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Topic Subject:Caesar: A distance that is too far.
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posted 04-04-00 21:38 ET (US)         
I have seen a lot of stories that had been told by people who visited Caesar 3 Heaven daily or regularly. Now I want to start another story that tells a tale of a young citizen who wished to be the next emperor of Rome, but he is just a common citizen of Rome.

I hope that this story will have bring some exciting time in the Community Forum. I also hope that you will help me write this tale.

Story began in Post #1.

posted 04-12-00 13:34 ET (US)     101 / 128       
Meanwhile,Windplumus had snuck past the guards at the city gates,into the Forum,where he went about stealing bits of meat and any other luxuries he could get his hands on.He noticed more people than normal heading to the Oracle,and wondered what was going on.
His train of thought has caused him drop some pottery from his cloak,which alerted the shopkeeper.He took to his heels and ran down alleys,dodging people and listening for the cries of the guards.
After a narrow escape,he realised he was near the Oracle,judging by the intensity of the smell.He headed towards the front,but stopped as he saw the soldiers there.The next thing that drew his attention was the scraggly band heading for the Oracle,but then turning away before they got there.He shrugged and went after them to show them the other entrance.

After Thanh bought some food and took it back to the other two,he decided to hide near the Oracle and listen.He left Marcus and Latus in an alley,and weaved down a side street to the oracle.He was surprised as a hairy,smelly man wearing a tunic dropped down beside him and said "Secret entrance for Oracle.Bring friends,quickly.I show you"
Decided it was better than nothing,he went back to the market and got Marcus and Latus,tellign them of the man.
"Can we trust him?" asked Latus
"Who else can we trust??"replied Thanh,silencing Latus.

He found the man in an alley near the oracle,and greeted him.The man returned it with a grunt,and led them to the Oracle.Then,he moved a few large jars to reveal a secret tunnel."Go tunnel" he said by way of direction. Marcus hesitated,but was pushed into the tunnel by the man.As the reached the end,they realised they were at the Oracle's feet.The man motioned for silence,and they were left to listen to the commotion above.

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posted 04-12-00 13:47 ET (US)     102 / 128       
Seneter scrached himself vigorously and shook his toga. Several fleas, ticks and assorted rodentia became suddenly homeless and wandered off in search of better digs.
'Damn! Toga wedgie... Oh Mighty Oracle! Where will I find Governor Thanh'

'And where is that good for nothing husband o' mine' added Cowia, taking a few practice swings.

Muffled sounds came from near the brazier. 'I'm right here!'

Everyone looked stunned at Wendoo, the oracle who was munching on a brownie.
'Look, she's channelling the spirit of my poor departed Marcus' Cowia broke down into sobbing and wailing. The little boys all started bawling.

'she luvs 'im'
'breaks my widdle heart, it does'
'get off my foot!'

'And she can channel with a mouth full of brownies, too!' Seneter added.

Just then the pedestal in the centre of the room shifted over, knocking a burning brazier to the floor. Thanh, Marcus and some thing that nearly resembled an idiot crawled out into the room. All the fleas and ticks gave a squeal of delight and ran towards Latus.

Cowia embraced Marcus. 'You're alive!' She kissed him soundly and then brained him with the pan.

Thanh quickly shouted. 'There are soldiers outside. Follow me!'

As the room erupted into flames, Seneter grabbed the tray of brownies and the party disappeared into the tunnel.
The granary boys were carrying the rest of the munchies.
'That fat lady told me to grab these and follow 'er!'

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Civis Romanus
posted 04-12-00 15:42 ET (US)     103 / 128       
In a villa just outside of Rome, a medium heighth man with a somewhat muscular build dressed in a blue toga was reading a scroll while sitting on a bench near the fountain. Today he was alone. His consort was visiting friends on the Isle of Celtia and had been there since about one week ago.

One of his servants had brought him the scroll. The servant, a young girl of about 17 years, told him an unknown man had slipped it into her basket in the marketplace then told her to deliver it to her master straightaway. She completed her shopping and did as she was bid.

Her master, a military man of high reputation in Rome and sometime adventurer, completed his reading of the scroll and began to ponder its import. Strange goings on in Rome these days, he thought. Caesar is behaving unlike himself, especially since his union with Caylynn. General Pattonius, Commander of the 11th Legion, may be himself having a crisis of loyalty. And now, the Oracle is the site of a disaster.

