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Topic Subject:Roman Civil War: Take Three
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Eminence Grise
posted 05-07-99 10:26 ET (US)         
Let's try this a gain with a fresh thread.
The first post here will contain most of the story. I tried to get most of the formatting in there, but if I missed out on anything...I'm sorry

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Eminence Grise
posted 05-25-99 06:41 ET (US)     51 / 98       
Tusky ambles off, towards the Roman city gates. Plodding along the river Tiber, the haze of herbal cigarettes a small cloud around him, every now and then a bat flies in and spirals out again, all thoughts of moths forgotten.

Dawn begins to be wash the starts from the sky as they reach the gate. A decury is standing guard, looking blearily.
Suddenly one of the soldiers looks up and shouts:
"It him! It's the Egyptian. Pompey wants him in chains! Get him and grab that Egyptian wench he's got with 'im."
"Oops, " mouse squeeks.
"Tusky, run!" MRed kicks the elephant behind the ears, who trots off back the way he came.
"No need to kick me, " he grumbles, "I would have run all by my self, you know?"
"Where now..?"

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 05-25-99 07:47 ET (US)     52 / 98       
Inconti-patra twisted round in her seat and glared at the guards giving chase. "Who are you calling 'wench'?!" she shouted angrily.

"Sh, Incon - not now!" mouse clung to MRed's robes as Tusky picked up speed. "Gosh - I didn't know elephants could go this fast."

Something dawned on Incon. "MRed, you didn't - kick him behind the ears, did you?"

"Sure!" MRed replied. "Isn't that what you're supposed to do? Doesn't a kick behind the ears mean 'get away'?"

"No!" Incon's eyes widened. "In mahout language, it means GO LIKE THE CLAPPERS. Everybody grab hold of something!"

MRed had the foresight to tuck Ankhy into her robe before he could dig his claws into Tusky's back. Everyone got a grip on the person in front of them while Tusky trundled into an astonishingly fast gallop. He thundered through down the wide main thoroughfare, trumpeting to the revellers to get out of his way.

"Is this the fastest he can go?" mouse shouted.

"Are you kidding?" Incon replied. "He's just getting his first wind! Everybody hold on tight!!"

Tusky was a grey blur with four trunklike legs pumping underneath. He didn't mind; it'd been ages since he'd had a good bit of exercise. He poured on more speed and trumpeted happily.

"How do we make him stop?" 'Hotep called.

Incon shrugged. "I've always just waited until he got tired and slowed down on his own."

"How long does that take?"

"Not long," she assured them. "Couple of days, at the most..."

MRed was suddenly sorry they'd fed Tusky all those peanuts earlier...

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Eminence Grise
posted 05-25-99 10:46 ET (US)     53 / 98       
"Oh, look it's the colloseum"
"Make way, make way."
"Coming through!"

By now Tusky is being followed by half a dozen chariots. He's set his mind on having a nice run through Rome and back out on the other side.
"Hey, that must have been the Forum Romanum."
"Ouch, carefull with where you put your hands."

"Stop in the name of the Emperor, errr Senate."
A testudo of soldiers bearing one of Pompey's eagles blocks the gate in front of them.
Tusky doesn't seem to mind.
"Geronimo, " MRed screams as Tusky plows through the legionnaires as a steam roller through a porcelain shop.

"This must be the Via Appia, look at all those crosses next to the road. Any idea where we are going?"
The chariots are falling behind. Then a small, dirty, smoke trailing, cloud appears next to the elephant and a small golden furred face looks out.
"What in Heaven's name are you doing?"
"She kicked Tusky behind his ears."
"You did what?"
"He needed to get running..."
"...and then she tells me not to press the red button..."
"Jahakemhotep, can you stop this elephant?," the angel asks.
The Egyptian shakes his head, hanging on to Incontinentia, for dear life.
"Oh, well, I'll thin of something..."

