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Topic Subject:Caesar: A distance that is too far.
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posted 04-04-00 21:38 ET (US)         
I have seen a lot of stories that had been told by people who visited Caesar 3 Heaven daily or regularly. Now I want to start another story that tells a tale of a young citizen who wished to be the next emperor of Rome, but he is just a common citizen of Rome.

I hope that this story will have bring some exciting time in the Community Forum. I also hope that you will help me write this tale.

Story began in Post #1.

posted 04-10-00 02:14 ET (US)     76 / 128       
Hey, what about my character? He's thinking about something.................

Ah! Come on, pay a visit to my sites! Visit my homepage at, my Pharaoh Site, or ten times better, my forums! You can find them at:

Eminence Grise
posted 04-10-00 09:58 ET (US)     77 / 128       
The wall cracked as Marcus Lindicus bounced back and crushed Thanh between the wall and his bulk.
"Why did you do that?" whined the fat man.
"Argl..." was all Thanh could say.

Then the cell door slammed open and a burly guard entered.
"Oy, wot's da racket?"
"This man bounced me against the wall!" Marcus spluttered.
Latus moved like greasy lightning and jabbed a live rat under the guard's throat.
"One false move and I'll ave it go for your throat" the small man hissed between clenched, black teeth.
"Come on guys, run for it!

Marcus grabbed the semiconsious ex-governor and ran from the cell. Latus pushed the guard inside, locked teh door and followed them.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 04-10-00 10:05 ET (US)     78 / 128       
good one AJ! Nice to see you here.
posted 04-10-00 10:47 ET (US)     79 / 128       
Blood and Guts Pattonius was surveying his men. the 11th were good men, but they had been idle too long. A fighting man needs a good fight to keep them focused. Give a man too much time between wars and they start thinking about marriage and family- taking their pension and starting little olive farms.

He looked towards Millicus, and worried. Here was a man with something in his mind that wasn't work. He had seen many a man escape volleys of arrows and javelin, only to be smitten with a tiny dart from a cherub's bow. The proof was his personal hygiene. Pattonius had never seen a cleaner man! Whoever he was seeing must insist on cleanliness, why Millicus had been to the 'Bath House' every day for a week.

A young man, barely 16, approached the general's party, an older worn out man in a dirty toga following close behind. The young man presented his orders to the general and tried his best salute. Pathetic, Pattonius thought as he read the orders. Now Caesar was trying to foist a raw recruit, with no military or academy training on him. Caesar must be slipping. He was not fit to rule. Still, something about the boy gave him pause. He saw a fierce intelligence in his eyes and the poise of someone destined for more. Maybe it was just the contrast of the dishevelled man beside him.

'My name is SenetEr, general. We need to talk'

The general growled inside as SenetEr told him about Benson and the plottings of Caesar. Surprisingly, it was Millicus beside him who seemed to boil up, seething just below the surface. Interesting times ahead, thought the general. Now if he only knew what had become of Thanh.

posted 04-10-00 12:15 ET (US)     80 / 128       
Back at the palace, the evil Empress Caylynn had felt a tugging, a tickling, just at the base of her forehead. Immediately she knew what is was, and hastened towards her quarters, where she could communicate in private with the spirit that was calling to her.

The spirit had first appeared to her, many, many moons ago, before she had married Caesar Alan, when she had been praying for a way to gather power to herself. She and the spirit had come up with an arrangement that was mutually beneficial: the spirit would provide her with the power she needed to fulfill her dreams, and she would perform some small 'services' for the spirit.

As she hastened to her chamber, Caylynn wondered what the spirit could possibly want from her at this moment. Everything was proceeding according to plan.

When she entered her room, however, the Empress could sense that something was wrong. Hovering over the shring that Caylynn had built, the spirit looked angry and upset. Something had obviously disturbed her.

"We have a problem." The spirit got right to the point.

Raising one eyebrow, Caylynn queried, "And what would that be?"

"My adversary, that spirit of goodness," the spirit spit out the words as if they were foul, "is attempting to make her presence known on this plane once again. You must stop her."

