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Topic Subject:Caesar: A distance that is too far.
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posted 04-04-00 21:38 ET (US)         
I have seen a lot of stories that had been told by people who visited Caesar 3 Heaven daily or regularly. Now I want to start another story that tells a tale of a young citizen who wished to be the next emperor of Rome, but he is just a common citizen of Rome.

I hope that this story will have bring some exciting time in the Community Forum. I also hope that you will help me write this tale.

Story began in Post #1.

posted 04-06-00 19:28 ET (US)     51 / 128       
"A plan?" Caylynnia queried, as she wiped her sapphire blue eyes with the dainty linen.

"A plan," Gustavia confirmed. "You just can't go rushing off like a girl half your age."

Sighing, Caylynnia nodded. "I suppose you're right. But I don't know if I can stand being married to a butler one minute more! And working at that bath house! It's, it's..." She shook her head, her lovely locks cascading about her shoulders.

Nodding knowingly, Gustavia re-filled Caylynnia's wine cup. "I know dear," she affirmed, maternally, "but it's your lot to bear for now."

Shuddering as she recalled the lavicious looks that some of the dirty old men had thrown her way, Caylynnia wished there was another way.

"If only I had a good reason to divorce Benson," Caylynnia confided in Gustavia. "Then Millicus and I would be free to marry. Do you think there's any way to obtain a divorce without bringing dishonour upon myself?"

- Caylynnia

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posted 04-07-00 09:24 ET (US)     52 / 128       
Fighting the urge to enter 'The Best Little Romehouse', a man can only have so many vices and Seneter's plate was full, Seneter continued to go towards the Coliseum. The Christians were playing the Lions today and the were letting the Christians use forks! Maybe he would still see Marcus there, but he doubted it. If he had managed to give Cowia the slip, he imagined he would be heading over to let Marc Antony, ear specialist, have a look at the stretched and damaged body part.
Most of Marcus' body was stretched and damaged already, albeit from gravity.

Rubius was ushered into the presence of his most imperious, devious, dubious, heinous, gender ambigous but not ostentatious Caesar Alan(nis). Caesar casually kicked a few dented goblets aside and leaned forward to face the boy.
'Benson tells me that you wish to join the army. As Benson will be moving out of his employ, I want to attach you to General Pattonius' staff as a messenger soldier. You will be my eyes and ears and keep close tabs on the general for me. I especially want to know which of my governors he is talking to.'

Rubius' heart sank. He did not want to be a spy for a tyrant such as Caesar Alan. Caesar leaned forward and described for him the unpleasant consequences of failure and his heart sank further.

He nearly started with surprise as he saw Caylynnia walk past an open door and sneer towards Caesar. Why would a common bath girl be present in the Imperial Palace? And dressed in such finery? Oh well, I guess Caesar's have to bathe sometimes soon, he thought as he puzzled on her unexpected appearance. It was almost as if there were two of them.

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Marcus Lindicus
posted 04-07-00 12:46 ET (US)     53 / 128       
Meanwhile in Caesar's personal bath:

As the evil Caesar Alan disrobed and immersed himself in the warm, warm water he smelled something awful. "What in the name of Vulcan is that stench?" he said almost choking.

No one was around that he could see, but something was going on. He fanned his nose and it seemed to help a little. Maybe the stables were being cleaned out today. Sinking into the water, the most lofty of Rome's citizens felt something brush against his leg. He almost came out of his skin and the water in surprise. Reaching down in the water he pulled up a half eaten Turkey leg, soggy and dripping.

"Wha...?!?!?" was all he could say before the door opened up.

A huge lumbering shape walked in and grabbed the turkey leg from the dumbstruck ruler. "Thanks," said Marcus with his mouth full. "I forgot this and hoped nobody had eaten it."

"You were in my bath you filthy heathen!?!?!?" the noble shouted in a rage.

"Only until I got sick on some olives and puked in the tub," Marcus said casually. "Then I got out and dried off with that nice towel," the nasty bugger said pointing at a once priceless rug from the orient. It was now stained and warped from the fat man's meal and bath.

