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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » Technical Forum » Pharaoh Cleopatra (gog) crashes after 10-15mins
Topic Subject:Pharaoh Cleopatra (gog) crashes after 10-15mins
posted 10-10-18 09:47 ET (US)         
Hello guys,

The title is pretty self explanatory. I ran it the first time with widescreen patch and window mode files, then tried reinstalling it, and running just the window mode patch. I am running the game as admin with win7 compatiblity and 16 bit colors.

Quick edit: Game runs fine without any additives.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Kind regards.

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posted 10-14-18 08:05 ET (US)     1 / 1       
The widescreen patch doesn't like non-standard paths of the 'galaxy installer'. It expects driveletter:\Impressions Games\Pharaoh as standard with a little wiggle room; but never under "Program folders".

See if you can get Pharaoh via Browser download option and install it in the "proper" place without the galaxy installer.
Remember: You are replacing the EXE so any tweaks gog did to the exe header are gone. Also remember the other files that need to be backedup/replaced of the widescreen patch.

I use widescreen with the following;
no other checkboxes enabled(32bit color)

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