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Topic Subject:Hungry? So are your people...
posted 01-13-01 07:53 ET (US)         
... but how hungry are they exactly?

Well, as the curious soul I am, I decided to find out how many people any given source of food could supply.
And to be sure I got it right () I didn't check any threads on this earlier, but decided to have a go at it myself.
First problem was to establish how long a day was... (I didn't check that either).
All of these calculations and such are based on entertainment days (from now one referred to as E-days). I call them E-days because they are taken from the various entertainment venues where it says 'This show will continue for x more days' or something like that.
One entertainment day is one half of an Industrial day. There are 32 E-days (and thus 16 I-days) in one game month.

One person eats 3.125 units of food each year.

* Farms.
800 units
per year are produced at any given farm. It's as simple as that. 800 units are enough to feed 256 people. This of course depends on weather or not you have horse ranches in your city and is producing wheat. If so, that horse ranch will "steal" 50 units of wheat per horse that it produce (6 horses in one year).
So you will loose 300 units of wheat each year, reducing how many people your wheat farms can support by 96 people.

* Goat herding
Goat herds also produce 800 units per year (256 people per dairy), if they have all the goats they need.
But here you should also consider the possibility that the priests or wolves go and steal a couple of goats for you and thus production rate will drop somewhat. For each sheep that is sacrificed/eaten you will loose the foodsource for 32 people. Which, quite honestly isn't very much...

* Hunting
Hunting has the distinct advantage that you always have a full flock of Boars when the game starts. One flock consists of 7 boars. So, you get 700 units of meat just like that, to start out with.
When the flock is short of the 7 maximum boars (it doesn't matter if there are no boars at all in the flock), one boar will spawn every 26 e-days. On an average, 14.77 boars per year. We'll say 14 per year, as you are most likely going to loose some meat sometime to something else than feeding your people...
So, 1400 slabs of meat per year is what you're gonna get from one flock of boars, which is enough to feed 448 people.
This is the highest production rate for ANY food whatsoever, but don't be fooled, as you can never have more flocks than the number of flocks you had in the beginning.

PS. You only need ONE hunting lodge per flock.

*Fishing/Urchin Collecting
These food sources are much harder to calculate properly, because the distance to the fish/urchins make a difference. Both however use the same numbers, making Fishing and Urchin collection exactly as profitable. The only difference is that the Urchin Collector cannot pass deep water to get to his target.
Here are the hard numbers anyhow: It takes the fisherman 16 days to actually fish. Then it takes another 10 days for him to, once back at the wharf, unload and then get back out again.
So it always takes at least 26 days to catch 100 units of fish. However, in the absolute majority of cases it takes longer time than that.
A fishing boat/urchin collector moves approximatly 55 squares per month. This means that they move 55/32, or rather 1.7 squares per day. So let's say it's 3 squares to the Urchin Spot from the Quay, then you will 'loose' 2 days on the way there, and 2 days on the way back.
At that point you are up at a ratio of 30 days for 100 units of fish/urchins.
Here's a little table showing how to calculate how many people you can support with your wharves/quays (note, these numbers are not precisely correct, but as with everything else, you should always have a buffert):

*= Steps from the EMERGING point of the Boat/Collector.
**=Maximum supported number of people.
The list goes on and on... if you want to calculate how much you can support with a particular wharf/quay, first count the number of squares to the fishing grounds/urchin spot.

Then you divide that number by 1.7 (which is the speed of the unit in question). Add it to 26 (the fixed numbers in this industry). Remember how much you end up with. Take 384 (days in one year) and divide it with the number of days you just came up with earlier. You should have a number somewhere around 9-13. Multiply this mumber by 100. Now, to end this little sequence off, divide that number by 3.125 (how much food one person eats in one year).
There you have how many people your particular quay/wharf can support

Well, over and out for now... I will be back with the industrial numbers later... that is, if anyone wants them...
And if nobody wants them, I'll post them anyway

If anything is wrong in this thread, please post and tell me about it... thanks

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posted 01-14-01 06:10 ET (US)     1 / 12       
WOW! Loads of Comments!


