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Topic Subject:If you played Caesar in Exile and liked it...
Gordon Farrell
posted 12-08-08 13:54 ET (US)         
Hey everybody! After a long, busy stretch of time I'm finally looking forward to a nice winter break from school, and so I'm planning on doing some modding. It was a choice between CIV and CIV 4 (odd how the abbreviations for those two games look the same, eh?). But I think I'm sick of BtS now, and I'm getting back into Caesar.

Long story short, I'm requesting specific feedback and comments on my campaign, Caesar in Exile. I've started work on the sequel, Caesar in the West, and I'd really like to hear from people what they liked or didn't like about the first campaign.

For example:
- The voice files. Did they work for you? Liked em? Hated em?
- The terrain modifications, new textures. Worth bothering with?
- Military challenge. Too hard? Too easy?

...and anything else that you'd like to talk about! Thanks a lot in advance, and thanks for making my first CIV campaign so successful!

President and Creative Director, Alternate Worlds (2011 - present)
Lead Writer, Reverie World Studios, (2008 - present)
Director of Voice Acting, Reverie World Studios, (2014 - present)
posted 12-08-08 23:43 ET (US)     1 / 1       
Yes, I really enjoyed 'Caesar in Exile'. What I liked the most was the story (and the fact that it was historically based), closely followed by the new maps and textures.

I think that the three scenarios making a coherent whole was an important of my enjoyment. They hung together well, if you know what I mean.

I may think of even more reasons why I liked it.
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