Such a conundrum for the high ranking soldier. Tied to Caesar by a vow of loyalty, yet Caesar is behaving unlike the Caesar to whom loyalty was vowed. Threat of revolt from General Pattonius, who also took a vow of loyalty but appears to be opposing the increasingly odd Caesar of today. Then there is Caylynn. Should he really believe the stories he's heard about her?

Loyalty or reality... A vow or the greater good? I could have used some help from the Oracle, thought Civis Romanus, but now it's destroyed. Tis a conundrum, indeed. "I really could use some help here," he said out loud to the lightly splashing water of the fountain. Unfortunately, the fountain had no answer for him either.

posted 04-12-00 16:06 ET (US)     104 / 128       
In a hidden underground cave far from Rome that is unotice from the citizens of the Roman Empire, 5 great legions were training for the invasion of Rome planned by Caylynn.

Ever since the marriage to Caesar Alan, Caylynn made plan to invade Rome for the first part in controlling the entire Roman Empire. Unfortunely, the number of legions available to Caylynn is small. If she had more legions, she would have Rome by now. Caylynn is only using Caesar Alan in helping her invade Rome. However, as she will soon find out, her legions will be destroyed by the time she make the next plan.

The leading commander for this pack of legions is General Buckhead, who is also the true husband of Caylynn. Caesar Alan is only a fake to her, Caylynn doesn't really love Caesar Alan.

Eminence Grise
posted 04-12-00 16:38 ET (US)     105 / 128       
Jayhawk disentangled himself from the oracle and handed her back the white mouse that had found a comfortable spot on his shoulder.
"Danewad, divine one" the priestess mumbled and grabbed a quick had full of munchies from one of the trays.
"Oy, look wot she did!"
"She took my cookies"
"Geroff my foot!"
"SHUT UP!" SenetEr screamed.
"Sorry, Gov" the market boys chimed and fell quiet...well, quiet...

SenetEr turned to Latus, wiped his nose on his sleeve and said
"You...creature, you look like you live here. Where in the Seven Layers of Hades are we?
Latus cracked a tick between his remaining teeth and spit out the legs.
"Catacooms, me lord, we be in the catacooms."

"Where going to die...ouch!"
"Marcus, " Cowia hissed "one more word and I'm going to hit you with this pan"
"You just di...ouch"
"I warned you!"

Gustavia looked at Jayhawk and rolled her eyes.
"You actually know these people?" Jayhawk whispered.
"Don't ask, " Gustavia replied, "just don't ask..."
"So where do we go?"
"Out, I just want out. Do you know the way to the Rome house?"
"I've been here before...or will be. It shouldn't be far."
The tall man looked around him and choose one of the skull lined ways. Gustavia followed close on his heels.

"Where do you think you're going, my man?" SenetEr bellowed. He was ignored.
"Ho hum, must be better than here" SenetEr muttered and followed them.
The rest of the party came trailing after...

Civis Romanus
posted 04-12-00 20:46 ET (US)     106 / 128       
We pause for this Historical Note:

Derivation of the word "bigamist". Ancient Latin. First coined to describe Empress Caylynn, who was the legal consort of Caesar Alan and the legal consort of General Buckhead at the same time. Later corrupted usage of the word by neopolitans on the Italian peninsula eventually led "bigamist" to mean a widespread, wet fog in Rome.

From: The BIG Book of Linguistics And Other Noodles

posted 04-12-00 20:55 ET (US)     107 / 128       
LOL, ROFLMAO as a matter of fact!
posted 04-12-00 23:41 ET (US)     108 / 128       
Down and down thru the darkened passages they went.

In the lead, Jayhawk held the lamp high; it illuminated the gruesome skulls and skeletons that littered the floor. Iron shackles hung from the damp stone walls, in mute testimony of the desparate predicaments of the unlucky prisoners of years past.

SenetEr seemed especially moved by sight of the chains and instruments of torture they hurried by. No one seemed to know why. He continued to wipe his nose on Latus's sleeve every so often. Latus took at as a sign of affection and acceptance, actually it brighten his demenor considerably. Latus began to whistle an tiny tune.

