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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » Caesar IV: Game Help » Decline in wool and meat harvesting - potential fix
Topic Subject:Decline in wool and meat harvesting - potential fix
posted 04-11-19 04:24 ET (US)         
Have you ever noticed that your wool or meat harvesting
mysteriously comes to a halt during game play?

Everything would be seem to be chugging along fine,
but then you'd start seeing "No raw materials" messages
on clothing and armor factories, and/or food stores
would start to plummet.

This one had me stumped for a bit.

Initially, my "fix" was to delete the pastures,
and then re-create them. Things would be OK again,
at least for a while.

I also started using 3 pastures for every 1 farm,
which seemed to help, but not always.

I stumbled onto what is probably the source of the problem
just the other day, when I clicked on one of the workers.

On some of the larger scenarios that I was running,
I would end up with multiple sheep / cattle pastures
on opposite ends of the map.

Even though I had extra fields nearby for them to use,
I found that the sheep and cattle farmers would
latch on to pastures that weren't anywhere near
the farms that they were from.

This adds a huge amount of time to the harvesting process,
and your production of wool and meat starts to crash
as farmers are spending most of their time walking
across the expanse of a massive countryside.

It seemed that, at least short term, when I deleted
a pasture and dropped a new one down, the nearby farmers
would start using it immediately.

But again, it was only a temporary fix.

The long-term "fix" is to merely centralize your pastures;
don't split them on different sides of the map.

If you're producing wool or meat, drop all of your
pastures and farms in the same location, and use your
warehouses and granaries to extend their reach.

I haven't looked closely to see if this also impacts
other farms, such as grain or vegetable.

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posted 04-11-19 17:07 ET (US)     1 / 3       
Yes, the fields are a problem for all farm types. You do need to keep farms of the same type together. So you definitely need a plan, even if it's just 'grain here' and 'sheep over there'.
posted 04-12-19 01:12 ET (US)     2 / 3       

That's good to know.

I probably didn't notice the fluctuations in
grain or vegetables so much, because I tend to
have significantly more vegetable/grain farms
than I do for cattle, so there wasn't what I
perceived as a huge drop in production.

It's interesting that they decided not to give
the farms / farmers an area of coverage.

It would make sense to me to see a farm sitting
idle with a "cannot access resource" message
if the nearest field was more than 50 or 75 tiles away.
posted 06-19-20 17:16 ET (US)     3 / 3       
The problem was the same with growers lodges in Zeus.

For grain and vegetables, grapes and olives, I tend to segregate duplicate farms at distance from one another by not having connecting roads of any kind, in particular, when exporting oil and wine, despite providing both to my citizens.

You're right on the livestock, though. How Tilted mill overlooked that happening is anyone's guess.
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