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Topic Subject:Caesar: A distance that is too far.
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posted 04-04-00 21:38 ET (US)         
I have seen a lot of stories that had been told by people who visited Caesar 3 Heaven daily or regularly. Now I want to start another story that tells a tale of a young citizen who wished to be the next emperor of Rome, but he is just a common citizen of Rome.

I hope that this story will have bring some exciting time in the Community Forum. I also hope that you will help me write this tale.

Story began in Post #1.

Caesar Alan
posted 04-06-00 10:12 ET (US)     26 / 128       
Meanwhile.... in the emperors palace.

"Bah! You again!" A wine glass whistled across the room, narrowly missing the prostrate governors head, and shattering against the wall.

"Guards! Take this buffoon to the dungeons. Make him ... uncomfortable. Captain!"


"Find out what this parasite has done with our money. We shall deal with him later... perhaps the lions are getting hungry."

The unfortunate ex-Governor of Carthago was led away, down a seemingly endless flight of steps, before being roughly deposited in a cell.

"We'll be back for you later" said the guard with a sneer.

"I bet you will..." the prisoner replied.

"I know that voice!" his new cellmate, who had remained hidden in the shadows, cried out "If I'm not mistaken, you're...."

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posted 04-06-00 10:16 ET (US)     27 / 128       
Meanwhile, at the bath house:

Caylynnia tossed back her gorgeous mane of blonde hair and greeted the men, a polite smile on her lips. It took quite an effort to keep that expression of polite interest in place as Marcus leered at her. Elbowing SenetEr in the ribs, Marcus whispered sotto voce, "I told you she was a dish."

"Shh!" SenetEr quickly whispered back. "If she hears you..."

As the men passed into the bath, their backs now to the bath girl, Caylynnia let go her smile. After glaring at Marcus' receeding back, she stuck out her tongue at SenetEr's retreating form. Not very lady-like, to be sure, but she was a woman affronted.

She was also a woman with a problem. A young engineering officer in the legions had visited the baths earlier. Immediately, his eye had caught Caylynnia's, and if one believed in such things as love at first sight, well, then one would say that the two of them had fallen in love. Unfortunately, Caylynnia was married to Benson, so she was in quite a quandry.

Clearing her mind, Caylynnia artfully arranged her hair before following the men into the bath. It was her duty to cater to their needs while they relaxed in comfort.

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Marcus Lindicus
posted 04-06-00 10:18 ET (US)     28 / 128       
Back in the baths:

Marcus, SenetEr, and Rubius basically had the baths to themselves. As soon as the two elder men disrobed almost everyone vacated...quickly. The unfortunate Bath Girl Caylynnia was left to serve while trying not to look.

"Good day gentlemen," she said.

"Did someone else come in," said Marcus looking behind him.

"I was referring to you sir," the girl demurely stated.

Marcus didn't hear her though because he was running toward the water. As he reached the edge of the bath basin he jumped, grabbed his knees and did a cannonball right next to SenetEr who was easing into the cool water. SPLASH! The water spilled over all sides of the bath.

"Great," Caylynnia muttered under her breath. It was going to be a long day indeed.

posted 04-06-00 10:19 ET (US)     29 / 128       
"You are....oh my gosh," said the cellmate.

"What do you want?" shouted the ex-Governor of Carthago.

"You're Thanh," said the cellmate.

"Yeah," said Thanh, "What do you want from me?"

"I'm your biggest fan," said the cellmate, "let try to escape together."

"I ain't going to help you," said Thanh, "I got to get outa here fair and square."

"You was a good general in Carthago," said the cellmate.

"Well," said Thanh, "that Alan guy hated me."

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Caesar Alan
posted 04-06-00 10:26 ET (US)     30 / 128       
Very good Thanh - more or less what I had in mind... Quick plot note: Caesar Alan is a cruel and merciless Emperor. Any comic comparisons to the Gestapo appreciated Since Thanh is the ex-governor, we can safely assume he isn't responsible for the apparently missing money - so who is???