Cowia and Marcus, and the little band of boys that followed them everywhere, struggled under their load of brownies and munchies, the odd basket of pottery and oil. Marcus impeded their progress by searching thru the baskets for snacks. Cowia affectionaly cuffed him, they were a picture of domestic bliss in a place of disorder.

Thanh, in the middle with Gustavia, was rambling a bit incoherently. She held his hand as they walked along, muttering soothing words.

"My, my, he must have hit his head during all that commotion back in the oracle" Gustavia thought. "If we ever get back to the Romehouse, I will send for Mred and her potions and herbals to fix him right up."

Wend the Oracle was trudging along beside them, seemingly preoccupied with Oracular thoughts.

"Here, girlie, hold my white mouse and don't let him get away" Wend said. "I feel a spell coming on" She suddenly stopped, causing Marcus and his group to bump into them. As they began to sort themselves out, Jayhawk and the others returned.

Wend began to chant. Her hair started to crackle and spark. She raised her arms and started to whirl around in a tight circle. Faster and faster until she was just a blur. When she stopped.. she looked straight at Jayhawk and said:

"This is not a situation the gods can solve for us, we need a fighting man. A man that knows military strategy and political intrigues.. There are two major armies camped at Rome and we can prevent a slaughter and restore order if we have our own general to lead us. I have sent a signal to Civis, the fountain in his courtyard has turned to wine and he knows he is needed. He is waiting for us at the Romehouse... we must make haste!"


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posted 04-13-00 02:31 ET (US)     109 / 128       
"What? A fighting man? What two armies?"said Jayhawk. "One army belongs to an evil woman. She is married to Caesar Alan. I can say no more.". "Huh? Which one? Caesar Alan has so many concubines, it'd take a hundred years to pull this investigation off! I'll need every prefect in the empire! Let's see. There's SenetEr, and a whole lot of other professional investigators. We have to prevent Rome from falling at all costs! Meanwhile at Empress Caylynn's secret training base..................
"Charge! No, not that way, that's not how you swing your galdius, like this!" says General Buckhead as he swings his gladius. "Ferius! Come here! I want you to lead this legion. I haven't picked a proper leader for this legion yet." "Yes sir!" cries Ferius. "If only we could train more legions." thinks General Buckhead.
The Imperator
posted 04-13-00 02:44 ET (US)     110 / 128       
Consul Lamius impatiently looked over the stack of scrolls the Emperor has sent. Among them orders to find and capture the wayward escapees( Latus, Thanh, and Marcus) "Ah here it is...'His Imperial Majesty, Augustus Caesar Imperator Alan, Master of Rome, Lord of Egyptus, Tribune for the 4th year, King of'...blah, blah, blah" Lamius was clearly running out of breath by this point and paused to sip his drink. Then decided to skip all the way to the bottom. So...mused Lamius, the mighty Caesar is not so mighty after all. No matter, I will bide my time...this may yet prove to be profitable.

Just as this thought began to sink in, an antendant frantically enters the room. "Consul, its...the Emperor, he's" the nervous man was clearly shaking. Lamius smiled inwardly. It said a great deal about his status, that the master of the Roman world came to him! "Let him wait- no." Why make such an obvious gesture of contempt? "Usher him in. Bring the finest wine in the cellar. Then leave us" The antendant saluted promptly and complied.

"Welcome to my home Your Majesty." The consul got to his feet, a little too slow for true respect, saluted "Hail Caesar!", just a touch too casually for true deference. "Your courtesy, well known" Caesar Alan commented sarcastically and sat at his rightful place in the center seat of the reception room. "It has come to my attention that you have not searched for the traitors...", the Emperor continued. "The Emperor is extremely well informed", responded Lamius coolly. "The Emperor is still the Emperor" countered Alan. "Yes...for now" a slip of the tongue? Quickly regaining his wit, the Consul's voice turned melodramatic "oh, no threat was implied, your majesty! Of course not! I merely is a shame, a true shame, to see the mighty brought low by a mere insurrection." "An insurrection is indeed occuring", Alan agreed blandly.
"Clever your majesty, quite...May I remind your majesty that cleverness can be quite dangerous to the..."
"Why, Imperator Alan! What would make you say such a terrible thing?"
"Honesty?" the emperor asked with a smirk. "and may I remind you Consul, that power does not always rest with a tongue. You may have the Senate wrapped around your little finger, but I alone control the legions." the Emperor's voice now thundered "I alone command the loyalty of the governors, I alone have the respect of the people, and I alone can make or break your consulship!" with that, he left. The Consul was visibly shakened...have I gone too far?

