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Topic Subject:Laying out a new city
posted 06-19-20 16:56 ET (US)         
I just read a post, a very, very... long post in which the author mentions laying out a city in full, almost, at the start.

Not a good idea, considering the lack of starting funds, and that's on easy difficulty.

I have 6 villas, 8 domas and 12 insula. that gives me a population of 2460 or 2620 with walls for large Domus as a base figure. To that, I can add 6 more Insula for 3360 or 3520.

That poses the question: Has anybody else noticed that, 3 villas, 4 Domus and 6 Insula, fit in the same length of road?

Therefore, by constructing a rectangle, one with two villas along a length of road with a fountain in between them and a road below one and a road above the other, followed by a library, which the first of 4 Domus is backed onto, once the other three Domus are placed horizontally, you then continue the road down the other side and join it to the road with the first villa along it.

That saves me wasting Denarii by placing all 6 villas.
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