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Topic Subject:How To Do Colonies
posted 02-27-01 23:57 ET (US)         
Okay... here's what I've figured out so far:

1) create your world map -- add all your cities and change the names to whatever you want, set the type for each one (Parent, Colony, Ally, Vassal, Rival, etc.). For all of the ones you have set as 'colony', set them as 'inactive' if you want the player to be able to establish them during the game; ie, if you want the player to be able to go in and build in the colony.

2) back at the main screen, set your episode types up top (the buttons in the 'next' column), setting up your basic episode progression. For instance, if you want to have two colony episodes, and you want the second and fourth episodes to be colonies, you'd set it like this:

1. Colony
2. Colony
3. Victory

At the bottom, the text next to the 'edit map' buttons will still say 'unassigned'.

3) Exit the editor, and start it up again, opening the adventure you just saved.

4) the colony buttons down at the bottom should now have the city names next to them; the names of the colony cities you set up in the world map (as far as I can tell, there's no way to refresh that main screen other than by exiting and coming back in).

5) In order to allow the player to play a colony, in order to have just the colony cities show up on the map so the player can choose one, you don't have to do anything! The game will automatically show all the colonies that were set to 'inactive' and that haven't been used yet.

6) According to Impressions' AgaGagnon in the "Colony HELP!!!!!!!!!" thread, you cannot choose the colony progression; that is, you can't choose which colony the player does first. About the only real way to influence the player's choice of colony is with the episode end text... if one of your colonies will be a source of Marble, and you want the player to choose that colony to start with, then your episode end text should say something like "You're off to a good start! All of Greece has turned their eyes on your city, including the gods. Now might be the time to think about honoring one of the gods in your city, and to do this you will need the necessary materials, so found a colony to get them." (Okay, that's all I could think of right now).

7) if you haven't already, set up your world resources... decide what food items will be available in the world (you can have a maximum of 4, so if you want the player to be able to build Horseman companies then Wheat had better be one of the 4). Go through your list of cities - you wrote them all down, right? - and decide what city has what materials... will your parent city be manufacturing Sculpture? If so, where will they get the Bronze from? Will they mine it themselves, or establish a colony to mine it?

8) the second button in each episode list is a settings button - set the 4 (maximum - you can have fewer) food types available in a city, set the resources available, the buildings, etc.

The manual - both text and pdf - for the editor is actually pretty good... they just forgot to include anything about the colonies. An interesting note about the manual... in it, it says that the first thing you need to do to be able to create your own adventures is to get the Enhancement Pack and install it -- but if you're reading the manual, then you obviously already have the EP.

I'm dead tired right now, running on nothing but caffeine... once I can think a little more clearly , I'll figure out the rest of the colony setup. I'm putting together a very basic adventure to figure everything out for colonies, and how to do them - when I get it completed and working, I'll post the entire thing up on ZH along with instructions.

Heck, I'm probably going to start up a new site, all about the adventure editor... explaining sim editors is one of the things I'm good at.


David "Nightwolf" Masters
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