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Topic Subject:Can't play created adventures from forum? Zeus/Poseidon
posted 08-21-19 03:33 ET (US)         
Hi everybody, i hope someone can help.

I've got the game from Gog, downloaded last week. Because i wanted to play the widescreen version and that didn't work on my CD version.

So i've got the latest version and downloaded the widescreen patch and it works. But, I would love to play the adventures that were made by some fellow Zeus/Poseidon players, but i cant seem to? I can download the files, but they dont appear in my adventure list in the game?

I've tried placing the files in the adventure folders. But it doesnt work. I've searched for the answer to this question on the site, but I cant seem to find it. I'm probably overlooking something and missing a simple step (I hope), but can someone tell me that easy step..?

/edit/ It get's weirder. When I try to create a new adventure and use the name of an adventure I did put in the adventure folder but DOESNT show up on the list, it give the notice that I cant use that name because it is already used. But I cant see it or select anything. Whaaaa! //

Thanks a lot!


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posted 08-21-19 11:26 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Hi Nady

Have you tried asking for help in the Zeus: Game Help forum?

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posted 08-21-19 21:43 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Have you read post#10 of "sticky: How to install downloaded adventures #10" in the Zeus Game Help forum.

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