Later that night, Lamius decided it would be wise to look for allies. And what better palce to start...then at the opposite end of the spectrum. "Guard!" roared the Consul. A not so confident lackey stuttered in, " your excellency?". "Well obviously", replied the older man dryly. "Fetch my horse...I plan to pay our good ex-govenor Thanh a visit, preferably before Caesar" he said grinning evilly...

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Civis Romanus
posted 04-13-00 11:17 ET (US)     111 / 128       
Civis Romanus was lost in thought and hardly noticed the sudden transformation of the fountain. At last, looking up, he noted that the once clear water of the fountain had now taken on the deep, rich burgundy color of fine Roman wine.

Startled by his discovery, he leaped to his feet and jumped back a few steps, eyes opened widely. Then his natural bent towards risk taking took control. Civis entered the villa structure and obtained an available goblet and returned to the fountain. He filled the goblet with the burgundy liquid. He tasted the liquid by dipping the index finger of his left hand into the goblet up to the knuckle then bringing the soaked finger to his lips.

"It is wine!" he exclaimed. "Remarkable! But it must be magic at work. No other explanation. Yet I haven't heard that Titanicus is in the area. No can't be him. Apolita is visiting Titanicus and his family in Celtia. But who?"

He pondered this question as he began to take increasingly hearty sips of the fine wine in his goblet. One goblet led to another and to another. Civis never really understood if it was a touch of lonliness, Apolita being away, or the fact he hadn't yet eaten his usual hearty dinner (lunch to the uninitiated) but the heady, flavorful wine rapidly found its way from his stomach to his head.

Without much warning, after the... after the... )who knows how many goblets because Civis doesn't) he stood up with the sudden thought that he must immediately make his way to the Romehouse for a meeting. It was an overpowering thought that now drove his mind and limbs to take this immediate action.

Determined to comply with the thought, Civis took two steps forward... then fell flat on his face. The goblet clattered to the gravel ground of the villa's garden path. That was awfully good wine was the Roman's last thought as his vision clouded over and the world ceased for the moment to spin.

posted 04-13-00 12:09 ET (US)     112 / 128       
Historical Interlude #2
Every market lady went nuts with the news that there was wine in one of the fountains. They came in droves, all with little boys in tow and every house for a 5 mile radius had wine with supper.

Rome was in chaos for weeks as people did not show up for work. It gave rise to the 'Great Baby Boom of 40 A.D.', with births 9 months later nearly triple the normal rate. To make matters worse, all the boys were named Patric and all the girls Patricia, which caused untold grief for the census takers for decades to come.

posted 04-13-00 14:16 ET (US)     113 / 128       
Benson stood outside the burning oracle, his face twisted with rage. The local prefects were just throwing the last of their buckets onto the smouldering ruin. They had to have been in there. It had seemed to him that the destination of the escapees was clear. It was purely luck that he had spied them leaving the grounds of the palace dungeon, and even more luck and skill that he had managed to track them here and gather the guards. And now they had gone up in smoke, just like the oracle, just like his plans.

Caylynnia was missing too. He had married her after discovering her resemblance to the Empress. He thought it may give him some advantage, there had to be a way to use her to further hi sambition. But then the Empress had found out about Caylynnia and she was now useless to him. Better for him to divorce her and pursue the young Anelise. Better off if she was dead. A plan was forming in his head. If he could but find her soon, he could dispatch her and claim she perished in the fire. An up and coming widower would be more marriageable than a divorcee.


Jayhawk and the Oracle were deep in conversation. The little white mouse ran in and out of Seneter's toga looking for morsels. You couldn't sit in the Oracle's hair 24 hours a day without getting the munchies too. Seneter was relieved to hear that Caylynnia was fine and resting at the 'Romehouse'. He felt responsible for her in a way. Ever since the day that the hag mid-wife tried to hire him to dispatch that mewling infant by throwing it into the Tiber.

He took the hags gold, and spirited the child away, leaving her on the steps of a childless couples house, the owner's of "The Bath House". He watched her grow up over the years and had no idea that that her twin was to grow up to be the Empress. The gold was gone in a day, frittered away at Hippodrome. Who'd have thought that damn Ben Hur could drive so well?


