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Topic Subject:City Building Census II
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The Architect
posted 06-30-05 15:58 ET (US)         
On October 5, 2000 Imothep posted:
How old are you?

I've been reading these forums a bit lately, and I've noticed plentiful references to work, and to kids, and to passing bar exams (Congrats!)... It suddenly struck me... How old is everyone? For what it's worth, I'm 15...
Thus started the longest thread in the history of the City Building forums. From a simple request for people to tell their ages it grew into the City Building Census.

That thread was closed when it reached 2500 replies, the maximum allowed by these forums. This is a continuation of that thread.

If you would like to have your name included in our Members Table, please post your Gender, Age and Location. Birthday is optional, and I can get your Forum Member date from your Profile.

The Members Table is currently in Reply #266.

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The Architect
posted 04-10-07 12:59 ET (US)     176 / 306       
Thank you for posting in this thread Barberousse.

I've added your name to our Members Table.

posted 04-15-07 02:40 ET (US)     177 / 306       

I wasn't a lurker for years, I've had Pharoah/Cleo (kind of like "gold" pressings of games/exp.) for a while now ($10 in the cheapo rack), and I was able to get Caesar 3 from Sold out in another $5 bin (I played the demos WAY back when...but another game got me hooked...Starsiege: Tribes...I've never been the same since )...and I picked up on these forums when trying to find a way past The "Cliff" map (too lazy to spell it correctly, fully or even check). Did it once, but couldn't duplicate

My first "Heaven Game" was Age of Wonders...but now I see the full repertoire I feel I'm going to be stuck @ this domain for a while now....


25 Male, from California
November 27, 1981 (Birthday happens on Thanksgiving every couple of years or so)
(about where I'm currently am, that's a bit of a quandary...I'm a US Merchant Mariner, so I'm currently on a ship operating off of satellite internet )

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The Architect
posted 04-16-07 17:36 ET (US)     178 / 306       
...but now I see the full repertoire I feel I'm going to be stuck @ this domain for a while now....

Welcome to our forums Bilgediver.

Iíve added your name to our Members Table.

posted 04-17-07 03:08 ET (US)     179 / 306       
posted 04-28-07 21:01 ET (US)     180 / 306       
Hi, I've been lurking on these forums for a while.

For what it's worth...

Name: Musether/Matt
Gender: Male
Nationality: British

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The Architect
posted 05-01-07 13:48 ET (US)     181 / 306       
Thank you for your post Musether.

I've added your name to our Members List.

posted 05-17-07 02:34 ET (US)     182 / 306       
Better put me as living in California, USA, not the UK.


Reality is for those who can't face SF

posted 05-17-07 05:54 ET (US)     183 / 306       
Wow, I've never come across this one before.

Male, 34, 8/18/72, USA
posted 05-17-07 13:59 ET (US)     184 / 306       
roman goddess - dob 5/26/61 - Benton, AR - USA
posted 05-17-07 21:03 ET (US)     185 / 306       
DOB 03/08/1973
Age 34 Male
Pennsylvania, USA

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The Architect
posted 05-22-07 20:02 ET (US)     186 / 306       
Yahya, romangoddess and Bulletproof have been added to our Members Table.

Thank you all for posting in this thread.

And, Iíve moved Miut to the correct country.

Dean McCullough
posted 05-27-07 17:57 ET (US)     187 / 306       
I've lurked around for awhile but finally joined last year.

Dean McCullough
United Kingdom
The Architect
posted 05-27-07 19:11 ET (US)     188 / 306       
Thank you for the post Dean McCullough.

Your name has been added to our Members Table.

Dean McCullough
posted 05-30-07 16:17 ET (US)     189 / 306       
If every single C-B site except for Caesar IV is archived, what on earth is the point of keeping this dammed thing... Call it Caesar IV census.. at least..
The Architect
posted 05-30-07 17:50 ET (US)     190 / 306       
Most of the City Builder games that we support may have been around for awhile, but the forums (the major source of online help that we provide) are still active. Hardly a week goes by without a new member showing up asking for help on one of the older games.

Rarely does a day go by when someone doesnít post in one of the forums for the old games asking for help or a clarification. Weíve already done the work building the sites. We keep the forums open as a service to those that are still playing the old games. Havenít all of your posts received timely replies?

The Census is for all City Builders. Some (a minority) play Caesar IV. Most of those listed play one, or more, of the older games. A City Builders Census it is, and it will stay that way.