Caesar's eyes rolled back in his head and he fell straight back into the tub.

posted 04-07-00 12:58 ET (US)     54 / 128       
Meanwhile at the Colosseum, a group of lions pass through the crowd that was about to enter to see the show.

"Do you want to see the show," asked Seneter.

"Yes," answered Rubius, "but don't we have other matters to discuss or it would be too late."

"What are you talking about?" asked Seneter.

"Well," said Rubius, "I don't think we are all in one peace. All I want to do is to be somebody in Rome. Now I'm distrubing the entire neighborhood with my problem. First, Benson and Caylynnia is about to be divorce and other stuffs that had been happening. So far, nothing good happen, only bad things happen. I think we better forget about making me famous."

"What are you saying," said Seneter, "I got you into this, and I'm not leaving until you become messager boy for the entire Roman army. Come on, let watch the show and we'll talk about this later."

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posted 04-07-00 17:33 ET (US)     55 / 128       
Back at Gustavia's, Caylynnia shuddered once again. This time, however, it was not from the thought of dirty old men lusting after her. No, as she shivered again, she realized that she wasn't feeling very well.

Gustavia, noting the look of distress on Caylynnia's face, figured that the younger woman was only worried about her future. Reaching out to pat her friend gently on the shoulder, she drew her hand back quickly. Caylynnia's skin was burning hot!

"Are you all right?" Gustavia queried, concerned, just as Caylynnia muttered, "I think I'd better sit down..."

Blinking her suddenly blearly eyes, Caylynnia couldn't even make it to a chair. Sinking to the ground, she mumbled, "What was in the wine?"

"There was nothing in the wine!" Gustavia exclaimed. "Why, it was even well-watered!"

"Well water," Caylynnia whispered before she slipped unconscious.

Kneeling next to her friend's prone form, Gustavia lightly pressed the back of her hand to Caylynnia's forehead. Oh, she was very hot indeed. One of those nasty fevers must have the younger woman in its grip.

"You," Gustavia raised her voice, calling out to one of the men that she employed to guard her establishment. "Help me get her into one of the back rooms.

"And you," she indicated another, "go and fetch the herbalist M'Redia, and tell her we are in need of her skills. Quickly now, go."

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Caius Brutus
posted 04-07-00 17:36 ET (US)     56 / 128       
After about a half hour more of these strenuos exercises, Caylynnia thought to herself, "I think I'll start off my bath routine with the frigidarium today." Though Caylynnia usually preferred to go into the tepidarium after her exercise, she wanted to hit the cold pool today, because she felt a need for the exhiliration of the cold water, engulfing her body.
"Tiberius," she said to her slave for the day, "get my swimsuit, and bring it to me. I'll be in the dressing room, and hurry up!"
Caylynnia hurried off down the corridor toward the dressing rooms. She was suddenly filled with incredible remorse for her slave, and all the slaves, forced to work in such impoverished conditions...
posted 04-07-00 17:57 ET (US)     57 / 128       
Umm, if the post above is talking about the Empress, than it should be Caylynn and not Caylynnia
posted 04-07-00 18:55 ET (US)     58 / 128       
and she is supposed to be the evil empress maybe a teeny edit is in order
posted 04-07-00 18:59 ET (US)     59 / 128       
Hurrying through the door, M'Redia ran over to the bed where the unconscious Caylynnia lay.

"What in the world happened to her?" she exclaimed, quickly unrolling the bag she carried with her at all times. The canvas opened up to reveal a myriad of pockets, some bulging, some flatter.

"I don't have any idea, she just felt really warm, and then she fainted." Gustavia quickly related all of what had transpired a few moments ago.