Gustavia sat there in amazement as she heard the story that came from Jayhawk's lips. She loved staring at his lips.

'All the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Your city is in turmoil because the spirits are at war. Things have not turned out as they were meant prophecied.

Alan was to wed , and the spirit of the great king which dwelt inside him was to be united with the eternal queen who dwelt in her. The evil Caylynn killed her and usurped her place. The spirit of the king fled Alan and resides in another. What was to be a Golden Age ruled by the reincarnated king and queen of Atlantis, is now a ruin and chaos is in it's place.

We must find the new avatars of the king and queen and set them on the throne of Rome. We still have a chance to see this Golden Age. But it will be a huge risk. To us all...'

posted 04-13-00 15:13 ET (US)     114 / 128       
Meanwhile,Windplume had been busy making sure the party didn't take a wrong turn,and stealing munchies from the market boys. He had tried to steal from the mouse,but she had bitten his hand,so he decided to stick with the baskets.He wondered if the people knew about that Pattonius fellow,or the troops trying to hide in the caves.He was just happy to have stolen their maps for wallpaper. Wondering about this,he walked up to Jayhawk and tapped him on the shoulder.Trying to think of the word,he said "Me have drawings of maps from army in caves.Lady that looks like her(points at Caylynnia) shouts at them.You want drawings? Or I show you army?".

Jayhawk listened,finally putting the man's words together with the Oracle's."The second army?? Where?". And then"Caylynn's army??!?!". He called the others over to tell them the news,while the man waited,stealing more food.
Civis Romanus
posted 04-13-00 15:57 ET (US)     115 / 128       
The owner of the villa with the free-flowing wine finally came to and found himself on his bed surrounded by frightened servants of both sexes and all ages.

"Master Civis, it is chaos!" cried one. Another said, "The line stretches all of the way down the Via!" The Household Leader spoke next. "Silence, all of you! Let the master have a moment to think!"

Civis was grateful for the pause. The thudding in his head eased slightly as the volume of cries and exclamations from his servants declined and ceased. Civis opened one eye and then the other. Good, he thought, the world is standing still, not spinning. He lifted bloodshot eyes to his chief household servant. "Cordelus, have the servants use some twisted hemp and create a pathway to the fountain. One that will also return the people to the street. Arm the younger men with swords and station them at the villa's doorways. Leave the gate open and allow the people to approach the fountain. Place a sign there that says the wine is free to the people so long as it lasts. A gift from Civis Romanus and Apolita. However, let no one enter the buildings. Do you understand my instructions?"

"Yes, Master Civis," replied Cordelus, and he repeated back to Civis what he had been directed to do. "Good, Cordelus. I know I can rely upon you. One more thing, if you would. Please have my horse saddled. I must attend to an appointment." Civis pulled himself off of the bed. The pounding in his head continued to recede, but the effort reawakend some of the devils and they warred a little harder for a brief minute or two.

"Right away, Master," replied Cordelus. "Master?"

"Yes, Cordelus."

"May the servants partake?"

"Yes, Cordelus... A gift from Civis Romanus and Apolita to their faithful household. Mind you though, one goblet only each day at supper and none to the young ones." Civis looked hard at the older man who had looked after his villa for many years. Then he smiled. "Go now... and just be sure you remember I said goblet, not tankard." With the departure of Cordelus, the room at last was emptied of servants.

Civis changed from his blue toga to his standard uniform of polished leather armor over blue and white linen. He tied on his metal shinguards, stepped into his military sandals then reach for and placed on his head his blue-plumed helmet. Lastly, he belted his short close-combat scabbard and sword to his side.

The horse was saddled and ready when Civis appeared. He took the reins and mounted the horse. Once elevated on the horse he could see far across the grounds of his villa and the many Romans who had lined up to sample the fountain's vintage. He had to pass by them to exit through the gate.