This thread is over 6 1/2 years old (counting the original) and yet this last month five new members have been added to the list (including you). I donít know if any of them play Caesar IV.

Dean McCullough
posted 05-30-07 21:57 ET (US)     191 / 306       
Sorry for the little pessimistic comment up there, just a little bit dissapointed is all.

I just thing its so dissapointing... HG doesn't even let us know when it's going to be archived...

While perhaps I'm not the most mature one around here, mind you I'm still in high school, I really would not mind stepping in as staff to try and help out some of these sites. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want me to (and have your own justified reasons, i do understand ) but I do know thta I would do my best to try and help out the poor sites here... If it meant posting it on my blog, begging the massive community at TM, or looking into any other site rather, I would really give it a hard go before the site went down...

Take a look a Phill Phree (whos gone now) from AoEH. He completely revived AoEH, in the process of doing so, he had to re-download every single file in the database in order to save them. There's other folks too. Richard Ames too... Reviewed over 150 files in a couple years---giving people the feedback is what they need, I suppose. If it weren't for these two people, perhaps also including the brilliant works of Andrea Rosa, AoEH would have been called dead 5 years ago... It's amazing it's lasted as long as it is. Really, I guess you could say it inspires me to help out other sites.

But anyway, I haven't done alot for CotNH, but I have started up some things in the forum, getting reasonable feedback in the process. I've also sent e-mails to Jayhawk, with materials to update the history section as well. I've also reviewed about half the files in the database scenario-wise. I was recently planning to do more, until I heard the unfortunate news from Angel Zen... That's really too bad. I also had a campaign thats about finished as well... But considering how my nasty comp works, it may take some time. It may not even be worth the trouble if I can only post it at TM.

Since I consider myself not much of a designer, I've tried to convince (with some adequate success, they really are a great, thoughtful bunch of people) the fellows at TM forums to submit their works to the HG database. Unfortunately, it looks like not even the massive TM forums can save CotN HG, as the website itself has it's up and down days. My website compilation article at CotN forums has recieved little intrest thus far, although I thank you alot for your contribution Vitruvius I'm not saying it's their fault, as they do have the right to stick with whatever site they with, even if it's less organized :S

I guess for one last point, why bother with dead sites such as Pharoah and CotN if they're going to be removed before anyone takes intrest in them? Empires: DotMW is gone, as well as Cossacks and the origianl EE. I guess you've got a point... If no one takes intrest, there's nothing you can do. I respect that. I do realize it takes money to run HG.

For one last little nudge here, if there is anything I can do for the C-B sites (despite the alive and kicking Caesar IV) would it be worth it? Because I'm willing to do whatever needs to be done...

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The Architect
posted 06-03-07 16:52 ET (US)     192 / 306       
All additions and corrections prior to this reply have been included in the revised table.

Post any corrections and I will edit the tables. If you would like to be included in the list, post your information in this thread. If you wish to be taken off of the list, send me an email, and I will be happy to do so.

The Birthday column: If you didnít post your birthday, then the date that you posted your age is in this column in parentheses (month-day-year). Without a birth date, your age will automatically be updated a year after your post.

The Forum Member column: This is the ďDate RegisteredĒ from your Profile.