Excellent stuff in the bathhouse everyone

posted 04-06-00 10:47 ET (US)     31 / 128       
Caesar Allen sat alone on his throne wandering who he could balm for all the current problems in Rome he just had ThanH thrown in prison on trumped up charges of embezzlement.

As he sat there a lone figure slipped in unnoticed into his thrown room.

"Good morning your most exalted, despot of Rome. I bring you good health and a long at least another week
life." Replied Benson, Caesar favorite agent and sometimes butler to whom ever Caesar wanted to keep an eye on (not to mention is cousin)"Don't worry about anything they will never figure out where the money Thanh took really is."

"I never do when you are involved." Replied Caesar Alan

"I thing it is time I quit my current post. You have selected your general well. They are all little with not imagination and will do what ever you say. It will be a while before any of them could be a threat to you unlike Thanh, who was becoming entirely to popular with the common people."

"Anyway I need to go to the bath and check up on my wife. I thing she may be seeing some you army officer, not that I care. If I could get rid of her I could go after this only child of one of most wealthy men in Rome. He has so many contacts there would be no one we could not snoop on. HAHAHAAH.

“Off with you then Benson” Said Caesar Alan with a wave of his hand “before I start thinking you are getting to big for yourself.”

With that he left and headed to the bathhouse.

posted 04-06-00 10:53 ET (US)     32 / 128       
SenetEr relaxed in the tub and looked at Caylynnia. not that way, get your mind out of the gutter. She seemed to be a woman in a distant world, daydreaming so to speak. The seeds of doubt were planted. He worried for his friend Benson.

He casually flicked a few pieces of olive away from him. What with the food and the vigorous bubbling of the water from beside Marcus, it looked as if the trio was sitting in a laugh pot of simmering soup.

Benson walked in from the outer yard, freshly stylaed off. Caylynnia gave him an indifferent stare and left the room to tend the hypocaust. Seneter's spider sense went off again.

'Ave, Benson. It is good to see you and your lovely wife at the same time. Now what did you want to see me about?'

'Hmmphh..' Benson looked agitated. 'I can't talk to loud. Caylynnia may hear. It is her that I wished to discuss. She has become cold and distant. I think she may be having an affair. I would like to engage you you to discover the truth.'

'That I will, my friend. In exchange I need to ask a favor regarding the young Rubius here.'

Caesar Alan
posted 04-06-00 11:00 ET (US)     33 / 128       
Back to the palace....

"I think I may have a problem with that man... perhaps it is time the lions asked him to dinner" murmured Caesar Alan to no-one in particular, for indeed no-one was there. "Slave! More wine! And none of that filth from Valentia - the proper Lutetian stuff!"

"Yes, my master" the slave, Lurcio Yes, I know - very poor replied.

"And send for the Empress... I grow a little ... restless"

Who shall we have in this rather undesirable role?

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posted 04-06-00 11:08 ET (US)     34 / 128       
"What is it, my dear and lord?" asked Caylynnia as she come into the throne room. Caylynnia is Caylynn evil twin.

"I need you to come up with a punishment for my new prisoner Thanh, the ex-Governor and General of Carthago." said Caesar Alan.

"I will take his little bony body and feed it to the lions of Rome for fun." said Caylynnia.

"You have an evil mind," said Caesar Alan, "but I have other plan for him that you might want to consider."

"Go ahead," said Caylynnia, "the empress have to know these things."

What will Caylynn think of this?

Marcus Lindicus
posted 04-06-00 11:27 ET (US)     35 / 128       
In the bath house:
At that moment Marcus ran by and Benson never heard the request. Instead he and SenetEr were swamped with bath water discharged from the basin after the enormous Marcus did a belly flop. The two soaked men stood staring in stunned silence.