Word had spread very quickly about the fountain and the "gift". Cheers rose from the crowd as Civis made his way by the line of Romans and through the gate of his villa. He waved to them constantly as they continued to cheer his presence. Amazing what fame a little free wine will bring, he thought. There is someone I must thank for this and I suspect I will find that person at the Romehouse. He spurred his horse after passing the last in the line of jug-bearing Romans, and horse and rider swiftly made their way to the Romehouse without any further delay.

posted 04-14-00 01:32 ET (US)     116 / 128       
First, ROFLMAO to SenetEr. Now to continue Jayhawk's story...............
Jayhawk quickly told the guys everything and quickly ran over to a quiet spot to think. "Hm. Anybody could have the spirit of a new ruler........"
Hehe. What a perfect twist in the story line. This could prove to be interesting. Too bad they can't walk up to Rubius and Caylynnia and simply proclaim them the new rulers of Rome. Ah, another twist. Will Caesar Alan and/or General Buckhead think that Caylynnia is their wife if they ever see her? This is very very interesting.
Eminence Grise
posted 04-14-00 05:51 ET (US)     117 / 128       
Jayhawk carefully folded the maps again. It seemed the rogue army was hiding below the Palatine forum, a safe distance a way from where they are now.
Wendoolicus looked at him her eyes wide in the lightning struck mass of hair. Her mouse was back and was washing it's nose with it's paws. She spoke haltingly.
"Wine flows from the fountain. The swordsman cometh. The tower will fall..."

Jayhawk looked at her and frowned. He rummaged through his pouch and took out an ancient looking deck of tarrot cards. He spread them out into a fan and held them out to the pythia. Wendoolicus grabbed a handful and held them close to her chest, Jayhawk was just in time to prevent her from nibbling on the cards. As he turned them over he saw the Tower, an image of old Babel going up in flames, while people flee, the Lovers, a couple in a moonlit embrace, Strength, a broad-shouldered man carrying a short sword, the High Priestess, a tall stern looking, longhaired woman, Death, a pale black haired youth, and, no surprise there, the Angel, green eyes, black wings and all.
Gustavia looked over his shoulder
"Oh oh..."
"You can say that again." Jayhawk agreed.

He raised the torch high and let it blaze in a glory of colour. The mouse hid within the depths of the oracle's hair. The actinic glow the multitude of bones in sharp relief. Marcus yelped. A ladder could be seen in the distance.

"This is where we go up" Jayhawk said and walked forward.

Civis Romanus
posted 04-14-00 16:14 ET (US)     118 / 128       
Civis reined his horse in at the entrance to the Romehouse. He patted its left front shoulder as was his usual practice. The horse turned its head and watched the Roman walk purposefully to the front entrance of the pillared structure. Then the horse dipped its muzzle into the waiting trough of water as Civis opened the door and walked in.

An attractive blond, thirtyish looking woman immediately rose and greeted Civis. "Welcome Sir, to the Little Romehouse By The Road. How may we be of service?"

"I'm looking for some friends," replied Civis.

"Oh, I see," she responded. "You would like more than one 'friend' for the day. That can be arranged."

"No... That's not what I mean. I mean friends, as in persons I know."

"You have been here before, then? So you know our policies and procedures. That is good, it will save time and..."

Civis was getting annoyed. "NO! I have never been here before. You don't understand. I'm to meet some friends here."

"Sorry, Sir. I guess I didn't understand. What are the names of the friends you are to meet?"

"I don't know."

The blond woman's expression changed noticeably and her voice took on a peevish tone. "Sir... If you don't know who they are, how do you know to meet them here?"

"The wine in the fountain told me to come here and meet them," replied Civis somewhat absentmindedly.

"I'm sure something did," said the now frowning woman. "Most likely the wine."

"Yes," said Civis. "How did you know?"

Civis saw her face screw up into the knotted look he has seen just before a woman with any temper at all unloaded on him. He'd seen it before coming from Apolita. The Roman steeled himself for the storm to come. He got lucky, for at that moment a hand pushed aside a separating curtain and into the foyer of the Romehouse entered...

posted 04-14-00 19:19 ET (US)     119 / 128       
was no other than..........."Who are you?" asked Civis. "I am.........."
Eminence Grise
posted 04-15-00 17:06 ET (US)     120 / 128       
Gustavia looked at the man on the horse and recognised Civis. She smiled and said.
"Flavia, it's alright, I know this gentelman, please show him to my rooms?"

Flavia looked at her boss and at the swordsman. Then she frowned. Things were strange these days, there was this blonde that had shown up, a herb witch and then there was this tall, good looking man that had suddnely appeared from Gustavia's bower. She shrugged and smiled at the warrior.
"My mistress bids you welcome, please, follow me?"