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M 18 Sep-23-88 UK Oct-28-00
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Angel Granite Q M 59 Nov-17-47 UK Nov-24-00
Angel Gweilo M 46 (01-27-03) USA Apr-18-02
Angel PCDania M 45 Jan-23-62 Denmark Apr-12-99
Angel Pecunia F 22 Oct-23-84 Netherlands Jul-08-00
Angel Reckless Rodent M 27 Aug-25-79 UK Jan-12-99
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Barberousse M 19 Nov-01-87 Canada Aug-26-04
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Basilius M 18 Aug-08-88 USA May-14-03
Basteta F - July 28 USA Jun-21-01
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Belladonna F 41 Jul-17-65 USA Jan-13-07
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Ben The Vizier M 19 Aug-05-87 Portugal Apr-15-01
Benson M 39 Nov-26-67 USA Dec-14-99
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Bilgediver M 25 Nov-27-81 USA Apr-15-07
Binkythedestroyer M 21 (12-20-00) New Zealand Dec-16-00
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Bulletproof M 34 Mar-08-73 USA Nov-19-02
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Caesar Alan M 27 Oct-01-79 UK Nov-11-99
Caesar Clifford M 47 Nov-05-59 New Zealand Aug-09-01
Caesar Constintine M 20 Aug-??-86 USA Sep-25-99
caesar_jack M 16 (08-16-03) UK Jul-30-03
Caesar Pasqualin F 43 Aug-28-63 USA Feb-10-02
caesar piyush M 18 Oct-09-88 India Jan-10-04
Castaras F 14 Mar-04-93 UK Oct-14-06
Caylynn F 35 Mar-19-72 Canada Dec-05-99
Cazy_1 M 28 Jun-20-78 Romania Jan-04-05
Cerrita F 20 (05-09-05) USA May-06-05
C Franziskus M 52 Apr-21-54 USA Jun-11-00
Cheetah Gal F 22 Apr-20-84 USA Jul-09-02
Chessie2u F 57 (10-14-00) USA Mar-19-00
chidojo M 24 (03-18-01) Singapore Mar-18-01
Chimera_ F 23 Feb-21-84 Sweden Aug-07-03
Chus F 40 Sep-11-66 Spain Sep-11-00
cl / cl_1983 M 24 Mar-23-83 USA Feb-14-99
Clarebear F 20 Feb-05-87 UK Mar-27-04
Claudia Gallica F 48 Jan-05-59 France Aug-24-99
Cleofan6 F 18 (08-04-01) USA Aug-04-01
complaint_king M 19 (04-08-01) - Nov-16-00
compmage M 30 Oct-11-76 South Africa Oct-17-02
ConLao M 29 Apr-13-77 UK Feb-09-01
cponsock M 57 (06-18-02) - Jun-16-02
c q F 26 (12-11-02) India Dec-11-02
Crusher F 39 (08-04-01) UK/Australia Aug-04-01
Czech Centurian M 19 Oct-22-87 South Africa Jul-08-03
d1zzy M 19 Jul-11-87 USA May-15-04
Da Caesar M 21 Aug-01-85 Singapore Apr-24-00
dad M 55 (11-25-00) - Nov-25-00
dadtoth M 64 (01-05-01) France/Sweden Aug-29-00
Dajango M 17 (06-13-04) - Jun-13-04
damiant M 33 May-21-73 UK Aug-16-02
Dartania F 33 Jan-22-74 Australia Oct-14-03
DarthBane M 22 Dec-19-84 UK Jan-30-00
Darth Joshua
(Honorary Member)
M 6 Jun-15-00 UK Nov-06-00
DaveG M 23 Jun-17-83 USA Apr-23-00
david M 34 Feb-16-73 Slovenia Oct-09-00
dbo78912 M 19 Sep-02-87 USA Jun-02-00
Dean McCullough M 15 Sep-23-91 UK Dec-10-06
Debbie F 47 Feb-16-60 USA Nov-20-01
Desmondius - 39 May-04-67 UK Nov-27-01
Djaser - 20 (09-25-02) - Sep-25-02
