Lethargicus. I'll deal with them." Incon turned to face the two guards emerging from the far side of the compound.

"Hey you! Get away from him!" shouted one of the guards.

Incon answered in the most innocently sounding voice she could create. "Oh, there you are sirs. No beer for the prisoner today?" Ever the opportunist, Lethargicus perked up at the mere mention of a draught of beer. Maybe, just maybe I can get out of this and get a nice swig of the content of that jug, he thought.

Meanwhile, Incon moved her hips just so. The guards' eyes were drawn downwards and their focus locked. "Would you sirs like some beer. My master says the jug must be returned empty. It would be a shame to waste it."

The guards barely noticed the jug balanced on Incon's head, as their eyes were locked into areas farther south. With each measured step Incon got closer and closer to the distracted guards. At last she was in range. One guard finally responded. "A...sure, just one draught."

"One's all you'll need anyway," said Incon. In one swift move, the Governor of Londinium grabbed the jug of beer off her head and broke it over the heads of the guards. Spilled beer pooled around their two prostrate bodies.

"By the gods, Incon. What a waste of fine brew!" exclaimed Lethargicus as his hands came free of his bonds,finally severed by mouse's constant nibbling.

"Quiet, you ingrate. You're free aren't you!" She was interrupted by shadows emerging from the darkened areas of the compound. Civis, Jayhawk, Flavius and Ahab joined them. Three of the four had weapons drawn. Jayhawk didn't need weapons. He had his own ways of dealing with miscreants.

The rest of the plan was put into action.
-Civis Romanus

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