"Well, I shall just have to see what I can do, but I can't promise anything. I shall need a few things from you, and on the double!" M'Redia outlined the things that she needed, and, shooing all but Gustavia out of the room, proceeded to undress the unfortunate Caylynnia.......


posted 04-07-00 20:04 ET (US)     60 / 128       
Finally i get into a new story!
Meanwhile, the governer of Aegyptus, was sitting on his throne. He was watching sudden events happen in Roma, which scared him. He was not his father, who took over Aegyptus, he was slow to get into polotics, he would rather come out unscathed. He decided to go to Roma, disguised as a small Roman boy, who had deep pockets. He picked a boy to look after, after all, his "friends" were actually, his bodyguards, priests, magicians, and girlfriend.
He then arrived in Roma, he then appeared in a room. Where two women were in a room, with a woman on the floor, and he decided that obvoiusly his Roman approach was gone. Still dressed in the garments of an Egyptian king, he then knew, that he must stay as far away from this area, he sensed an evil empress. A voice inside his head kept going,
" get out get out Get out get out GET OUT GET OUT!" Then a he fainted, and in his dreams, he saw his father.
" I told you to get out, you shouldn't have come here, there is great problems, and a young Roman wishes to be Caesar, and he sounds like a good guy, but DON'T TRUST ANYBDOY!" then Ramesses II got back to his senses, we must go!

He who rules the Nile rules all, and is just. But those who try to conquer the world, are harsh, and care little for the sake of children, and their contry, except for the Romans, who would try to peacefully bring people in... sometimes.

posted 04-07-00 20:43 ET (US)     61 / 128       
...and at the half it's Lions 45, Christians 1. Was that ever exciting to watch the Apostle Paul work that fork. Too bad about the rematch. Messy, messy. Coming up after the half is James and John going head-to-head with Simba and Nala. Remember to pick up your souvenier program at any of the entry kiosks...

Seneter tuned the drone of the announcer out and tried to figure out what the young Rubius said.
'You mean Benson is in tight with Caesar and is conspiring against the general?'
Rubius could only nod, staring in horror at the sight of Simba doing a half-nelson on the lower half of Nelson. Nala was about 10 yards over gnawing on the top half.

Suddenly hungry, Seneter swallowed his fourth hot dog, his emotions doing a slow burn. He hated being fooled. He hated the tyrant Caesar Alan and he held the general in high regard.

'Rubius, I'm going to make your life even more difficult and dangerous. The general is a good man and Caesar isn't fit to rule. You are going to tell Caesar what the general and I want him to know. Let's go see him now. It's good you came see me first.'

First Seneter had to speak to the general. Then he had to find Caylynnia. He had to find out what she knew of her husband's double life. And with her new found love of the young Millicus, she just may be in the mood to talk. Who knows, it just might may up for the part he played in why she became a bath girl. So long ago, so many bad memories. He ate another hot dog. Guilt was like a bad smell that never leaves your shorts.

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posted 04-07-00 22:50 ET (US)     62 / 128       
Ramesses then appeared in the arena. He was next in line for the Christians. He made conversation with the man behind him:
"So, how are days here?" asked Ramesses.
" Just great, besides being tortured!" said the man.
" You're turn shorty!" said a nearby guard.
Ramesses was pushed into the ring. He then looked up, and saw a man, chowing down on food, and laughing at him. He was the type, that would start a fight. Ramesses walked up to the lion, and took out his golden sword.
" And you should see what i can do with this" muttered Ramesses.
Ramesses quickly killed the lions. Then, he wiped his sword on a nearby garment, and said " Well, that was esay."
"Alright, here is the score, Christians 20 Lions 45! With a remarkable comeback from..." stuttered the announcer.
Caesar Alan spit out his wine. He was face-to-face with the sun of an immortal being. If Ramesses was a true Roman, he would side with Caesar. Yet, as legandary as he was, Ramesses was unpredictable, his father taught him that. Then, around Ramesses appeared priests, bodyguards, and some girlfriends. Ramesses, had but one scratch, and then knew, that Caesar was evil. That he could do that to these people.
" Caesar, We finally meet!" said Ramesses.
" So, you are as legandary as Juluis Caesar himself. Son of the great Ramesses, and Nephisis, GUARDS, TAKE HIM!" said Caesar.
Then Ramesses looked up at the sky, mumbled something, and he was gone. The crowd blinked in amazement. In their place, stood a ghostly figure.
" It is I Caesar, I have come to straighten you out!" spoke the ghostly figure, Ramesses I.
" Guards, run him through!" yelled Caesar.
The guards charged, but nothing happened. Ramesses I laughed in amuzement. He was an Egyptian god, who could command the world if he wanted, but his weakness, was mercy. He then spoke a tounge, that wasn't spoken by any Romans, Egyptian.
Then sudennly, he disappeared. As soon as he arrived, he departed. As he left, a voice was drilled into his son's head.
" My son, you are a good kid, and you know to oppose Caesar, and you will have your rewards. For now, stay out of trouble, and wait for further advice" spoke Ramesses I.
" For you father, for you and mother" said Ramesses II.