donduk M 24 Jan-15-83 USA Dec-22-99
dp3705 F 54 (05-22-02) USA Oct-12-01
Dragon_Kahn M 23 Oct-23-83 Netherlands Jan-26-01
DreamRain - 38 Oct-??-68 USA Dec-08-02
Duane M 70 Dec-20-36 USA May-13-02
Duan Xuan M 18 May-14-88 Singapore May-28-01
Dux Decem Legis M 17 May-27-89 USA May-08-04
Eddy The Champ M 19 Feb-05-88 Portugal Jan-11-03
eds F 39 (11-02-02) Canada Aug-01-02
EJay M 19 Feb-01-88 Netherlands Mar-24-02
Elder Rat M 29 Nov-07-77 USA Aug-14-03
Elishiba F 57 (11-24-05) USA Nov-24-05
Emperor Rachel F 19 Nov-20-87 UK Apr-24-00
Emperor_Wilson M 21 Sep-14-85 Canada Sep-13-02
Emporer_Dragon M 16 Oct-14-90 Canada Jan-27-06
Enano Rojo M 28 Jun-20-78 Belgium Apr-10-01
Esbjergs Faraoh M 25 Oct-16-81 Denmark Jun-18-03
ET FLAVIUS M 61 Jun-29-45 USA Jan-26-99
existenz1225 F 42 (06-26-06) Australia Jun-27-06
fairamanda F 39 (04-05-05) UK Apr-05-05
Falco M 47 Jun-10-59 USA Nov-23-01
FD2 M 14 Jun-02-92 USA Jul-17-04
Fiona F 39 Jun-24-67 UK Jan-04-99
fionghuala F 37 (08-11-04) USA Aug-11-04
fogriipus F 23 Mar-06-84 Finland May-04-06
Fortuna F 32 Jul-??-74 USA Mar-09-00
FranR F 39 Jan-13-68 Netherlands Feb-07-05
Freskin M 31 Jul-17-75 Belgium Aug-10-00
frond F 35 (06-28-04) Singapore Jun-04-04
Gaiseric M 20 Oct-04-86 Singapore Jun-16-01
Gandalf M 29 Jan-23-78 France/Brazil Dec-14-00
generaljohn M 27 Jul-09-79 Canada May-10-02
Genius Maximus M 15 Mar-10-92 USA May-26-03
GoddessByline F 46 May-26-60 Sweden Jun-12-07
Gold Cow F 16 Mar-03-91 USA Nov-01-02
Gomericus M 77 Feb-19-30 Canada Feb-02-99
Goonsquad M 51 Jun-27-55 Australia Oct-03-03
grapedog M 29 (02-20-01) USA Feb-14-01
Grohan M 17 Aug-10-89 Finland Jun-18-04
groseille M 39 (02-06-05) France Feb-06-05
Grunthex M 31 Jun-16-75 Canada Dec-19-02
Gteat Cornholio M 40 Aug-31-66 USA Mar-29-02
Gustavia F 59 Sep-28-47 USA Jan-26-99
Guzzardo23 M 15 Oct-08-91 Costa Rica Dec-05-04
Hand of Ra M 21 Jan-02-86 UK May-22-06
Haarball M 19 (06-15-02) Norway Jun-15-02
Hack reporter - 32 (01-12-07) Australia Jan-05-07
Hakeem928 M 25 Sep-28-81 Canada Aug-26-00
Hathornefer F 39 Jan-05-68 UK Sep-12-01
Hawk M 51 (12-06-03) - Oct-24-03
HeatherMcCa F 30 (12-08-03) USA Dec-07-03
Henrica F 39 Nov-16-67 Italy/Canada Mar-17-00
Hero_Acamas M 16 Jun-30-90 USA Aug-26-03
homegrown M 41 Jan-17-66 USA Dec-22-99
Hwr chtwy M 33 Nov-09-73 Netherlands Aug-08-02
Ice M 33 Apr-17-73 Singapore Feb-13-01
Ilion M 48 (07-05-01) USA Jun-27-01
imhotep3147 F 25 (07-19-04) USA May-18-04
Imothep ** M 21 (10-05-00) - Sep-24-00
ImothepII M 29 (02-07-01) Germany Sep-17-00
ingviol F 33 Oct-31-73 Sweden Jan-19-02
Iset F 43 Mar-19-64 USA Aug-15-03
Isetemkheb F 51 Feb-28-56 USA Dec-03-01
Isetnofret F 19 (12-30-00) USA Dec-30-00
Istinlndry F 42 (10-13-02) USA Oct-10-02
Jack Noir M 55 Aug-07-51 USA 1998/99
Jaguar F 33 Dec-12-73 Canada May-19-00
Jamesk144 M 41 (03-04-06) USA Oct-20-05
Jampal M 39 Jul-31-67 Australia Jan-30-02
Jax M 18 Mar-27-89 UK Feb-27-04
Jay10 M 13 Apr-13-93 UK Jun-23-03