The cloud disappears in a burst of smoke.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 05-25-99 14:36 ET (US)     54 / 98       
As everyone hangs on for dear life, Big Tusky seems to pick up speed.....

Suddenly, a big yellow lightbulb appears over MRed's head.......

MRed: Wait, guys, I have an idea......

She reaches into a cavernous pocket in her robe......and pulls out a large bunch of wilted herbs...She frantically rearranges them, and reaching into another pocket, pulls out a moldy branch with a few leaves clinging to it....

MRed: Everybody brace yourselves for a sudden stop.........!!!

Leaning down over Tusky's head, she whispers into his ear....Tusky shakes his head up and down, and says,

BT: Ok, MRed, if you think it will work....

MRed looks over her shoulder to see if every body is ready, and noting that they are all hanging on tightly, she looks ahead of them to see a large pond next to a palm tree....

MRed: OK, Tusky, here we go...aim for the pond, NOT the TREE.......

Tusky reaches up to MRed with his trunk, and grabbing the bunch of herbs she holds, tucks them into his mouth and begins to chew........



ICQ # 38153215

HG Alumnus
posted 05-25-99 18:21 ET (US)     55 / 98       
huge splash as BT hits the water. Bigger splash the troops chasing hit the water. Anhky scrambles for anybody whose head is above water.

grumble mumble grumble
A: they know I hate to get wet. mumble

MRed: Anhky quit complaining it's better than a spear. owww owww owww Let go Anhky those claws are sharp.

BT: mumble mumble MRed and everybody just grab the old tail and I'll tow you to the other side. Mouse darn it quit sliding down my back like it's a water slide. It tickles.
MRed more herbs please. Better than peanuts make you feel so goooood.

MRed: no BT we need to to be able to walk when we leave this pond. Those troops are scrabling out the other side.

LI: oh darn my make-up is ruined how will I ever be able to impress MA body double.

M: oh no not again forget about a dancing partner. We're in troble here. The bath was nice but we have to get to our army. If we don't were going to end up on a Roman spear if not a cross.

posted 05-26-99 02:26 ET (US)     56 / 98       
MRed: Well, once we get dried off, and at the rate we are running, it won't be long....I need to stop and send a message to Angel Reckand let him know that his cloud is repaired once again......



ICQ # 38153215

Eminence Grise
posted 05-26-99 08:05 ET (US)     57 / 98       
Jahakemhotep lets himself be dragged out of the water, linnen kilt and mantle soaked, his pectoral hanging of on his shoulder. The kohl and malachite lines around his dripping on his cheeks.
Incontinentia starts laughing: "You look worse than I do..."
"I wouldn't be too sure, you're still wearing your Egyptian paints, remember?"
"Oh... Ankhy, mouse stop giggling!" She stamps her foot and manages to almost fall in to the water again. 'hotep catches her wrist just in time.

A pilum hits the ground next to where they are standing.
"Come on guys, stop holding hands, " MRed jells, high on BT back. "We need to go!"
The two clamber aboard and Tusky trots off into the shrubbery...

"Now where?"
"We need to get to our camp North of the Po."
"Is that far?"
"I don't know, I flew here in a couple of days."
"Oh... Well, we'd better be close. Those Romans seem pretty stubborn."

Meanwhile at the southern banks of the Po River, Brutus and his general look over the dead and the dying. They've oblitterated the legions that were send to stop them. Crows are flocking in from all directions. Smoke curls up from the sacrifice the augurs made to Mars.
"Well, friends, we've showed them not to mess with the East. Let's go south and find Marc Anthony. Zeus alone knows what he's up to."

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

posted 05-26-99 17:31 ET (US)     58 / 98       
Tusky ambled to a stop among a copse of trees as dusk set, and began browsing among the leaves. Everyone climbed down.

"Any idea where we are?" mouse asked.

"I'm not sure," Incon replied. She turned to MRed. "MRed, you've got such nice hair. Looks great."

"Why...thank you, Incontinentia," MRed smiled and patted her hair.