"And how am I supposed to accomplish that?" Caylynn inquired, raising her other eyebrow while holding her arms across her ample chest.

"I have a plan..."

Back at Gustavia's residence, the spirit of goodness had fled Caylynnia's body, having delivered her message. It was this spirit who should have married Caesar Alan, and not Caylynn nor Caylynnia, had she only not been most foully murdered. If only she had survived...

With one last look at the body she had briefly inhabited to convey her message, the good spirit fled. Ah, to be able to resume a physical form once again...

Caylynnia, having been so recently inhabited by the spirit, was understandably disoriented. Having no knowledge of what had actually occurred to her, she was feeling off-balance and out-of sorts.

Giving herself a little shake, Caylynnia couldn't help but notice that both M'Redia and Gustavia were looking at her, concern etched clearly upon their faces.

"Gustavia, M'Redia, what happened?" she asked.

A look of relief washed over the countenance of both women, but Caylynnia could still detect traces of concern.

"What's the last thing you remember?" M'Redia prompted.

"I- I was in the front room, having some wine with Gustavia," Caylynnia nodded in her direction, "having a... umm... discussion, and then.... Then there's nothing. Nothing until just... just now."

"You fell unconscious while we were talking," Gustavia explained, "although I don't know why." She looked over at M'Redia, hoping the herbalist could provide an explanation. Since her concoction had worked, she must have some idea as to what had afflicted Caylynnia.

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posted 04-10-00 14:15 ET (US)     81 / 128       
Caesar Alan looked at his reflection in the mirror. He hated the man that he had become. He used to feel so in command, so relaxed with the mantle of power. Ever since an early age, he had felt as if was destined for greatness, that his rule would be glorious. It all fell apart the year that his one great love, Claudia, had been murdered. Benson had not been able to discover the murderer and had urged his marriage to Caylynn. It was as if his life had changed in a moment, his inner spirit had left him. He had married Caylynn in a daze.

Now he felt as if he had no control, that he overmatched by his position. If it wasn't for Benson helping him, guiding him, he wouldn't know what to do. And now, with Benson bringing word of conspiracies in Carthago and Pattonius conspiring against him, he felt completely overwhelmed. At the same time he was concerned about the growing power of his wife and his dependence on the ever grasping Benson.

He longed for the simple life of a fisherman that he had left behind at the young age of 16- when he felt he was destined for something more...

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posted 04-10-00 15:44 ET (US)     82 / 128       
I'm next
Eminence Grise
posted 04-10-00 15:45 ET (US)     83 / 128       
As Caylynnia, still looking pale, walked towards the door with Mredia, Gustavia started thinking. She lit some frankinsence and concentrated on what happend. Her awareness expanded slowly as she methodically put the events of the last couple of hours in order.

There was something strange about what happened to Caylynnia, something supernatural and she needed help. The slender woman picked up the incense stick and walked to her mirror, a big silver plated copper affair, older than most of Rome. Her dark eyes reflected in the mirror, like pools of stars and then her reflection changed.
A tall man, with dark hair and sea-green eyes appeared, he was dressed in a white linnen kilt and shades of wings appeared behind him.
"Gustavia, dear friend, " a melodious voice sounded in the room.
"How is Rome treating you?"
"Jayhawk, a delight to see you again. " Gustavia smiled warmly.
"I need your help."

Jayhawk reached for her hand and stepped out of the mirror into Gustavia's bedroom. He folded her in a huge hug lifting her a foot from the ground. She squealed and soundly kissed him.
"Put me down and listen."
As he sat by her on the couch she related him th epast days events.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 04-10-00 16:00 ET (US)     84 / 128       

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posted 04-10-00 16:06 ET (US)     85 / 128       

Just a reminder: Caylynnia is the bath girl, and Caylynn is the evil Empress.

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posted 04-10-00 16:10 ET (US)     86 / 128       
In case anyone is wondering, I am responsible for Thanh's asterisks. I apologize for my comments. I meant no insult or hurt.

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posted 04-10-00 16:10 ET (US)     87 / 128       

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posted 04-10-00 16:26 ET (US)     88 / 128       
"Thanh! wait, please" Gustavia exclaimed as she ran to catch up with him.