Jehanne F 41 Oct-29-65 Netherlands Nov-21-02
jemol M 40 May-11-66 Ireland Aug-18-03
jerome M 33 Apr-21-73 France Mar-19-01
Jia Pei M 28 (05-19-03) China May-19-03
Jimhotep M 36 Apr-10-70 USA/Canada Apr-09-00
johnleemk M 16 Apr-14-90 Malaysia Dec-07-99
Jonathon Clark M 14 Oct-01-92 UK Sep-18-04
Jomazz M 56 (05-13-01) Australia Jan-02-01
jorgecastillo M 27 Nov-17-79 Chile Aug-26-02
JoseyVA F 63 Jan-??-44 USA Feb-12-02
Judy Wu F 58 (10-28-02) - Oct-28-02
Jules F 31 (12-04-00) UK Dec-04-00
Jupiter 2000 M 17 Aug-12-89 UK Dec-11-03
Kailash F 37 Jun-14-69 Germany Jun-30-03
Kamikaze San M 19 Aug-04-87 Netherlands Nov-07-02
KanGemosis F 49 Mar-05-58 UK Aug-17-01
KanGemosis M 39 May-11-67 UK Aug-17-01
Karlthegreat M 22 Jun-12-84 Luxembourg Nov-17-04
Katharone F 33 (02-16-04) Finland Jan-22-04
Katjdani F 38 Feb-24-69 Sweden Nov-27-01
Katjdani M 36 Oct-07-70 Sweden/Italy Nov-27-01
Kedi F 33 Mar-05-74 Australia May-13-04
Kendogg M 24 (10-05-00) USA Mar-05-00
Kester F 38 Aug-09-68 USA Mar-10-04
keti F 51 (07-11-04) USA Jan-25-04
kevingamer M 16 Sep-11-90 USA Jan-05-03
Khasekamen M 18 (02-02-01) USA Mar-09-01
koppi M 52 Mar-05-55 Austria Aug-20-01
Kor M 21 Oct-14-85 Netherlands Nov-21-99
Krissotep M 34 Dec-15-72 France Jul-30-03
kristinethom F 44 (06-27-07) USA Jun-22-07
Kublai Khan M 50 Jul-24-56 India Dec-19-02
LaDee F 34 Apr-08-72 USA Mar-06-04
latus M 24 Dec-28-82 Canada Feb-26-00
Leather F 42 (10-11-01) Australia Oct-06-01
Legion123 M 28 (10-06-00) USA Nov-30-98
LeMort M 42 (03-10-01) Norway Mar-08-01
lilcubanito M 18 Sep-08-88 USA May-29-04
liong_jia_yang M 19 (09-03-03) Malaysia Sep-02-03
Lizzie F 44 Aug-22-62 USA Oct-02-02
Lorentius Orientalis M 55 Jun-26-51 Japan/USA Apr-23-01
Lucia Castus F 22 Apr-22-84 USA Apr-04-07
Lucy Pevensie F 41 (10-05-01) USA Aug-20-01
Luke Gevaerts M 22 Jun-05-84 Netherlands Aug-07-00
Lynne F 65 Mar-31-42 Canada Mar-07-04
LZ_Baker M 29 (10-18-06) USA Sep-30-06
M2K M 27 Dec-28-79 USA Jun-01-99
Marcus Julius Britannicus M 46 Dec-08-60 UK/Spain Feb-24-00
MarcusMaximus a.k.a. Grumpus the Terrible M 49 Jun-24-57 USA Jan-28-00
Margaret F 64 Dec-03-42 UK Feb-12-00
Mariakles F 42 May-01-64 Canada Jun-13-01
Maridorus M 29 (07-26-03) Romania Jul-24-03
MaryC F 53 (05-22-06) USA May-06-06
maskerade123 M 17 (08-18-04) UK Aug-18-04
Mavilu F 36 (09-28-02) USA/Argentina Sep-10-02
Maximus Minimus M 28 Jul-17-78 UK Apr-23-03
maxym7 M 30 (03-26-07) Italy Mar-14-07
mbegley M 38 (09-03-04) USA Oct-18-02
McCool M 41 Aug-06-65 USA Mar-05-05
mcnichba F 49 (10-13-01) USA Apr-23-00
Memsurs M 36 Nov-02-70 USA Mar-24-01
Merepatra F 48 Oct-22-58 Australia Mar-19-00
Meridien F 18 (04-08-01) - Sep-04-00
merry78 F 28 Dec-13-78 Australia Jun-13-07
metria F 32 Oct-19-74 Malaysia Aug-06-02
Micah Aragorn M 54 Jun-12-52 USA Oct-06-00
Mick M 19 Feb-21-88 Netherlands Apr-27-02
Miranda F 23 Aug-05-83 USA Aug-13-03
Misato F 34 (12-03-00) USA Sep-07-00
Miut F 56 Feb-15-51 USA Jun-12-02