"But how'd you like it to be *really* soft and manageable?"

"Sorry?" MRed raised her eyebrows.

Incon pulled a shampoo bottle with a bright label from her pocket. "With Plantene Pro Curly, you can have the hair you've always wanted!" She turned to mouse and Ankhy. "Works wonders on fur, too. No more tangles!"

MRed and mouse looked at each other, confused. 'Hotep said "Well, we can camp here for the night. I'll go find us some water."

"There's no need for that," Incon said, and pulled several bottles of dark, fizzing liquid from the other pocket. "Shmoka-Mola is the drink for all occasions! Here, everyone - try some. It adds life to any gathering!" She handed the bottles round.

"Incon," mouse said, "...are you feeling OK?"

"Never felt better in my life," Incon grinned. "And that's because I take Branatogen Chewable Multi-Vitamins with Iron. They're good for what ails ya!" She produced a small pill bottle.

Now everyone was becoming a bit worried. "Maybe the adventure's been a bit too much for her," 'Hotep whispered to the others.

Incon overheard him. "Not at all, my friends," she smiled broadly. "But when I *am* all tuckered out from a day's hard adventuring, I just lie back on my Comfy-Down Majorette Bed. The bed with 25% more down filling in its mattresses than other brand names. You won't find a more relaxing sleep!"

"OK, she's starting to freak me out a little, here," MRed said warily. She pulled out her trusty leather pouch and started rolling up a herbal.

"MRed - don't use *those* tatty old rolling papers," Incon said, and handed her a small paper packet. "Try these - Bizzlas! The rolling paper with extra smoothness built into every sheet! You'll never find a smoother smoke!"

"Cut it out, already!" mouse cried. "Incon - you're scaring us! What's wrong?"

Incon smiled insanely, opened her mouth to say something...then gave up, and looked down. "Sorry, guys. I just can't do it..."

"Do what?" they asked in unison.

" know those, erm, *cashflow* problems I was having awhile back? And how the TSB Praetorian Guard were always on my tail?"

They all nodded.

"Well, I kind of found a temporary solution to my financial difficulties. They said they'd stay off my back if I...if I...oh, lordy, this is humiliating...if I agreed to do some - you know, advertising for them. Product placement."

"Oh, *dear*," MRed said sympathetically.

"That's not the worst of it, though," Incon added, and went over to Tusky. Reaching up under his back blanket, she withdrew a slender cord and pulled it. A huge, bright blue banner unfurled down his flank. On it in wide red letters was printed "EAT AT WINNIUS'S!!! Finest steakhouse in Rome!!"

Tusky lowered his head in utter embarrassment.

", er, tried," mouse muttered.

"And you really had me interested in that shampoo. I'm tempted to switch brands," MRed added.

"Really?" Incon looked at them all hopefully.

"Let's worry about it tomorrow," 'Hotep said firmly. "MRed, you gather firewood. mouse and I will get some water. And I've *got* to get this runny kohl off my face..."

"I've got just the thing!" Incon chirped, and whipped out a small ceramic pot. "Shmivea Cream - the make-up remover of make-up artists!! Now with 35% more moisturising--"

"That's enough advertising, pal," MRed snatched the pot away, and patted Incon on the back reassuringly.

Caesar Augustus
posted 05-26-99 18:25 ET (US)     59 / 98       
As the next day started they found a bar next to them.
Inco was tired after a full night of selling things

They decided to walk in. the place was half-empty. only
a general was there, spending all caesar's money on drinks.

At the door there was a man standing with a white-gold toga.
"hey, can't you recognize me?" Augustus asked. "it's me

Augustus!". "what are you doing here, and not in Capua?"
asked Inco. "well Marcous, wanted to rest a bit. i was on

my way to Winnius's bath-house party, when i remembered-
i got no ICQ. Marcous has also pain in the A** because the

tatoo MRed did him". MRed smile, "seems my business going quit well...".

