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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » The Town Square » The Official Birthday Thread
Topic Subject:The Official Birthday Thread
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Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 07-07-05 09:05 ET (US)         

Some notes...

This is the all new Birthday Thread, this is where you offer congratulations to fellow forummers. It saves me doing this every month!

If anyone has any suggestions for this thread, just post away and I'll take a look.

I'll also keep a close eye on the Census for new additions. If I miss one, please let me know.

Some interesting facts...

Fact 1 Date with most birthdays is...

April 13th
March 5th
June 20th
June 24th - all have 4

Fact 2 Birthdays per month...

October 36
June 35
May 32
March 28
July 27
February 25
August 24
January 23
April 23
November 23
December 22
September 21



Hand of Ra 2nd
WeaveCaesar 2nd
Tinchen 3rd
Claudia gallica 5th
Hathornefer 5th
NorWiking 7th
The_muse1977 11th
Timhotep 11th
FranR 13th
Wilhelmus Sergius 14th
donduk 15th
SenerEr 16th
homegrown 17th
Bona Dea 19th
hermione 20th
Dartania 22nd
PCDania 23rd
Gandalf 23rd
pashies 26th
TEP 26th
Xerxes2 27th
Thelenaptra 29th
JoseyVA ??


alphafoetoid 1st
EJay 1st
Clarebear 5th
Eddy The Champ 5th
Bolt Thrower 8th
adorina 11th
Thanh2006 12th
Stringbags 13th
PharaohFan 14th
Miut 15th
david 16th
Debbie 16th
Gomericus 19th
Rollerghost 20th
Chimera_ 21st
Mick 21st
Lord Michael I 21st
Baltic 22nd
Knights 23rd
Katjdani (F) 24th
TealWanderER 24th
Spuddicus Minimus 27th
TNK 27th
ahura mazda 28th
Isetemkheb 28th


Ticaios 1st
Gold Cow 3rd
Castaras 4th
KanGemosis (F) 5th
Kedi 5th
Koppi 5th
Ptah 5th
fogriipus 6th
Trium 6th
Bulletproof 8th
Slim31r 9th
Genius Maximus 10th
Ovidius 12th
Annemhotep 13th
Wendoolicus 14th
Bernie 16th
YouKnowWho 16th
Caylynn 19th
Iset 19th
Angel Jayhawk 22nd
cl 23rd
Neshi 23rd
VitruviusAIA 23rd
Nanodude 26th
Jax 27th
Satanic Cowboy (Octavius Maximus) 29th
TheaH 30th
Lynne 31st


Nimlot Persson 3rd
aulus septimus lurkio 7th
St Michel 7th
LaDee 8th
Jimhotep 10th
Pontius Pilatus 11th
Andyblast 13th
ConLao (MM) 13th
Jay 10 13th
shelper 13th
Johnleemk 14th
Prospro 16th
Ice 17th
Cheetah Gal 20th
VisMaior 20th
C Franziskus 21st
Jerome 21st
Lucia Castus 22nd
street 25th
threnody 27th
Annie 23340 29th
Jawsaints 29th
Samwisethestrong ??


Mariakles 1st
PtaW 3rd
Desmondius 4th
Gallowglass 5th
Berend 6th
Moquel 8th
Talia 8th
Rcee 10th
Jemol 11th
Kan Gemosis (M) 11th
Nefermenu 12th
RichieRich567 12th
Niempie 13th
pharaohchris 13th
Raccoon_TOF 13th
Duan Xuan 14th
peter 14th
Wu Su Zheng 15th
Ramses III 17th
Treborius 17th
Apophis 18th
Natalinasmpf 18th
Skari 18th
damiant 21st
Morphin 22nd
Vectorgod 23rd
Tryhard 24th
Octavian II 25th
GoddessByline 26th
romangoddess 26th
Dux Decem Legis 27th
philon ??


FD2 2nd
Siseth Ah 2nd
Luke Gevaerts (TOT) 5th
warcon 7th
Bradius 8th
Falco 10th
Micah Aragorn 12th
Karlthegreat 12th
Kailash 14th
Darth Joshua 15th
D0CT0R WH0 15th
HeroPatrick 111 15th
Grunthex 16th
Uma Palata 16th
Vikkilea1001 16th
Dave G 17th
Tim The Great 17th
Cazy_1 20th
The Ztolk 20th
Enano Rojo 20th
Octavian III 20th
bengel 21st
becca22 22nd
Fiona 24th
Marcus Maximus 24th
mouse 24th
Sergius Laudis 24th
MRed94 25th
NAT 26th
Lorentius Orientalis 26th
warrior 26th
Goonsquad 27th
hero Acamus 30th
Sabrina Augusta 30th


Adder 2nd
Annie1 4th
Angel Draco 8th
generaljohn 9th
Peter Kane (Celt in Exile)10th
d1zzy 11th
Ma Agrippina 13th
Pixsiperfek 13th
Ziegel 14th
Angel GillB 16th
Davi Dinkent 16th
Belladonna 17th
Freskin 17th
Maximus Minimus 17th
Pounce the Unfortunate 18th
pirlouit 21st
Angel Zen 23rd
Kublai Khan 24th
Ahkmet 27th
Alphretin 27th
Basteta 28th
violinist 29th
Wolfie 29th
Jampal 31st
glattiator 31st
Phanatic 31th
Fortuna ??