"It isn't that simple", she began. "First, Caylynnia the Bath girl, who is married to Benson, fainted and doesnt remember a thing! She never said a word except ... ahhh.. my head hurts!"

Jayhowk joined the couple outside the Best Little Romehouse.

"Yes, Thanh, I am one of the emporer's friends. We go way back together, and that is why I am here. We have suspicions that Caylynn, his bride, has set spells upon him and caused him to change. We have no proof at the moment, but with your help, we might find out what is going on," Jayhawk hurriedly finished.

Mred joined them, rummaging in her bag for the everpresent herbals. Caylynnia slept soundly inside oblivious to the ruccus outside.

Thanh exclaimed "Oh, then the rumor I heard in the market must be true, that Caylynn the Empress has asked for two pigs heads, a basket of 10-day old fish, a dozen new lamps and 4 barrels of well water from Egypt! Do you think she is plotting something evil against our Caesar Alan?"

posted 04-10-00 18:49 ET (US)     89 / 128       
"Two pigs heads, a basket of 10-day old fish, a dozen new lamps and 4 barrels of well water from Egypt!??" M'Redia exclaimed....

"Oh, we are really in trouble now, if she knows what that combination can do...." M'Redia shook her head regretfully.

Gustavia and Jayhawk looked at her, fright beginning to show on their faces.

"Can't you do anything, M'Redia?" Gustavia asked.

"Well, let me think about it. And I must meditate on what is going on with Caylynnia....." M'Redia gave her friends a small smile, and turned to walk off to be alone. "I'll see you both at Gustavia's in about an hour."

Gustavia and Jayhawk looked after her, and then looked at each other.

"I sure hope she can come up with something." Gustavia said to Jayhawk.

Meanwhile, in Pattonius's tent......

posted 04-10-00 21:45 ET (US)     90 / 128       
Seneter placed his finger hard against one nostril and blew. He wiped the effluent on his sleeve and switched to the other nostril.

'It's all fine and good general', he said smacking his lips, 'but if we are to find this governor Thanh, we're going to need more than a little luck. We're going to need the oracle.'

'Oracle', the general snorted. 'You can use that mumbo jumbo nonsense if you want but I have a better idea. I'm going to camp my legion outside of Rome and pressure that Caesar Alan into releasing him.'

posted 04-10-00 21:49 ET (US)     91 / 128       
Cowia returned to her domicile, having completed her part-time duties as market-lady. Shooing the little market boys back home, she entered her residence.

"Marcus! Rubius!" she called out to her men. Where were they? Marcus was likely deep in his cups again. Shaking her head, Cowia wondered why she put up with it.

"MARCUS!" There, that should get some reaction out of him, and out of the whole neighbourhood to boot. Market ladies learned to project their voices - it was an essential job skill.

"MARCUS!" Where was the drunkard. Cowia supposed she'd just have to...

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posted 04-11-00 02:10 ET (US)     92 / 128       
Johnleemk was pondering who had stolen the denarii. There were two suspects. Senator Flavius(not ET) or the secretary to three governers of Carthage who was Cortius. Johnleemk ordered the best investigator in the Roman Empire..............Londinium policeman Corus to work on the case. He had been one of the most trusted bodyguards of a Governer of Londinium called Incontentia.

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posted 04-11-00 03:47 ET (US)     93 / 128       
Try the bath house first.....No, the scum levels were much too low and there was no food floating around......Marcus had not been there... 'Where to try next?' she thought
Not that Cowia was that keen to have him back....she just needed him to make one chair so that she could feed her family and restock the olive cuboard.

.....if she could get just one chair to pop out of the garage doors...shame she had lost the remote. She needed Marcus.

'Could try my cousin Flashreckus, the crack native tracker, he might help me...... No, I'm not that desperate...yet.... and Flash never left many limbs on...No I'll try the oracle next'.....

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Eminence Grise
posted 04-11-00 06:30 ET (US)     94 / 128       
John Lee, I 've already made an appearance in a slightly different guise.