He who rules the Nile rules all, and is just. But those who try to conquer the world, are harsh, and care little for the sake of children, and their contry, except for the Romans, who would try to peacefully bring people in... sometimes.

posted 04-08-00 18:20 ET (US)     63 / 128       
When we were last with Empress Caylynn:

"Tiberius," she said to her slave for the day, "get my swimsuit, and bring it to me. I'll be in the dressing room, and hurry up!"
Caylynn hurried off down the corridor toward the dressing rooms. She was suddenly filled with incredible remorse for her slave, and all the slaves, forced to work in such impoverished conditions...

Suddenly, Caylynn gave herself a little shake. Where had such crazy thoughts come from! They were more worthy of that pathetic excuse of a twin she had, Caylynnia. What a bleeding heart she was. Pah! Such thoughts of kindness and pity were for the emotional and the weak!

Shaking out her long tresses, which were even thicker and more lustrous then her twin's, Empress Caylynn entered her dressing room. Looking around in dismay, she noticed that her slave had not yet arrived with her swimsuit. How dare he keep her waiting!

"Tiberius!" she raised her voice, loud enough to be heard, but not so loud as to be crude. "Tiberius, where are my bathing clothes? Come here this instant!" Imperiously, Caylynn's strong voice rang through the corridors.

"Here mistress," Tiberius whispered, entering the room in a crouch. Shaking from fear, he had no idea what the cruel Empress would do to him this time.

"About time!" Caylynn looked down her aristocratic nose at him. "Now fetch one of my women, so she can help me change."

"Yes mistress," Tiberius softly replied, exiting the room as fast as his feet could carry him.

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Marcus Lindicus
posted 04-08-00 21:19 ET (US)     64 / 128       
I am reserving this post slot. Please no storyline postings until i add mine in about an hour.
posted 04-08-00 21:25 ET (US)     65 / 128       
Sorry Marcus, I didn't know you were posting......

Meanwhile, back at Gustavia's house...

M'Redia tried this potion and that potion, and none of them seemed to be helping. She then sat down and took out an herbal, lit it, and proceeded to smoke it, lost in deep thoughts.

"AH HA!" she exclaimed. Rummaging in her bag, she drew out 4 different pouches. She took a pinch of this, a pile of that, and a handful of the other. Taking a tiny drop out of the 4th bag, she put that into a bowl. Mixing all of the ingredients together, she lifted the bowl and smelled it. Smiling, she asked for a flagon of warm water.

Gustavia hurried to get it, and returning, set it on the table near M'Redia.

M'Redia dumped the contents of the bowl into the flagon, and mixed it all together.

Gustavia couldn't stand it anymore. "Whatever did you put into that bowl? It looked really awful, and smells even worse....."

M'Redia smiled, and said, "I really don't think you WANT to know what I put in here. But, I will tell you this...It will cure whatever ails Caylynnia....if it doesn't kill her first...and she shouldn't be affected by it again."

Gustavia shuddered, and then watched as M'Redia stirred in a small bit of the ale sitting on the table.

She then lifted Caylynnia up, and started to trickle the mix into her slightly opened mouth....

Caylynnia, making a horrible face, started to swallow, and then her eyes fluttered open.

Caylynnia said, sputtering, "...............


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Marcus Lindicus
posted 04-08-00 21:50 ET (US)     66 / 128       
Marcus was in up to his third chin. Trouble was brewing. He was presently chained to a wall in the holding pen of the Colloseum. He was awaiting his fate. Caesar was so angry about the indignations Marcus had dealt him, he sent Marcus off to fight the lions at once. Many in the Empire had problems, but at this moment none would have envied the grossly fat old man. He was about to face a match in the center ring with a wild beast. For him it meant certain doom. At that moment the guards came for him. They dragged his huge frame to the open floor of the Colloseum. He was dead-center and trembling when the gate lifted up....

