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Topic Subject:The Game cheats
posted 06-19-20 16:14 ET (US)         
Has anyone else noticed the cunning ways in which the game cheats?

No. I thought not. I actually thought little of towers, of all buildings, supposedly strong, enough to stand for hundreds of years as is the case of so many castles in Britain, while let's not forget 'Hadrian's wall', 'suffering from neglect' as the game notifies you.

Of course, it only tends to happen when there is an invasion. You see, a neglected tower provides a chink in your defences. A way in for cavalry units.

During one invasion, a tower showed all of the tell-tale signs that it was about to suffer from neglect, dust puffing out from the sides, only for all of that to, not just stop, but the tower to revert back to its normal splendour as soon as the invasion was over.

On another cheat. 'Moguntiacum'. Not only does housing suffer neglect, despite the placement of several engineer buildings on the island area, but having placed additional engineer buildings, the engineers remain inside. In other words, they refuse to work despite the +2 in wages.

A third cheat. The game can see through trees, a dense forest of timber. The game being the invasion forces. On Argos, September 4BC, the invasion forces consist of 80 infantry and 2 siege. Its prudent to attack the siege with cavalry units, only having hidden 20 cavalry units behind a forest of timber, the infantry make for the trees.

Dealing with infantry is easy. I repelled 160 with towers and walls on Londinium. The secret is to turn what they use, grapling hooks, against them, by setting a wall, one without towers, in front of one with towers. That leads to another cheat, the game knowing what you've done and why.

All you then do, is create a seemingly weak point for them to drop into, an area that has nothing of significance in it while the walls set further back have more towers than the rest.

If anyone has encountered other cheats, I dare say they will be of interest to others.

I read all of that in a review for Caesar IV on a a website that I contributed to.

It's a news magazine. A highly informative one with absolutely no adverts or known cookies.

Give it a look, it helped me immensely with this game and some others.

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