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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » Technical Forum » Zeus and Poseidon gog noit looks bad (spanish)
Topic Subject:Zeus and Poseidon gog noit looks bad (spanish)
posted 04-24-18 08:14 ET (US)         

in the gog version if the game is mixed with the files that translate the game into Spanish, some menus are out of order and the letters are small (accents and look bad)

How can i fix it?
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posted 05-15-18 06:15 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Sorry I'm late in replying, hope you read this.

In this thread there is a link to a small program made by Pecunia which can be used to change the language of the games (look for Pecunia's posts). You will have to do all the translation yourself. It works by convert the .eng files to .xml files which you can then manually translate to your language of choice, then use the program to convert the .xml files back to .eng files. Don't forget to make a backup of the original files.

Hopefully that program can help you.

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