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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » The Town Square » 15 years! Didn't that go quickly.
Topic Subject:15 years! Didn't that go quickly.
HG Alumnus
posted 03-17-15 20:36 ET (US)         
I don't stop by here much any more but thought I would post today to say hi to anybody still around who remembers me.

Tomorrow it will be 15 years since I joined up at Heavengames, in the midst of my Pharaoh addiction. Some of the most fun years of my life were spent here and 'met' a lot of amazing people.

HG really did change my life, leading to me working for BreakAway Games (who made Emperor) for a number of years, and for the past 5 years I've been working for Firefly Studios who I got involved with through Stronghold Heaven.

Hope everyone is well and hope HG will be around for many years to come.
Granite Q
posted 03-18-15 02:25 ET (US)     1 / 26       
Hello Mere

Good to see you post on your fifteenth anniversary. Time really does fly by, doesn't it.
Glad to hear you're still involved in computer gaming, with Firefly, I imagine they are keeping you busy.

Good to hear from you
(id: PCD)
posted 03-18-15 03:17 ET (US)     2 / 26       
Hi Merepatra

Happy anniversary

"Cats are the only animals that are both uber, pwns and 1337 at the same time." -King Euric
By reading this fine print your soul is now the exclusive property of HeavenGames.
posted 03-18-15 03:53 ET (US)     3 / 26       
Hi Merepat!

Happy 15 & many more

The inherent problem being human is that you always know what is best for everyone else.
posted 03-18-15 04:15 ET (US)     4 / 26       
Hi Mere!

As Granite Q said, it is good to hear from you.
posted 03-18-15 05:36 ET (US)     5 / 26       
Nice to hear from you!
HG Alumnus
posted 03-18-15 08:30 ET (US)     6 / 26       
Hello Merepatra,
Nice surprise this morning. I didn't notice my 15th. What are you doing for Firefly?
CBH Seraph
posted 03-18-15 14:31 ET (US)     7 / 26       
15 years already.. time flies indeed.

Nice to 'see' you again, and great to hear you're still working in the games business
HG Alumnus
posted 03-18-15 14:59 ET (US)     8 / 26       
Good to see some old familiar faces still around. Hope life is treating you all well.

My job for Firefly involves game testing on a variety of our games and customer support for our Stronghold Kingdoms MMO game. Keeps me very busy.
posted 03-22-15 10:12 ET (US)     9 / 26       
Good to hear there are constructive, real-world results from an involvement in such pursuits as city-builders. And for a fellow Aussie, especially! ;-)

I'm only new to this, and although citybuilders have become my firmly favourite genre of game (the Sierra-style ones, especially), it's a little like turning up at a party after most people have gone home, there are only a few chips left in the bottom of the bowl, and the helium balloons have started to sag and wrinkle.

But it's pleasig to see that some people are still dancing, even if it's at another party and here is mostly just echoes.

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posted 03-22-15 20:02 ET (US)     10 / 26       
Hey all, 15 years this year for me too.
I have just finished playing through Emperor again after a long time away so I then thought why not Zeus as well, so that got loaded up yesterday.
I've had to come back here for some hints & tips as this is all old school to me now (I turned 50 last year)
Good to see some old names are still about.
posted 04-03-15 17:13 ET (US)     11 / 26       
Nice to see familiar names here This prompted me to check how long I have been a member and it turned out that a couple days ago it was 14 years ago for me. Amazing. Seems like only a few years...

Anyways, I hope you're all well.
posted 04-06-15 12:18 ET (US)     12 / 26       
Hello all of you !
Nice to see a rock stable kernel of HG's fans !
posted 04-06-15 12:27 ET (US)     13 / 26       
Wow. It may be silly, but this thread moved me a little bit.

I'm 24 years old. I bought Casear III no later than year 2000. I have played it since at least once a year. One of my favorite games of all time, and top of the list in the city building category.

I just joined this community. I feel like I lost a good chance of making friends that enjoy the same games. It's really nice to see you guys remembering each other fondly

Speaking of buying the game. I wish I could find the retail box. Must be lost somewhere in my house.
EXCO Alumna in Kul Tiras
posted 04-12-15 03:10 ET (US)     14 / 26       
Hello Mere and congrats!

I'm still here-ish ... but not as often as I'd like. From working at Stronghold Heaven &, subsequently, HeavenGames management, I'm now an MVP (most valued poster) on the World of Warcraft Customer Service forums so, like Mere, games have been my life and HeavenGames was the home of many online friendships

Remember trying to get all the walkthroughs & stuff for SHH finished on time for launch? We had a hard taskmaster

'Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened' Moving Pictures
Duan Xuan
posted 04-15-15 09:06 ET (US)     15 / 26       
Hello everyone! Really good to see all you oldies still hanging around.

Mere hi! I will always remember you as the first person to welcome me to the forums (probably in one of the RRs or something).
posted 04-16-15 08:22 ET (US)     16 / 26       
While I've never been a big poster here at HG (under any of the user names I've had over the years :P ) I've read these forums religiously. I bought Pharaoh when it came out, having previously played Caesar III, and still play it today. Sadly, my pace through the campaign is even more glacial than Brugle's, since I've still never gotten further than Bubastis...
posted 04-22-15 04:41 ET (US)     17 / 26       

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posted 04-23-15 18:19 ET (US)     18 / 26       
LOL, it's been 14 years for me, played 2012 the last time.
Hi all, glad to see the games still alive !

Gave up on CIV , went back to CIII. Im also big time Pharaoh Cleopatra player, Zeus would be my 3rd fav.

posted 06-12-15 22:55 ET (US)     19 / 26       

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HG Alumnus
posted 06-12-15 23:16 ET (US)     20 / 26       
The last post is spam.
posted 09-06-15 14:19 ET (US)     21 / 26       
Hi to all!
It's so nice to see all those familiar names after all these years! I've been,quietly, around since august 2000. So, also 15 years for me! I come back to this community for info the few times I get time to play. Still didn't manage to finish Pharaoh, Emperor or CaesarIII. Playing on very hard...
Well, hope to see you all around for another 15 years!

a Flemish Knight
posted 04-01-16 12:21 ET (US)     22 / 26       
Hi Mere!

Wonderful and amazing to see all the old names turn out. Makes me a bit teary thinking of all the old times. I come back here every few years and sometimes try to restart the CaesarIII/Pharaoh career but never get very far. So much has happened since I drifted away from here, but I've never forgotten this place.
posted 04-01-16 12:43 ET (US)     23 / 26       
And I discovered this place ten years too late v:

(not that I had internet ten years ago)
posted 06-17-16 11:28 ET (US)     24 / 26       
I get the urge to fire up the game every few years and always end up taking a poke around the place. This thread was a nice surprise.

Lots of familiar folks in here.

<insert signature here>
posted 08-01-16 17:39 ET (US)     25 / 26       
I signed up because of this thread. I've been downloading maps/adventures for about two years and read through forums, but never actually signed up. I agree with Branais, it's really like turning up late to the party.

I'm 20, and played these games all through my childhood - my mom introduced me, and I became way more enamoured than her, haha. It feels weird people have been on this site for almost my whole life, but I only just found it. I hope you'll stick around and the forum keeps being great!
Duan Xuan
posted 10-06-16 12:50 ET (US)     26 / 26       
Really nice to see young players still loving these CB games. They'll stick around somewhere at the back of your mind for many many years after you stop playing it, trust me.
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