"Can i buy you all for a drink? maybe for a Shmoka-Mola?"
said Augustus. "i'd love to, as long as it's on you". said


"I wanted to know if i can join your group? i'll ride
on Dambo." said Augustus. "well, i don't know..." said

Inco. they talked for a minute, and then said "Yes you can
come. as long as you won't get drunk on the way." said the

group. "come on Marcous! we got to go!, by the way, where are we going?" said Augustus. "don't *hic* shout so

lou ...*hic* ...d" said Marcous while packing his
drinking set.

the Group, with a new member came out. "We got to go, it's
getting stormy." mouse said. They jumped up on their

Elephants, Dambo and Tusky. then they started riding toward
their next advanture.

Me, Leo my pet wolf-dog and Dambo, my elephants are members in the RSPCE and the TISWP

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HG Alumnus
posted 05-27-99 00:11 ET (US)     60 / 98       
M: Caesar Augustus is nice. Glad he joined our little group. Ankhy stop swatting at the other elephant's ear. Remember when BT got mad and slapped me with his trunk. Well it hurts.

A: nice Dambo would hit little kitten. Maybe Dambo let me ride. BT always complaining about me sticking my claws in.

MRed: Ankhy and mouse hush poor Incintinentia is trying to nap. All that selling has worn her out.

BT: MRed while the Lady Incontinentia is sleeping do you think you could take that sign off. It itches and I'm so embarrassed. The last time something this bad happen to me was that bath house party when they white washed my buns.

LI: what's a person have to do to get a nap. Oh I know take Sleepez and you can sleep through anything. Buy the Pillowsoft Pillow for a good rest. Oh gosh I can't stop what am I going to do.

posted 05-27-99 00:56 ET (US)     61 / 98       
MRed: OK, gang....tell you what I am going to MUST stop this...We are all nuts, and we all need to get some rest.....By the way, did I tell all of you about my housewarming party on the 28th? My little house has FINALLY upgraded, and now I have a Grand Villa....So BYOB, and I will supply the rest...

Ok, we go.......Hold your nose, and drink this all in one gulp.....That will fix your problem.....

(Everybody else, DUCK!!)


ICQ # 38153215

posted 05-27-99 05:10 ET (US)     62 / 98       
Incontinentia handed the small dark bottle back to MRed. "Hm," she said, wiping her mouth, "not bad. Tastes kind of like cherr---WWWWHOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

Everyone ducked as Incontinentia shot 6 feet up in the air and landed on her feet. Her shoes smoked slightly. Her eyes were like 2 saucers.

"How do you feel now?" mouse asked, coming out from behind a bush.

"FUNKY," Incon replied.

MRed held up the shampoo bottle. "Hey, Incon - what's this?"

Incon looked at it. "A bottle of foul muck that does *nothing* for your split ends and stinks of fish oil. And WHO IN HADES put that banner on my elephant?!"

"She's cured," MRed concluded.

"Finally," Augustus sighed. "Well...shall we make camp again, or keep going?"

posted 05-27-99 06:53 ET (US)     63 / 98       
Aside: Awww, and I was being soooooo entertained by the advertising lady version of Inco. Oh well, please carry on...
Caesar Augustus
posted 05-27-99 09:14 ET (US)     64 / 98       
The group decided to continiue walking. another day passed
while venus was watching us waiting to Inco to show
them the "Venus spa".

as they were riding on the elephants, Dambo felt something
it was a strange feeling. dambo suddenly stoped,

throwing Augustus off him. "what the h*ll is wrong with
you Dambo?" Augustus said while trying to stand up

after the big fall. The group looked at a cave. "What?,
why are you all looking at me?" Augustus said with anger

while petting Dambo. Mouse pointed on a cave "we are not looking at you, but at the cave there".

Augustus walked over to the cave and said "Wow... i'm going
to look inside. maybe we can set camp and spend the night

there". "No! you don't know what's in there!" they tried
to warn him. It was too late.

