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Topic Subject:Invasion
posted 08-11-19 11:41 ET (US)         
I want the rivals to invade my City as many do I do that..Is it Recurring or something else?
posted 08-11-19 15:59 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Yes.. making it a recurring event ensures that you will have the selected rival invade your city x times per x years (iirc), without having to script the invasions event over and over again.

Just play around with those options below until you're satisfied with it.. if you want every 1 year for instance, just type 1 in both tabs in the between years option... But if you want the rival to also invade you in the year the episode has started, type 0... But keep in mind that setting +0 in a recurring year, it behaves just like +1, only that the rival also invades you in the starting year- unlike +1.

If you want the rival to invade you twice a year or so, script another invasion event - one time event if you just want a "one-off" kinda thing, (this is great for adding surprises, as it breaks the pattern, and keeps the player on his toes); or a recurring event if you want this 2nd invasion to occur every x years..

So let's say you want one invasion to occur once a year, and a second invasion once every 3 years, just set it like this: invasion 1 - recurring - between years +1, invasion 2 - recurring - between years +3...

The months and warning tabs speak for themselves, really.. the months numbers indicate the number of months elapsed from episode start (0 for Jan, 11 for December at episode 1); warnings indicate the number of months the player is informed of this invasion BEFORE the invasion taking place..

So let's say you want an invasion to occur in August, next year, and you want the player to be informed of this 4 months prior.. just set it like this: MONTH +7, WARNING +4, BETWEEN YEARS +1... if you want it to happen every year, set to RECURRING EVENT; but if you want it to happen only once, set to ONE TIME EVENT....

The markers indicate the location you want them to appear, but you have to put the invasion marker into the map before scripting an invasion. It pays to be organized, ya know..

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posted 08-11-19 16:05 ET (US)     2 / 2       
recurring should work, sort of, it won't be every year and eventually they slow/stop.

you have to have, in this case, defined cities #9 through #11 on the Empire Map
Terrain Map should have invasion points present though I believe the entry/exit point is enough to allow the script to work.

Beat to the post with better info. oh well

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