Moquel M 22 May-08-84 Sweden Apr-15-99
Morphin M 17 May-22-89 USA/Romainia Jul-21-02
mouse F 65 Jun-24-41 USA Dec-02-98
MRed94 F 47 Jun-25-59 USA Dec-23-98
MrVilla M 32 (06-15-01) Norway May-10-01
MsKitty F 33 (05-05-05) USA Apr-19-05
mulluane F 46 (08-04-04) USA Feb-16-04
Musether M 14 (04-28-07) UK Sep-30-06
NAT M 17 Jun-26-89 UK Apr-22-03
Natalinasmpf F 16 May-18-90 Singapore Feb-01-03
Neferjili F 65 Dec-09-41 Australia Apr-23-00
Nefermenu M 44 May-12-62 Finland Mar-31-01
Nefertiri1983 F 23 Sep-28-83 UK May-16-06
Nefer_to_old F 61 Oct-22-45 USA Feb-18-00
Neferset F 45 (05-24-03) USA Mar-10-03
nevaziah255 M 22 (09-17-07) - Sep-17-07
Nero Would M 53 Oct-31-53 USA Feb-09-99
Neshi M 21 Mar-23-86 Romania Dec-19-03
Niempie F 30 May-13-76 Netherlands May-08-03
Nimlot Persson M 44 Apr-03-62 Denmark Mar-22-00
Nubia F 38 Sep-03-68 France/ Madagascar May-12-01
Nutmegger M 41 Dec-28-65 USA May-15-00
Octavian II M 19 May-25-87 USA Dec-24-99
Octavian III M 20 Jun-20-86 New Zealand Apr-24-01
Octavius Maximus M 37 Mar-29-70 USA Apr-25-02
Ogedei M 22 (09-19-06) USA / South Korea Mar-17-06
OHMY M 51 (08-05-01) UK Aug-02-01
Olix - 18 (10-30-04) UK Oct-30-04
Outlaw Star M 18 (08-04-04) USA Aug-04-04
Ovidius M 30 Mar-12-77 South Africa Jun-04-03
Paddy M 27 (03-25-07) USA May-30-05
Pajeh Southwind M 25 (01-17-02) Brazil Mar-24-00
pashies F 23 Jan-26-84 UK Jul-04-00
paultheo M 20 (12-22-00) Canada -
Paul Uraeus M 28 (10-06-00) Israel Mar-09-00
Peregrin ** M 21 Oct-20-85 India Mar-19-02
peter M 47 May-14-59 Netherlands Jul-09-00
Peter Kane M 54 Jul-10-52 UK Nov-07-03
Peter S M 44 (01-04-01) UK Dec-21-00
Phanatic M 52 Jul-31-54 USA Aug-21-02
pharaohchris M 19 May-13-87 Australia Jan-01-01
PharaohFan F 17 Feb-14-90 USA May-08-02
Pharaoh Inarus M 52 (04-24-01) USA Jul-29-00
Pharaoh Snofru M 16 (03-30-01) USA Mar-12-01
Pharaoh Tutankhamen M 20 (04-16-01) - Apr-16-01
philon M 34 May-??-72 Turkey Nov-16-02
pirlouit M 31 Jul-21-75 Indonesia Nov-05-03
PitMit ** M 38 (02-22-01) France Feb-21-01
Pixsiperfek F 26 Jul-13-80 Australia May-15-01
Pompey M 57 Oct-03-49 USA Apr-19-03
Pontius Pilatus *** M 48 Apr-11-58 Netherlands Nov-26-98
Pounce the Unfortunate M 41 Jul-18-65 Australia Sep-26-99
Prospro M 44 Apr-16-62 UK May-31-05
Ptah M 19 Mar-05-88 UK Dec-04-01
Ptassie F 22 Nov-09-84 Australia Feb-25-04
PtaW M 55 May-03-51 Scotland Mar-09-01
Pumarah F 54 (12-06-03) - Oct-24-03
QueenAnka F 21 Oct-27-85 USA Jul-08-00
Queen Hatshepsut F 19 (10-06-01) Canada Apr-15-00
Raccoon_TOF M 28 May-13-78 USA Dec-25-04
Ramesses M 19 (11-28-00) USA Dec-04-99
Ramses III M 20 May-17-86 Germany Mar-26-02
RaSekhmetAmun M 40 (01-02-02) USA Jun-13-01
Rat M 41 Sep-19-65 USA May-24-00
Ravenankh M 33 Sep-22-73 USA Dec-09-03
Rayotep M 45 Aug-04-61 USA Jul-31-04
Rcee ** M 49 May-10-57 Netherlands May-14-02
Reckless K ** M 23 Oct-24-83 India Jun-10-03
Regina F 47 Dec-22-59 USA May-29-00
Richenkhamun M 31 (07-27-01) UK Jul-20-01
