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Topic Subject:Different housing designs--last scenario only?
posted 09-04-17 11:13 ET (US)         
On Nicomedia, some new domus housing designs sprouted up which I've never seen before. I see these models in the walkthrough pics for both Nicomedia and Colonia Agrippina on this this therefore a "final mission" aesthetic bonus that just doesn't appear anywhere else? Is there any illustration around that shows all possible models each level of housing can possibly assume in the game?

EDIT: After downloading a couple more files from others, I realize that this is NOT a last-scenario-only feature. But I'm still confused on why (except for Nicomedia) I never get the triple-ridged version of the Large Domus.

This screenshot that I found from the Tarsus walkthrough shows the contrast. Those domus models on each end are the "special" ones that I've only ever achieved myself on Nicomedia; the round-roofed insulae at the top are models I've never seen when playing a scenario myself. What determines when these alternate models appear??? Are there any tricks like housing orientation that cause these alternate models to appear, at least more often?

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posted 10-05-17 04:27 ET (US)     1 / 1       
I think the design depends on the road configuration round the house. Road on one side, or road on two opposite sides, or another style if the road goes all the way round.
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