Augustus already enter the cave. they follow him down the path, but then, there was a big sound BBBBOOOOOOOMMMM! Shaaaamaaaakaaazy!!!!!!

"What's going on there?" MRed asked. Mouse looked in,"i don't know..."

then they heard Augustus cry for help... they ren to where his voice came from. "here, look down... here".

they looked down and saw Augustus lying down. "dd...", "what are you trying to say?" asked Inco.

"Dd... don't... come... i.. too late..."
suddenly the wall opend. thet was the way to Atlantis.

"go, in and i will be cured". "don't do it!" cried another Augustus. "his the wrong one it's me! come back! don..."

They already came in. the door closed behind them. suddenly they were in Atlantis, in the market place.

Augustus came to them and said "By Jupiter, why did you walked in? i were behind you all the time! any way we must

go! i heard the volcano up there was shooting stones in the morning."

Me, Leo my pet wolf-dog and Dambo, my elephants are members in the RSPCE and the TISWP

Eminence Grise
posted 05-27-99 09:30 ET (US)     65 / 98       
"No, let's go on." Incontinentia replied bouncing up and down and shadow boxing with Tusky's trunk.
"Are you sure this is better?" Jahakemhotep whispers to MRed.
"I don't know yet...anyway she'll get over it."
"Oh," she replies, looking at the sun, "in a couple of minutes."
"So, where are we going?" Incontinentia asks running circles around the two elephants.
"Incon, please stop, you're making me dizzy."
"Oh tush, don't be fussyduddy 'Hotep. I'm ready for the world."
She walks towards the Egyptian. "When's the next Lambada contest? I'm going to show them how it's done. Come one 'Hotep, dance with me."
Before Jahakemhotep has a chance to respond, Incontinentia's eyes roll up and she collapses. He just has enough time to catch her before she hits the ground.
"Now what?" the Egyptian asks MRed, looking confused as Incontinentia softly starts snoring.
"Oh, lets drag her onto Tusky, just hold on to her, she'll sleep for a couple of days."
"Err, do these things always happen to you people? " Augustus asks as Incontinentia is lifted onto Tusky's broad back.
"Yip," mouse pipes up. "Dont worry, you'll get used to it."
"Or not...", Ankhy pitches in, grinnig a cat grin.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Caesar Augustus
posted 05-27-99 17:11 ET (US)     66 / 98       
"Oh no!" shouted Jayhwak
"What?" mouse asked.
"I just remember that Atlantis was destroyed" said JayHawk
"we must ask someone what date and time is it. The Volcano eruption was on 1768 BC. i'll ask that guy." said Augustus.
"Hail!"-"Hail too. what do you want?" said the man.-"we must know what date is it! Caesar's orders!"-"Who? we only know King Cryon and the Queen. today is the lambada contest an.."-"What is the date???"-"sorry. it's 1768 BC"
Oh no. the Group didn't knew what to do. how can they get back? how will they escape?

"well we got to get a place to live in" said Mouse.
"yes i know but where?" asked MRed.
while talking, they walked up the stairs, when 10 soldiers shouted "Hey! it's them! the aliens our King was talking about! Get them!"
"oh Sh*t we are wanted here!. erm... RUN!!!!!
They ren down the streets of Atlantis, when a voice whisper "psss! come here!. oh thank god. i see you are not from here; you can stay at the red rooster Bar."
"oh thank you" said Ankhy.
"wait! what about Inco?" said Mouse.
"oh Sh*t we left her there with our elephants." said JayHawk.
they heard a voice "here is one of them! get her and put her in Jail" Said Cryon. Cryon was a tall man, wearing a purple and blue suit. he had a mask on his face and he was holding a stick with an ox on it. "look for the others" he said.
"well, now that's Great... Inco in jail, we are wanted and we got only a few hours befor the Volcano erupt.
any one got a plane what to do? someone? please?" asked Augustus

The sun was down. people in the Bar talked about a ceremony, and knowledge is bad. Cryon got Knowledge. a big metal head which can do every thing and knows all.
can you guess which game am i taking this from?