RichieRich567 M 46 May-12-60 USA/Australia Jun-30-03
Rocky M 45 Dec-01-61 UK May-02-00
Rollerghost M 55 Feb-20-52 Norway May-30-06
romangoddess F 45 May-26-61 USA Dec-12-06
rommelus M 25 (06-26-03) France Jun-26-03
romojo M 47 (01-08-01) Italy/N. Zealand Jan-08-01
Rubicon M 38 (01-04-05) USA Jan-04-05
Rufus Leviticus M 36 (01-27-05) USA Jan-25-05
Sabrina Augusta F 25 Jun-30-81 Netherlands Apr-25-04
Samwisethestrong M 19 Apr-??-87 USA Dec-19-00
Sandra Linkletter F 52 (10-05-00) USA Sep-12-00
SanFranSteve M 50 (12-03-00) USA Oct-23-00
Sat Nebthet F 41 (04-06-01) USA Dec-13-00
Savko M 27 Nov-14-79 Poland Feb-21-00
Scandreid M 13 (12-30-04) Scotland Dec-30-04
Scared Little Weird Chic F 22 (03-19-01) Australia Jan-27-01
schnurbart M 42 (07-11-01) USA May-16-01
Scipio M 30 Oct-04-76 USA Apr-17-01
ScottishFinn ** M 16 Nov-13-90 USA May-24-04
Secateur M 29 Nov-29-77 Norway Mar-01-00
Sekhmeth F 19 (12-09-03) Portugal Dec-09-03
Selket F 41 (01-09-01) - Jan-05-01
SenetEr M 42 Jan-16-65 Canada Nov-29-99
Sergius Laudius ** M 25 Jun-24-81 Portugal Jun-27-05
setti3 M 19 (10-07-00) USA Aug-13-00
Shackman M 21 (11-30-00) USA Feb-14-00
Shamil Basayev M 31 (03-06-02) UK Feb-12-02
shaun1 M 45 Aug-15-61 USA Dec-20-02
Shelshula F 36 Aug-04-70 USA Jan-16-04
Shenghi M 23 (01-12-07) Netherlands Apr-01-06
Shiek Babaloo M 30 (03-10-03) USA Mar-09-03
Sir Dumbicus M 72 Dec-26-34 USA Mar-20-99
SirStockwell M 41 (12-27-00) USA Dec-27-00
Siseth Ah M 18 Jun-02-88 USA May-17-05
Skari F 34 May-18-72 USA Mar-12-01
slim31r M 37 Mar-09-70 USA Feb-19-02
Spemb M 31 (01-03-01) Australia Sep-07-00
Spirit_of_mars M 21 (05-18-03) India May-18-03
Spuddicus Minimus M 24 Feb-27-83 New Zealand Dec-11-00
Srooc9 M 31 (06-30-02) USA Jun-14-02
StarKey ** M 54 Nov-06-52 USA Oct-19-99
StenSture2 M 36 (04-08-04) Sweden Mar-08-02
StephAmon M 51 Aug-25-55 USA Aug-23-01
St Michel M 48 Apr-07-58 USA Nov-07-01
SueMcT F 55 Nov-25-51 Canada Oct-19-00
Sukey - 50 - USA Feb-12-03
Sunshine F 24 Nov-18-82 Canada Nov-18-97
tab - 34 (12-04-01) - Dec-04-01
Talia F 32 May-08-74 USA Sep-12-02
Talos M 32 Dec-10-74 Portugal Feb-13-01
Tawaret F 33 (12-27-00) USA Dec-27-00
TealWanderER M 44 Feb-24-63 Canada Aug-09-03
tenordrummer F 62 (06-07-07) USA Aug-31-06
TEP M 36 Jan-26-71 Denmark Mar-24-00
tetisheri F 28 (12-04-00) Indonesia Oct-01-00
Thanh2006 M 23 Feb-12-84 USA Apr-22-99
TheaH F 41 Mar-30-66 British Virgin Islands Aug-27-03
TheDoc F 17 (12-26-04) USA Dec-26-04
The Fox M 19 Oct-07-87 Norway Jun-05-00
Thelenaptra F 24 Jan-29-83 New Zealand Feb-12-02
Themes II / Xerxes2 M 65 Jan-27-42 USA Jan-14-01
The_Muse1977 F 30 Jan-11-77 USA Sep-11-02
Theodoeraus M 42 Nov-06-64 Canada Oct-20-99
The Tea Farmer M 34 Aug-05-72 India Jun-16-05
The Ztolk M 19 Jun-20-87 Canada Mar-24-01
Ticaios M 19 Mar-01-88 Finland Feb-07-03
Timhotep M 51 Jan-11-56 Finland Apr-08-01
Tim The Great M 20 Jun-17-86 USA Jun-10-99