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Civis Romanus
posted 04-17-00 21:09 ET (US)     121 / 128       
Still surprised by the sudden appearance of his friends, he hardly noticed when the reception girl quietly closed the door behind herself and had gone. Finally, he mastered his surprise and moved to greet Gustavia. He walked up to her and offered his hand in warm greeting and was about to say something. Gustavia looked at him, blinked, ignored his hand, walked over and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Civis, you silly, it's nice to see you too."

The Roman turned his customary shade of red. Jayhawk looked the other way to keep the grin on his face from being too obvious. Then, composed again, he walked over to the embarrassed soldier. His 6'4" frame towering over the medium sized Roman, his sea green eyes flashing a variety of colors ranging from acquamarine to forest green, he greeted Civis in the Roman fashion, arm to arm. "And Apolita is well, I trust," said the angel.

"She is very well, Jayhawk. Thanks for asking."

"Well, Civis, it looks like we're at it again."

"So I gather. What mischief have you all uncovered this time that needs the sword of a soldier to help straighten it out?"

"Well, Civis, it's like this..." began Gustavia. The telling continued at length. "... And so you see we have to rectify a bad thing that was done and prevent yet another civil war from breaking out and consuming Rome."

"I must have one very important question answered by you. Is it your intent to depose Caesar Alan or simply to eliminate Caylynn's effect on him?" asked Civis. He patiently waited for his friends to answer.

posted 04-18-00 10:10 ET (US)     122 / 128       
'I'm afraid we must depose him came the answer. Although it will be tragic for he was meant for greater things. But the spirit has chosen another and the oracle is clear. Unless Rome is governed by the hosts of the spirits, there will be no Golden Age and there will definitely be disaster.'

Civis pondered this. He knew better than to question the oracle, but this talk of spirits was too much for a military mind. Give him steel.

He listened to the stories of all, and the tale of Marcus in the colisseum interested him greatly.

'You normally wouldn't be my first choice for this mission' he said to a sweating, nervous Marcus. 'But you are my last. You are familiar with the colisseum and no man can stand up to the lions, even inf the way you did it, and not earn some measure of respect with the gladiators. If this 5 legions story is true, then Pattonius is outnumbered 5 to 1. We will need to have the gladiators with us if we are to win this little war.'

'What does this have to do with me?', said Marcus in a blind panic.

'I want you to sneak in to the gladiators and start a revolt' said Civus with a grin.


'What am I doing here?' Marcus thought wildly as he faced the gladiators.

'Hey, it's Oscar Meiercus! Want to scare some more lions into becoming vegetarians?'
'Shaddup! He faced those lions like a man!'
'Yeah, a man in a Depends commercial!'
'What's a Depend's?'
'Oh Shaddup!'

'Friends, Romans, countrymen... Lend me your lunches and listen up! Civus wants us to help Pattonius overthrow Caesar.'

'Whatz innit for us!'

'I am prepared to offer you your salary in U.S. dollars, and give you free medical and dental. And a percentage of the concessions.'

Loud hurrahs went up in the room, but were quickly hushed when the head of the colisseum walked in with 100 guards.

'I heard from Benson that someone named Marcus is trying to stage a revolt! Which one of you is Marcus!?!?!'

Marcus felt himself make water. He knew he was going to die. Just then, a small voice came from the back...

'I'm Marcus' said the voice.
'I'm Marcus' came another...
'I'm Marcus' 'No, I'm Marcus' 'I'M MARCUS' 'I'M MARCUS'
'I think my name is Spartacus, actually' 'Oh SHADDUP!'

The sound became a mighty roar and the guards were quickly overwhelmed. The gladiator revolt had begun!