Me, Leo my pet wolf-dog and Dambo, my elephants are members in the RSPCE and the TISWP

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posted 05-27-99 18:56 ET (US)     67 / 98       
" head..."

Inconti-patra came to on a soft mattress in her cell. Her vision clearing, she noticed she was surrounded by bars. She wondered if the TSB cadre had caught up with her at last.

Standing up and wandering over to the front of her cell, she noticed a guard sitting at a table. "Erm...excuse me..."

He looked over, smiled brightly and approached. "Ah, good, you're awake! How do you feel? Would you like something to eat? Perhaps to drink? Can I get you a pillow? How's the cot - not too lumpy, I hope?"

Something wasn't quite right. "I hope you don't mind my saying, but - for a prison guard, you're awfully accommodating."

"Here in Atlantis, we ascribe our lives to the laws of peace, tranquility and friendship," he explained. "Although you are a prisoner of the crown, you are still a fellow living creature and I will try to accommodate your every wish."

"In that case," she brightened, "I wish to be released."

"Every wish except that one," he smiled apologetically.

"Oh. Shame."

"Yes. It often makes my job most depressing. Erm...would you like some wine? We grow a lovely red vintage here."

"That'd be nice. Ta very much, I'm sure."

Just then she heard a familiar whimper from the cell next to hers. Looking through the bars, she saw Tusky and Dambo standing in close quarters, looking upset.

"My elephant!" Incon cried.

The guard followed her line of sight. "Is *that* what that animal is called? We had no idea!"

"You've never seen an elephant?"

The guard shook his head. "We have no such creature here in Atlantis," he said, handing her a goblet. "We were most apprehensive when we captured these two. And, may I assure you, that no harm *whatsoever* came to them during their incarceration. Erm...can you tell me why the larger one is whining like that?"

"Oh, that just means he wants a hug," Incon told him. Facing the downcast Tusky, she held her arms out. "Does Tusky-poo wanna hug? C'mere, boy. Give mumma a big hug..."

Elated, Tusky approached the wall of separating bars...and went through them like a knife through custard. Snapped iron bars and brickwork rained down in his wake as he ambled up to his mistress and wrapped his trunk around her. She hugged his neck and stroked his jaw. "There, there...mumma's here, big fella...good boy..."

The guard stared goggle-eyed at the damage. "Oh, dear...the Royal Engineers will be *most* upset..." he muttered. "I had no *idea* these beasts were blessed with such strength!"

"Oh, yeah, you should see them plow through city walls," Incon replied.

"REALLY?" the guard's eyes widened.

She nodded. " there any chance I can get out of here? With the elephants?"

"I'm *so* sorry," the guard smiled professionally, "but if you wouldn't mind waiting until tomorrow morning, when the courts can view your case fairly and justly."

"Or, I could order these elephants to trash your jailhouse into a tidy pile of bricks, and walk away," she smiled back at him.

The guard considered this option. "I'll go get the key," he grinned amiably.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the island...

posted 05-27-99 23:26 ET (US)     68 / 98       
MRed stood off a little bit from the rest of the group, seemingly concentrating carefully on one of the numerous spots on her robe.......

Suddenly, everyone was staring at MRed......


Mouse: MRed.....hold very, very still....

MRed begins to shake slightly.....Mouse??? What is it??

Mouse: MRed, you have the strangest bug hovering over your head.....And we aren't sure if it is dangerous or not....

MRed: What does it look like????

Suddenly a very loud buzzing noise started coming from the bug.....

MRed: Mouse???? What does it look like?????

Mouse: It is about the size of my little sister, but it is a bright RED in color, and it is GLOWING.....

MRed: GLOWING??????

Inconti-patra reaches up, and begins to wind up for a mighty swat at the bug....

MRed catches her hand just as she was going to hit it....

MRed: WAIT!!!

Everyone looks at MRed like she has finally had too many of those fine herbals...