posted 01-14-01 06:24 ET (US)     2 / 12       

HG Alumnus
posted 01-14-01 08:44 ET (US)     3 / 12       
Lot of work and effort went into getting those numbers Which now makes you one of the number crunchers
posted 01-14-01 13:30 ET (US)     4 / 12       
I am actually working on a Java script that will let you specify what foods you have available and how many people you want it to feed, and it will calculate how many farms and such you will need

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posted 04-03-01 13:19 ET (US)     5 / 12       
This is great, just what I needed for my Everything About Industries document. Does anyone have similar numbers for Fleece, Olive Oil, and Wine? (I'm assuming that Armor and Horses are not consumables, but are only lost when a hoplite/horseman is killed.)
posted 04-03-01 15:41 ET (US)     6 / 12       
Yes I have them, however as of yet I have not yet made them readable to anyone else... My notes are scrabbled down on a piece of paper.

I didn't think there was gonna be anyone who wanted those numbers very much since this thread got 4 replies (plus yours JonN), and two of those were mine and one was just saying "errm... indeed"

Nero Would
Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 04-03-01 23:20 ET (US)     7 / 12       
JonN: Fleece, Oil and Wine are used at the rate of 2 units per house per month. As you say, once armour and horses are supplied, they are not needed again except to replace losses.

You can find lots of useful number's in Caesar Alan's thread OK folks - Let's crunch numbers

posted 04-04-01 11:57 ET (US)     8 / 12       
"Flock of boars?" Maybe when pigs fly...
posted 04-04-01 13:03 ET (US)     9 / 12       
I'm from Sweden Kraken... you have no idea how many flocks of boars we have here

Dang... I was wondering when someone would say that Nero... Just hold on a few hours and I will post my workout of the industries/consumption.

I'm just thinking about a catchy name...

"Industry for Dummies" maybe?

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posted 06-21-04 17:48 ET (US)     10 / 12       
I wonder if anyone can help me? I realise this is an old thread but I might as well ask in a related thread to my question.

I have over 100 Dairy's in the "Athens through the Ages" Adventure, but I have trouble keeping 12 Granaries full (Infact only one or two is full and others only have about 8 loads of cheese). The problem seems to be that my Cheese delivery man always only carries one load of cheese to the granary even when there is 400 cheese in the Dairy, this combined with the distance from the meadows he has to travel is doing this...Is there a solution to this other then building the Graneries much closer to the Dairy's?

(Very nice forum you people have here, this is my first post and this is a rather old game but I have found the Zeus heaven and the forum very helpful for some problems I've had =D)

posted 06-21-04 20:16 ET (US)     11 / 12       
Try building a granary (or two) near the dairies set to "accept" cheese only. Then build granaries near your housing blocks set to "get" cheese. The dairy delivery man will only carry one load at a time, but granary delivery men will carry four.

Are you exporting cheese? The delivery men will try to deliver to trading posts first, walking past all sorts of granaries to get there.

You have an awful lot of dairies. How large is your population? Are all the dairies fully staffed? And do you have a full flock (8 goats) for each dairy? Even if cheese is your only food source, you only need about 10 dairies for each 2500 people, which is a good sized housing block at townhouse.

Goats can only be milked once a year. And a dairy will only hold 5 loads (500) of cheese. I believe that if a dairy man returns to the dairy with full milk pails and the dairy is already at full capacity, then the excess milk will be lost.

Are all your goats on a single meadow? Dairy men will wander all over the map looking for the next goat to be milked. (Shepherds follow the same behaviour pattern.)


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posted 06-22-04 01:46 ET (US)     12 / 12       
Thanks for the Sugestions Cass =)

I was exporting the cheese before but I noticed what the deliverymen were doing and stopped it.

My Population is currently around 12,000. I used 5 sets of SenetEr's 40 House Common Block and intend to fit in two more atleast and maybe more if there is space available to get around 20,000 people. I have not put 8 flocks of goats per Dairy yet but currently there is enough goats to provide cheese for around 23,000 people I believe.

My goats are all in one meadow yes, and the Dairy's are all very close to them too.

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