Marcus heaved himself up on the side and yelled for Caylynnia. "Girl come scrub my back!" he bellowed. Rubius turned eight shades of red in obvious embarrassment. SenetEr was left to pick up the pieces. Those furniture builders could sure be crude.

posted 04-06-00 11:27 ET (US)     36 / 128       
Meanwhile at the bath house...

"Hmm...Young Rubius," said Benson, "he is poor and he doesn't know anything, but he want to be big."

"Yes," said SenetEr.

"I have plan for him," said Benson, "bring him here."


Meanwhile on the other side of the bath house...

"This is my chance to get rid of Benson," said Caylynn.

"Why will you do?" asked Caylynn new boyfriend.

"I have something that belong to my sister that should do the trick." said Caylynn.

Caylynn take out a smoke bomb and throw it into the bath and run away.

"What was that?" asked Marcus.

"Duno, father," said Rubius.

"Where Caylynn?" asked SenetEr as he approached them.

"Duno," said Rubius.

"What was that noise?" asked Caylynn.

"Duno," said Rubius.

"Well," said SenetEr, "Benson is waiting for you."

"Who?" asked Rubius.

"You," said SenetEr, "What wrong with you."

"Dunno," said Rubius.

Rubius wasn't listening to SenetEr or his father, beacuse he saw across the bath house behind a tree that Caylynn is making out with her new boyfriend.

SenetEr takes a look and said, "..."

posted 04-06-00 11:36 ET (US)     37 / 128       
we have a slight continuity problem here. Benson is the general's butler, not Caesar's. We may have to cast him as the general's butler and Caesar's secret master of spies. I dunno. Any Suggestions?
posted 04-06-00 11:38 ET (US)     38 / 128       
that's the idea- being the generals butler is my current cover
posted 04-06-00 11:39 ET (US)     39 / 128       
I think that could work. Benson is the bulter for the general and the secret master spies for Caesar.
Marcus Lindicus
posted 04-06-00 11:49 ET (US)     40 / 128       
Too many simultaneous postings. Everytime I add something another post about the same thing is there within one minute.
posted 04-06-00 11:50 ET (US)     41 / 128       
"I think you have you answer Benson" SenetEr said pointed to where Caylynn was smooching with her new love.

Benson let an unnoticed smirk slide across his face before he said as indignantly as possible pointed at her "you see this don't you! There she is wronging me in public." he paused and tried to look anguished while hiding the elation he felt inside. "You are my witness." he started plotting his next move to get ride of that cheat for a wife who had outlived her usefulness to him.

He was also thinking that this kid SenetEr had introduced him to could prove useful. He just needed to figure out the best way to use him.

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posted 04-06-00 11:50 ET (US)     42 / 128       
maybe we should slow it down a tad and take turns in a fixed rotation. Everyone has 1/2 a day to add to the story. We aren't going anywhere.
posted 04-06-00 11:52 ET (US)     43 / 128       
good Idea! I'll shut up for a while..I think? Nice to see you behaving yourself SenetEr
posted 04-06-00 11:57 ET (US)     44 / 128       
Benson turned to Seneter and said.
'You may be a bit rough around the edges, unkempt and a bit to Dionysian for current Roman fashion, but you are the best gum-shoe in all of Rome. I hear things and think you are the man for the job. I want young Rubius attached to the general's staff. I will not be in his employ much longer.'

'And what do you want from me.' asked Seneter, eyeing the fruit platter that one of the slaves had brought in.

'I want you to follow my wife and document her behavior. I have had her followed before but she seems to often to be in two places at once. When we have the goods on her, we will publicly condemn her and I will have my divorce.'

Rubius was elated at the news and was given directions on where to find the recruiter. Seneter and Marcus left the "The Bath Cave" and headed for the colisseum.

posted 04-06-00 12:55 ET (US)     45 / 128       
"Rubius," called out Benson, "Come with me."

Rubius heard the command and follow Benson eagerly.