MRed: Don't hit it.....I have been working on this for a long time....It is the answer to our prayers......


ICQ # 38153215

HG Alumnus
posted 05-28-99 00:08 ET (US)     69 / 98       
MRed: it's the scrab that I borrowed. It will get us out of here. Ok everybody has to be touching.

big puff of red smoke the adventurers are back in Roman territory. More or less safe.

LI: whew that was close. Augustus please be careful next time. We were alomst finished by that little side trip.

BT and Dambo together: they had never seen elephants jus think how much fun we could have had there.

M: look guys it wouldn't have been much fun if they had put LI to death and the two of you.

A: mouserrr don't be so hard on them. They just want to play with funny people.

M: ok ok sorry guys. But I think we'de better mount up cause here comes Caesar's troops again.


Caesar Augustus
posted 05-28-99 04:58 ET (US)     70 / 98       
A Prefect named Tobius Marcius was looking for Caesar.
"Where is he? Where is Caesar? i must find him". the Gauls
are on the march to rome. their leader Jon the Pain and Hassan were now at their village in Byzantium. Their army was stronge and fearless. even the strongest Legion can't stop them.
meanwhile, out side the cave, the Group was trying to find a way to avoid Caesar
"MRed, i told you not to give Big Tusky and dambo Herbals.
now look at them. how can we escape from Caesar?"
"don't blame her. it's all because of you!" shouted Inco.
Caesar was getting close.
JayHawk: "friends..., -"WHAT??" -" Caesar's troops are coming!! how will we get away??"
Tobius was now on his Chariot coming to us-where Caesar's troops are.
"Here they are! get them!"-"guys... erm... make love not war?" mouse was saying to the troops.
"Augustus! what are you doing with them?" Tobius shouted while going off his chariot. "i'm sorry to do this Tobius, but i have to for the Group." he said. Augustus lifted his robe revealing his saber and shield. he raised his saber toward Tobius. "Mouse get to Dambo and take the swords and shields out of Dambo's giant bag, and give them to the others. you can take some too. Inco, JayHawk, MRed, Mouse and all the other in the group go and try to stop the troops.
Augustus raised his saber pointing to Tobius. "your career end up now..."

Me, Leo my pet wolf-dog and Dambo, my elephants are members in the RSPCE and the TISWP

Eminence Grise
posted 05-28-99 08:28 ET (US)     71 / 98       
Quick Note to Augustus:
Jayhawk is one of the Angels in Egypt.
Jahakemhotep ('Hotep) is an Egyptian priest-mage caught up in this adventure.
Don't go mixing them up now

"This is getting silly," Jayhawk whispers to Incontinentia. "Let's get busy. MRed, a herbal please..."
"Jahakemhotep, this is not the time to smake," Augustus cries over his shoulder as he gets ready to do combat with Tobius.
"Oh, yes it is, " the Egyptian replies smiling.
He blows out a large cloud of smoke and starts chanting. As he chants, the smoke continues rolling out of him and covering the hillside.

The sky darkens and darkens and soon not even Ankhy can see the hairs on his nose.
"Err,'Hotep?" mouse squeeks.
A little ruddy light appear besides her,
"Come on mouse, Ankhy,..."
In the darkness Incontinentia and MRed clutch the Egyptian robe. BT has his tusk wrapped about Incontinentias middle.
"Coming too?" Jahakemhotep asks when they draw up to the confused Augustus.
"Where are we going?"
"Let's go back to that cave and return to Atlantis."
"But it's going to be destroyed any time. We'll be killed for certain."
"Not quite, I'll just bring us to Atlantis a couple of years before the eruption."
"That's impossible"
"Not if you know the star trails and Thoth's Moon paths. Once there I'll ask one of my ancestors to send us back to Anthony's troops."