Da Caesar 1st
Ammurit 3rd
Ursula Hx 3rd
Kamikazi San 4th
Rayotep 4th
Shelshula 4th
Ben the Vizier 5th
Miranda 5th
The Tea farmer 5th
McCool 6th
Jack Noir 7th
Basilius 8th
Kester 9th
Grohan 10th
Jupiter 2000 12th
shaun1 15th
Nandodude 16th
Yahya 18th
Lizzie 22nd
Angel Reckless Rodent 25th
StephAmon 25th
Caesar Pasqualin 28th
Great Cornholio 31st
Caesar Constintine ??
Jameti ??


dbo78912 2nd
Nubia 3rd
Twinkle 5th
BobT 6th
Barryp 7th
lilcubanito 8th
Angel Dr Lorenzo 11th
Chus 11th
kevingamer 11th
Emperor_Wilson 14th
cantique 17th
Xaphire 17th
Rat 19th
Ravenankh 22nd
Speysider 22nd
Angel CenturionZ-1 23rd
Dean McCullough 23rd
Vriesea 27th
Gustavia 28th
Hakeem928 28th
Nefertiri1983 28th


Caesar Alan 1st
Jonathon Clark 1st
WaterScribe 2nd
Pompey 3rd
Gaiseric 4th
Scipio 4th
Toot Uncommon 5th
Angel SNR 6th
Angel Socratieus 7th
Katjdani (M) 7th
The Fox 7th
arinekhen 8th
Guzzardo 8th
caesar piyush 9th
Brugle 11th
compmage 11th
WinterPharaoh 13th
Kor 14th
Emporer_Dragon 14th
Esbjergs Faraoh 16th
metria 19th
phairho 19th
unic_ 19th
Peregrin 20th
Merepatra 22nd
Czech Centurian 22nd
Nefer_to_old 22nd
Angel Pecunia 23rd
Dragon_Kahn 23rd
Reckless K 24th
Queen Anka 27th
Ammra 29th
Jehanne 29th
Nero Would 31st
Ingviol 31st
DreamRain ??


Barberousse 1st
Memsurs 2nd
Caesar Clifford 5th
StarKey 6th
Theodoeraus 6th
Elder Rat 7th
Ultraviolent 7th
Alex_pharaoh 8th
Hwr chtwy 9th
Ptassie 9th
ScottishFinn 13th
Savko 14th
Angel Civis Romanus 16th
Henrica 16th
Angel Granite Q 17th
jorgecastillo 17th
Sunshine 18th
Emperor Rachel 20th
ZigZac 23rd
SueMcT 25th
Benson 26th
Bilgediver 27th
Secateur 29th


Rocky 1st
Margaret 3rd
Angel Blood Phoenix 5th
Marcus Julius Britannicus 8th
Neferjili 9th
Talos 10th
Jaguar 12th
merry78 13th
Krissotep 15th
bipo 17th
bef 18th
DarthBane 19th
Agricolae 20th
Duane 20th
Regina 22nd
aegius 24th
Bo Shee To 25th
Sir Dumbicus 26th
Angel David 27th
latus 28th
M2K 28th
Nutmegger 28th

The master of making easy look hard ---- What's wrong with Scooby Doo boxers?
Cockfosters visitor via a stunt cannon ---- Fan of the Great Cornholio Tee shirt dance
Coyote ugly beauty, parrott mangler & all round good egg ---- Have leather pants will travel

[This message has been edited by VitruviusAIA (edited 02-09-2009 @ 02:15 PM).]

posted 03-03-06 15:15 ET (US)     76 / 117       
Can you add me? this is my 3rd post and im February 23rd

Oh and congratulations everyone on the list!

If you mess with the best you will die like the rest
Yeah your cool
If i dont get my cookie im gonna touch my butt and land my Buttocks on you.
The Architect
posted 03-03-06 23:17 ET (US)     77 / 117       
Welcome to our forums Knights. Ive added you to our birthday list.

If you would like, visit our City Building Census II thread and tell us a little more about yourself. (See the Members Table in reply #72.)