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posted 04-18-00 13:52 ET (US)     123 / 128       
Everything was starting to get out of hand and Benson knew it. Not that he cared if Marcus started a revolt or not all he cared about was when. He had been working hard to hold the empire together after the disaster of a marriage Caesar Allen had entered into even Benson's marriage to her twin sister had not helped him to find a way to get the Empress out of power. As the plots to depose the emperor grew Bensonís patience to deal with it all slowly diminished. He was starting to wander if he should stay doing what he was doing or go private and use his spies to gather info and sell it to who ever wanted it. First though he had to take care of his wife. He had calmed down and knew killing here was not an answer but still he needed to find a way to quietly and quickly get their marriage ended. I wander if she will agree to a quiet divorce so we can each go our separate ways. Then he would figure out how to make money with all the info he had at his disposal. With that he went off humming to himself looking for his wife..
Civis Romanus
posted 04-18-00 15:33 ET (US)     124 / 128       
Meanwhile, Civis was contemplating the situation of the Legions holed up and training in the catacombs. Horrible conditions, he thought. Never would I permit any Legion I commanded to be holed up in a bunch of caves. I can just imagine the smell...

Suddenly he had an idea. They most likely would appreciate a general clean up. He shared the idea with the others. They agreed and all turned as one to look long at Windplume.


"Why me? Why pick me? So I have a map. So what!" Windplume complained out loud all the way to the entrance to the catacombs. Fortunately, the squeeking wheels of the cart with attached brooms made such a high pitched racket that nobody could have heard his complaints if he wanted them too. Before long he arrived at one of the primary entrances to the catacombs (there were more than one).

He had one mission. Clean and keep his eyes open for the areas where the legions were training. Come back and report it to Gustavia, Civis or Jayhawk. Otherwise, be himself. That should keep suspicions to a minimum they all thought.

Windplume ceased his complaining and pushed his clean up cart into the catacomb entrance his eyes looking for something to clean and his ears listening for Legionnaires.

Back at the Romehouse, the remaining members of the group began to discuss what they should do if and when the location of the underground Legions is discovered.

In Rome itself, the gladiators were finally breaking out of their confinement and preparing to escape into the countryside. Marcus was being swept along with the surge down the main street and towards the gates of Rome.

posted 04-20-00 13:32 ET (US)     125 / 128       
As Benson was walking the street in search of Caylynnia happily humming to himself he heard a very loud noise coming his way. He turned to see a sight that would bring terror to most people but only mild annoyed to Benson. Coming his way down the road was a large group of very irate Gladiator caring a very large man chanting "Marcus, Marcus..."

"O'hell" grumbled Benson as he looked for a way to get out of the way of the on coming mob. This just is not going to be a good day for me he thought. He quickly ducked into an ally as the mob approached his location. He watched them pass heading toward one of the city gates.

That is just like that idiot Marcus Benson thought. He starts a revolt and they just leave town. Well let them go he thought. To bad thought, they could have done some real damage and helped out his cause. One day he would get the imperial thrown from that idiot brother of his (even if Caesar Allen thought his "cousin" was his faithful servant.)

After the mob passed him by he went happily on his way still looking for Cylynnia to convince her to divorce him quietly.

Civis Romanus
posted 04-27-00 10:57 ET (US)     126 / 128       
But before the mob reached the gates of Roma, it suddenly made a right turn and began to head back towards the city center, the Forum and the Senate.
Civis Romanus
posted 04-28-00 20:45 ET (US)     127 / 128       
Civis shook hands with his friends and wished them well. Then he walked outside of the Romehouse, mounted his horse and rode his horse back to his villa outside of Rome.

He noted the line was still there, but the citizens were well behaved and the wine continued to flow from the fountain. All was well, so the Roman soldier retired to his villa to watch the goings on in peace and solitude for the duration, or so he thought.

The Imperator
posted 04-29-00 01:50 ET (US)     128 / 128       
The crowd in the forum now swelled. These citizens now held thier torches pushing forward occasionally and being held back by in thier rage only by the knowledge that the tide of the proceedings inside the ornate buildings was turning towards thier side...the Senate having assembled in disorderly fashion just a few minutes ago, has been called into session. Many of the Senators having been awaken from thier slumber, the less then dignified body was still half-asleep. The other half were far too shocked to be as loud as they normally were.

"Senators, the riots in the streets are not without reason..." Consul Lamius spoke. "I say Caesar has failed us! He has been bewitched by that wife of his. It is time for new leadership, strong leadership...that will bring an end to this matter and bring peace back to the people of Rome. " he continued. The audience let out several dis-embodied nods, but showed little interest. This "annoucement" came as little surprise to anyone...Caesar and the Consul has been at war for years. It is only logical that with rebellions, sinister plots everywhere, and now the gladiators in revolt... the Consul would turn right now.

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