Marcus Lindicus was huffing and puffing on a backstreet corner, Thanh still draped over his shoulder. Sweat was pouring of his face in rivulets, his toga and sandals were drenched. Latus was looking round the corner, the rat still gripped in his hand, it's tail twitching spasmodically.
"What..." Marcus gasped,
"What should...we do...with him?"
"'e's the gov'nor, 'e his. We need to bring 'im some 'elp."
"But who"
"I know, the horacle! Follow me."
The small man lead the fat man through a maze of backstreets slowly making their way towards the oracle.

SenetEr had gotten himself back to Rome and was rather pleased with the stylishly green 'trim' on his sleeves. Now if only he could stop them from cracking up whenever he bent his wrists. He whistled a tuneless tune that had dogs and pigeons move out of his way.
Just a few more streets to cross and he'd be with the oracle. He wondered if they'd still served those tantalising poppydrops, he could do with a bit of cheer.

Jayhawk, no longer dressed in Egyptian finery was looking at the deep red tunic he was wearing in the mirror.
"I know, " he suddenly spoke.
"We need to see the Oracle, I know that she's gone a bit daft when Caesar Alan up rooted her from Delphi, but maybe we can get some sense out of her."
He laced up his sandels draped a white toga nonchalantly over his lank frame and looked at his longtime friend.
"What do you think?" he asked her "can I pass for a native."
Gustavia smiled, her dark eyes sparkled.
"Oh yes, you can. You're going to turn some eyes, though. Some people are going to be..."
"Be what?"
"...oh well, surprised"
"and jealous" she added under her breath.
Jayhawk took a final look at himself in the mirror and nodded. He reached out his hand to his friend.
"Let's go."

As the walked out of the Romehouse he took a deep breath.
"Ah Eternal Rome," he thought as the smell of fish, olive oil and many closed packed bodies assailed his senses.
"Some things never change."

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 04-11-00 15:55 ET (US)     95 / 128       
Meanwhile, Marcus, Thanh, and Latus reached a distant village 3 miles outside of Rome.

First there heard a group of people in the village.

"What are you doing here?" asked one villager.

"Huh," started Marcus, "We are the national guards of Caesar Alan."

"How stupid can he get," said Thanh to himself.

"Liar," shouted back the villager.

"Hmmm...," said Latus, "We are the escape prisoners of Caesar Alan."

"You idiot," shouted Thanh out loud.

"I know you," said another villager, "you are the ex-Governor of Carthago. Come on in. I always admire a general."

The three escaped prisoners followed the villagers into a small town unike Rome.

posted 04-12-00 02:39 ET (US)     96 / 128       
Johnleemk had just recieved a letter from his sister, Cowia. It said that Rubius wanted to be Caesar but Cowia disagreed like she always had did with Rubius's daydreams. Now behind closed doors, Johnleemk, the uncle of Rubius was thinking. "Should I go to Rome and advise Rubius? Or.......yes, excellent idea. I'll just advice him on getting promoted to being a governer of a province. Every Caesar after all, was a governer at least once. But what will Caesar Alan say?"...............
Oh. I'll edit my post Jaywawk. I'll er, replace you with..................
To continue the adventure of Thanh, Latus and Marcus........

The villagers led them to their ugly hut. But it was a home. "My name is Caius Brutus and his name is Raius Brutus. He's my brother." said a villager. "I'm Latus and that is Marcus," said Latus. "Welcome to my humble abode." said Caius. Thanh said "It's merely a shack! Sorry if I insult you, but it's a shack! What kind of governer rules this place? Oh. It's on the verge of evolving to a small hovel. Well at least your governer isn't such an idiot." Raius said ..............................

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Eminence Grise
posted 04-12-00 05:29 ET (US)     97 / 128       
Gustavia and Jayhawk crossed the Forum Roman and moved slowly toward the Oracle. Traffic was heavy with charioteers shouting at marketladies. Carrier boys distarcting the odd bath girl. Scholars walked by their attention on their scrolls and skipping school children just added to the mayhem on the paved and plazad streets.