Tinchen F 33 Jan-03-74 Germany / Sweden May-19-02
TNK M 20 Feb-27-87 USA Feb-28-01
Tominaptra M 37 (08-14-03) USA Aug-14-03
Toot Uncommon M 40 Oct-05-66 USA Oct-26-01
Treborius ** M 43 May-17-63 USA Jan-23-01
Trium M 52 Mar-06-55 UK Apr-09-06
Tryhard M 41 May-24-65 Burundi Jul-17-01
Twinkle F 18 Sep-05-88 USA Dec-30-02
Uameti F 35 Aug-??-71 USA Jan-15-01
Uma Palata F 34 Jun-16-72 USA/Russia Mar-15-02
unic_ M 32 Oct-19-74 Sweden Mar-06-04
User Maat M 69 (12-10-00) USA Dec-08-00
Vectorgod M 39 May-23-67 USA Dec-2001
vic_4 M 53 (01-13-07) Italy Oct-29-04
vikkilea1001 F 18 Jun-16-88 UK Mar-18-03
violinist F 19 Jul-29-87 USA Apr-10-04
VisMaior M 28 Apr-20-78 Hungary May-13-05
Vriesea M 63 Sep-27-43 USA Jan-23-00
warcon M 67 Jun-07-40 Mexico Jun17-07
warrior M 25 Jun-26-81 India Apr-18-01
WaterScribe M 54 Oct-02-52 USA Apr-02-01
WeaveCaesar M 22 Jan-02-85 UK Jun-26-01
Wendoolicus F 56 Mar-14-51 Australia Apr-24-99
Wilhelmus Sergius M 37 Jan-14-70 Belgium Jan-28-00
wolf M 50 (09-28-02) USA May-02-01
Wolfer M 47 (09-11-04) France Sep-05-04
wolfie M 45 Jul-29-61 USA Sep-19-01
Wooly M 48 (01-07-01) USA Jul-09-00
Wu Su Zheng M 16 May-15-90 UK Mar-24-02
Xaphire F 31 Sep-17-75 Netherlands Apr-07-99
Yahmatu - 23 (11-27-04) Estonia Nov-27-04
Yahya M 34 Aug-18-72 USA Oct-23-04
yesiambroken - 52 (12-09-03) USA Dec-09-03
Ynna F 38 (01-31-01) Netherlands Jan-02-01
YouKnowWho M 19 Mar-16-88 Finland Jul-23-02
yuffie_mom F 42 (01-03-05) USA Dec-18-04
zafzuf M 27 (01-18-05) Greece Nov-30-04
Zeusades M 14 (11-30-03) USA Nov-30-03
Ziegel M 19 Jul-14-87 Russia Aug-07-05
ZigZac M 24 Nov-23-82 USA Jun-14-01
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posted 06-07-07 14:14 ET (US)     193 / 306       
62, female, Seaside, CA
Dean McCullough
posted 06-07-07 15:33 ET (US)     194 / 306       
I noticed that hero_patrick_111 is on there... Mind you, he's been banned permenately (sadly) for almost a year now. I'd suggest taking him off...
The Architect
posted 06-08-07 14:05 ET (US)     195 / 306       
Thank you for posting tenordrummer.

I've added your name to our Members Table.

Thank you Dean.

posted 06-17-07 09:41 ET (US)     196 / 306       
28, female, brisbane australia, 13 dec 1978
posted 06-17-07 21:50 ET (US)     197 / 306       
*looks down, yup definately female*
Gšvle, Sweden
May 26, 1960
47 years young

Remember to always be yourself... Unless you suck.
The Architect
posted 06-22-07 15:43 ET (US)     198 / 306       
Welcome to CityBuilders Heaven ladies.

Iíve added your names to our Members List.

posted 06-23-07 05:29 ET (US)     199 / 306       
Thank you Vaia. I'm honoured.

Remember to always be yourself... Unless you suck.
posted 06-27-07 23:55 ET (US)     200 / 306       
I've been playing Caesar and Pharaoh for over 7 years.... this is the first time posting. I'm going to be 45 this year and the obsession still lives!
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