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posted 04-09-00 01:58 ET (US)     67 / 128       
Johnleemk was the new governer of Carthage. He had been assistant governer of Carthage before Thanh was arrested. It certainly wasn't him nor Thanh, as both were loyal to Rome. The first thing Johnleemk did as new governer of Carthage ordered an investigation. The prefect force was strained hugely to keep up security of Cathage and investigate the loss of money at the same time. then Johnleemk turned to handling the threats of the Carthaginians to make sure they didn't destroy the city. Johnleemk was at his mansion relaxing in his bath. He was wondering about something, not Thanh's case but something else.........................
Has Thanh been mentioned recently? Cos otherwise, ignore this post.

Ah! Come on, pay a visit to my sites! Visit my homepage at, my Pharaoh Site, or ten times better, my forums! You can find them at:

posted 04-09-00 15:00 ET (US)     68 / 128       
Please wait for my contribution before going on.
posted 04-09-00 15:11 ET (US)     69 / 128       
I'd like to go after Thanh. Please don't escape yet! I have a cunning plan!
posted 04-09-00 15:17 ET (US)     70 / 128       
SenetEr, with all your 'cunning plans' I think we should rename you Baldric.

I just want to remind everyone that Caylynnia is the bath girl. Caylynn is the Empress. I think the post below confuses the two at some point.

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posted 04-09-00 15:39 ET (US)     71 / 128       
johnleemk Yes, I'm still in the prison of Caesar Alan.

After Caylynnia woke up, she made a long confession to the reader. Both Gustavia and Mred heard this confession, but Caylynnia didn't know it. This confession is really important to the plot.

"Oh, my head. What have I done? I shouldn't never listen to her. Oh, how I loath my sister and her caesar. How can I bear the truth from my friends?"

"What truth?" said Gustavia to herself, "Caylynnia had a sister."

"I was suppose to marry Caesar Alan, not Caylynn. She is the evil person in this whole plot against Rome. Caesar Alan is good and truthful, that is why I love him."

"What is she talking about," said Gustavia to herself again, "She got three lovers. First it Benson, then it that military engineer, and now the emperor of Rome."

"I have two brothers that I truely love," continue Caylynn, "It's all part of Caylynnia's plan. How can I stop Caylynnia from destroying Rome and change my true love..."

Caylynn then stop and fall back down to sleep. She doesn't even what she did when she woke up, but Gustavia did.

Hint: Caesar Alan doesn't know that Caylynn had a twin sister. He assume that Caylynn is his true lover, Caylynnia.

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Marcus Lindicus
posted 04-09-00 16:14 ET (US)     72 / 128       
come on you guys, I am about to die here!
posted 04-09-00 17:48 ET (US)     73 / 128       
Marcus rolled over in a daze, staring at the dark grey walls of his prison cell.
'What, how, I mean, I was going to be eaten by the lions. Oh it must have been a dream!'

A voice came from the darkness of the cell.
'No it wasn't a dream. You were about to die. After you fainted there was a huge uproar. The lions couldn't turn you over to get to any vital areas. The head of the gladiators was rigging up a block and tackle to turn you over when Cyberus Paladinus, head lion-keeper talked him out of it.'

'The lion keeper saved my life?' asked Marcus, confused.

'He was concerned about the lions. He had just placed them on a low-cholesterol diet and he must have figured you were too dangerous a morsel. You were brought back here to die.'

'How, hot irons up my innards? Drawn and quartered? Forced to drink poison? Tickled to death with an ostrich feather?'

'You're to be starved to death. By the size of you it may take a while'

Marcus groaned. It was a fate worse than death! And then it actually would be death. He never should have got into Cowia's wine cupboard. He always got such ideas of patrician grandeur when he drank wine. Strolling to Caesar's palace to have tea and then doing all those crazy things! He was doomed.

'My name is Thanh, deposed governor, why does not concern you. This is Latus Baldrikus, a legionaire who served in my city before he was sent here after poisoning half his fort with something he called coffee.'