Two streets later they spotted the gold leaf dome of the Oracle. Two large fires were burning in front of it. The cloying smell of incense wafted out towards the twosome.
As they entered the darkened hall they could hear a soft chanting going one
"Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Informix..."
"Things have changed, " Jayhawk remarked to his dark-haired friend.
"They have" she replied, "wait till you see the oracle"

In a pit in the middle of the room a brazier was burning. A shortish woman stood over it her hair a tangle of dark curls, with bits of straw caught up in it.
Jayhawk and Gustavia stepped down towards Wendoolicus. A white mouse peeked out of her hair. The pythia looked up.
"Namaste, divine ones."


SenetEr crossed the street and looked at bulk of the Oracular Temple. He threw the last dripping bits of meat-on-a-stick away and wiped his hands on the front of his toga.
"Come on, Rubius, let's get this show on the way"


Cowia entered the Oracular temple, wrinkling her nose at the pervasive smell of francinsence and attar of roses.
"Oh yes, she thought, Marcus, there is no hiding from the oracle."

posted 04-12-00 10:05 ET (US)     98 / 128       
I'm next I'm bringing the escapees to the oracle as AJ set up in post 94. They somehow ended up teleporting from Roman alleyways to some village
posted 04-12-00 10:54 ET (US)     99 / 128       
Thanh slowly came around. He was having such odd and fevered dreams- riding a whale in a storm, riding a swaying camel in the desert, talking to villagers outside of Rome, bouncing up and down on a huge bowl of jello. The first thing he noticed was the smell...

'Oh look, m'lord!' came the reedy voice of Latus. He paused to pull a few loose teeth from his mouth and pointed to Thanh. 'The guv'nors awaking up, he is.'

Gagging, Thanh tried to climb off Marcus' sweaty shoulders. Marcus obliged, happy to rid of his burden. Thanh hit the cobblestones with a thudh.

'Where are we? We must have escaped from prison, but how? Where are we going? I thought we were heading to Merepatra's pig farm?'

'You were knocked unconscienable, m'lord.' said Latus as Marcus was still wheezing, unable to speak. 'We wuz going to the farm but Marcus couldn't carry ye and I have a phobia about touching people after that whole plague thing last year.'

'It was you carrying the plague, you dolt, but go on'

'Anyhows, we thought "where should we be a goin" and we thought we'd go to the oracle and claim sanctity. It's just around this corner.'


The oracle' assistant leaned over the braizier where funny smelling herbs continually burned. Seneter had thought many a time of giving up the detective business many times and becoming an oracle but a man can only have so many vices. He used the oracle on all his big cases because he was lazy and the oracle was always ready to exchange information for munchies.

The back room was already crowded as he came in. Some tall, god-like being in a scarlet toga stood hugging and kissing the oracle. Gustavia was there, looking a little miffed. Cowia stood there, frying pan in hand, trying to cover the eyes of the crowd of little boys as they watched the embrace.

'git out of me way'
'I can't see'
'that fat lady told me not to look'

Seneter looked around in amazement at the chaos. The little white mouse looked right at Seneter and rolled it's eyes.

'Look, I hate to interrupt this little party but General Pattonius is moving on Rome and I need to find Governor Thanh before this whole town goes up in flames...'

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Marcus Lindicus
posted 04-12-00 11:07 ET (US)     100 / 128       
Thanh, Latus, and Marcus walked through the part of town that oracle was located in. The familiar streets seemed amiss somehow. A danger was lurking just out of the range of tangibility.

As the oracle came into view the ragged little band of vagabonds began to sense what it was. Approaching from the backside of the marble structure they could see a cohort of soldiers hanging back, as if waiting for someone to either try to enter or leave the oracle.

"Well we can't go in there!" Latus shrieked.

"I wouldn't see how that could be wise either," Thanh stated.

"I say we get something to eat," moaned Marcus. "I'm hungry."

"For once you are right," said Thanh. "Let's go over to that market and eat and watch and wait."

"Shouldn't we just hide or something?" asked Latus.

"Not yet, I want to see what is going on," Thanh said with interest. "They can't be after us specifically, how would they know to come here. Who could be more wanted in this city than the three of us though? Puzzling indeed."

"I'm hungry," whined Marcus again.

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