They follow Jahakemhotep in to the mountain and past the moonpaths to arrive on a hilltop underneath the full moon. Below them the lights of the city shine brightly as if answering the twinkling stars.
"See that was easy."
"Wow, that's beautiful, " mouse whispers, "can't we stay?"
"Not really, we need to move quickly or we'll be stuck here for another year or more. The paths change rapidly.
Greetings, Grandfather" He cries out the the dark shape that approaches them.
A handsome, dark skinned man, looking hardly older than Jahakemhotep walks in to the light.
"Wow, " Incontinentia sighs, "do you think he dances the lambada, MRed?"
"Incon...not now" the red robed lady answer.

"Greetings, child, you have come from far and need to go even farther. Greeting friends of my child. " He continues to the rest of them.
"Could you send us to Brutus, Grandfather?"
The old man smiles and starts a long, low rumbling incantation and mist begins to crawl around them, fading the landscape.
"Farewell, my child, live long..." The Atlantean wizard's voice drifts off in the darkness.

As the mists rise, they look out over the landscape. Brutus' forces are gathered in the valley below. Anthony arrives with a group of his officers as they walk down.
"Hotep, my friend, " the Roman embraces Jahakemhotep in a bear hug. "Have you been busy?"
"NOt really, my lord, may I intruduce Augustus?"

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Caesar Augustus
posted 05-28-99 11:35 ET (US)     72 / 98       
Jayhawk, i didn't read the whole story. i don't really know what to write so can you just tell me what to do with Anthony

Me, Leo my pet wolf-dog and Dambo, my elephants are members in the RSPCE and the TISWP

Caesar Augustus
posted 05-28-99 13:45 ET (US)     73 / 98       
"Hail! it's a great honor to see you Anthony".
"yes, yes, thank you. where are you from?"
"i was born in Capua, but as you can see i'm just wondering around."
"hey, is that your father's armor and saber?.-yes Anthony"
off story:
is Anthony with us? i must know!!

"I want to talk to you Augustus"...

Me, Leo my pet wolf-dog and Dambo, my elephants are members in the RSPCE and the TISWP

Eminence Grise
posted 05-28-99 16:37 ET (US)     74 / 98       
Message for Augustus
Anthony, or Marc Anthony One of Caesar's biggest rivals, went with Ceopatra after C. died. Finnaly defeated by Octavian and died in Egypt when Cleo committed suicide.

In this story. MA and Brutus (who killed Caesar) are on their way to Rome to do battle with Caesar. So are we.
Guess you have to read the whole story (or at least the first bit to know what it's about.

Mail me Jayahwk and I'll mail you the story as a Word document.

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy."
-- Book of the Dead (1240 BC)

Caesar Augustus
posted 05-29-99 14:21 ET (US)     75 / 98       
Don't mind what i wrote then.

Augustus went down the hill to Anthony.
"hail".-"Hail too Anthony"
"So, now you are in the group against Julius, you have changed. when i first saw and knew you, you were almost nobody. now look at you. fighting against Julius. i'm so proud at you" Augustus's face was now turning red while Ankhy and Mouse giggle at Augustus.

Mean while at the Senate
Marcus Lincinius Crassus, the most nobel roman ever been
Discuss with his son in law, Glabrus
MLC:I recently put my son in law, Glabrus in the standby Legion. As so, i sended a scout to Mediolanum, to spy on Caesar. As we thought Caesar did prepare a large force of
Gauls. i wish to send Glabrus to Caesar, to stop him.

The Senate was furious. how can you send someone that have no knowladge about fighting, against Caesar.

Meanwhile at Mediolanum, Caesar was in his tent. a massenger came.
"hail" he said and bow.-"hail"
"Caesar, the Senate knows about your plans. they are sending 6 legion to try and stop you."
Caesar:"who is the General?"
"We do not know. we only know he's week and never fought befor.
Caesar: "gosh, that's gonna be a hard one. Set camp to Tingis. Me and the royal troops will leave in dawn. the other will stay and defet the fool who dare to try his luck on me."


Me, Leo my pet wolf-dog and Dambo, my elephants are members in the RSPCE and the TISWP

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