'Made with mud m'Lord. I use dandruff for sugar and spit for cream. Would you like some rat? oh sorry, forgot you're supposed to starve to death.'

Marcus looked at the rat hungrily. Thanh caught his attention and told Marcus they were going to escape.

'I have been wrongfully accused of stealing money from my city. I have no interest in being confined here, especially with Latus. All he ever wants to do is talk about the Tunic Wars.'

'A bloody civil war, m'lord. One side wanting Rome to dress in togas, the other wanting tunics. I remember it like it yesterday...'

'Oh shut up Latus!' Thanh growled. He turned back to Marcus. 'You will help us escape. When we are out we will go hide at my cousin Merepatra's pig farm. She will help us.'

'How can I help us escape?' Marcus blubbered.

'Before my last governorship, I spent some time in Mediolanum when Hannibal came over the alps...

... you ever see what an elephant can do to a wall?'

He grabbed Marcus by his good ear and sent him hurtling towards the cell wall.

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The Imperator
posted 04-09-00 19:19 ET (US)     74 / 128       
A small procession enters the walls of Carthago. Five men walks in, fully robed and face concealed. The streets were alive with ladies going to the wrong wherehouses, cart pushers complaining about entertainment, and natives smelling particularly pungant. Not so different from Rome after all the leader of the group thought to himself. Having pushed their way pass the staring crowd...(apparently these people trying to be conspicuious sticks out like a sore thumb. No idiot in his right mind would wear thick robes in the hot, dry climate of Africa!), they made thier way to the governor's palace. One of them knocked on the door as a servant came out.

"Tell the govenor he has a visitor." the visitor said camly.
The servant complied. Governor Johnleemk comes out, wine cup in hand, and saw...Imperator Lamius, Consul of Rome...

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posted 04-09-00 22:44 ET (US)     75 / 128       
She felt heavy, oh so heavy, as if something were weighing her down, pressing her into the surface upon which she lay. It was firm, that surface, and covered in fabric that suddenly felt rough to her overly-sensitive skin. Though her eyes were closed, she could tell there would be sufficient light to see should she lift her eyelids. For the nonce, however, they felt too heavy to be worth the effort.

Slowly, she became aware of her other senses. In the distance she could hear voices, and the normal hustle and bustle of daily life. Nearby, however, she thought she heard two people, whose movements did not carry them far. She could almost feel the eyes of one of them upon her.

Smells suddenly assaulted her senses, a foul odour filling hr nose. Then, as she moistened her lips, she could taste a similarly unpalatable taste in her mouth. It made her long for a glass of water or wine to wash the unpleasantness away.

That decided her. In order to rid herself of this foul taste she would have to get up, or at the very least open her eyes, so she could see where she was. Her memory was curiously blank as to where she was. In truth, she couldn't recall much of anything. That would have been disturbing had she paused to consider it a moment longer.

Her eyelids fluttered gently open, trying to limit the intensity of light stricking her eyes until she grew accustomed to the brightness once again. After a few moments, the room she was in came into focus, and she realized she was lying on a bed in a small room.

Extending her vision further, she noticed two women, who were looking at her with a mixture of concern, surprise and curiosity on their faces. A strange mix, to be sure. What had happened? What was going on?

Immediately, one of them was at her side, a glass of what she hoped was water in her hand. The woman helped her to sit up, then offered her the glass.

"Hhow are you feeling?" she queried.

It was water. Ah! The cool liquid felt good in her mouth, quenched her thirst. Eagerly, she finished the glass, then held it up for more.

"Not just yet," the woman who had offered her the glass took it back, placing it next to the bed. "Now, how are you feeling."

"I... I... I'm not sure." She realized that she truly didn't know. Blinking rapidly in succession, she tried to sort out her muddled thoughts. This was most disturbing.

The other woman approached the bed. "Caylynnia, you look puzzled."

She turned to face the other woman, for something had sparked a memory, triggered some bit of familiarity. "Wh-what happened?" she finally asked. "Where am I?"

The look that passed between the other two woman was definitely one of concern.

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