"Where are we going?" asked Rubius.

"To the throne room of Rome," said Benson, "I'm going to introduce you to Caesar Alan."

Rubius couldn't believe his ears.

"I'm going to meet Caesar Alan, at last," said Rubius.

Then he remember the fortune that he got from Wendoolicus.

"Caesar Alan is big and you're small."

posted 04-06-00 13:14 ET (US)     46 / 128       
Cowia saw Marcus and SenetEr coming just before they ducked behind an engineers post.....

'MARCUScome out this minute!!!'she yelled

They crept from behind the post, and stood staring at the floor. 'Just a minute' said Cowia

'Who wants pottery?' she cried so that the whole street could hear her. Everyone came running out with their money and as soon as an orderly queue a mile long had formed.....

Cowia calmy shouted 'WELL TOUGH, I HAVEN'T GOT ANY'
The dejected crowd wandered off...

'Now what the &*^% is going on here,Marcus. Where is Rubius and where is our six year old, and why have you got talcum powder up your nose?'

I'm a bit confused as to who is who,Thanh why don't you do a summary post for us?

posted 04-06-00 13:17 ET (US)     47 / 128       
Could someone else do the summary? It a dirty job, but...
posted 04-06-00 13:20 ET (US)     48 / 128       
PAC Caylynn has already started a post on the characters for us.

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posted 04-06-00 16:24 ET (US)     49 / 128       
Marcus stammered and stamped his feet. The tremors were frightening. Several passerbys looked nervously towards the hills. 'Remember Pompeii' came the whispers. Seneter actually lost his appetite watching the rolls of fat oscillate from the man's head to his toes. A passing engineer shot Marcus a dirty look mumbling about the price of replacing plaza tiles.

Cowia fixed an udderly penetrating stare on Marcus' nose.
'I'm waiting'
'She's waiting', came the chiming voices of 5 little boys behind her.

'Well, you see, I was down at the Temple of Neptune...' he stammered , flicking the wet edges of his toga back and forth as if to back up his story. '... and you know how no one goes there, he really is a neglected god. The place is just so dusty... and er...'

Seneter turned away, tuning out the domestic squabble. A large piece of pottery came whizzing past his head. 'Look at him duck... Moves pretty fast for a fat man...' chimed five tiny voices. Seneter didn't even notice. He saw Caylynnia duck furtively into an alleyway. He'd seen her on her rounds throughout the neighborhood, constantly reminding the forgetful neighborhood about the location of 'The Bath Cave'. This time was different. His spider sense was never wrong.

He pulled out a hot dog from inside his toga, flipped the top off a can of Egyptian beer and followed her into the alley. He stopped by the home of Gustavia, proprietor of the 'Best Little Romehouse in Texas'. He had lost the trail...

'And don't let me catch you sneaking off to the bath house again' came the shrill, yet delicate shreiks of Cowia as she led Marcus home by the ear, five tiny lads in tow.

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posted 04-06-00 16:28 ET (US)     50 / 128       
"Now, stop crying Caylynnia, we can figure this out" Gustavia consoled, as she handed Caylynnia a fine Egyptian linen hankerchief.

"But my life is ruined, first I was swapped at birth and that evil baby put in my rightful place as future Empress of Rome, and then I had to grow up and get a job as a Bath Girl, and they married me to that Benson who is only a butler and now I am in love with Millicus... aghh... " Caylynnia wailed.

Gustavia gave her friend some wine to sip. Caylynnia was certainly in a fine pickle. But she was here in Rome to cover the upcoming ET-lympics games and thought she might be able to help a bit. Things have a way of happening to this girl she thought, altho' missing out on marriage to that despot Caesar Alan could be a blessing in disguise. And Benson was a fine man, but just not for Caylynnia.

"Dear, you must be a bit more circumspect. Necking in public with Millicus will only get you divorced and that just wont do. That SenetEr is watching every move you make....We have to have a plan.... "


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