March is a very important birthday month. It contains both Jayhawks and mine! And a few others.

posted 03-05-06 01:17 ET (US)     78 / 117       
Happy birthday, fellow 5th of Marchians Koppi, Ptah and KanGemosis! Hoping your day was less rainy than mine .

posted 03-15-06 02:21 ET (US)     79 / 117       
Happy belated birthday wishes to Ovi and Wendi! Is this thread really really quiet, or is it just my imagination?

posted 03-15-06 05:35 ET (US)     80 / 117       
Thanks Kedi! And even more belated happy birthday to you!

Yeah, it is pretty quiet...

And the neural alignment of Ovidius is also very strange - Niempie
posted 03-15-06 14:24 ET (US)     81 / 117       
Happy Birthday to all those I've missed and to all those I will miss.

HG Angel
AoEH Staff

'In heaven an angel is nobody in particular.' - George Bernard Shaw
Age of Empires Heaven Agetoons About Me
Sergius Laudius
posted 06-07-06 19:15 ET (US)     82 / 117       
Dont miss me!
Almost there
Blood Phoenix
posted 06-08-06 14:23 ET (US)     83 / 117       
Make sure to put me on the list! I'm the 5th of December.

Lurking at HG since 2004
The Architect
posted 06-14-06 13:44 ET (US)     84 / 117       

Quoted from BP:

Make sure to put me on the list! I'm the 5th of December.


posted 06-21-06 10:47 ET (US)     85 / 117       
Please put me on the list on 28th September. so i share it with two others already on there. cool!!
The Architect
posted 06-23-06 13:30 ET (US)     86 / 117       
Your name is in the list Nefertiri1983.

posted 11-05-06 11:52 ET (US)     87 / 117       
Happy Birthday Clifford!!!

From one Scorpio to the other!!

Have a great day Old Man

(this is from StarKey, I can't log-on anymore using that name so now I'm Clavacus)

Clavacus (StarKey)
Duan Xuan
posted 11-05-06 22:10 ET (US)     88 / 117       
Yes, happy birthday Cliff.

Good to see you around again, Starkey. You might want to email one of the angels here regarding the password for your old account, btw.

posted 06-17-07 09:45 ET (US)     89 / 117       
can i go up for 13 dec please?
Ursula Hx
posted 08-02-07 15:58 ET (US)     90 / 117       
Just dropped in to point out that my birthday is tomorrow (August 3rd) and to wish Angel Gill a belated happy birthday.
EXCO Alumna in Kul Tiras
posted 08-02-07 17:39 ET (US)     91 / 117       
Good Lord ... how are you UrsulaHX? Very long time no see

'Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened' Moving Pictures
Da Caesar
Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 09-15-07 01:02 ET (US)     92 / 117       


hola all ya guys
posted 09-30-07 03:10 ET (US)     93 / 117       
Mine is April 25, 1956

Are you a victim? Of anything? Become a survivor by working for change. If anyone else suffers less than I did, then my pain has served a purpose and I hurt less.

Try it!
Lord Michael I
posted 09-30-07 16:09 ET (US)     94 / 117       
Put me up for February 21st...

My Johari window.
Do you have what it takes to hold off Saladins' forces? Find out here...
"I think most people are trying to forget Aqua... Most people I know still haven't recovered from Barbie Girl" - QuickDraw
The Architect
posted 10-01-07 15:48 ET (US)     95 / 117       
More birthdays added to the list.

Civis Romanus
posted 10-01-07 17:51 ET (US)     96 / 117       
It's not all that important, but I actually ripened since the last time my birthday info was updated. It's all that California sunshine that gave me my burn.
Lord Normanby
Venerable Old Codger
(id: Caesar Clifford)
posted 11-05-07 04:33 ET (US)     97 / 117       
Happy Birthday to my US buddy, Starkey.

One day we will have that cold beer, one day.
(id: geodude)
posted 11-07-07 04:03 ET (US)     98 / 117       
My Birthday is 26 of March.

- Thanks

Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 11-15-07 12:40 ET (US)     99 / 117       
Thanks to whoever is keeping this going Civis, VAIA ?? Just to celebrate me noticing this after a long time i'd like to wish Civis a happy B/day for tomorrow, also I have finally changed his name to 'red'!

Please feel free to continue to edit & update VAIA... I'll try and check in more frequently.

The master of making easy look hard ---- What's wrong with Scooby Doo boxers?
Cockfosters visitor via a stunt cannon ---- Fan of the Great Cornholio Tee shirt dance
Coyote ugly beauty, parrott mangler & all round good egg ---- Have leather pants will travel
Civis Romanus
posted 11-16-07 11:27 ET (US)     100 / 117       
Thanks Rocky. I note you have one coming up in the next few weeks. Same to you as well. Cheers!
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